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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 65: Judgement on Yellowstone

“What the hell is up with that stone hut??” The trio stood like sitting ducks, their hearts trembled in fear and their minds were in a trance. From their point of view, the doorway of the stone hut led to hell, as one after another level 9 demons emerged from its depths.

They did not need to communicate to know one thing ––––– incoming catastrophe!

Ao Feng’s eyes lit up suddenly, and gazed at the distant Lan Feng: “Lan Feng, your power exceed our powers greatly. If you want to kill then kill. But at this sort of moment, how could you use the beasts of the Atlas of the Ten Thousand Beasts to threaten us? With your strength, I estimate that you can open the second layer world. Why not send out demon kings rather than lower level demons, are you trying to humiliate us?”

The trio had witnessed Lan Feng seizing possession of the Atlas, while they were in Ni Yang’s Realm. Even now, they thought these beasts were released by Lan Feng.

Qin Yu chuckled and gave the trio an indifferent smile, “Oh pity, what a pity!”

His voice reached every distant corners of the formation. He could only pity them, after all, even staring at their deaths, they did not know who killed them, how could that not be pitiful?

“Now you show your arrogant face. Ha, only when you are with your martial uncle Lan Feng do you display your arrogance.” Du Zhong Jun cursed, he and the others knew their deaths were certain, so instinctively they would act in an unbridled manner.

The corners of Qin Yu’s mouth twisted into a sly smile.

“Ah, even now you do not know…” Qin Yu sighed, “But now that we’ve reach the precipice, I could not retain you any longer. Before you all die, allow me to give you a clue. If you understand then you will die a comprehensive death, else you will die a pitiful death.”

“A clue?” Ao Feng and the others become startled.

“This subject welcomes the Master.” Shuo Yan and all the level 9 demons bowed and paid their respects to their master. Their vocations resounded in the empty grounds around them, their direction of their salutations was towards Qin Yu. Obviously, Qin Yu was this ‘Master’ they spoke of.

“The master?”

The trio stare blankly at Qin Yu, their jaws wide apart, completely dumbfounded…

Suddenly, as if lightning struck their heads, the trio almost simultaneously jolt for comprehension.

“Hah, such pitiful people, even now you don’t understand?” Qin Yu uttered a mocking short laugh. “Lan Feng, you may start now. Remember you must leave their Yuanyings so that I can refine them.”

From the conversation between the martial uncle and nephew, in particular the nephew’s commanding tone, the trio’s faces darken. While their minds are in disarray, the conversation had completely confused the trio’s minds more so from their previous revelation.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Lan Feng nods and instantly three paper-thin concentrated sword energy ripple through the air from Lan Feng.


That energy had jolted the trio awake, but it was too late, how could they dodge the attacks of a level 9 golden sword immortal? It was impossible.

‘Sou!’ The high-pitched whine of the fast moving projectile cleaved through the space and as the torrents of energy collided with their bodies, their bodies were torn apart while their souls destroyed – forever removed from existence. Their so-called immortal bodies parted like butter under a hot knife, tendons, blood vessels and bone were instantly bisected as their bodies were bisected. There was no blood splatters, it was a perfect cut with such high speed that any liquid was instantly solidified by the heat. ‘Thud!’ their bodies fall lifelessly to the ground. From start to finish, this all happened in a split second, there was no opposition – absolutely none.

It happened so fast that Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and Hua Yan didn’t even have the chance to avoid the slashes. Their eyes were still wide with disbelief, and before they could react, their souls were shattered by the light wave. Their foolish faces forever petrified and froze in time as is their bodies.

“Heh, three level 1 golden immortals’ Yuanying.” With a flourish, Qin Yu retrieved all three Yuanyings that previously stored the souls of the trio, now with their souls destroyed, there wasn’t the slightest movement from them.

A small smile played on his lips tempting to break into a broader grin, Qin Yu thought, “You all took me to Yellowstone and letting me see and feel the universe at large, for that I let you all live for another half a month. Just because of that, I’m not going to let you go, after all, your execution was already settled when you dared to take my relatives hostage.” Instead of a broad grin, that small smile transformed into an indifferent look, he stored the three yuanyings into his Blazing Ice Ring.

“Hah, in this entire planet – Yellowstone, I am the only person here.” Qin Yu turned in sequence from north, east, south and west. Following that he looked above at the boundless universe, rivulets of stars and nebulas, and the unfathomable deep space. Qin Yu felt a little euphoric and could only gasp at the wondrous depth and mysterious of this world. He had only experienced the tip of the iceberg, while below the water an endless larger portion of the iceberg still remains.

“This maze formation is actually quite impressive.” Qin Yu looked at the size and detail of the formation, after all, he wasn’t in a hurry to break through this maze.

This massive formation was actually built up from multiple layers of spells and smaller formations. It’s true that it may be easier to break it from the inside using the immortal sword puppet, especially when the puppet’s strength is at a level 9 golden immortal’s, but……I cannot afford to use the puppet to break this large formation, since the puppet’s source of power is from his limited supply of top grade elemental stone.

That means there is only the simplest method left ––––– deconstruct the formation.

