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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 64: The Wretched

“Greater Teleportation?”

Qin Yu was curious about this type of mystic art only available to those at the golden immortal stage or above. Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan and Ao Feng had already surrounded Qin Yu forming an isosceles triangle with him at the centre.

With the three people at each point of the triangle, each body’s energy sent connections to the other two points, forming a triangle with a unique region in the centre.

As soon as the region was formed, Qin Yu felt his body quiver involuntarily, while a strange euphoric rose from his core towards his head. Before his eyes, the world whirled like a typhoon dragging his body with it. It felt like the world had warped into a single point, but with a ‘snap’, that feeling had disappear.

“We’ve arrived.” Ao Feng broke from the triangular formation, his voice crystal clear in the void.

Qin Yu found that the surrounding scenery had completely changed. Just a moment ago, they were outside his home world – the Mysterious Purple Planet, but now that planet was much larger and now dyed yellow.

Looking past the looming star in front, toward the right side, was another huge cosmic body ––––– his home world, the Mysterious Purple Planet.

“If you had a look at Yellowstone from his home planet, Yellowstone was only the size of Qin Yu’s fist, and vice versa the Mysterious Purple planet appeared fist-sized from Yellowstone” Qin Yu mused aloud.

By eyesight, the distance between them only seems to be a hundred steps. Once here, the Yellowstone Star was astoundingly huge.

“Brother Qin Yu, in outer space, the distance between two planets appear to be short, but in reality, if you tried to flying from one to the other, that distance is inexplicably large. And that is not all……in outer space within the universe, there is a peculiar phenomenon. If you use your eyes to direct you to a faraway planet, but when you near it, you will find that the direction is wrong.” Hua Yan said with a lofty voice, casually imparting this knowledge to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. He already knew the truth behind this phenomenon from the knowledge his master, Lei Wei left him. It was due to the principle behind the refraction of light is peculiar, because in outer space……Qin Yu only understood the general idea, but if he had to explain, that would be a whole other level beyond him.

“The Mysterious Purple Planet has the circumferential length of five billion kilometres, and in contrast Yellowstone on has a circumference of about fifty million kilometres. The difference in volume is over a million times!” Du Zhong Jun continued, “A star as large as the mysterious purple planet was really rare, aye.”

Ao Feng, Du Zhong June and Hua Yan could not help but sigh in praise at the size of the Mysterious Purple Planet in the distance.

Reflected in the eyes of these experts, at least three-quarters was dominated by the brightness of the purple star.

“Brother Du and Brother Hua Yan, it’s time we make haste to Yellowstone. Once there we’ll set up the large formation, then it’ll be time to invite Lan Feng to come join us.” Ao Feng’s eye twinkled with anticipation, his smile relaxed.

Just thinking about all the divine items Lan Feng would bring, Ao Feng’s accomplices nod in vigour. They led Qin Yu towards the surface of Yellowstone.

At closer observation, the surface of Yellowstone was bloated by high density sedimentary rock, which caused the star to be much denser than it looked. With greater mass, naturally the greater the gravitational pull of it. The gravity was about twenty times on the surface than of the mysterious purple star.

To put into perspective, a twenty time’s stronger gravitational field meant: if mortals were to stand on its surface, they would instantly perish as their muscles and, even, bones would torn by the force. But to people like Qin Yu and the others, they could not compare to ordinary people, twenty times increase couldn’t be easier than twenty times less.

Once the group arrived at the surface, Qin Yu was the first to look above towards the sky. On the surface of Yellowstone, there wasn’t any obstruction from his home world, so he could clearly marvel at all the distant twinkling stars in the boundless sky. And, he knew each of those twinkling lights represented beautiful planets.

“Hey, aren’t you guys afraid I might escape? You’ve even lifted the imprisoning energy you place on me.” Qin Yu said nonchalantly, rolling the words around his tongue.

