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B5C27: Cha Hong and Hou Fei

At the moment, the several thousand guards around the Blood-red Cave are watching. According to the Nine Demons Hall’s rules, Xiuyaoists from the same powerhouse are not allowed to kill each other. The Blood-red Cave is Cha Hong’s headquarters, but a guardian has killed another right outside the entrance of the cave. This is an extraordinary incident.

Cha Po is extremely angry because he did not expect Hou Fei to be so bold as to kill Sang Mo.

“Say! Why didn’t you stop after hearing my order?!” He shouts again.

Hou Fei simply pays no attention to him and stares inside the cave. Suddenly he strokes his nose and licks his lips with his blood-red tongue once then tilts his head, looking at Cha Po with his piercing blazing fiery eyes!

“Can you say it again?”

Hou Fei focuses his eyes on Cha Po and says slowly.

Cha Po is unexpectedly startled and becomes speechless. Hou Fei, however, keeps staring at him and presses him with a tremendous aura. In just a moment, beads of sweat begin to stand out on his forehead and his back is also moistened by sweat. Only now does Cha Po wake up with a start.

“Ah, who am I talking to? Because of a Five Nights Purple Flower, didn’t this monkey still fight me even after knowing that I’m the Blood-red Cave’s vice master?” Cha Po recalls how he made friends with Hou Fei before.

Now he feels somewhat regretful because only his big brother can deal with this monkey. Cha Po himself is really no match for Hou Fei.

“Listen up, I don’t care about any rules, if someone provokes me, don’t blame me for being ruthless. Humph, even if that’s a guardian, my stick won’t show any mercy. Remember, I won’t touch anyone who doesn’t offend me. But those who do should get ready to be turned into minced meat by my stick!”

Hou Fei says with a cold laugh while staring at Cha Po then unexpectedly stands at the center of the Blood-red Cave’s entrance.

Hearing Hou Fei’s words and seeing fragments of the octopus’s exploded body floating in the water in all directions, Cha Po secretly draws a cold breath. Now he knows even more clearly that this monkey fears nothing.

“Guardian Hou Fei, as the cave’s vice master, I want to ask you why you killed Sang Mo?” At the moment his voice has become milder.

Hou Fei laughs kaka strangely then turns around and looks at Cha Po with his fiery eyes, saying: “You asked why I killed him? But I don’t feel like answering.” Hou Fei is behaving in a very arrogant and wild manner, which greatly amazes the guards around.

Cha Po’s expression starts to become unpleasant.

Hou Fei is showing a complete lack of respect for him.

All of a sudden, Hou Fei says laughingly and playfully: “Vice master Cha Po, actually, do you still have to ask about this matter? The answer is very simple — he angered me. Do you understand? He pissed me off. If he hadn’t offended me, why would I have killed him?”

Cha Po frowns. What kind of answering is this? It is the same as saying nothing.

Immediately, Cha Po wants to open his mouth to continue questioning on how Sang Mo offended Hou Fei.

Seeing that Cha Po is about to ask again, Hou Fei immediately uses holy sense communication: “Brat, this is a public place. I’ve already let you save face so we should be friendly to each other. Otherwise, you’ll provoke me and lose face. That won’t be very good.”

Hearing this, Cha Po swallows back what he is about to say.

At this moment —

“Fei Fei!”

A familiar voice rises and a black blur shoots towards them extremely fast. Only when it stops can everyone see clearly that it is Qin Yu on his black flying sword. But as soon as they see Qin Yu’s current appearance, they are all astonished.

At the moment, there is a frightening wound on his stomach. The wound is very shocking. His face has gone miserably pale and his lips have turned purple.

“Big brother, are you ok?” Hou Fei’s entire body becomes agitated. All of his hair stands straight up.

Even Cha Po takes a cold breath when seeing Qin Yu’s injury. After all, he is a middle Yuanying stage expert so he can conclude at a glance that Qin Yu’s injury must have been caused directly by someone’s sharp weapon when it penetrated into his stomach.

Qin Yu is truly lucky to be able to return alive after suffering such a serious wound.

“Big brother, who injured you?” Hou Fei has become anxious. He immediately holds and supports Qin Yu. It is really fortunate that Qin Yu has been able to get back here on his flying sword. Hou Fei’s eyes glitter with fierceness: “Big brother, who is it? I’m going to destroy whoever injured you!”

