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B10C32: The ink qilin

The Teng Long continent, inside the Ethereal Hall of the Yinyue Palace,

At the moment, quite a few Xiumo experts are gathering in this Ethereal Hall. The 2 weakest here are 3rd tribulation loose devil Huo Can and 4th tribulation loose devil Dame Yan Ji. The 2 of them are sitting respectfully in the lowest positions in the main hall.

It can be said that Dame Yan Ji and Huo Can have normally roamed the Teng Long continent at will. They have been able to do so because most of the loose demons and loose immortals from the 4th tribulation up have gone into the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Even those who have stayed have all been practicing quietly in the secret places of their respective schools.

In the Ethereal Hall of the Yinyue Palace today, aside from Huo Can and Dame Yan Ji, there are several big loose devils. The weakest among them are already 8th tribulation loose devils and the strongest is even an 11th tribulation loose devil.

Dame Lian Yue, the no. 1 expert of the Yinyue Palace, is wrapped in black soft muslin. Her beautiful, charming body is partially hidden and partially visible under the black muslin. But the experts from various Xiumo schools in the lower positions are all ignoring this.

“Everybody, the devil world’s devil emperor already personally gave the order that we must do our best to protect the Heaven-Sundering Diagram we currently have and to fight for the other diagrams. Most probably your schools have already received this order.” Dame Lian Yue says indifferently.

The Yinyue Palace and the Yanmo School can be called the 2 dominant Xiumo powers. Huo Can also informed the devil emperor of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang but he was a bit slower than the Yinyue Palace. In addition to this, the Yinyue Palace had obtained a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, so the devil emperor came to think very highly of the Yinyue Palace, which therefore has suddenly improved in status and surpassed the Yanmo School at one stroke to become the absolute no. 1 Xiumo school.

“Dame Lian Yue, there are 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams in total. One is here with us. One is in the dragon clan and one is the hands of the Stellar Tower’s Qin Yu. The dragon clan has very many experts. That legendary dragon clan leader is even called the no. 1 expert. Perhaps only the legendary master of the no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean can rival him. Even though they are both 12th tribulation loose demons, their real power should be comparable to that of a golden immortal. So, we basically can forget about that Heaven-Sundering Diagram of the dragon clan.” A representative of the Yanmo School says.

The Xiumo experts from the other schools also nod in approval.

The dragon clan is really too powerful. Not only are all of its elders exceptionally strong, its leader is even a 12th tribulation five-clawed golden dragon, whose power can be considered unmatched.

The legendary master of the no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is also known as an invincible being. Perhaps only these 2 freaks of nature can fight each other.

“The Heaven-Sundering Diagram we’re going to fight for can only be the one in the possession of the Stellar Tower’s Qin Yu. But he’s also backed by an extremely formidable expert. The 4 big loose immortals of the Qingxu Temple coming back with their tails between their legs like that must have to do with this expert. It’s indeed pretty hard to fight for the diagram in the hands of the Stellar Tower’s Qin Yu.” That representative of the Yanmo School says indifferently.

“Huo Can, you tell everybody about what happened outside the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion at that time.” The expert of the Yanmo School says to Huo Can, a disciple under him in the school.

Huo Can immediately bows to the experts around then says in a loud and clear voice: “Seniors, that day I went into action and attacked those pipsqueaks. Who could have thought I would fail to injure a Jindan-stage young girl? This young girl was from the Stellar Tower. And I failed because … she had a protective magic treasure on her body.”

“Impossible!” A red-faced man is the first to shout angrily.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes either. But that’s a fact. Dame Yan Ji was at the scene at the time as well.” Huo Can looks at Dame Yan Ji.

“The attack of a 3rd tribulation loose devil couldn’t break the protective magic treasure of a Jindan-stage practitioner. I wouldn’t have believed this before that day either, but I indeed saw this that day. Moreover … in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, that young girl even took out an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman.” What Dame Yan Ji says boggles the loose devils’ minds again.

“Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman!” Even Dame Lian Yue is shocked.

Those loose devils did not believe Huo Can’s words to some extent, suspecting that the Yanmo School was trying to tear down the Yinyue Palace’s platform. But because even Dame Yan Ji said so, they have started to believe him in their hearts.

Now it has emerged that there was also an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman.

The talisman itself is not frightening at all. The frightening thing is … the capability to make it. This Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman is exceptionally difficult to make. Since an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman can kill or badly injure a 4th tribulation loose devil, if he makes several hundred talismans of this kind in one whack and strike them all down, even an 8th or a 9th tribulation loose immortal or loose devil will die of the serious injuries caused by them.

“Dame Lian Yue, my Yanmo School’s great elder is still in the Chaotic Astral Ocean and hasn’t returned. We’d better not worry about this matter of snatching the treasure for the moment. Let’s wait until our great elder has come back. It won’t be late to discuss this matter then.” The representative of the Yanmo School says smilingly.

