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B10C31: Rumors

Time goes by. A month after Qin Yu set foot in the Chaotic Astral Ocean,

A black silhouette is going through the sky-high billows of the Chaotic Astral Ocean in a relaxed manner. The billows do not affect him in the least.

“Roar ~~~”

A roar containing extreme lordliness rises. At the same time, an aquatic dragon rushes out from the bottom of the ocean then soars into the sky. All the ferobeasts in the surroundings immediately keep quiet out of fear.

The world of ferobeasts is a world of the strong. Only when ferobeasts reach the Dujie stage can they become a bit more intelligent. And only when they reach the Dacheng stage can they become as smart as ordinary people. Most ferobeasts have very low intelligence so they are even more submissive to the strong. Soon after this aquatic dragon let out that roar, none of the ferobeasts in the surroundings dares to make a sound. All of them are quietly moving about.

“Even I have some difficulty in checking his soul level. This should be a Dacheng-stage ferobeast!” When Qin Yu sees that fierce aquatic dragon ferobeast, he cannot help wearing a happy expression on his face.

This aquatic dragon ferobeast sweeps its blood-red eyes around. Seeing that all the ferobeasts in the surroundings are so frightened that they do not dare to make a noise, it cannot help feeling very proud of itself and comfortable. But in just a while, it becomes angry.

Its blood-red eyes stare at the black silhouette in front of it.

“You’re a Xiuzhenist?” Killing intent appears in the aquatic dragon’s eyes. At the same time, its powerful voice resounds through the sky. The huge waves of the Chaotic Astral Ocean basically cannot drown the aquatic dragon’s voice.

A Xiuzhenist?

So be it. Qin Yu nods smilingly.

To ferobeasts, any creature that is not a ferobeast is their enemy. They do not even identify demonic beasts with themselves. After all, demonic beasts are more intelligent than they are and follow a different practice from theirs.

In the eyes of ferobeasts, non-ferobeast creatures are called uniformly Xiuzhenists. Xiuzhenists … are what all ferobeasts want to kill the most.

“Xiuzhenist, ha-ha … you unexpectedly dared to run into the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Oh, not bad, your soul is about at the late Dujie stage and will reach the Dacheng stage soon. But Xiuzhenist, you should know that we ferobeasts are nearly as strong as divine beasts. As a Dacheng-stage ferobeast, I’m comparable to a Dacheng-stage divine beast, but you … are a Xiuzhenist who hasn’t even reached the Dacheng stage. So, you’ll die for sure.” The aquatic dragon ferobeast says complacently.

Even Dacheng-stage Xiuzhenists are no match for Dacheng-stage divine beasts so it is not unreasonable at all for the aquatic dragon ferobeast to be confident.

A faint smile appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth: “Interesting, really interesting. I’ve heard that Dacheng-stage ferobeasts are as smart as average people. That seems to be true. I’ve run into quite a lot of ferobeasts but you’re the first who can talk so much.”

“You even dare to say so to me? You’re seeking your own death.” The aquatic dragon ferobeast becomes furious. It immediately turns into a blur with a swing of its tail and quickly goes up to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s eyes flash.

The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring — Gravitational Field!

The aquatic dragon ferobeast suddenly feels as if its body is pressed down by a mountain. Because it is caught completely unprepared, its movement is immediately distorted and its body falls down uncontrollably.

Given Qin Yu’s current power, the gravitational field he generates is indeed exceptionally formidable, but not irresistible to the Dacheng-stage aquatic dragon ferobeast. This gravitational field definitely cannot harm it.

However —

“I don’t want to injure him at all. I only need a chance.” The corners of Qin Yu’s mouth are raised. His whole body finally moves.

The moment the completely unprepared aquatic dragon ferobeast falls down under the pressure of the Gravitational Field, Qin Yu makes a move.

Like lightning!

As a Dacheng-stage ferobeast, the aquatic dragon naturally has quick reactions. After falling down a short distance, it breaks away from the gravitational field. Seeing Qin Yu coming at it, it immediately looks coldly at him.

“Xiuzhenist, come and give up your life.”

The aquatic dragon’s voice resounds in Qin Yu’s mind. This is none other than holy sense communication. Only there is a meaningful smile on Qin Yu’s face at the moment, which sends a chill through the aquatic dragon.

“Humph, how can a Dacheng-stage ferobeast like me fear a Xiuzhenist that hasn’t reached the Dacheng stage like him?” The aquatic dragon ferobeast says, consoling itself. At the same time, it focuses all of its attention to deal with Qin Yu.


Qin Yu has arrived.

The moment he gets close to the aquatic dragon ferobeast,

“Ah!” The best combat-ready state it has prepared is spoiled. Its body falls down as if someone has smashed a huge mountain down on it.