A raging aura erupts from his whole body.

“Forget it, Fei Fei.” Qin Yu says with a faint smile with great effort.

“Who’s the attacker, guardian Liu Xing? Just tell me everything. Our Blood-red Cave definitely won’t let those who dare to provoke any guardians go unpunished.” Now Cha Po has also come forwards, but he is thinking about Sang Mo’s message in his mind.

Qin Yu says while trying to endure the pain: “Vice master, this time we went out to hunt that black eagle down according to cave master’s order. But who could’ve thought that guardian Bai Yin and guardian Ran Lan would collaborate with the black eagle and attack us instead? In the beginning, guardian Mu Xu was struck by guardian Bai Yin with a sneak blow and died tragically on the spot.”

Hearing Qin Yu’s words, Cha Po frowns.

“You mean that you and guardian Zhuang Zhong were able to defeat Bai Yin, Ran Lan and the black eagle?” He questions.

Qin Yu says with a shake of his head: “Luckily guardian Zhuang Zhong is sharp and alert. When guardian Mu Xu was killed, he immediately attacked Ran Lan while I attacked Bai Yin. Fortunately, when I left my master, I was given a precious Thunder Talisman to use when my life is in danger. And I immediately killed guardian Bai Yin with it. This wound was inflicted on me by the black eagle. But I have my special skills too so it was also injured. Perhaps because it didn’t want to go all out against me, it snatched guardian Bai Yin’s and guardian Mu Xu’s yuanyings and ran away. Guardian Zhuang Zhong was able to get guardian Ran Lan’s yuanying. I’m faster than him so I returned first to tell cave master about this.”

As he finishes saying, a lustrous purple yuanying appears in the palm of his hand.

“Please take this yuanying, vice master. Now I have to go treat my injury quickly.” Qin Yu’s face becomes even a bit paler.

After hearing what Qin Yu said, Cha Po looks at the yuanying before him and thinks about Sang Mo’s message. He then looks at Qin Yu’s wound again. For the moment, his mind is somewhat confused.

“Stop saying, big brother. Quickly go back and treat the wound.”

Without letting Qin Yu say anymore, Hou Fei immediately rushes him to his house. But he puts Ran Lan’s yuanying in front of Cha Po instead of taking it with him.

Cha Po clenches his teeth and immediately gets the yuanying. He then goes into the cave immediately as well. After a while, guardian Zhuang Zhong returns with some minor injuries and goes straight back to his dwelling place in the Blood-red Cave.

Outside the secret room wherein Cha Hong is doing closed-door training,

Cha Po, who is standing with a very urgent expression, calls loudly: “Big brother, quickly come out. Something serious has happened. Quickly come out!” His worries have become too much for him to bear. As soon as he thinks about what has happened, his mind becomes nervous.

In just a while, the door of the secret room opens.

“Why so urgent? These days I can’t even do closed-door training in peace. Quickly say it. What’s happened? Now I don’t have time to waste on you.” Cha Hong shouts coldly.

He has now entered the final stage of removing that seal.

Cha Po says angrily: “Have no time to waste? Big brother, do you know a serious incident has happened? Guardian Bai Yin is already dead, and so are Mu Xu and Ran Lan. Besides these 3 guardians, even guardian Sang Mo has been killed.”

Cha Hong’s face freezes.

After his expression changes several times, he calms down and says indifferently: “Tell me everything about this incident.”

Seeing his big brother so calm, Cha Po is also affected and calms down a bit. He immediately says: “This incident is pretty confusing. I’m going to tell you the main details. According to guardian Liu Xing, among the 3 guardians who died first, Bai Yin and Ran Lan were in league with that black eagle. They wanted to kill the 3 guardians Liu Xing, Zhuang Zhong and Mu Xu. Guardian Liu Xing then killed Bai Yin with the Thunder Talisman his master had given him. Also, he went all out against the black eagle and scared it away.”

“Liu Xing’s master? Thunder Talisman?” Cha Hong frowns deeply.

When he first saw Qin Yu’s special practice technique before, he asked about Qin Yu’s school, but Qin Yu did not reveal it.