Dame Lian Yue says with a frown: “Oh? We’ve got to wait for that mindless Fire Devil?”

Fire Devil is none other than the nickname of the Yanmo School’s great elder, who is extremely powerful and is also an 11th tribulation loose devil. He often opposes Dame Lian Yue. The 2 of them have opposed each other for over 10,000 years, whether when it comes to their personal actions or their schools’ benefit.

“We’d better not wait. It’s not difficult at all to snatch that Heaven-Sundering Diagram. My good friend Wu Hei will come back from the Chaotic Astral Ocean in some time. If he and I join forces, we won’t fear any 12th tribulation loose immortal.” Dame Lian Yue says coldly.

“Wu Hei?” The other loose devils present exclaim.

Most of these Xiumo experts are at the 8th or 9th tribulation stage so they have heard of Wu Hei, a legendary Xiumo titan. The technique this Wu Hei practices is extremely strange. Even now, nobody knows what kind of technique he practices, but his fighting capacity is without doubt exceptionally powerful. Moreover, he is even an 11th tribulation loose devil.

The face of the Yanmo School’s representative changes color, but he says smilingly again at once: “Oh, so it’s senior Wu Hei, but … that expert of the Stellar Tower probably isn’t afraid of even ordinary 12th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils. It’s still better to wait for some more time… Besides, our great elder said that this time senior Wu Kongxue, the Devil King, also intends to become one of the subordinates who work for the devil world’s devil emperor.” The Yanmo School’s representative says with a smile.

Devil King Wu Kongxue!

Dame Lian Yue suddenly stands up.

The devil world’s experts are classified into 3 stages, consisting of standard devil, devil king and devil emperor, each of which is divided into 9 levels. These stages correspond to the standard immortal, golden immortal and mystic immortal stages of the immortal world’s experts.

Wu Kongxue is a 12th tribulation loose devil but he is already called Devil King.

This is because his power is superior to that of a common 12th tribulation expert. Perhaps only the dragon clan leader and the master of the no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean can defeat him.

“Blotting out the sky with dark clouds, sprinkling the air with blood … I didn’t expect senior Wu Kongxue to come back. Looks like that Heaven-Sundering Diagram of the Stellar Tower is definitely no longer a problem.” Dame Lian Yue says smilingly.

What is most important to the technique Wu Kongxue practices is — to kill people.

He needs to kill people nonstop and at the same time absorb the enemies’ blood. The more people and blood he kills and absorbs, the more powerful he will become. Walking a bloody path, Wu Kongxue has reached the peak of Xiumo in the mortal world.

In front of him, nobody dares to be arrogant.

He is not a member of the Yinyue Palace or the Yanmo School. Like Wu Hei, he uses a strange practice method that is different from those of ordinary Xiumoists. But both he and Wu Hei are acknowledged as being powerful by all the other Xiumo experts. In addition, Wu Kongxue is even more formidable and terrifying than Wu Hei!

Outside Mount Qingxu, a red-robed middle-aged man and a green-clad ethereal woman are riding a beautiful cloud together, flying extremely fast on the 9th level of the sky. Their speed is so high that nobody in the Qingxu Temple notices them.

They are heading straight for Heavenly Palace.

At the moment, the 4 loose immortals including Shan Qu and Shan Nian are already waiting with respect outside that immortal formation of Heavenly Palace. When the red-robed middle-aged man and the green-clad woman land, they say deferentially at once: “It is an honor to see you, uncle master Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing.”

The red-robed middle-aged man waves his sleeve and says smilingly: “All of you stand up. It took me a lot of effort to invite Reverend Lan Bing over to help. You must treat her like a senior of yours in the school, understand?”

“We understand.” The 4 Shan-generation experts say obediently.

The side of Xiumoists has a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, as does the dragon clan, but the side of Xiuxianists has no diagram. Therefore those Xiuxian experts in the Chaotic Astral Ocean now all return to their schools. All of the various legendary Xiuxian experts who have been away from their schools for several thousand years now return to the Teng Long continent from the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

Reverend Lan Bing is a loose immortal Ming Shan personally invited over. She is about as powerful as Ming Shan. Both of them are 11th tribulation loose immortals.

Inside Heavenly Palace,

“Shan Qu, my senior brother already messaged me. Now those Xiumoists only have Lian Yue, but there are only a few days left until my senior brother returns. When the time comes, we’ll have to snatch their Heaven-Sundering Diagram like lightning. During this period of time, you must make all the intelligence about the Xiumoists clear.” Ming Shan says solemnly.

The real no. 1 expert of the Qingxu Temple is Reverend Ming Liang. When this 12th tribulation loose immortal has come back, the Qingxu Temple will immediately launch its first attack.

Instead of attacking that unfathomable loose immortal of the Stellar Tower, it is better for it to take the initiative and attack the Xiumo experts.

