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Analogous with Ye Mo's worry, the conference was also an anxious place.

Yu Miaodan who had this certain mature lady temperament stood up and said with a smile, "First of all, I would like to thank everyone on behalf of Luo Yue Corporation for attending this conference."

After a round of applause, Yu Miaodan continued, "Due to the will of our CEO, the 4 spots have been changed to 3. One each from Asia, Europe/America, and Africa."

As soon as Yu Miaodan’s voice stopped, the Asian pharmaceutical representatives started to argue. This meant their chances of being chosen were now halved.

After the audience quietened down a bit, Yu Miaodan smiled and continued, "Please calm down everyone. Although we reduced one spot for partners, we also increased the authority for those who get it. Every partner exceot for the African one can have 20 subcontractors. All those subcontractors may also enjoy the profit of Luo Yue products."

Yu Miaodan’s words started another uproar. The atmosphere in the room intensified again.

At this moment, one pharmaceutical representative stood up and asked, "May I ask CEO Yu what the benefits of subcontractors are?"

Yu Miaodan smiled and said, "Partners and subcontractors may get a free copy of our herb refining technology and may also buy refinery machines from Luo Yue. I believe everyone knows how precious that is…"

Yu Miaodan’s words created another uproar.

Up until now, no one could crack how the beauty pill was made nor the process. Although people have analysed most of the constituents, no one could produce it yet. No one understood why the beauty pill had no impurities. This was a hard question. Of course, the focal point of the question was material refining. Now, Luo Yue was providing that for free.

If they got their hands on that, even if they couldn’t enjoy the profit of the beauty pill, they could still allow their own companies’ products to be greatly refined.

Yu Miaodan knew what they were thinking of course. If she wasn’t a part of Luo Yue, she wouldn’t understand either why Luo Yue was providing such technology. This was destroying their own business. But now, she wouldn’t think like that. The reason was so that Luo Yue could focus on producing and not refining.

"Everyone, please quieten down. Firstly, the refining technology we provide everyone with will be for different ingredients. If such technology is leaked from your company, then you will forever lose the opportunity to cooperate with us, Luo Yue. Secondly, our company will also publish some rare herbs; If anyone here can find one of them, you can also become a subcontractor of Luo Yue's partners, and we will provide double the technology."

As soon as she said that, someone asked, "What if we find two or more of those herbs?"

"If that will be the case, then your company will become our partner. More than that, if you can find ten or more, then our corporation will build a beauty pill production factory for you, also providing technical assistance," Yu Miaodan said without hesitation.

The scene quitened down. So every company stood a chance. Those who knew how to find rare herbs were already thinking of ways to gather ten types of herbs Luo Yue needed. To build a beauty pill production factory, this meant money rolling in.

However, people also seemed to realize how hard it would be to find those ten types of herbs.

"May I ask CEO Yu if we will have the opportunity to participate in the sales of the beauty pill and other products of your company?" a foreigner with stuttering Chinese asked.

Yu Miaodan smiled and replied, "Of course, all partners of Luo Yue will have the opportunity to sell our Luo Yue products. The amount will depend on the amount of ingredients your company refines. Which also means that partners will be directly responsible for subcontractors. The more ingredients you refine, the more sales you may have. Blatantly put, this is a trade."

"Then may I ask CEO Yu, if we have the opportunity to sell the beauty pill and Luo Yue is also selling, our price wouldn’t be as competitive as Luo Yue’s. Wouldn’t that mean we can’t make sales?" the person asking this question was asking against his heart. How could the beauty pill not make sales?

Yu Miaodan still replied, "There’s no such thing as unable to make sales. Theoretically, the profit earned by selling the beauty pill in exchange for refined materials should definitely be around a couple hundred times over. Even if we reduce the price of the beauty pill to 10k a bottle, there would still be huge profit in it."

Afterwards, Yu Miaodan looked around at everyone and said, "Now, those who wish to be a partner of us, please put your portfolio on the table. We will be collecting them now."

When her assistant went to collect the portfolios, Yu Miaodan’s eyes caught onto Fei Yu Corporation. She saw Ning Qingxue at first glance and was shocked. How was she this pretty? Even if she ate the beauty pill everyday, she couldn’t get this pretty.

Yu Miaodan also believed she was beautiful, but in front of Ning Qingxue, she realized even if she were 20 years younger, she couldn’t even begin to compare with her. No wonder Ye Mo married her. He had good eyes.

Soon, the portfolios were collected. Yu Miaodan gave them to Zang Jiayan and said, ‘Now, if you have any questions, you may ask them. If there are any special attributes about your corporation, you may also state that now. We will soon post the herbs we need."

However, Yuan Qibing spoke, "CEO Yue, I’m Yuan Qibing of Yuan Bei Corporation. We admire your company’s ability to create the beauty pill. Ever since our corporation has been established, we have strived for breakthroughs through herbal medicine. After many years of research, we have made some progress. Our heart safety serum is renowned throughout the world. If we can cooperate with Luo Yue, then all the relevant technology regarding it will be our meeting gift."

Everyone looked around upon hearing this. Although the heart safety serum was far from the beauty pill, everyone in the pharmaceutical industry knew the huge profit it created for Yuan Bei Corporation. They didn’t expect Yuan Qibing to be willing to take it out straight away. This crushed the hopes of many Asian corporations.

Yu Miaodan smiled, "CEO Yuan really has guts, but our company has the ability to research any product. Although your heart safety serum is not bad, we don’t care about it. We are looking for partners not based on size but suitability."

Yu Miaodan’s words were heartless and gave Yuan Qibing a slap in the face. His face turned bad. He showed goodwill, accentuating that their corporation was the biggest and it would only benefit Luo Yue to work with them. Yet now, they were rejected without a thought.

Although Yuan Qibing looked bad, other companies rejoiced. They didn’t expect Luo Yue to straight out reject the heart safety serum. Any other company wouldn’t be able to reject it. And from CEO Yu’s words, it seemed that any company had a chance to be chosen. They didn’t have to be big.

But everyone thought, 'Yeah, Luo Yue’s own beauty pill had more demand than supply, so why would they need the heart safety serum?

Li Mumei saw Yuan Qibing’s face and laughed. She uttered quietly to Ning Qingxue, "Qingxue, this CEO Yu is really cute. If she were a man, I would marry her immediately. This Yuan is truly detestable, but seeing him bump into the wall, I like it."

Ning Qingxue also felt satisfied. She had long since detested this Yuan Qibing, but her company’s power was too small. One word from them kicked her company out of the game.

"I feel that our portfolio is too simple," Ning Zhongfei saw everyone else’s were a full stack but theirs was only a few pages.

"Dad, we weren’t planning to be chosen as partners anyway. We’ll just wait and see who gets chosen as partner and we can try for their subcontractor position. I just didn’t expect Asia to be reduced to one. This isn’t good news for us," Ning Qingxue replied.

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