“However, guardian Sang Mo messaged me, saying that guardian Liu Xing is … is the Xiuxianist!” Cha Po pauses for a moment then continues: “Immediately afterwards, guardian Hou Fei got mad for some reason and killed guardian Sang Mo!”

Cha Po looks at his big brother, waiting for his response.

Cha Hong slightly narrows his eyes, which glitter with coldness.

“You can continue.” Cha Hong calms down again.

Cha Po says: “But when guardian Liu Xing returned just now, he was wounded, and even very seriously. Something had penetrated into his body through his stomach. If that attack had been a little more powerful, perhaps guardian Liu Xing would’ve died on the spot. Even though guardian Liu Xing is still living, it will take him about a year to recover.”

“Big brother … at first I suspected that guardian Liu Xing had injured himself but that injury was too frightening. Just a bit careless and he would’ve killed himself. I don’t think anyone can harm themselves like that. Plus, he even handed Ran Lan’s yuanying over to me. But about the message guardian Sang Mo sent before his death …”

Cha Po says while frowning.

Cha Hong stares at Cha Po and shouts: “2nd brother, listen up, the information about this incident must be contained. You must keep your mouth shut. At the same time, you also don’t have to care about it. Just leave everything to me and immediately go tell the guardians to gather in the main hall.”

“Yes!” Cha Po nods then turns around and leaves at once.

Cha Hong however mumbles to himself: “Master? Thunder Talisman? Who knows if they are real? That guardian Liu Xing is almost certainly the Xiuxianist. A Xiuxianist naturally doesn’t want a yuanying. Oh my, time, now I need time the most. If this incident happened 1 year later, I would be able to response with drastic actions.”

All of the remaining 11 guardians have gathered in the main hall. The incident that happened this time is very serious because it involves the deaths of 4 guardians consisting of Bai Yin, Ran Lan, Mu Xu and Sang Mo. Moreover, guardian Sang Mo was killed openly by Hou Fei just outside the Blood-red Cave.

The 3 black turtle brothers, the 2 tiger shark brothers, the 2 snake women, the horned dragon Teng Bi, Zhuang Zhong, Qin Yu and Hou Fei, 11 guardians in total, are standing on the lower part of the hall. Cha Po has also arrived. Everyone is waiting for Cha Hong, the Blood-red Cave’s master.

In a short while, Cha Hong walks up to the throne, flings his robe and sits down directly.

He then casts a glance at the guardians below him and says solemnly: “Gentlemen, this time, a disaster of an order of magnitude not seen for 100 years has happened to our Blood-red Cave. Guardian Bai Yin and 3 others have unexpectedly all died. And guardian Sang Mo has even been killed by guardian Hou Fei at the Blood-red Cave’s entrance.”

“Hou Fei!” Cha Hong suddenly shouts.

Hou Fei takes a forward step, raises his head and looks at Cha Hong with a faint strange smile on the corners of his mouth.

“The Blood-red Cave and the 7 other powers of its caliber have always followed the rule made by the Nine Demons Hall that Xiuyaoists of the same powerhouse are not allowed to kill each other. But you, as a guardian of my Blood-red Cave, have unexpectedly killed Sang Mo openly in front of a great number of Xiuyaoists. Didn’t you think about the Blood-red Cave? Didn’t you think about the Nine Demons Hall? Didn’t you think about me?” Cha Hong shouts furiously.

An enraged Cha Hong makes his terrifying aura surge forth.

As if the end of the world has come, a shockingly powerful aura covers the whole main hall in the blink of an eye. It presses on Hou Fei, restraining him. As Cha Hong has not got into action for many years, a lot of people have questioned his power.

However, now, judging from the eruption of his aura alone, the guardians below him no longer have any doubts.

Hou Fei licks his lips with his blood-red tongue once then unexpectedly raises his head even higher and looks at Cha Hong angrily. His eyes are blazing with fighting spirit. He has never had a chance to fight a super expert like Cha Hong.

“Fei Fei, are you certain of beating him?” Qin Yu asks via his holy sense.

Still glaring at Cha Hong, Hou Fei says through his holy sense: “Without using berserk mode, I don’t think I stand a chance. But if I go berserk, I’ll have a 50-50 chance. This Cha Hong fella is very strong, exceptionally strong, but … I like that!”

His eyes start to become even more blazing and his fighting spirit even more rampant!

End of b5c27.

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