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Book 8: The return of Qin Yu

B8C1: Going home

The Qian Long continent has a huge population.

Qin Yu and his group of several tens Xiuzhenists are flying through the clouds.

Far below them, the air is filled with cooking smoke and there are countless silhouettes of people. Compared to the boundless oceans, the Qian Long continent really has too many people. Here, there are tens of thousands of people in a town, and a big city even has hundreds of thousands of people.

“This is the Ming dynasty of the 3 big dynasties on the Qian Long continent.”

Qin Yu takes a deep breath. Even though he is flying through the clouds, given the keenness of his six senses, he can still feel that so familiar earthy smell. In the ocean, he simply cannot breathe in this kind of earthy smell. This is the smell of home.

“Big brother.” Hei Yu looks at Qin Yu with brilliant eyes. Qin Yu cannot help but smile at him.

In the past, Qin Yu and Hei Yu, a kid and a young eagle, walked the same path and stuck together through thick and thin. Afterwards, they left the Qian Long continent and made waves in the underwater Xiuyao world. It has been nearly 10 years and today Qin Yu and Hei Yu have returned.

“What’s the matter, Qin Yu?” Li’er asks softly.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “This is my home. My home is the Qian Long continent. Now below us is the Ming dynasty of the 3 big dynasties. My family is in the Qin dynasty.” He does not hide anything and is not afraid of the Xiuzhenists around him hearing either.

The members of the Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion, the Penglai Immortal Region and the other powers all give him a look.

These Xiuzhenists all have exceptionally good hearing so naturally they have heard those words. In their eyes, Qin Yu is the master of the Stellar Tower, an overlord in the underwater Xiuyao world, but … Qin Yu is from the Qian Long continent?

“What? Everybody is very curious, right? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I’m not a demonic beast. I’m a human.”

Qin Yu looks at the Xiuzhenists present and says in an indifferent and leisurely manner.

They are all startled. They already suspected this when they heard Qin Yu say he was from the Qian Long continent a moment ago. Now that Qin Yu has openly revealed it, they are totally sure that he is a human.

“Why is everybody looking at me? Could it be a human can’t stay in the underwater Xiuyao world? Besides, my 2nd brother Hou Fei is a divine beast. Could you be thinking that I’m not qualified to be the master of the Stellar Tower?” Qin Yu casts a somewhat cold glance at them.

Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says: “Ha-ha … I really admire you, brother Qin Yu. You’re a human but you dared to come into the underwater Xiuyao world. However, there’s actually little difference between Xiuyaoists, Xiuxianists and Xiumoists. It doesn’t matter what kind of Xiuzhenist you are, as long as you’re powerful, who would dare to doubt your eligibility to be the tower master?”

“Three-Eyed, you got any doubts?”

With his green hair fluttering, Grand Founder Three-Eyed says smilingly: “Doubt what? Brother Qin Yu alone is strong enough. Also, his brother Hou Fei is a divine beast. They undoubtedly deserve to be the Stellar Tower’s masters.”

When the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion of the other 3 underwater major powers have said so, could the Nine Demons Hall still dare to call this into question?

“You’re indeed brave, tower master Qin Yu. I admire you. I really do.” Di Long says ambiguously, but Di Jian and the others say nothing.

Seeming not to notice Di Long’s mocking tone, Qin Yu says with a nod: “This Qian Long continent is my territory. I can be considered the boss here so I certainly got to do my best to welcome you. First, let me introduce the Qian Long continent to everybody a bit.”

“Then I have to thank you, tower master Qin Yu.” Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile.

Yi Da also looks at Qin Yu with curiosity.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “This Qian Long continent is divided into 3 big dynasties, the Qin dynasty, the Ming dynasty and the Han dynasty. Each of them has several billion people, and when put together, they have a shocking population of 10 billion.”

“10 billion!” Azure Dragon exclaims. “Mortals are really numerous. Though the overseas Xiuzhen world is much larger than this Qian Long continent, it’s got fewer than 10 million Xiuzhenists. But the number of mortals here is near 10 billion.”

Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile: “Mortals are numerous but they’re too weak. They’re simply not in the same league as us Xiuzhenists.”

“You’re right, Reverend Yan Xu. 10 billion? Humph, if we really want to massacre them all, just 100 Xiuzhenists will be enough. We can definitely annihilate this continent’s population.” A large man from the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon says. This man has long, completely blood-red hair.

Yi Da says with a cold humph: “Jiao Jiu, you can massacre them if you want your Yanmo school to be destroyed.”

This time Yi Da brings Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue with him. These 2 people have both reached the early Kongming stage and they are the ones locked up in prison by Yi Da for 3 whole years in the past.

