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"It was my fault for attacking you yesterday, but you have also killed my pet. I hope this ends here and we’ll go our separate ways," the black-robed woman said after a long while. Her pet was half of her life. Without her pet, any earth level middle stage could kill her, but she didn’t dare to reason with Ye Mo.

Although she hadn’t dared to watch Ye Mo’s fight with Wang Lenchan the day before, she had gone to check out the site after the fight. She believed that even a bunch of people with her powers together would be no match for Ye Mo. She couldn’t understand how someone had gotten that strong at that age.

Ye Mo sneered, "You ambushed me trying to kill me, then you say it’s your fault, and I should just let you go? Do you think I’m some sort of saint?"

"Then, what do you want to do? The code to ancient martial arts is to forgive when possible. I’ve already admitted defeat and I have also admitted my wrong, are you going to kill me? China is a country of morals and customs, are you going to do some savage thing?" the woman shirked.

Ye Mo smiled, "Yes, you’re right. I am going to kill you. It’s your misfortune for messing with me. You’ve killed quite a lot of people these years at the ghost city, and your pet ate quite a lot of souls too."

"Don’t kill me, I’ll give you the 9 Moon Sect’s cultivation method." Then, the old woman took out a goat skin booklet.

Ye Mo couldn’t even be bothered to look at it. He had seen it once before. He didn’t answer and just threw a few wind blades.

She was at least earth level middle stage. Seeing Ye Mo’s wind blade, she didn’t know what kind of projectile it was, but she used her stick to try and block it. However, there were too many and she was cut into two.

Ye Mo threw out a fireball and burned the woman to ashes, before picking up the booklet. It was the 9 Moon Evergreen Chant indeed. Ye Mo looked at it. It seemed to be much more complicated than the one he had seen last time.

Ye Mo immediately realized that this was the second half of the cultivation method. The one he had seen last time was the first half.

When he read the introduction, Ye Mo finally understood what had happened. The creator of the chant was indeed a woman. She had been taken to the Great Emotion Forgetting Sect and cultivated the Great Emotion Forgetting Chant.

The woman found a man when she went out of the sect, and fell in love. But cultivating the Great Emotion Forgetting Chant meant that she couldn’t have love. If she did, she needed to sever it. The woman was a very emotional person and, despite being the greatest genius of the sect of all times, she still went against her sect for the man she loved and left the sect.

In order for her to come back to the sect, the sect sent masters to kill the man she loved. This angered the woman and publicly announced that the Great Emotion Forgetting Chant wasn’t even an ancient martial arts cultivation method. A cultivation method that couldn’t attain long life even until the end was trash.

Then, she disappeared from people’s sight. 20 years later, she started the 9 Moon Sect at Sichuan’s Qing Shao Mountain. She made her new cultivation method, the 9 Moon Evergreen Chant, and went back to annihilate the Great Emotion Forgetting Sect.

Thus, the 9 Moon Sect was labelled as an evil sect.

After closing the book, Ye Mo sighed. The woman was indeed an awe-inspiring woman.

The reason that cultivation method had become evil was probably because the disciples didn’t understand the meaning of the opening section and believed their sect was evil. Hence, the cultivation method must also be evil.

Shaking his head, Ye Mo put away the cultivation method and went back into the tomb.

When Ye Mo came in again, he realized that a lot had happened in such a short time. The cold woman had placed the yin yang fish artefact on the door and also had the jade slip in her pocket.

The two tomb raiders’ faces were purple and also laid next to the coffin. Ye Mo scanned them. It was obvious that they were dead. When Ye Mo’s spirit sense went to the cold woman, he found a bleak chi surrounding her.

Ye Mo immediately knew that she was invaded by the yin chi, but since she cultivated ancient martial arts and was yellow level peak, the bleak chi couldn’t do much to her yet. Seeing the shocked expression on her face, she must’ve been scared by something before she fainted.

Ye Mo shook his head. He didn’t know that woman, but she seemed to dislike him. Yet, since he met her there, he might as well save her.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo patted the woman’s forehead and the yin chi was forced out. It vanished due to Ye Mo’s true fire. The paleness and fear on her face disappeared quickly.

Ye Mo then noticed that the body had gotten out of the coffin and was at a corner of the tomb. A ghost rose from the body again and was about to swoop at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered. He threw a fireball at the ghost, which was burnt into nothing without resistance. The two jade ornaments were probably worth some money, but Ye Mo couldn’t even be bothered to take them. His spirit sense scanned the black crescent shape thing on the wall.

He took it down and found out that the black color was just a layer of skin around it.

Ye Mo peeled it off and found inside an orange-yellow wood with a faint aroma.

Spirit nourishing wood? He didn’t expect to be able to see such a good item in that tomb. Not only could it be used to concoct pills, but it could also be made into jewelry to strengthen one’s soul. He immediately packed it with cloth and put it in his ring.

The trip had been worthwhile and because of this, Ye Mo was also in a good mood. He glanced at the cold woman. He walked up to her and carried her saying, "I’m in a good mood today, count yourself lucky. I’ll take you out."

Then, Ye Mo quickly climbed out of the tomb and buried the holes with his hands. Then, he got on the flying sword and left. As soon as Ye Mo left, another ghost rose up from next to the grave, but it didn’t stop. It went to the opposite direction Ye Mo took, and disappeared

If Ye Mo had seen it there, he would have realized that it was the second ghost the old lady owned. It had developed intelligence, since he knew that if it came out earlier, Ye Mo would have found it.

Carrying the woman was troubling for Ye Mo. He didn’t know where she lived and he couldn’t just dump her on the streets. But neither did he want to bring her to his place. Where should he leave her?

Ye Mo searched her body to see if there were keys, and he soon found a keycard. The woman was wearing thin long pants, which made Ye Mo feel her soft and bouncy skin. This fed some fire in Ye Mo’s heart, but he wasn’t thinking about the woman in his hands. He wanted to find Luo Ying quickly and sleep with her and Qingxue.

"Luo Ying. Qingxue." Ye Mo murmured with longing and then shook his head.

Ye Mo looked at the card, it said "Yuan Cheng Hotel 303".

A few minutes later, Ye Mo had brought the woman to her room and dumped her on the bed, before returning to his place.

Han Yan was already asleep when Ye Mo came. He took a shower and took a careful look at the spirit nourishing wood.

Ye Mo suddenly wondered about something strange. That wood was for cultivation, why was it hanging on the wall of a tomb and why was it wrapped so tightly? If the person knew its worth, why didn’t he put it in the coffin?

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