His words were for the trio whom were concentrating on a mystic formation. Though the trio was familiar with the formation, but due to size and power of the Great Maze, it would still take at least ten to fourteen days to set it up.

When Ao Feng heard Qin Yu’s remark, he uttered a short laugh, “If you have the ability to escape, be my guest. You don’t even know how to use Teleportation, if you tried to fly there, even I do not know when you will reach the mysterious purple planet.”

Qin Yu’s lips twitched, but he said no more.

In the next passing days, the trio’s attitude towards him was quite good. When they talked, they would joke and laugh, they have even lifted all the imprisoning energy on Qin Yu. But he knows the shallowness of all of this; these people wanted his cooperation when Lan Feng arrived, so that their plan would go without a hitch.

But Qin Yu no longer cared about their plans, he strolled around the surface, keen to continue appreciating the natural scenery on Yellowstone.

The surface of Yellowstone was densely compacted with yellow sedimentary rock, and up above, countless stars and few planets hung in the overhead dark sky. But even out of the large of amount of stars, their size did not seem to be as large as his home world.

In the far reaches of the universe, Qin could see dozens of stars and sparsely dotted planets. Of these planets, he could predict that most of these planets was uninhabited, after all, the number of planets populated with humans was relatively low.

And just like that, Qin Yu’s days passed leisurely. Soon, thirteen days had passed…

In a particular location on Yellowstone star, a row four stone huts stood. These four huts were, precisely, the temporary residences of Qin Yu and the trio of thieves. At this moment, Qin Yu and two of the thieves – Ao Feng and Hua Yang, was standing beside, while Du Zhong Jun was standing several thousands of metres from their position.

“Brother Du, can you clearly see us from your position?” Ao Feng’s voice echoed towards Du Zhong Jung’s direction.

“Yes, I can.” Came the latter’s response.

Everyone was currently checking out the power and psychedelic effects of this Great Maze, which belonged to the demon realm’s Dragon clan.

“Now, try to find a way to us here. See if you can do so.” Ao Feng projected his voice once again.

“Alright, I will start now.” They watched as Du Zhong Jun began to move towards them. They observed the latter’s movements to see if he could traverse from the outer edge of the maze towards them, at the centre.

Ao Feng couldn’t wipe the confident smirk on his face, and explained with a hint of pride: “This large formation has the radius of six kilometres. Du Zhong Jun should enter the outer edge of the array very soon……alright, he is inside.”

Qin Yu and Hua Yan watched carefully for any reaction from Du Zhong Jun.

The moment Du Zhong Jun stepped into the range of the large formation, his figure paused, “Brother Ao Feng, I’ve stepped into the array, but I cannot see you at all. All I can see if a boundless prairie.” Ao Feng nods, as if to reaffirm some prediction he had already made. “No matter, this formation can only trap intruders and has not harmful effects. Try to move forward.”

The maze was a small portion of the Super Large Formation known by the Inner Sect of the Dragon Clan. The complete super array contained three layers; this maze was the first, the second was a hallucinatory formation and the innermost was a damaging formation. Those within the range of the maze formation would only wander with loss.

Qin Yu watched Du Zhong Jun walk in a circular motion of the range of ten steps. No matter how many times Du Zhong Jun repeated it, he could not escape from that endless loop.

Since Qin Yu could not discern the trick with his eyes, he shut his eyes, and proceeded to use his spiritual sense to probe. From his spiritual sense, he could feel the region in front of him was chaotic, and that the entire space in that region was constantly in disorder with bends and twists in the fabric of reality.

“What a powerful maze formation.” Qin Yu was startled and mumbled to himself.

He knew that given how deeply affected the surrounding space was, naturally the difficulty to pass through would be incredibly large.

“Brother Du, close your eyes, I will lead out shortly.” Ao Feng projected his voice to Du Zhong Jun.

