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B5C26: Hou Fei’s fury

In the Blood-red Cave,

“My lord, I’ll massage your shoulders for you.” A lovely gentle lady-in-waiting beside Hou Fei says then massages his shoulders. Another lady-in-waiting carries a tray of fruits to his face and even helps him peel those fruits.

Hou Fei blinks his fiery eyes a couple of times. His entire body seems to turn into stone. But in just a moment, he shouts angrily.

“Go away, go away!”

He glares at the 2 ladies-in-waiting then, seemingly very furious, shoves them away. Staring at them, he breathes heavily through his nose: “Damn it, these women really are great scourges.”

At the moment, the places caressed by them on his body are still having goose bumps.

“That Cha Po fella really doesn’t know anything. Why did he send some women to my place?” He says in annoyance. Suddenly he utters a sound of surprise. “Who sends me a message at this time?” With a turn of his hand, a transmitter appears in it.

After Qin Yu and Hou Fei became the Blood-red Cave’s guardians, they were given a transmitter each.

“Sang Mo?” Hou Fei’s blood-red tongue licks his lips once. As his eyes blaze with fierceness, he says with a strange laughter: “Big brother has finally got his ideas straightened out. Kaka, that Sang Mo fella has already got on my nerves for some time.”

Right after saying, Hou Fei expands his holy sense and begins to search carefully.

This Blood-red Cave occupies a large area but his holy sense can still cover it completely. To search directly this way shows that Hou Fei is very arrogant. In the Blood-red Cave, only 2 Xiuyaoists have holy senses superior to Hou Fei’s, the 1st being Teng Bi and the 2nd being Cha Hong.

At this moment, Teng Bi, who is sitting with legs crossed in his room, opens his eyes and says to himself: “What is Hou Fei searching with his holy sense?” After thinking for a while, he laughs. He does not care about other Xiuyaoists’ business and is only interested in a fight with Hou Fei.

And Cha Hong, who is trying hard to open the seal of his black jade case, is simply in no mood to think about what Hou Fei wants to do.

“He’s not in here!”

Hou Fei lets out a heavy breath through his nose. His eyes glitter with ferocity. “You’re lucky that you can’t die for the moment, brat. But since I’ve already got into action, you have no chance of surviving.” He gives a couple of strange laughs then turns into a blur and rushes out of his courtyard house directly.

The 2 ladies-in-waiting who were shoved away by Hou Fei are complaining about this cruel monkey’s inability to understand flirtatious expressions. They suddenly hear something whistle out of the courtyard house.

“Yan’er, did our lord just go out?” An oval-faced lady-in-waiting blinks her big eyes and says.

The other oval-faced lady-in-waiting nods her head. Both of them are extremely astonished by Hou Fei’s speed because, after all, they are Jindan stage Xiuyaoists, but they were unable to see Hou Fei clearly. This goes to show how fast Hou Fei is.

Hou Fei’s body quickly appears outside the main entrance of the Blood-red Cave.


Seeing Hou Fei, one of the guards at the Blood-red Cave’s entrance hurriedly says with respect: “May I ask if there is something that you want to do? Can we help you in anything?” These guards all know that this newly-arrived monkey-shaped guardian is very formidable.

Hou Fei glances at the guards on his 2 sides then says with a kaka laugh: “I’ve got nothing to do. I’m just here to wait for someone. Right, when did guardian Sang Mo go out?”

One of the guards hurriedly says: “Sir, guardian Sang Mo went out more than a half day ago.”

When Hou Fei hears this, a transmitter immediately appears in his hand. He sends this information to Qin Yu then puts the transmitter away and leans on the outside of the cave’s entrance. With his fiery eyes staring outwards, he waits for Sang Mo’s return.

“Big brother, that lowlife Sang Mo isn’t in the cave. He already went out more than a half day ago. But don’t worry, big brother. I’m waiting at the entrance of the cave. As soon as I see him, I’m going to reduce him to mince, kaka ~~” After getting this message, Qin Yu looks at Zhuang Zhong in appreciation.

Zhuang Zhong’s prediction is very precise.

“According to this message, Sang Mo went out more than a half day ago. Looks like he’s really been tailing us.” Qin Yu says smilingly.

Zhuang Zhong’s eyes brighten. He says hurriedly: “Guardian Liu Xing, in terms of speed, who is the faster between you and Sang Mo?”


3 years ago, even when Sang Mo was using his true form, he was unable to catch up with Qin Yu. Now, after 3 years, Qin Yu has become much faster than Sang Mo.

“Even if Sang Mo uses his true form, he’ll still be slower than me.” Qin Yu says with a smile.

Zhuang Zhong hurriedly says: “Since Sang Mo has been following us for so long, he shouldn’t be very far from us at the moment. If we chase him now, we’ll still have a chance of catching up with him. If we can kill him before he reaches the Blood-red Cave, that problem will be resolved even better.”