“I’m just saying.” Jiao Jiu grumbles.

Qin Yu continues: “The Qian Long continent has many mortals, but it also has many demonic beasts. In the east of this continent, there’s a massive wilderness with a great number of demonic beasts. The deeper you go into it, the tougher the demonic beasts you’ll see are. The deep parts of this wilderness may even have Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts.”

He is not bullshitting with these words at all.

According to a book talking about this wilderness left behind by Lei Wei, even Lei Wei did not dare to venture into the deep parts of the wilderness. It can be seen from this that those parts have formidable demonic beasts because, after all, Lei Wei was an expert capable of killing Dacheng stage Xiuxianists.

“Dujie stage? Dacheng stage?”

The faces of Azure Dragon, Grand Founder Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da and the others change color greatly.

If there are Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts, this group of Xiuzhenists will have absolutely no way to deal with them.

“Are you sure about this, brother Qin Yu? This isn’t something you can joke about.” Azure Dragon says solemnly to Qin Yu. He has heard that the Qian Long continent’s wilderness has demonic beasts, but because the overseas Xiuzhen world has always looked down on a continent of mortals like the Qian Long continent so he has thought that they are merely some normal demonic beasts.

However, today Qin Yu has unexpectedly said that there are Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts in the wilderness.

“Of course I am.” Qin Yu says seriously: “This matter is recorded in the books of my school.”

This is indeed recorded in the books of Qin Yu’s school, but Azure Dragon and the others immediately link his school with Uncle Lan.

“If so, this is most probably true.” They immediately become serious.

Azure Dragon is the most powerful in the overseas Xiuzhen world. As a divine beast of the early Kongming stage, he is comparable to an early Dujie stage Xiuxianist. However, the Wilderness has Dujie stage and Dacheng stage demonic beasts and, moreover, the top demonic beasts are generally divine beasts.

“If there are Dujie stage and Dacheng stage divine beasts, then …” When Azure Dragon thinks to this point, his heart trembles with fear.

Immediately, this group of Xiuzhenists from the overseas Xiuzhen world is frightened.

“Ha-ha, don’t worry too much, everybody. In this wilderness, we’ll see stronger demonic beasts as we go deeper. As long as we don’t go deep and provoke those formidable demonic beasts, we’ll be okay, right? So, why worry like that?” Qin Yu advises.

“Bunch of cowards.” Yi Da says with a cold humph.

Azure Dragon gives him a cold look: “Yi Da, only a fool is mindlessly brave.”

Even though Azure Dragon is the no. 1 expert of the overseas Xiuzhen world, Yi Da is still a late Kongming stage Xiumoist so the difference in power between them is not big at all. Moreover, Yi Da has very strange offense so he does not fear Azure Dragon in the least.

“Let’s not argue, gentlemen. We’ve come here to search for the 9th jade sword and definitely not to fight the wilderness’s demonic beasts.” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

After these words were said, everybody relaxes immediately.

“Ha-ha, that’s right. Why worry, everybody? We’ve come here only to find the 9th jade sword. What does the formidability of the demonic beasts deep in the wilderness have to do with us?” Lou Ke on one side of Grand Founder Three-Eyed laughs out loud and says.

Everybody keeps discussing while flying extremely fast.

“The Qin dynasty, we’ve arrived in the Qin dynasty.”

Qin Yu’s eyes glisten.

“Qin Yu, you said your home is in the Qin dynasty. Do you want to go home?” Li’er says with a smile: “If you’ve reached your homeland, you should go home to take a look first. Perhaps your family will be very excited to see you.”

Qin Yu looks at one city after another and one town after another then says with a shake of his head: “My father and family should be in the Qin dynasty but I don’t know exactly where they are now. Perhaps I only know where my 2nd brother is.”

Qin Zheng is the reigning emperor of the Qin dynasty so he should be in the Imperial Palace unless some serious incident has happened.

“Don’t be anxious, brother Qin Yu. Let’s go find the 9th sword first. We’ll see the result very soon, in just a couple of days. After that, it won’t be late for you to go back and meet your family again.” Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says. Suddenly he says frowningly: “Qin Yu, how long has it been since you joined your school and started to practice? Are your mortal parents still living?”

Qin Yu is startled.

“You’re wrong, Overlord Azure Dragon. My father is also a Xiuzhenist.” He explains.

Azure Dragon understands right away.

The group keeps heading east directly.

“We’re in the 3 Eastern region counties but still going east. Could it be the 9th jade sword is in the Wilderness?” Qin Yu says frowningly.