He watch as Du Zhong Jun immediately closed his eyes and Ao Feng’s body quiver. He noticed that Ao Feng did not simple walk in a linear path but follow a preordained path. Ao Feng did not moved constantly, but stopped here and there and only after several hundred steps and numerous stops, did he arrive at Du Zhong Jun’s location.

Ao Feng then took Du Zhong Jun’s hand in his, and led the latter back, while walking is a weird pattern. After a long time, much more than what it take to walk a few thousand metres, the two finally arrived beside the stone huts.

“Alright then. Brother Du, we have successfully gotten out.” Ao Feng laughed.

Du Zhong Jun looked at Ao Feng with undisguised shock, “Brother Ao Feng, this maze formation is truly very powerful. I didn’t even pass through the first stage of this maze.”

Ao Feng replied with pride and self-appreciation, “This is only a part of my – Dragon Clan’s, hidden formation technique. I imagine the complete formation would even poise a threat to Immortal Emperor Stage experts. Even though, the maze is just a portion of the formation, should hold an Immortal Emperor expert for at least a day or two. For someone like Lan Feng, it can easily restrict for at least ten to fourteen days.”

“Admirable, truly admirable.” Hua Yan exclaimed without pause.

After all, seeing is believing. Hearing about it would, in most cases, be exaggerated.

Within the Immortal Planes, the dragon clan holds a fairly unique position of power. If the Devil populace and the Immortals were to join forces, their combined strength would exceed the dragon clan’s, but how could such prideful forces unite? There was too much feuds and grievances between the Devils and Immortals to allow them to unite.

While, the dragon clan was very united under the Dragon Emperor. When the emperor commands, the clan acts as an entire entity. Of the entire immortal plane, this force was inviolable, no one dares to offend the dragon clan. Because of this many hidden arts of the dragon clan are not known to outsiders.

“Brother Qin Yu, you can contact your martial uncle Lan Feng now, right? I hope you didn’t forget your words when we let go of your loved ones. It is now the time to comply with those words.” Ao Feng turned to look at Qin Yu. With the completion of the large formation, it was time to let Lan Feng to come here. Once they have obtained the divine items from Lan Feng, they would immediately return to the immortal plane.

They were at the precipice of their devious plan. The other two accomplices – Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun, also looked towards the character in question – Qin Yu.

Qin Yu chortled in indifference, and snickered: “Gentlemen, you have treated me with grace in these passing days, how could I void my promise?” As soon as he finished, he retrieved a voice transmitter with a flip of his hand. The eyes of the trio of thieves lit up with glee.

They knew that Qin Yu going to communicate to Lan Feng.

“The distance from Yellowstone and the Mysterious Purple Planet is quite far, could a voice transmitter be effective?” Du Zhong Jun mouthed his concerns to Ao Feng. The voice transmitter’s effective range was actually limited.

In the immortal plane, most experts are widely spaced out, and any communication was done via items of higher grades than the ordinary voice transmitter. For the ordinary voice transmitter, they are only distributed amongst ordinary Xiuxianists or Xiumoists.

“That’s no problem, the distance between these two stellar bodies are quite close. I’ve already sent messages to Fang Tian before. It is possible.” Ao Feng confirmed. When Du Zhong Jun heard that Ao Feng had already communicated with Fang Tian, he was finally at ease.

“Alright, I have informed my martial uncle and told him about this all… seems my martial uncle is infuriated by all this.” Qin Yu smiled bitterly at the trio of thieves, his expression did not betray a hint of his true emotions.

“You have? Very good!”

Suddenly ––––––

Ao Feng struck Qin Yu’s abdomen with his foot, and sent the latter flying, whilst his face contorted in a tyrant’s expression: “Hua Yan, help me imprison his brat. Our politeness these last few days have gone to his head that he has forgotten who he is. Did he really think he could stand on the same ground as us brothers??”

That kick did not hurt Qin Yu in the slightest.