The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring — Gravitational Field!

Only at the last moment, when Qin Yu has just come near the aquatic dragon, does he use the Gravitational Field again.


Qin Yu’s short sword is swung straight at the aquatic dragon’s stomach. Because the aquatic dragon ferobeast was affected in the beginning by the gravitational field, its movement has been distorted, and so it is hit in a defenseless position by Qin Yu. Blood then flows out from his stomach.

“Roar ~~~” The ferobeast roars furiously. Having gone mad, it disregards everything and takes a claw swipe at Qin Yu directly, aiming to kill him right away. However, he looks at the aquatic dragon’s claw as if it does not exist.


Qin Yu’s body is hard like steel and pliable like silk. The dragon claw can only leave a cut on his body. More astonishingly, this 10-cun long wound heals completely in the blink of an eye. Seeing this scene, even the aquatic dragon ferobeast is dumbfounded.

The moment it injures Qin Yu, he also executes a killing move.


With a grim expression, he makes hand signs using both hands and shouts coldly.

The middle-grade immortal short sword turns into a beam of light and penetrates the wound on the aquatic dragon ferobeast’s stomach. Immediately afterwards, the short sword pierces through its head. The Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy contained in the sword then shoots out and strangles its soul.

“Using just the Gravitational Field and my body, I was able to kill a Dacheng-stage ferobeast … Perhaps Dacheng-stage ferobeasts can already match 5th or 6th tribulation loose immortals.” Qin Yu grabs the neidan and gives an indifferent smile.

3rd tribulation loose immortals are comparable to ordinary Dacheng-stage Xiuxianists.

But the Dacheng-stage aquatic dragon ferobeast was about 10 times more powerful than a common Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist. Therefore, it is correct to say that Dacheng-stage ferobeasts can match 5th or 6th tribulation loose immortals.

Qin Yu’s strong body and terrifying resilience played an important part in him being able to kill the aquatic dragon. The Gravitational Field, which suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared, causing the enemy’s attack to always get out of its control, was also very important. In addition … the amazing offense of the middle-grade immortal weapon was another key factor.

With the combination of these 3 factors, it was normal for this Dacheng-stage aquatic dragon ferobeast to be killed.

“I’ve obtained this Dacheng-stage ferobeast’s neidan. If I refine and absorb it, perhaps I’ll be able to reach the middle Dujie stage.” Qin Yu calculates in his mind.

“Good, today’s mission has been accomplished. Let’s start the refinement.” He suddenly dives into the Chaotic Astral Ocean with a smile, going straight towards the bottom of the ocean.

The Chaotic Astral Ocean is much deeper than ordinary waters.

Now his body is extremely strong so he goes straight to a depth of several tens of km. This is a dark ravine. The sunshine simply cannot reach this place. The only source of light here is some special luminous plants which emit some dull light.

Qin Yu controls the elemental holy essence and gives it a thought. An enormous palace immediately appears on the bottom of the ocean. Naturally he goes into the palace with ease.

In an instant, that radiant huge palace unexpectedly turns into a very ordinary-looking underwater mountain range which is no different from the other underwater mountain ranges.

Inside the Qingyu Immortal Mansion,

In a deck chair in the back garden, Qin Yu drinks a glass of spring water then says to himself: “The Qingyu Immortal Mansion’s defensive formations and spells are really not bad. Even the most basic illusionary spell is already very good … There should be very few who can see through the illusionary spells set up by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.”

Even though the Qingyu Immortal Mansion is large, it means nothing compared to the nearly limitless area of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, so it can be put in any underwater ravine or any crack in a certain underwater mountain range. This coupled with those illusionary spells makes it basically impossible for anybody to discover the mansion.

After drinking the spring water, Qin Yu sits down with legs crossed right in the center of the back garden. He then begins to refine the neidan of the Dacheng-stage ferobeast.

In Qin Yu’s dantian, there is a mass of flame in the center of the Solar Core, the core of that planet. It is Qin Yu’s Stellar Flame. At this moment, the Stellar Flame turns purple completely.

As Qin Yu’s power improves, the Solar Core also grows larger gradually and more and more of the inside of that planet in his dantian becomes part of the Solar Core.

The Dujie stage is the process of the Solar Core growing larger and purer.

After a half month, Qin Yu finally finishes refining and absorbing all of the neidan.

“This, this …” He cannot help feeling at a loss when he checks his power.

The Dujie stage mostly cultivates the Solar Core. At the same time, it also tempers the body using the flames of the Solar Core. This stage is exceptionally difficult to practice.