“Ha, either way I should not be in a hurry to break this formation. I’ve made it to the final known stage of my Stellar Transformations – Star Stage, any chance of ascending will depend on my insights into my chosen path, else I would never breakthrough. Hah…….nevertheless from here on, I will not have any instructions from my predecessor, I can only toil along and tackle this problem by myself.” Qin Yu sighed.

With a small gesture by his mind, the sword puppet merged into his body again.

“I should just stay here on Yellowstone and train, given the optimal surroundings. With stars above me, most suitable for my stellar path and for quietening my mind, and a maze formation around me, there is no other place more suitable. Like this, I’m at ease.” Qin Yu leisurely sat down in a cross-legged position near his stone hut.

“Listen up, Shou Yan.” Qin Yu projected his voice to the multitudes of demons a fair bit away from him.

The leader of them – Shou Yan, immediately bowed.

“I will start my closed-door training soon. I will assign you and three others of your choice to stand guard. In most cases, simple threats would not pass through the maze formation, but if there are any that cannot be blocked by the formation, immediately alert me.” Qin Yu instructed post-haste.

“Consider it done.”

At once, Shou Yan selected three volunteers, while the rest of the demons returned to the first layer world of the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts. To them, the Atlas was their home, and returning did not require the aid from their master.

The guards were two males and two females. A total of four guards positioned themselves at the four major directions around Qin Yu, as he started to meditate.

These guards could also understand their role was simply watchers or scouts. Their jobs were easy, since if there was any threats that could pass through the maze, they would not be able to oppose either way.

“Li’er, Xiao Hei and Fei Fei.” Within his mind, a series of images floated in sequence: Li’er’s graceful smile with dainty little dimples on her cheeks as her smile broadened, Xiao Hei’s firm and resolute demeanour, and the hysterical Hou Fei.

Qin Yu withdrew his voice transmitter, eager to ease the worry of his love ones and let them know about the situation. “Father, I am safe now. I’m preparing to start closed-door training, and am not sure how long this training could take. Please do not worry about me.”

In the distant mysterious purple planet.

Qin De was still worried about the fate of his youngest son since the kidnap. But, as soon as he received Qin Yu’s voice transferred message, he was elated by the news.

“Yu’er, that’s good. That’s great.” Qin De could finally relax, “Focus on your closed-door training. You don’t need to worry about your father. Since I know that you are safe, father is at ease.”

As soon as Qin Yu gotten his father’s message, he withdrew the voice transmitter and started closed-door training.

He stopped referring to his experiences as later breakthroughs would only depend on himself. With a completely relaxed and open mind, he start to assimilate with the world……

Hearing his own pulse, he slowly merged with his surroundings.

Forget time. Forget places. Forget the past. Forget the future. Forget yourself…

With his mind completely emptied of all thoughts, he entered an enlightening trance-like state……

Once practitioners enter this transient state; they may wake up, in a moment, a few days, a few centuries, or even a few hundred thousand years. It is hard to say exactly when they will wake.

Over time, Qin Yu became buried in layers of dust, even so, his four guards – Shou Yan and three other guards, did not move to remove that heavy layer of dust.

They knew that any practitioner undergoing closed-door training are very sensitive to environmental changes. Even the smallest action to remove the dust could disrupt their training.

An immeasurably long time passed, as dust continued to pile on Qin Yu’s body, under the gravitational force of the planet, Qin Yu resembled a monolith.

Not so far from Yellowstone, on the mysterious purple planet, numerous Xiuzhenists struggled and fought for treasure, for personal power, for wars, for territory, or even for a precious piece of ore.

Nobody was aware that next to the mysterious purple planet, on a yellow star, a man was undergoing painstakingly difficult closed-door training quietly.

On the mysterious purple planet, Qian Long continent, Qin dynasty’s Misty Peaks Villa.

“It’s been 10 years…Yu’er has been training for an entire decade. Even now I do not know when he will return.” Qin De looked towards the skyline, and could not help but sigh.

In this past decade, Qian Long continent has been through some turbulent times. Of the three great dynasties, the Ming dynasty has been the most unstable with the death of the previous emperor and the new emperor’s fatuity.

Only did the new Ming emperor want to mindlessly attack Qin dynasty, but also due to his greed and lascivious nature, whose actions have caused rebellion within his own dynasty. In contrast, the Qin dynasty was in a thriving period of improving prestige. It can be said that the Ming dynasty’s destruction will be within the next few years.

While the Han dynasty has been gradually gathering strength since the new emperor Han Wu rose to the throne. Currently they are in a passive state, but they could pose a huge threat to the Qin dynasty.

In the courtyard of the Misty Peaks Villa, the figure of Qin De was currently contemplating to the sky. Soon another figure joins him, the approaching person was Qin Feng.


Qin Feng watched as his father’s demeanour slackened each year and felt a tinge of sadness. Ever since his brother had departed from the royal palace that day, his father would come to the childhood home of his third brother every year, to commemorate his brother’s efforts.

“Oh, it’s Feng’er.” Qin De could only show a faint smile.

“Father, Xiao Yu already said he was undergoing closed-door training. You do not need to be too worried about him.” Qin Feng said with some concern.

