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Qian Fanghan didn’t mind Niu Zhengman’s uncertain expression, he just said, "As for the second thing, I will talk about it after we finish with the first. I’m very happy that as soon as Li Chunsheng came to He Feng, he brought over Luo Yue’s investment to Xi Tong. I believe everyone knows the power of Luo Yue; because of this, we can all see the ambition and capability of Mayor Li."

Everyone was shocked, and so was Li Chunsheng. What was this? Was he helping Li Chunsheng? If Luo Yue had been doing well, then he would be thankful, but Luo Yue was in trouble because of their recent scandal, why was he helping?

Niu Zhengman coughed. He knew that he had to speak before Qian Fanghan could finish his second sentence. He said, "I was also very happy that Mayor Li brought in the Luo Yue corporation, but I’m worried now. We don’t know who they are, they rose up in one night all over the world. This is very suspicious.

"I was planning on fully investigating who they were first and them bring them in, but Mayor Li did so without any precautions. He lacks the precaution that a government worker should have. If Luo Yue was clean, it would be fine, but it has brought trouble to the citizens of He Feng. There have been six cases of death and four cases of facial destruction. This was all because they used the Luo Yue beauty pill. There has been two cases in He Feng.

I’m very heartbroken that this occurred. These heartless merchants are like a disease for our country. But our government officials don’t stop them, instead, they open their doors to them. My heart aches when I see these people. The country put you here for you to create a peaceful and harmonious place for the people, not for you to warm the bed for these pests. Although I’m just a mayor, I will not allow this."

Niu Zhengman sat down with satisfaction. He had to just wait for the words of other people in the meeting, and then he would gradually put the blame on Li Chunsheng. He had arranged the families of those who had been damaged to come there and protest. Li Chunsheng had no way to deal with it. The only solution would be to leave He Feng.

Clap, clap- Many members, even Qian Fanghan, clapped.

"Mayor Niu, good speech. We will not allow these pests into He Feng! We are the government officials of the people. If we sell the people out for some profits, how are we different from animals?" Hui Chang’s said this with a face of righteousness.

With this, a few more members showed their support for Mayor Niu; but Niu Zhengman’s confidence disappeared from his expression when he saw that there were only five out of the ten people there on his side. It wasn’t normal. He usually got more than eight votes, what was going on today?

Qian Fanghan smiled and said, "Mayor Niu is correct, a government official that doesn’t work for the people should go back home, and live like the rat he is. Mayor Li, do you have anything to say?"

Hearing this, Li Chunsheng smiled. He was quite sure that Qian Fanghan wasn’t just a puppet. If he didn’t do anything, that person was going to do something sooner or later.

Li Chunsheng stood up and said, "Before I say anything, I will play a short recording."


Although the reason Xiao Lei had come was because she wanted to eat with Ye Mo and even go out and play, after hearing this, she knew that this piece of news was an opportunity that would mean a lot to her and her channel.

The dinner had to be postponed. The priority was to get her channel to send people over. She trusted Ye Mo. If he said Mayor Li would agree to an interview, then he would.

Ye Mo didn’t have time to eat with her anyway. He needed to go check out the Yuan Family. Although he had done his job, if the Yuan Family found out something and suddenly ran away, it would be hard for him to find them.


In Gui Lin the press conference started at 11 a.m. on the dot. Despite having to come on short notice, there were still hundreds of journalists there, most of them came from Beijing.

"Everyone, I believe that because of Luo Yue’s influence, everyone is aware of happened yesterday. Although our Luo Yue won’t dare talk about how noble we are, everyone has seen our contribution to the people of this world. But some people are jealous, they have used all sorts of means to harm and undermine our corporation," Yu Miaodan said with ease.

"CEO Yu, do you mean that the scandal with the beauty and health pill was due to Luo Yue being framed?" reporter asked.

Yu Miaodan smiled and said with confidence, "Indeed, that is what I mean."

No one expected Yu Miaodan to reply like that. It was such a domineering answer.

This journalist was shocked. If he had known that Yu Miaodan would say this, he would have asked the next question already. Who was behind all of this? But his confusion made him lose the opportunity.

A busty reporter in her thirties stood up, "CEO Yu, according to what I know, your company’s product has caused the death of six people and ruined the face of four others. The figure seems to be increasing. Are you trying to put the responsibility on someone else?"

Yu Miaodan glared at the reporter and said plainly, "The reason our company can produce the beauty pill and health pill is because it has the power to deal with anything. We would never put the blame on others. I see that your skin is soft. I really want to know, do you naturally have such good skin or did you use our beauty pill? If you did, then may I ask, why didn’t you die nor is your face ruined?"

Yu Miaodan’s incisive reply made everyone laugh.

The reporter’s face turned red. She raised her voice and asked, "CEO Yu, if everyone who used your product had those side-effects, then this world would be a chaos. Furthermore, who knows when the symptoms might occur? Even cancer has a dormant stage. Still, I was asking if CEO Yu was putting the blame on someone else, why are you avoiding this question? Or are you going to tell us who is framing your company?"

The reporter replied even more harshly.

"Does this mean you’re suspecting that our medicine is faulty?" Yu Miaodan asked.

Yu Miaodan said with a strange expression, "May I ask when you knew about this? Which channel are you from?"

"Us, journalists, need to be constantly wary about people. Yesterday, Luo Yue got exposed and I heard about it. You don’t need to ask me which channel I’m from. I can honestly tell you that I’m the He Feng night news reporter Lu Cuiyang. I’m not scared of your revenge", her tone was very agitated, as though Luo Yue was going to take revenge of her.

Yu Miaodan also smiled sardonically, "Journalist Lu Cuiyang, since you’ve known since yesterday that our beauty pill is problematic, why did you take one this morning?"

"You- nonsense, I didn’t-" Lu Cuiyang’s face was completely red.

Yu Miaodan said coldly, "I’m the CEO of the beauty pill production, how can I not know about my product? After taking the beauty pill, within 6 hours, there should be a faint redness on the skin around the neck. It increases a woman’s attractiveness. It is very obvious on you, and it’s obvious that is has been less than four hours. If you don’t believe me, we can test it now."

Immediately, everyone looked at Lu Cuiyang. Her face turned red, but she couldn’t say a word.

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