“Their behaviours are really true to their natures.” Qin Yu smiled inwardly, “At the beginning, you worried about my cooperation and even treated with courtesy, but once my purpose is completed, you rear your ugly head, and dare to kick me.”

Qin Yu wore a strange smile on his face.

“Looks like you aren’t completely retarded.” Du Zhong Jun laughed, “Since Lan Feng is going to come, you no longer have any use.”

Qin Yu’s voice projected towards the trio, “There one other thing I am still puzzled about. This maze formation is powerful, is there really not way to break it?”

Ao Feng sneered, “Idiotic brat, do you intend to break the maze to help your martial uncle? Well, telling you won’t help anyway. To get rid of this formation from outside requires strong force, but breaking it from the inside requires much less force. But even so if the force required to break it from the inside is much less, for you to break any of key points of this formation, you would require power greater than mine to break my spells. Else, you cannot expect to break this formation.”

“Oh……” Qin Yu glanced at the trio and the formation.

“Qin Yu, don’t you think you are very noisy and annoying? Get the f*ck into your sh*tty stone hut!” Du Zhong Jun spat out.

These passing days, they had endured their anger, and now they finally let loose their wrath on Qin Yu.

“Okay, okay. I’ll go, I’ll go.” Qin Yu wore a bright smile despite being spat on. He began to walk toward his hut.

“Brother Ao Feng, Lan Feng has three divine treasures, and given how highly regarded Lan Feng is towards Qin Yu, which treasures should we be take?” Du Zhong Jun piped up.

Just as Qin Yu entered the stone hut ––––––

“Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and Hua Yan, release my martial nephew, else I will bring you, your deaths.” A cold and icy voice was projected across thousands of kilometres and reverberated across Yellowstone’s surface.

“It’s Lan Feng.”

The trio stood up and carefully surveyed the surroundings, they wanted to know from which direction Lan Feng would come.

“Lan Feng’s speed is so fast.” Hua Yan beathed.

Ao Feng nodded as well, he certain about Lan Feng’s strength now, “Lan Feng’s strength is much higher than all of us combined. I presume he would teleport here directly. Just that we don’t know which direction would he be coming from.”

The trio continued to survey all directions, eager to find Lan Feng’s presence.

“Stop looking. I’m over here.”

The trio literally jumped in fright, the source of the voice came from behind them. This scared them out of their wits. Their bodies twisted around almost instinctively to say ‘ha, there’s nothing here it was just a joke.’ But instead, they watched as Qin Yu and Lan Feng walked leisurely out from the stone hut. Their mouths agape, they couldn’t believe what was happening in front of their eyes.

“It can’t be, it simply cannot be???” Ao Feng’s trio was absolutely stunned, no matter what they thought of, they could not come up with the reason of, how Lan Feng could walk out from the stone hut.

Qin Yu stopped slightly in front of Lan Feng and glared at the trio like a predator.

“What is it? Cannot comprehend it?” Qin Yu said with a sly smile, “Inside that stone hut, there is more than just Lan Feng. There are other people as well.”

As soon as Qin Yu finished speaking, a beauty wearing a pure white evening dress strode out from that same hut.

This neatly dressed beauty was, precisely, the leader of all the divine beasts of the first layer world of the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts, Shu Yan. Immediately after Shou Yan walked out of the stone hut, another Level 9 demon followed her. But that did not end, one after another, demons continued to stream out en masse….

While the trio just stood and watched this spectacle like a bunch of idiots.

Level 9 demons may be a level lower than them, but by now over a hundred level 9 demons crowded in front of them. If such a large amount of level 9 demons were to attack them en masse, it would only take a moment to kill them.

The densely crowded amount of level 9 demons was already enough to scare the trio sh*tless let alone Lan Feng himself. In front of such monstrosities, their souls as well as their hopes had already departed them. They stood pitifully and quaked in their boots. They were truly wretched beings.
~End of Chapter 64~

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