“I’m not worried. I’m just reminiscing the past.” Qin De shook his head slowly.

Suddenly, the space around the two rippled. From that ripple two people appeared in the courtyard.

The new duo was Zong Jue and Yu Liang.

For Zong Jue, his days were numbered since he could feel that his ascension was close. So he sent a message to Qin Yu as a farewell, but since Qin Yu was in a trance-like meditative state, there wasn’t any response. As a result, Zong Jue sought out Qin De, and from Qin De, he learnt about what had happened in the past.

Once he knew about that event, he could already deduce the identities of those four conspirators.

For the three emissaries, there was no way Zong Jue could deal with them nor could he find them. However for Yu Liang, it was still simple enough –––––– he would not face any opposition from Yu Liang. Zong Jue directly attacked and captured Yu Liang from the Wilderness.

“Qin De, Senior Lan was my greatest benefactor and had shown great kindness to me, how could I not try to return some of that kindness? The day I ascend is close by, regarding this Yu Liang, I will let you decide what to do with him.” With a light shove, Zong Jue propelled Yu Liang to stand in front of Qin De.

The sudden appearance caused Qin De and Qin Feng to hesitate

“Gentlemen, I must admit that I was wrong to take that top grade immortal armour. I would like to return it to you two, if you could find it within yourself to forgive me.” Bitter anger boiled beneath Yu Liang face. How withstand the shame to beg for forgiveness from a Yuanying stage and a Jindan stage mortal, whereas he was the ruler of the entire Wilderness. How could he not feel angry?

But there isn’t any other way, he had to endure.

“Ha, now that Zong Jue is about to ascend, and once he ascends…..I will definitely erase the shame from today.” Yu Liang swore to himself.

Qin De may not be a powerful expert, but he has a perceptive eye for people. Just from the glint in Yu Liang’s eyes, he could discern what the latter was thinking about. “Once Zong Jue ascends, this Yu Liang could harbour disaster upon us all with the slightest thought.”

Qin De immediately came to a decision. “Senior Zong, Please ––––––– execute this individual.”

Following Qin De’s statement, Yu Liang’s fate was decided. His face paled completely devoid of any colour.

“Execution?” Zong Jue eyes flicker with harsh light then laughed, “Ha, excellent. To be honest Qin Yu decisiveness and ruthlessness could not compare to you – his father’s.” A narrow black scimitar appeared in Zong Jue’s hand and instantly pierced Yu Liang’s body.

Qin De only smile faintly at the death of Yu Liang.

In the past, he was the commander and leader of millions of soldiers which led to establishing the current Qin dynasty. How could the death of one person going to affect him at all?

In a short moment, Yu Liang’s soul shattered and died immediately.

Yu Liang was the Wilderness’ overlord, but due to greed, he had fallen so low.

“The Xiuzhenist’s path is a difficult one, there is always higher mountains in a mountain range. At any time, one’s body and soul could be shattered by another stronger expert. Feng’er, this is the main reason why I will not let you enter the world of the Xiuzhenists.” Qin De explained to Qin Feng.

“I understand, father.” Qin Feng nodded.

Zong Jue face lit up with understanding, “Perceptive, truly perceptive. But Qin De, you may be able to live at peace on the Qian Long continent, but when you are in the Immortal Plane, that is not so. Living a peaceful and uneventful life in the Immortal, Demon and Devil realms is impossible.”

“To enjoy a millennium of quietude, I would be very satisfied. Any other would be content. As for ascending? Who know when that time will come?” Qin De laughed lightly.

Zong Jue nodded a few times. “Qin De, hopefully we’ll meet again in the immortal plane. Farewell.” As abruptly as he came, Zong Jue’s body had disappeared from sight.

Yu Liang’s death was just a small episode on the mysterious purple planet.

The mysterious purple planet; Xiuzhenists are counted by the million. Each year, countless die. Who knows, may one unremarkable Xiuzhenist would die in some corner of the planet, in some continent and in an unknown courtyard –––––– Time still flows on.

In a blink of an eye, a hundred years or so passed.

On the Qian Long continent, the Ming dynasty had its timely demise. From it a new country rose – Zhou dynasty, with half the land from the Ming dynasty, while the other half went to Han dynasty. The two dynasties joined together to deal with the Qin dynasty.

A new equilibrium has been broached on the Qian Long continent.

Presently, the Qin dynasty emperor is Qin Zheng’s grandson.

Despite the constant surges and torrents of changes on the Qian Long continent of the mysterious purple planet, there is only silence on a nearby star.

On Yellowstone, situated in the centre of a great maze formation, Qin Yu quietly meditated while four guardians silently guarded.

Nobody knows when Qin Yu would breakthrough.

On this particular day…

‘Chi, chi ~~~’ the temperature at the surface of Yellowstone suddenly shot up from a cool state to over a hundred degrees Celsius. The space above the surface rippled with the raising surface temperature, even the four guardians could not remain calm. However, at the centre of the four guardians, Qin Yu was still unmoving. He was completely unperturbed by the rising heat.
~End of Chapter 65~

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