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Just when Ye Mo dodged the missile, he felt another incoming threat and sidestepped without thinking.

Rumble -Another missile exploded where he had stood. Ye Mo was very annoyed being attacked twice. Although he couldn’t scan the position of the submarine, he could tell from the water flow.

Ye Mo was never someone who didn’t retaliate upon being attacked. Two missiles pissed him off completely. Ye Mo went along the direction the missile had come from.

Missiles shot past him constantly, and Ye Mo soon found the submarine 100 meters away. Ye Mo took out his flying sword without hesitation and shot it out. Even though its power was affected due to the water, it was enough for the submarine.

Rumble -Even in the water, the speed of the flying sword wasn’t something missiles could compare with. Just when Ye Mo dodged another missile, the sword sliced open the outer shell of the submarine. If Ye Mo weren’t concerned about his chi reserves, he would cut this sub in half.

A few hundred meters under the water... If the sub was sliced open, the soldiers inside would be in danger. But Ye Mo didn’t care about their lives. Since they had tried to kill him, he would be merciless.

Ye Mo sighed. It was finally quiet. He was just finding a place to rest and was attacked for no reason. Although he had taken the submarine out, he was still unhappy.

But just as Ye Mo was about to resurface, he found there were still a few patrol ships on the surface. So it was a fleet. Ye Mo shook his head. He didn’t have any interest in murdering this fleet, yet he also knew that news of him could get out. In time, he might be surrounded.

Even though Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of being surrounded, he didn’t like such pointless battles. One, he wouldn’t get anything out of it, and two, there was no point.

Since he wanted to avoid battle, Ye Mo could only pass through by the ocean floor. Two hours later, Ye Mo came out from a desolate area of sea. Although his chi was seriously depleted, he still went on the flying sword and headed for San Francisco. Ye Mo was scared he would cause more trouble if he stayed in the ocean.


At the same time, the HQ of the US Navy received urgent news. A fleet of patrol ships had found a UFO, possibly alien. This news was quickly sent to the Pentagon and the White House reacted immediately by sending backup.

Ye Mo was right. The place where he fought had already gathered a large amount of US marine military power. The White House established the highest level state of alert and told the world that there was a UFO in the Pacific Ocean.

The US marines fought with the UFO and lost one nuclear powered submarine SSM6120. No troops from the submarine survived, and the UFO had also disappeared. It was suspected to be an alien invasion.


Compared to other conferences, Luo Yue’s efficiency was much better. It took only two hours for the companies to be selected. Unlike other conferences where it would take a whole month.

Everyone felt anxious waiting for the announcement.

"Qingxue, I feel the Asian spot won’t necessarily be for Yuan Bei Corporation. Did you notice that Luo Yue’s CEO Yu doesn’t really like that Yuan Qibing. Who does he think he is…" Li Mumei whispered by Ning Qingxue’s ear.

At this moment, Wu Qiang walked in front of Fei Yu’s position and took out a letter for Ning Qingxue, "CEO Ning, I am sorry. I have come to Fei Yu Corporation's area, because I have no choice. Our CEO Yuan gave this for you…"

"Wu Qiang, don’t call me CEO Ning. Take your things and leave," Ning Qingxue said coldly.

Li Mumei also sneered, "Wu Qiang, you traitor. Piss off."

"But CEO Ning, CEO Yuan is also doing this for the benefit of Fei Yu Corporation. He wants to invite you tonight…" Wu Qiang didn’t dare answer Li Mumei and just continued talking.

Before Wu Qiang had finished, Ning Qingxue slammed the table and stood up throwing the letter on the table before saying coldly to Yuan Qibing who wasn’t far away, "Yuan, stop it with your lecherous acts. I’m already married, and even if I weren't, I wouldn’t want a scum like you. Using this partnership to threaten me? So what if your corporation gets chosen, not to mention, you might not even get it."

Of course Ning Qingxue knew what Yuan Qibing was trying to do. This was the moment that the partner was going to be announced and the time people were most anxious. Perhaps with Fei Yu Corporation’s current state, she might agree to Yuan Qibing’s suggestion.

Yuan Qibing’s use of psychology was good, but he used it on the wrong person. Ning Qingxue was quute an extremist. He didn’t expect Ning Qingxue to slam the table and stand up at such an important event. This humiliated him greatly.

There were almost seven or eight hundred people at the scene. Ning Qingxue slamming the table caught the attention of almost everyone. Everyone was quiet and scared to annoy Luo Yue Corporation but now Fei Yu just slammed the table.

This way, no matter how good Fei Yu was, they wouldn’t get chosen, especially since they were only a 3rd grade company. Those closer to Fei Yu subtly moved away fearing to be thought of as companions of theirs.

Seeing his daughter slam the table in anger, Ning Zhongfei also sighed. He didn’t say anything nor did he reproach her. They had very little hope anyways, and now, this little bit of hope just disappeared. It was nothing.

"Sorry dad," Ning Qingxue sat down and said to Ning Zhongfei. She really detested this Yuan Qibing who kept annoying her.

Ning Zhongfei smiled, "There’s nothing to be sorry for. Although dad likes the pharmaceutical industry, if we can’t do things here we can do other things."

"Yeah, Qingxue, don’t give a scum like him any face," Li Mumei added.

Yuan Qibing’s face went green. He didn’t expect Ning Qingxue to act out like this. How could the number one pharmaceutical CEO in China take something like this.

'Bitch, if I don’t play you to death, I was raised by a dog,' Yuan Qibing grinded his teeth. He had made up his mind to completely destroy the Fei Yu Corporation. Even if their family changed to another industry, he wouldn’t let them go either.

Yu Miaodan looked strangely at Ning Qingxue thinking that although her boss’s wife was pretty, she had quite some character. Did she have some conflict with the Yuan Bei Corporation?

Seeing Yu Miaodan walk over, Ning Zhongfei quickly stood up and said, "My apologies, CEO Yu. We interrupted everyone just then."

Yu MIaodan smiled, "Mr Ning, please have a seat, it’s fine."

Then, Yu Miaodan turned around and said to Han Zai, "How are the results for the investigation Yang Jiu is holding? How come there is still no report?"

Han Zai heard Yu Miaodan’s question and quickly said, "Ninth uncle has come back, but it was because the conference is still in progress that he didn’t report."

"Call him in." Soon, Yang Jiu came in.

Yang Jiu knew what Yu Miaodan wanted and said before she asked anything, "CEO Yu, I’ve done the investigation. The young CEO of Yuan Bei Corporation lusts for boss’s wife..." after that, he went on to explain all the trouble Yuan Qibing had caused for Fei Yu Corporation and how he had tried to coerce her.

Slam -Yu Miaodan slammed the table in anger. No wonder big boss wanted Yuan Bei out completely. How dare they scheme for the boss’s wife. This Yuan Qibing doesn’t want to live. Out of the game? That’s too easy on you. Too bad you encountered me; If I don’t send your Yuan Bei Corporation to the 18th level of hell, I would’ve wasted all those years in the mafia.

Yuan Miaodan’s fierce attitude came up. When she controlled Metal River with Wu Xueming before, she had seen and heard too much. If Wu Xueming hadn’t suddenly died, she would still be the big boss lady of the mafia. How dare a mere Yuan Qibing be so cocky.

Now that Yu Miaodan also slammed the table, this once again caught the attention of everyone.

Everyone looked at Yu Miaodan strangely. Was she unhappy with what Ning Qingxue did or was there some other reason? Why did these pretty ladies love slamming the table?

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