Hei Yu says via his holy sense: “Big brother, your speed is slower than mine. I’m going to go.”

After saying, Hei Yu gets ready to give chase.

“Xiao Hei, you’re being hunted. When going forwards, you can’t enter the Blood-red Ridge’s territory. How about this? You can chase him, but if by the time you reach the halfway point you haven’t caught him then you’ll have to give up immediately and stop chasing.” Qin Yu says with a serious expression.

Hei Yu nods his head.

He certainly knows that Qin Yu wants him to be safe. Now is still not the time for them to face Cha Hong directly.

“Ok, big brother. I’ll give up at the halfway point regardless of whether I’ve caught up with him or not. Afterwards I’ll leave immediately. When you’ve handled this matter in the Blood-red Cave, send me a message. We brothers also need a territory of our own in the underwater Xiuyao world. I think the Blood-red Cave is not bad.” Hei Yu’s eyes glitter with coldness.

Qin Yu gives a smile.

A territory?

If not for the Blood-red Cave’s territory, why would he pretend to be loyal to Cha Hong? After all, with Hou Fei and Xiao Hei around, it will be hard for Cha Hong to deal with him, but if he wants to seize control of the Blood-red Cave openly, there will be some difficulties.

Firstly, the cave has 5000 guards. Even though their individual power is average, they are too many in number. Moreover, Qin Yu suspects that they can attack together through formations. Since there are too many of them, their joint attacks will be terrifying.

Secondly, those guardians are not easy to deal with. If they faced the Blood-red Cave head-on, this would lead the guardians to fight them.

Therefore, dealing with the Blood-red Cave from the inside is relatively easier.

“Don’t worry. Zhuang Zhong, you’re slow so stay at the back, Xiao Hei and I will go ahead of you.” Qin Yu says directly.

Hei Yu utters a sharp cry. Various blood-red electric sparks begins to spread out all over his wings. With a shake of the wings, he leaves Qin Yu very far behind in an instant like a red beam of light. Qin Yu controls his flying sword and uses the Body-Weapon Unification technique to chase after him extremely fast.

Sang Mo is going through the water very quickly.

“Really can’t wait to see that Liu Xing fella run for his life and get hunted. This time he definitely won’t escape, ha-ha ~~~” A sharp evil laughter comes out from Sang Mo’s throat. He immediately transforms into a huge octopus.

Now that Sang Mo has switched to his true form, his speed increases a lot in an instant.

When Sang Mo started to tail the 5 guardians, there was already a long distance between him and them. He then returned right after receiving Bai Yin’s message whereas Qin Yu and the others spent some time talking to each other after Bai Yin’s death.

This means that Sang Mo already began to rush back to the Blood-red Cave long before Xiao Hei and Qin Yu give chase.

Sang Mo went leisurely during the outward journey, but when returning, he uses his true form to go extremely fast. There is a great difference between the 2 speeds therefore it also takes much less time for him to return.

A red beam of light is piercing through the water. Wherever it goes, the water around it becomes turbulent. Suddenly this red light beam stops.

“I unexpectedly can’t catch up with him.” Hei Yu looks ahead then decides to stop. In fact, he does not want to make Qin Yu worried so he only chases to the halfway point. Given his speed, if he continued to chase, he would definitely be able to catch up with Sang Mo.

However, because Hei Yu is being hunted by the Blood-red Cave, it is better for him to stay away from the cave.

“Given the power of that Fei Fei fella, Sang Mo won’t be able to survive 1 hit. It’s useless for me to keep chasing. We better let Fei Fei handle this.” After sending Qin Yu a message, Hei Yu rushes in another direction.

In his opinion, Sang Mo is definitely going to die at the hands of Hou Fei.

After a while, Qin Yu arrives at the place where Hei Yu just left.

“Where did Sang Mo begin to go back from? He also started some time earlier than me.” Qin Yu does not stop. He heads straight for the Blood-red Cave at his fastest speed. He just wants to try his best. It will not be a big problem even if he cannot catch up with Sang Mo.


A huge octopus rushes into the Blood-red Ridge like a huge red light beam. Feeling its powerful aura, various Xiuyaoists in the Blood-red Ridge shun it. Sang Mo has already reached the Blood-red Ridge.

Before long, his blood-red eyes see the Blood-red Cave in the distance.

At this moment, Hou Fei, who is leaning on the main entrance of the Blood-red Cave, suddenly opens his fiery eyes. A dazzling beam of light shoots straight at Sang Mo from his eyes. At the same time, he flies up.

“Kaka ~~ Sang Mo, you villain!”

For some reason, fire begins to come out from Hou Fei’s eyes and the hair on his whole body stands straight up. It looks like he is extremely angry. The black stick in his hands is emitting a murderous aura.

Sang Mo, who has put a lot of effort into rushing back, is so scared that his entire body trembles as soon as he hears Hou Fei’s shouts. He has heard about Hou Fei’s power and knows that even Cha Po and several guardians were completely defeated by Hou Fei in an instant when joining forces.

