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B8C2: 3 brothers’ reunion

Qin Yu, Li’er, Hou Fei and Hei Yu fly without stopping. First they pass Yan City then they pass Misty Villa. However, on the way Qin Yu does not see any of his close relatives. Therefore Qin Yu is now heading straight for the Imperial Palace.

“Junior sister, junior sister, okay?”

Under Li’er’s ‘oppression’, he finally yields.

“This is about right.” Li’er’s face relaxes into a smile. “All right, why haven’t you called your subordinates in? The other 5 powers have all already told their forces to come and search for the 9th sword.”

Qin Yu says smilingly: “I’m not worried that I’m taking time either as my Stellar Tower is nearest the Qian Long continent. Forget it. I better send 10,000 guards to this place.” He takes out a transmitter and immediately messages the manager of the Stellar Tower — Zhuang Zhong.

In the Stellar Tower,

Zhuang Zhong is being served by ladies-in-waiting and leisurely eating the fruits presented by various caves, feeling extremely comfortable.

Suddenly —

He frowningly takes out a transmitter and makes a sweep with his holy sense.

“Zhuang Zhong, tell 4 guardians, Yan Rui, Liang Tan, Wu Yan and Xu Dong, to take 10 companies, 10,000 guards in total, to hurry to the Qian Long continent as fast as possible.” Seeing this order sent by Qin Yu, Zhuang Zhong makes a roll and gets up.

He first sends a reply to Qin Yu then hurriedly shouts an order.

“This is a call-up. All of the guardians and company leaders quickly go to the Sun Moon Hall without delay!” After saying so loudly, he hurriedly changes into a different set of clothes and rushes to the Sun Moon Hall extremely fast.

In the Sun Moon Hall,

The 8 guardians and 30 company leaders have gathered.

With a solemn expression, Zhuang Zhong says loudly: “Tower master has given an order.”

The 8 guardians and 30 company leaders immediately bow, waiting for the order.

“Guardians Yan Rui, Liang Tan, Wu Yan and Xu Dong take 10,000 guards, including the 1st to the 10th companies, to quickly head for the Qian Long continent and then wait for tower master’s orders. No delay is allowed. Set off immediately!”

Zhuang Zhong shouts solemnly.

“Yes sir!”

Yan Rui and the other 3 guardians and the leaders of those 10 companies bow and shout obediently. Afterwards they turn around and prepare to start out.

Zhuang Zhong and the others also go out of the Stellar Tower and stand near the main gate. At the moment, various groups of guards are flying out from the guard quarters. In just a while, a large area at the bottom of the ocean has become thickly dotted with guards. They are none other than the members of those 10 companies.

They immediately stand firmly in midair in 10 long lines. The 10 leaders of the companies stand at the front of the lines and the 4 guardians are in front of them all.


Yan Rui is the leader among the 8 guardians so she is naturally the leader of this operation. After that order was shouted, the 10,000 guards of the 10 companies break out of the water directly under the command of the 4 guardians and fly north straight on their flying swords.

10,000 guards!

A large area in the sky is thickly dotted with them. On the Qian Long continent, just a few Jindan stage Xiuzhenists are already called Shangxian, but today the Stellar Tower is sending out a group of 10,000 Xiuzhenists, led by 4 guardians who have all reached the Dongxu stage.

In Shang Qin County of the Qin dynasty on the Qian Long continent,

This Shang Qin County was originally Ba Chu County. Because there was a change of dynasties, the name of Ba Chu County naturally had to be changed. The Imperial Palace is vast so Qin De did not want to spend a huge amount of materials rebuilding it. Therefore, he made the capital city of this county the capital of the new dynasty.

The center of Shang Qin County’s vast territory is none other than the capital.

While flying along the old river Wu, Hei Yu suddenly makes sounds. He has also mastered this Ventriloquism technique recently. This is not a formidable secret technique so Hei Yu’s hereditary memories do not have it and he had to talk with guardian Yan Rui of the Stellar Tower and learn it from her.

“Big brother, do you still remember this place?” Hei Yu says using Ventriloquism.

They have been flying along the river Wu for a long time but this place is where Qin Yu and Xiao Hei fought Xiang Yang before.

“Of course I do.” Qin Yu says with a sigh. “In a full-moon night on the river Wu, you and I fought Xiang Yang together. It was only because of this battle that my Qin clan was able to completely destroy the Xiang clan and take control of this country to establish a new dynasty.”

Hou Fei blinks a couple of times and says curiously: “What? Established a new dynasty? Fought Xiang Yang? Tell me about them, big brother. They sound very much like legends.”