Hearing this, the other several tens Xiuzhenists all frown. Everybody looks at the 8 swords and sees them continue flying east straight without any hesitation. After some time, the 3 Eastern region counties have been left behind.

As soon as the group crosses the boundary of the Wilderness, they feel a sharp rise in holy energy density.

“This wilderness seems to be a good place too.” Azure Dragon exclaims.

Qin Yu immediately says loudly: “Everybody, the power of the demonic beasts in this wilderness isn’t something to look down upon. Last time I encountered 2 divine beasts near its edge so all of you must be careful.”

“2 divine beasts?” Azure Dragon frowns. Divine beasts are highly gifted and progress extremely fast in practice. “There are 2 divine beasts near the edge, then how many divine beasts are there in this entire wilderness? Since when have divine beasts become so easy to find?”

Hou Fei says: “Kaka, are you afraid, Azure Dragon? But the density of demonic beasts in this wilderness is really much higher than in the overseas Xiuzhen world so we’d better be careful and fly a bit slower.”

Everybody cannot help slowing down. After all, this is the Wilderness.


Qin Yu has noticed that prairie where he met a Dragon Rocky lion in the past. Not far from the Dragon Rocky lion, there was a divine beast Hong Luan. However, at the moment he cannot detect the existence of those divine beasts. That prairie is also no longer devoid of demonic beasts as before.

Now that prairie is full of demonic beasts and wild beasts.

“Where has the Dragon Rocky lion gone?” Qin Yu is very doubtful. It has been only 10 years, but both the Dragon Rocky lion and the Hong Luan have unexpectedly disappeared.

All of a sudden —

“What’s happening to the jade swords?” Everybody notices that the 8 flying swords are starting to shake, seeming to be affected by something. They then look as if they want to fly in different directions. At the same time, the whirr of the shaking becomes louder.

Reverend Yan Xu shouts at once: “Everybody, this wilderness is very mysterious. My secret method is no longer effective here. Let’s take back our own swords quickly.”

The 6 bosses take back their own jade swords right away.

“What happened, Yan Xu?” Azure Dragon shouts.

Reverend Yan Xu also says doubtfully with a shake of his head: “Actually I’m not sure what happened either. In theory, these 8 swords should fly in the same direction until they reach the location of the 9th jade sword. But … just now they unexpectedly wanted to fly in different directions. This is absurd. There is only one 9th jade sword and it must be at one place, so why did these 8 swords want to fly in different directions?”

Hearing this, everybody knows what went wrong.

The 9th jade sword must be in one direction, but why did the other 8 swords want to fly in different directions?

“Now the only way to find it is … to quickly gather a large number of Xiuzhenists to this place then tell them to search every piece of land with their holy senses.” Grand Founder Three-Eyed says coldly.

At the moment, both he and Azure Dragon are very frustrated.

Because the Stellar Tower is nearest the Qian Long continent, in the past they gave Qin Yu 2 caves each. These caves are next to the Stellar Tower and also next to the Qian Long continent.

The Wilderness is immense and is covered with countless large forests, mountain ranges and ravines so if these several tens Xiuzhenists search by themselves, who knows when they will find the 9th sword? Now they can only rely on their subordinates.

Azure Dragon, Grand Founder Three-Eyed, Di Long, Yi Da and Reverend Yan Xu take out their transmitters almost simultaneously and begin to order their respective subordinates to hurry to the Qian Long continent.

From now on, large forces from the overseas Xiuzhen world are going to gather on the Qian Long continent so naturally there is bound to be a storm here.

“Everybody, I got to go home first. This Qin dynasty is my homeland. If any of you wants to look around, I can arrange for someone to help you.”

Qin Yu says smilingly to the other Xiuzhenists.

All of these top figures of the overseas Xiuzhen world immediately bid farewell to him and say that they will come to visit him and sightsee the Qian Long continent when they have time. After that, Qin Yu flies towards the Qin dynasty with Li’er, Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

“Father, I’m back.” Qin Yu cannot suppress the excitement on his face.

Li’er says smilingly: “Look at you, Qin Yu. You’re smiling so big that you look like a clown. Right, when you meet your father, how are you going to introduce us?”

“Fei Fei and Xiao Hei will naturally be my brothers. As for you, big younger sister? It’s no good. I’d better … My father is very wise so he should be able to associate you with me. There should be no need for me to introduce you. I’m a little shy, you know.” Qin Yu says deliberately. Right afterwards, he speeds up, flying through the air extremely fast like a beam of light.

Li’er becomes both shy and angry. She immediately chases after him with a movement of her feet.

“Let go of me! It really hurts!” Qin Yu’s painful cries resound …

End of b8c1.

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