“Please don’t worry, uncle master. Based on Gan Xu’s information, we were able to conclude that the Yinyue Palace’s Yan Ji had obtained an ink-wash painting. We also guessed that many experts would gather in the Yinyue Palace and this has been verified by our intelligence. The fiends who haven’t shown up for at least several thousand years have all rushed to the Yinyue Palace.” Shan Qu says respectfully.

Ming Shan nods with a smile of satisfaction.

Everything will be accomplished when Reverend Ming Liang comes back. The only 11th tribulation loose devil the enemy has for the moment is Dame Lian Yue. They will take advantage of the fact that the enemy will still be weak due to its other experts being unable to return from the Chaotic Astral Ocean in time to snatch the diagram first.

The Chaotic Astral Ocean is over 10 billion li in extent. Those Xiumo experts are in different areas of the ocean so it will take them different amounts of time to come back. But Reverend Ming Liang, a 12th tribulation loose immortal and the spiritual leader of the Xiuxianists, who is rushing back, already decided long ago that he would take advantage of a time difference to snatch the ink-wash painting of the Xiumo experts at one stroke!

In the Chaotic Astral Ocean,

Qin Yu knows absolutely nothing about the powers of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. He also does not know that some experts belonging to different super large Xiumo and Xiuxian schools are all hurrying back to the Teng Long continent from this ocean.

The Chaotic Astral Ocean is divided into 2 major groups of power, one of which is made up of the Xiuzhen seniors who came from the various large schools on the Teng Long continent.

The other group is a mixed bag of all kinds of Xiuzhenists. Many of them are flying-beast loose demons who naturally live in this ocean. There are also scaled-beast loose demons that are not members of the dragon clan and a few running-beast loose demons that came from the Wilderness. At the same time, there are independent loose devils and loose immortals too.

Wu Kongxue, Wu Hei and Reverend Lan Bing are all independents.

They are not obliged to work for any Xiumo or Xiuxian school. This time they do that mostly for their own benefit. Perhaps they are hopeful that they can be put in an important position after ascending to the immortal world or the devil world.

There is a very tough rule in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, that is, no factional powers from the Teng Long continent are allowed to appear in the Chaotic Astral Ocean!

For example, even though Reverend Ming Liang and Reverend Ming Shan are very powerful, they must not imagine that they can establish a power in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. This rule has been passed down for countless years and was also stated by the 3 main islands.

The masters of the Chaotic Astral Ocean’s 3 main islands have always been non-dragon-clan loose demons, independent loose devils or independent loose immortals. In short, the rulers of the Chaotic Astral Ocean are definitely not the senior experts from the schools on the Teng Long continent.

While undercurrents are surging on the Teng Long continent, and while those 10th tribulation, 11th tribulation and even 12th tribulation experts are rushing back from the Chaotic Astral Ocean, Qin Yu is still quietly going on his practicing journey.

A silhouette shoots out from the bottom of the ocean amid countless billows then pierces through the billows comfortably.

Despite the ocean water splashing on his body and the ocean winds blasting on him, Qin Yu is moving forwards as if he is taking a stroll, his eyes sweeping around at will. After absorbing the neidan of a Dacheng-stage ferobeast last time, he has already reached the peak of the early Dujie stage. Once all of the Solar Core’s energy becomes pure enough, he will step into the middle Dujie stage.

At the moment, he is in no hurry to kill ferobeasts because he intends to capture some.

Why does he want to capture ferobeasts?

“Now I got 4 holy beast collars. If I’m going to capture ferobeasts, naturally I’ll have to do my best to capture some powerful ones.” There is a faint smile on Qin Yu’s face but his eyes are still looking around carefully.

Currently, his soul is still at the peak of the late Dujie stage so if there is a Dacheng-stage ferobeast, he simply will not be able to observe it with his holy sense and will have no choice but to rely on his eyes.

Treading through the billows, searching carefully, Qin Yu has very good luck. After spending a half day, he finally discovers a target. Only this target even exceeds his expectations. It is so good that he gets excited about it.

This area of water is bluish black. There are no ferobeasts within several tens of li of it. After discovering this area, Qin Yu observes it carefully. Because there are no ferobeasts around this place, it is very likely that there is an extremely formidable ferobeast here. Indeed, he sees a black silhouette treading on the water in the distance inside this bluish black area of water.

When he can take a somewhat closer look at this black silhouette, he sees that it is about 4 to 5 m long and 2 to 3 m tall, its head is unexpectedly a dragon head and its body is covered in black scaly armor like a black dragon, only it has 4 hooves.

“Divine beast ink qilin!”

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. Seeing the ink qilin, he immediately makes a decision in his mind that he will capture it and make it his first holy beast.


The qilin is a Chinese mythical animal, aka the Chinese unicorn:

End of b10c32.

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