Hei Yu says coldly: “A sky-piercing meteor and two high-hanging moons in a full-moon night on the river Wu, humph, humph, monkey, my and big brother’s great achievement isn’t something you can imagine.”

Hou Fei becomes so angry that his eyes blaze: “What are you arrogant for, mixed hairy bird? What else have you done besides following big brother since you were little? If I were you, I would’ve been able to turn that Xiang Yang fella or something into minced meat with a blow of my stick.”

Hei Yu turns his head with a ‘humph’ and does not even give Hou Fei a look. Hou Fei cannot help getting furious.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Don’t argue, Fei Fei, Xiao Hei. Actually not much happened at that time either. It’s just that Xiang Yang stopped the army of my Qin clan at the most crucial moment and even threatened to eliminate the Qin clan so Xiao Hei and I had to get into action and remove this obstacle.”

While talking about this, Qin Yu and the others quickly cover several thousand li. Now they have arrived at the outside of the capital.

It is in the early morning at the moment so the capital gates are wide open and all the vendors are already putting their stalls on display.

Qin Yu and the other 3 stand in midair above the Imperial Palace. With a sweep of his holy sense, he notices his 2nd brother and big brother.

He says hesitantly: “There’s a morning court going on at the moment. Big brother and 2nd brother are both in the audience hall so we better wait for a while.”

“Why should we? Let’s use a concealing spell and go for a stroll in the audience hall first. I don’t think those mortals will see us.” Hou Fei says in an unconcerned manner. This concealing spell can deceive the eye but is ineffective against a Xiuzhenist’s holy sense.

Li’er also says with a little excitement: “A morning court? Good, Qin Yu, I’ve never seen one. Let’s go.”

Qin Yu has no choice but to agree: “All right, but let me tell you something first. Those officials and generals are all mortals so all of you shouldn’t play tricks on them. And when you’ve arrived in the audience hall, be well-behaved a bit.”

“Kaka, don’t worry.”

Hou Fei is the first to dive down quickly. His body disappears in broad daylight immediately like a flash. However, using their holy sense a Xiuzhenist would easily notice that he is diving down extremely fast.

Afterwards, Qin Yu, Li’er and Hei Yu also dive down.

In the audience hall,

Qin Zheng is sitting high in the throne. There is a natural, kingly air of majesty about him. The civil officials and generals are standing in 2 lines in the hall. Qin Yu’s big brother, Qin Feng, is at the top of one line. He is a marshal and also a prince so naturally he occupies the top position.

“Your Majesty, Zhen Yang County has reported that the dikes along the river Wu have burst recently due to continual heavy rain. Xu Ling City, Lan City and several other cities of Zhen Yang County have suffered a serious flood which has left more than a million people destitute and homeless …”

After listening to this official’s report, Qin Zheng frowns deeply.

“Do you have the details of the situation?” Qin Zheng says coldly. At the moment he is very unhappy.

The official immediately says: “This is the detailed information on the cities and regions hit by the disaster.” He takes out from his long sleeve an envelope. A eunuch then receives it and hands it to Qin Zheng directly.

Standing in a corner of the audience hall watching his 2nd brother handle national affairs, Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint smile. Even though there are considerable distances between the matters of mortals and those of Xiuzhenists, Qin Yu left home just about 10 years ago so he still has the heart of a mortal.

“The important things to do now are, firstly, provide housing for the disaster victims, and secondly, control the flood and prevent further disasters by draining the water and filling the gaps in the dikes …”

Qin Zheng gives his orders very quickly.

He dispatches an imperial envoy and orders the 200,000 regular troops and the 300,000 strong reserves of Zhen Yang County to work together to control the flood and prevent further disasters. The orders regarding the food and clothing to relieve the disaster victims are also given very quickly.

“Court ends!”

The high-pitched voice of a eunuch rises. Afterwards, the officials leave the audience hall in order.

“Big brother, 2nd brother.”

Qin Yu says to Qin Feng and Qin Zheng directly through holy sense communication.

The body of Qin Zheng, who is still pondering disaster-related matters, gets a shock. He then goes into ecstasy. Qin Feng, who has already walked out of the hall, turns around and returns. A light flashes on Qin Yu’s body as he removes his concealing spell and appears in the audience hall.

“Xiao Yu!”

Seeing Qin Yu appear in the hall suddenly, Qin Zheng and Qin Feng both look at him in disbelief.

Compared to when he left the Qian Long continent, Qin Yu looks almost the same. Only he has become even more mature, his eyes are even more profound and his body automatically gives off an oppressive air, which is what someone in a high position of power naturally possesses.

The head eunuch is about to shout ‘assassin’, but he immediately swallows this word back into his stomach when he notices the expressions and tones of the emperor and the prince.

