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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 34 – Black Channel

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Me

Seeing his big brother the Green Leaf Godking leaving, Mu Qin's expression changed.

"Brother Mu Qin, you can't be giving up, right?" Jiang Fan looked to Mu Qin . Even Zhou Xian had looked to Mu Qin.

What they feared the most was this Mu Qin giving up at the final moment after being affected by that Green Leaf Godking that appeared suddenly. In that case, the Eight Great Sage Emperors would become the Seven Great Sage Emperors and the situation would not be that good.

"Rest assured. Everyone, I would not retreat by myself." Mu Qin nodded to the other Sage Emperors and said.

Only then did Jiang Fan and them feel relieved.

"Blood Sea Queen, should we go?" The Asura Godking suddenly said to the Blood Sea Queen. The Blood Sea Queen Xue Yun and the Asura Godking Luo Fan exchanged glances. They both displayed a smile on their faces.

"Let's go."

The Blood Sea Queen and the Asura Godking were extremely straightforward in their actions. They directly proceed to fly toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. Immediately, the other two Godkings of the Asura Sea, Sun Lian and Liu Lian, also followed suit.

"We cannot allow them to snatch away the All People Seal." Jiang Fan shouted. Immediately, he also flew toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. The other seven Sage Emperors followed suit.

The departure of the Eight Great Sage Emperors, Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen had caused the five other Godkings from the Eight Great Divine Families, Jiang Xing, Shentu Yin, Putai Tu, Huangfu Lei and Tang Xiang to follow.

"Aunty, I would not be joining this battle." Duanmu Yu's Divine Awareness Voice Transmission sounded in Duanmu Rufeng's mind.

Duanmu Rufeng who had flown to the Relief Sculpture Tunnel's entrance turned her head around and took a glance at Duanmu Yu. After that, she nodded and said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "You can return to the Light Lens City." Duanmu Rufeng believed that since Duanmu Yu's strength was not powerful, he would not be of much use even if he were to join. Thus, it was better for him to return.

"Big Sis Yun, five hidden Godkings have already been killed. Are you truly still planning to go to the Fog City? If we were to actually fight with our lives on the line, we might end up losing our lives. Old brother Mu Yu had already returned, let's also return and forget about this." Said Feng Xin as she looked to her good sister Yun Yin.

Yun Yin was silent for a while.

"Brother Ma Tian, what about you?" Yun Yin looked to Ma Tian.

The only hidden Godkings that remained on the Exalted Celestial Mountain right now were Feng Xin, Yun Yin and Ma Tian. Ma Tian took a deep breath. With a passionate gaze, he looked to the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. "Yun Yin, Feng Xin, the two of you should return. As for I, I have lived for countless billions of years. To continue to live boringly like that, I would rather die in a battle. I still want to risk my life and try it out. Who knows, perhaps I might be able to become that new Exalted Celestial. After all, no one knows who would become the new Exalted Celestial."

Ma Tian's words had caused Yun Yin and Feng Xin to grow silent.

"Woosh." Ma Tian also turned into a ray of light and flew toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel below.

"Feng Xin, let's return." Yun Yin sighed lowly.

It had only been close to thirty years since the descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. However, the amount of Godkings that had died was truly too numerous. Yun Yin and Feng Xin were unable to sense any hope for themselves in becoming the new Exalted Celestial. Thus, they decided to give up.

"Zi Xin, to be honest, I do not believe that Little Brother Qin Yu would die. Come, follow me and have a look." The Blood Devil Queen Yu Cha said with a smile.

The Godkings from the Asura Sea and Mount Blood Devil had all set off. Currently, only the two Godkings from the Dual Domain Island remainded. They were the Floating Mist Godking and the Godking Pu Yin.

"Pu Yin, should we go or not go?" The Floating Mist Godking looked to Pu Yin.

Pu Yin lightly laughed and said. "Floating Mist, of our Dual Domain Island, only I remained from the Buddhist Domain and only you remained from the Immortal Domain. It's better for us to return and stay in our Dual Domain Island. Otherwise, it might be possible for the Dual Domain Island to collapse and fall apart."

This time, the Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Blood Sea Queen, the Asura Godking, Sun Lian, Liu Lian, Tang Xiang, Jiang Xing, Huangfu Lei, Putai Tu, Shentu Yin, Ma Tian, Blood Devil Queen Yu Cha, and Zi Xin, a total of twenty Godkings, all proceeded toward Fog City.

As for Mu Yun, Yun Yin, Feng Xin, Duanmu Yu, Floating Mist Godking and Pu Yin, the six of them had all given up.

"Twenty Godkings."

From the Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu watched as the Godkings exited the Relief Sculpture Tunnel and disappeared with teleportations one after another. A smile appeared on his face. "Uncle Lan, I suspect that the Eight Great Godkings have already arrived at the outside of te Fog City. Let's prepare ourselves to leave for the New Cosmos."

Qin Yu had already made preparations to face the attack of the Eight Great Godkings, Blood Sea Queen, Asura Godking and the other Godkings.


Jiang Lan said with a smile.

Jiang Li, Hei Yu, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng, Hou Fei and the others all displayed smiles on their faces. The situation was completely within their control. The Eight Great Sage Emperors, Blood Sea Queen, Asura Godking and the rest of them might've thought that Qin Yu had died or was seriously injured and incapable of moving.