“Hou Fei, what do you want to do?” Sang Mo transforms into a human and shouts at Hou Fei from a distance.

At the same time, a transmitter quickly appears in a hand put behind his back. The transmitter disappears immediately. There is a faint smile on the corners of his mouth. He knows that he cannot face Hou Fei head-on and must be compliant in this situation.

“Do you have to ask what I want to do? Do you still have the face to ask what I want to do?” Hou Fei’s entire body shivers with anger. His violent aura wreaks havoc in his surroundings.

Seeing 2 guardians confronting each other, those guards at the entrance of the Blood-red Cave certainly do not dare to interfere.

“Why is guardian Hou Fei so angry?”

“There’s no need to ask. Guardian Sang Mo must’ve offended him. You know, guardian Sang Mo is very unpopular. Of the 13 guardians, only he and guardian Teng Bi don’t have an ally. Guardian Teng Bi is very powerful so he disdains to have an ally. But in guardian Sang Mo’s case, it’s because he’s too unpleasant!”

“You’re right. The other guardians fear cave master’s might so they don’t dare to do anything to Sang Mo, but guardian Hou Fei seems to be very hot-tempered. Looks like this time Sang Mo has bumped into an iron panel.”

Those guards begin to discuss with each other. They know well about every guardian and what they say is true. Among the 13 guardians, only Teng Bi and Sang Mo are alone. Teng Bi is strong and bold, but the reason Sang Mo is alone is that he is a bit too strange and malevolent, and unpopular.

Sang Mo is baffled by Hou Fei’s questions.

“When did I offend him?” He cannot understand. Seeing that Hou Fei is so furious that all of his hair is standing on end, even Sang Mo himself thinks that he somehow offended Hou Fei. But even though he racks his brains, he cannot remember offending Hou Fei.

“Could this be because of Liu Xing? No, it couldn’t. In the main hall, didn’t I only force guardian Liu Xing to go kill the black eagle? That shouldn’t be enough to make guardian Hou Fei this furious.”

Sang Mo cannot think of a reason.

Hou Fei, who is mad with extreme anger, turns his face upwards and roars then shouts: “Sang Mo, listen up, you lowlife. From now on, either you or I will have to disappear. Take this!” Hou Fei waves his black stick once then rushes at Sang Mo like a beam of light and smashes into him like a meteor.

When Sang Mo hears the words ‘take this’, his whole body shakes. Only now does he know that Hou Fei wants to kill him!

Hou Fei wants to kill him!

Someone for whom he is simply no match wants to kill him!

“Yowl ~~~”

Facing death, Sang Mo immediately turns into a huge red octopus. At the same time, he utters an extremely furious and terrified yowl that resounds through an area of several hundred li in radius around him, attracting the attention of a great number of Xiuyaoists.

The black stick quickly lengthens. From a common-looking stick, it becomes one that is over 10 m long.


At this crucial moment, his fear of death enables Sang Mo to surpass his limits. With a shake of his 8 tentacles, he moves away extremely fast. However, even though he has surpassed his limits, he is still far inferior to a middle Yuanying stage divine beast!


As if he is hit by an explosion, his blood splatters around and fragments of his severed tentacles are sent flying in all directions. The area within several hundred meters of him is dyed red by his blood.

Hou Fei is secretly surprised.

Just now, that blow of the stick unexpectedly failed to kill Sang Mo. Facing death, Sang Mo was able to surpass his limits and move much faster than he should have been able to. Even though 3 of his tentacles were smashed off by Hou Fei with that strike, his head avoided getting hit.

It should be known that Hou Fei was aiming for Sang Mo’s head.

“Sang Mo, you’ve even dared to run away! You even want to run away! Take this!!!” Hou Fei looks even more furious. With a roar, he brandishes the black stick and attacks again. It is smashed towards Sang Mo extremely fast like a huge pillar.

“Stop!” Cha Po rushes out of the cave and shouts loudly.

As Hou Fei hears Cha Po’s shout, a faint smile that is cold and cruel appears on the corners of his mouth. His black stick unexpectedly speeds up. Now it is really too fast, so fast that the water where it goes through cannot even react. The water near the stick is simply not disturbed, as if time has frozen.


Because the huge black stick appears almost instantly at Sang Mo’s face as if teleported, his eyes pop out of his head.


The originally undisturbed water suddenly explodes. Concurrently with this, the body of the huge octopus also explodes. It is shattered into countless fragments, which scatter all around. Within a several km radius of the explosion, the water is reddened by blood.

With a shake of his body, Hou Fei returns to the area outside the Blood-red Cave’s entrance.

“Hou Fei, why didn’t you stop?” Cha Po shouts furiously. At the moment, his hand is still holding a transmitter, which contains the message Sang Mo sent him moments ago.

End of b5c26.

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