The Solar Core not only needs to absorb more energy to grow larger, it needs refining so that its energy becomes purer too. Now Qin Yu already has enough energy in terms of quantity but he needs a period of time to refine it to the necessary extent.

Originally he thought he would be able to reach the middle Dujie stage, but now he has only reached the peak of the early Dujie stage. Only when all of his energy has become pure enough will he reach the middle Dujie stage.

Reaching the middle Dujie stage will mean … he will take on the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation very shortly after that.

“The Dujie stage of the Stellar Transformations is really too hard to practice. The neidan of that Dacheng-stage ferobeast had so much energy. If a common Xiuzhenist had absorbed it, they probably would have reached the late Dujie stage at once, or even more. There’s really nothing great about the refining efficiency of the Solar Core.” Qin Yu is somewhat frustrated.

Right at this moment —

“Oh.” With a thought, he takes out a transmitter.

“Big brother, I’m Fei Fei. I’ve already left that mysterious place with the mixed hairy bird. But now we still can’t go back because … our 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulations are going to come in a short time.”

9-from-9th Heaven Tribulations?

Qin Yu immediately gives a smile. Some time ago he received the news that Fei Fei and Xiao Hei had reached the early Dujie stage so now it is not impossible that they are about to take on their 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulations.

“I wonder what mysterious place Uncle Lan took them to at that time.” He thinks to himself doubtfully. At the same time he messages: “Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, you must be careful with the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. According to the comments my master left behind, this is the hardest tribulation to overcome. The stronger someone is, the more terrifyingly powerful their 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation will be.”

In the past, Lei Wei killed so many experts before taking on his tribulation, but he actually did not lose too much energy in his killing spree. However, he was only able to withstand the first 8 thunderbolts of the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation.

If those experts had not surrounded and attacked him, allowing him to take on the tribulation in a perfect state, it is in fact still very difficult to tell whether he would have succeeded.

“We know, big brother. Let’s just talk about the divine beasts like us for now. Actually … many divine beasts have failed to pass the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. We’re well gifted but our 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulations are even more extraordinarily powerful.” Hou Fei messages in frustration.

Xiao Hei also messages: “Big brother, I heard Uncle Lan say that the dragon clan leader is a five-clawed golden dragon, a top divine beast. He also failed to pass the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation and is now a 12th tribulation loose demon.”

The dragon clan leader failed to overcome the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation?

Shocked, Qin Yu immediately messages: “Then both of you must be absolutely careful. If you fail, you’ll have to stay in the mortal world for at least over 10,000 years.”

“Ha-ha, don’t worry, with the directions Uncle Lan gave us, I and the mixed hairy bird are totally confident of passing the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation.” Hou Fei says in a message.

“Big brother, we’re pretty sure that we’ll pass the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. Don’t worry.” Hei Yu also says in a message.

Afterwards, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu chat for quite a while before they stop messaging each other.

Thanks to this chat, Qin Yu also knows that the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation is exceptionally terrifying and that the stronger someone is, the more astronomically their 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation will rise in power.

The Teng Long continent,

After the 4 Shan-generation loose immortals have got back to the Teng Long continent, they quietly leak out a piece of information, which very quickly spreads through the upper echelons of the continent.

This information is —

“The loose immortal senior behind the Stellar Tower is extremely powerful. The 4 Shan-generation loose immortals combined could not even take a move he executed. A 12th tribulation loose devil of the Chaotic Astral Ocean was also defeated easily by senior Lan. His power is exceptionally strong.”

Having seen the 4 Shan-generation loose immortals return with their tails between their legs, those mysterious experts of the same level as Shan Qu believe this information even more.

The Stellar Tower is backed by a mysterious loose immortal?

Very quickly, the news that the mysterious loose immortal behind the Stellar Tower can forge middle-grade immortal items, which Huo Can and Dame Yan Ji reported to the seniors of their own schools previously, also spreads out.

4 loose immortals were defeated in a single move? A 12th tribulation loose devil was bested? Successfully forging middle-grade immortal items?

These pieces of information immediately frighten the loose devil experts who are ready to get into action. Just like what happened with the Qingxu Temple, when the no. 1 expert of the Yinyue Palace sent the information about the Ni Yang Realm to the devil world’s herald, the herald quickly sent this information to their devil emperor, who subsequently gave an order.

The Heaven-Sundering Diagrams! That devil emperor wanted them to do their best to snatch another diagram.

However, after the news about this mysterious loose immortal called ‘Uncle Lan’ has spread through the Teng Long continent, those loose devil experts no longer dare to rashly go and attack the Stellar Tower.

After all, it is backed by a mysterious super expert who can defeat a 12th tribulation loose devil with ease.

End of b10c31.

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