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Yu Miaodan sneered, "You can’t answer? Of course you can’t answer, because you’re just a pawn on the Yuan family’s paycheck, and then you keep proclaiming about how you care about the people! I think what you care about is how much money goes into your account. As long as it gets you money, I don’t think there’s anything you wouldn’t do."

"You, I will sue you for defamation!" Lu Cuiyang’s face was looking worse and worse.

Yu Miaodan said in contempt, "Do as you wish! Not only am I defaming you, I’m also hereby defaming Yuan Bei Corporation; sue me all you want, go on!"

"CEO Yu, I don’t want to help either side, but your words just now pointed at Yuan Bei Corporation. Are you implying that they are the ones setting Luo Yue up? Do you have any evidence?" a reporter quickly caught on.

Yu Miaodan said plainly, "We always base our claims on evidence. Fang Wei, play the video now. I believe everyone will soon understand why I have invited you all over."


He Feng.

All of the Senate members froze. The footage Li Chunsheng had shown was too shocking. The side effects of Luo Yue’s products had been created by Yuan Bei by injecting their Blood Dissolving Serum into the beauty pill, causing the death of six users and the suffering of four.

What was most shocking was that they had created a contagious virus, called the WQ033 series virus. Yuan Bei Corporation wanted to make a profit out of selling antibiotics for it. This was too intolerable!

Almost everyone directed their eyes on Chang Hui. They didn’t expect him to be Yuan Zhirong’s brother, wanting to use this to take a step further in his political career.

"Chang Hui, what else do you have to say?" Qian Fanghan looked coldly at Chang Hui. He no longer seemed slow, seeming very decisive now.

Qian Fanghan didn’t expect the evidence Li Chunsheng would release to be this shocking. Although he had some scattered evidence, he wasn’t able to acquire decisive evidence as the conspirators had hidden very deeply. Yet now, Li Chunsheng took out such pivotal evidence.

"This, this-" Chang Hui was sweating all over. He wanted to accuse them of framing him, but the recorded video was just too clear; how could it be wrong? He hadn’t even changed his outfit.

Who was it? Who? How could last night’s events appear here? Chang Hui was close to breaking down. He only had one thought, ‘It’s over, completely over.’

Niu Zhengman also looked at the video in disbelief. He no longer retained his composure. Chang Hui was Yuan Zhirong’s brother? His head buzzed as he realized he had also been tricked. By Chang Hui that is. They had been using him as a pawn, yet funnily enough, he kept helping the Yuan family.

There was only one thought in Niu Zhengman’s mind now - that he was a pig.

"Chang Hui, so you’re an animal wearing human skin! Secretary Qian Fanghan, this is our fault, I will immediately selfreflect and call people to take Chang Hui away. I have sinned letting such a man amongst us-" Ji Dun stood up and said.

Qian Fanghan waved his hand, "No need, the people outside will take him away, we shall continue our meeting."

As soon as he said this, two policemen with guns came in, and they dragged Chang Hui away.

However, there was more; after those two left, tens of police officers all armed with guns came in!

Ji Dun’s heart sunk. The police took away Hui Chang without going through the police department. This made him have a bad feeling. He was the Chief of the He Feng Police Department, yet he didn’t even know when so many policemen had arrived outside.

How could this be called a meeting with so many police in the room?

Not only Ji Dun thought of this, everyone else did too. He Feng would be undergoing a massive change.

Qian Fanghan didn’t seem to care about what everyone thought and went back to his slow-paced manner of talking, "Now, let us discuss the second point. This one is about Niu Zhengman and Ji Dun’s money laundering, and about Niu Zhengman harming the lives of hundreds of villagers."

This was no longer a meeting indeed. This was an interrogation.

Niu Zhengman was sweating. He knew things didn't look good already, but he just didn’t expect all this to come so suddenly. He didn’t even have a chance to strike back! He had underestimated Qian Fanghan.

‘Harming hundreds of lives’, Niu Zhengman didn’t need to think hard to know that this was related to the Xi Tong dam case. But he would still hold his ground and wait for Qian Fanghan’s evidence. Without evidence, he would still be able to strike back.

But Ji Dun couldn’t keep it up, "Old Secretary, although there are things of my job that I haven’t done well, I can’t accept this blaming me of having laundered money."

Qian Fanghan smiled, "This isn’t blaming, you did it yourself." Then, Qian Fanghan put his USB-stick into a slot.

The projector displayed all accounts of Ji Dun’s money laundering and other illegal activity, as well as evidence of him receiving bribes from Niu Zhengman.

Ji Dun immediately let loose like a sagging balloon. He finally understood why Qian Fanghan didn’t do anything for half a year. He was collecting evidence and making them feel relaxed.

Seeing Ji Dun get taken away, Niu Zhengman felt relaxed. Luckily, it was only that evidence. Although it was still money laundering, this wasn’t the worst case scenario.

Then, Qian Fanghan looked at Niu Zhengman and said, "The reason why you haven’t been taken away is because you haven’t seen a certain recording yet. Mayor Li, do you think there’s something this righteous Mayor Niu needs to see?"

"Definitely, Secretary Qian," Li Chunsheng smiled. He knew that this was pretty much a one-sided battle now.

The following videos made Niu Zhengman fall into despair completely. It even included footage of him gambling in Las Vegas. Seeing the food poisoning incident and the underground base, Niu Zhengman knew that it was the end of him.

Looking at Niu Zhengman getting dragged out, Qian Fanghan commented morosely, "It’s unfortunate that our good mayor, Mayor Su, wanted to make things happen for the people yet was harmed by pests like Niu Zhengman. Thank goodness for Mayor Li this time. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have been able to find out this much this quick. I thank you on behalf of the country and the people."

Li Chunsheng quickly stood up and said, "I was just doing what I should be doing. Compared to Secretary Qian’s work, this much is nothing."

Qian Fanghan waved his hand, "There’s no denying your work, what is true, is true. I just didn’t expect Mayor Li to gather more evidence in a few days than I did in half a year. It seems we need to give the important positions to young people now."

As Qian Fanghan stopped Li Chunsheng from saying anything else, he said, "The third thing to mention today is that Niu Zhengman, Hui Chang and Ji Dun are relieved of their duties and that Mayor Li will be serving as He Feng’s Substitute Mayor and as its Central Secretary at the same time!"

What followed was a round of applause; everyone clearly agreed.

Li Chunsheng sighed. This all came to be thanks to Ye Mo. He engraved into his mind to, no matter what, never fight Ye Mo. He had 10.000 ways to end Niu Zhengman, yet he’d chosen the most complicated way. Only this was able to make him and Shi Xiu benefit the most.

"Okay then, most of our government officials are still good people. I will now have the police surround the Yuan family. This meeting is a turning point for He Feng. What we need to do next is to face this crazy Yuan family and see what they’re up to!" Qian Fanghan stood up and declared in a loud voice.

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