“Big brother! 2nd brother!” Qin Yu cannot suppress the rapture on his face.

Qin Zheng immediately rushes down the hall. The 3 brothers then hug each other passionately all of a sudden.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Yu, I never thought you’d leave for 10 whole years. We’ve been terribly worried for the past 10 years because there’s been no news about you. Ha-ha …” Qin Zheng laughs out loud. He is obviously very excited at the moment.

Qin Feng also hugs Qin Yu tightly: “Who could’ve thought? Who could’ve thought? It’s been 10 years, oh my, 10 years.”

“Haven’t I just returned?” Qin Yu also laughs out loud happily.

At this moment, Li’er, Hei Yu and Hou Fei also remove their concealing spells and appear in front of Qin Feng and Qin Zheng, which startles them. They certainly know Xiao Hei but do not know Hou Fei and Li’er.

“Xiao Yu, they are …” Qin Zheng asks doubtfully.

Qin Yu introduces smilingly: “You must already know Xiao Hei. This is …”

“Kaka, I’m Hou Fei. Qin Yu is my big brother. You two brats are my big brother’s 2nd and big brothers, but you’re really too weak. Forget it. I can manage to consider you my brothers.” Hou Fei says while shaking his head conceitedly.

Qin Feng says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, this brother of yours is really straightforward.”

As a marshal, he has met many straightforward men in the army. Those men only respect power. It does not matter how high your rank is, they will only trust you if you are stronger than them.

“Is this … my sister-in-law?” Qin Zheng looks at Li’er and says.

Qin Yu however intentionally remains silent. Only when Li’er seems to be about to get mad does he say smilingly: “2nd brother, this is my junior sister Li’er. She’s my junior sister, not your sister-in-law yet.”

“Not our sister-in-law yet? I already know what you mean, Xiao Yu.” Qin Feng says with an enlightened expression. “Now she isn’t, but in the future she’ll be, right? Am I wrong … Miss Li’er?”

Li’er is staring at Qin Yu.

“You’ll pay for this, Qin Yu.”

Those ‘cruel’ words rise in his mind, but he smiles contentedly. He knows that Li’er is shy and she will only become somewhat lively in front of those she is on familiar terms with, and she will not ‘turn violent’ in front of strangers.

“Big brother, 2nd brother, don’t make fun of my junior sister. Right, where’s father? And where’s Uncle Feng?” Qin Yu says smilingly.

Qin Zheng says without delay: “Father and Uncle Feng are doing closed-door training. You’re unlucky to come here at this time. But they should come out within a half year. Last time father did closed-door training for a year and this time he’s been doing it for almost a half year.”

Qin Yu is a little sad because he cannot see his father right away.

“No problem. Now I’ve already got my own territory in the overseas Xiuzhen world so I’m in no hurry to leave either. There’ll be no problem even if I stay here for 100 or 200 years.” He says with a smile.

With his current top speed, he can reach the Stellar Tower from the Qian Long continent in just a few days. And after going through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, perhaps he will even be able to cover the distance between the Stellar Tower and the Qian Long continent in a day.

“Ha-ha, this is good. We brothers won’t have to live apart anymore.” Qin Zheng says with loud laughter. Then he suddenly remembers one thing and says: “Xiao Yu, do you know that big brother is going to take on the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation soon?”


Qin Yu is delighted. He immediately makes a sweep with holy sense and sees that Qin Feng is already at the peak of the Xiantian level and indeed will undergo the Minor Tribulation anytime soon.

“The 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation? Using a middle-grade holy weapon, big brother can definitely overcome it with ease. Ha-ha … 2nd brother, you got to practice hard too, so that we brothers will never have to be apart. But why haven’t you reached the Xiantian level?” With that sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu has naturally discovered Qin Zheng’s power level.

Qin Zheng says with frustration: “I’m no good at practicing. There’s nothing I can do as I’m not gifted.”

“Not gifted what?” Qin Yu is now one of the 6 big leaders of the overseas Xiuzhen world at any rate, so if he could not even help his relatives reach the Xiantian level then he would be too useless.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make a batch of pills for you sometime, helping you reach the Xiantian level directly.” Qin Yu has obtained Treasure Storing Palace and it has very many materials. “If you don’t want to wait, I’ll ask Reverend Yan Xu and the others for several Base Building Pills.”

He says in a totally unconcerned manner. In the Xiuzhen world, the important disciples of schools generally take Base Building Pills in the beginning to quickly establish their foundations and reach the Xiantian level.

To mortal internal practitioners, the Xiantian level is very hard to reach, but to Xiuzhenists, it is only the starting step. Given Qin Yu’s current status, he can obtain Base Building Pills at will.

End of b8c2.

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