Unfortunately, they were incapable of imagining that Qin Yu's soul had absorbed the Eight Great Origin Energies and possessed an astonishing recovery ability.

Furthermore, Qin Yu's soul was connected with the New Cosmos's Cosmic Origin.

"The Cosmic Origin Energy is truly mystical." Qin Yu exclaimed in admiration in his heart.

For the Eight Great Sage Emperors, they were only able to indirectly use the Cosmic Origin Energies through the Eight Great Spiritual Pearls. As for Exalted Celestial level experts, they were only able to use the Cosmic Origin Energy. They too were incapable of absorbing the Cosmic Origin Energy with their soul.

In a Cosmos, only the creator of the Cosmos was capable of absorbing the Cosmic Origin Energy.

After one's soul absorbed the Cosmic Origin Energy, it signified that one's soul was connected with the Cosmic Origin. As long as the Cosmic Origin remained existing, Qin Yu's soul would never be shattered.


In the vast sky, the boundless dense fog was all dispersed to the side.

A large group of Godkings lead by the Eight Great Sage Emperors, the Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen all entered into the Fog City. As Qin Yu knew that a large amount of Godkings were coming, he had opened the gates of the Fog City.

"Qin Yu, Jiang Lan and them are located in that Purple Mystic Mansion. The All People Seal is definitely also there." Zhou Xian pointed to the Purple Mystic Mansion floating in the sky and coldly said.

The Asura Godking Luo Fan looked to the Purple Mystic Mansion. After considering for a moment, he lightly smiled and proceed to directly fly toward the Purple Mystic Mansion. Once the Blood Sea Queen saw that, she immediately followed suit as to not fall behind the Asura Godking.

"Trying to snatch away the All People Seal?" Jiang Fan's eyes shrank.

Led by Jiang Fan, the Eight Great Sage Emperors also flew towards the Purple Mystic Mansion. Immediately after, the other ten Godkings also flew up following them.

However, right at this moment…

An enormous black hole with a circumference of a thousand miles suddenly appeared in the sky above the Purple Mystic Mansion. This enormous black hole was so deep that one cannot see the end. No one knows what was on the other side of this black hole that had appeared out of nowhere.

The Purple Mystic Mansion that was originally immobile turned into a ray of light and directly flew into the black hole.

"It's one thing for the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial to act, yet you all actually dared to chase over here. Truly overbearing, truly intolerable!" Jiang Lan's voice sounded from the Purple Mystic Mansion in the distance. After that, the entire Purple Mystic Mansion entered into the black hole.

The large group of Godkings flew to the location before the enormous black hole. They were stunned.

What exactly was on the other side of this enormous black hole with an end that cannot be seen?

At this moment, the twenty Godkings became hesitant.

"Humph, where's there to be afraid of? Within this Purple Mystic Mansion were Godkings and Heavenly Deities, there were even some Deities present. For those people to dare to go into that black hole, how could we not dare?" The Blood Sea Queen Xue Yun sneered and then turned into a crimson colored ray of light. She was the first to fly into the enormous black channel.

The black channel appeared as if it was capable of devouring everything.

"This Jiang Lan is pretty powerful. He was actually able to directly create a spatial channel that connected the Divine Realm with the Lower Realm. Let's go…." The Asura Godking Luo Fan laughed and then also flew into the black channel. Godkings Sun Lian and Liu Lian also followed behind him.

At this moment, the Eight Great Sage Emperors also suddenly came to a realization.

At the moment when they saw this black channel, they were a bit nervous. However, after hearing what Luo Fan and the Blood Sea Queen had said, they suddenly came to a realization after thinking about it.

"Haha, that's right. Where exactly could this black channel lead to? A spatial channel that connects the Divine Realm to another cosmic space, the other cosmic space could only be a Lower Realm." Shentu Yan burst into loud laughter and said.

"Entering into the Lower Realm is nothing more than a trifle matter. Eh, quickly, that channel is rapidly shrinking." Jiang Fan shouted.

Immediately, the Eight Great Sage Emperors turned into eight rays of light and flew into this black channel. Behind them, Huangfu Lei, Jiang Xing, Shentu Yin and the other Godkings also followed suit.

Henceforth, all twenty Godkings had flown into the black channel.

New Cosmos. On the Purple Mystic Star.

The Purple Mystic Mansion was floating in the sky. Qin Yu, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng, Hei Yu, Hou Fei and many others were all standing in the air. They all had a smile on their face.

The black channel was spatial channel that Qin Yu had created. It lead to the New Cosmos. They had deliberately lured those Godkings into the New Cosmos.

"Little Yu, this move of yours is truly ruthless." Jiang Lan said with a smile.

Beside them, Hou Fei was laughing with a gaga sound. "Hehe, what's ruthless about it? None of those Godkings were merciful or lenient toward big brother. This group of Godkings had long since given me an adverse feeling. Big brother, let me go and devastate them."

"Haha, Monkey, you want to devastate those Godkings? Isn't it too despicable to trample upon those Godkings in the New Cosmos?" Hei Yu started to laugh out loud.

Hou Fei was someone that Qin Yu had passed on the New Cosmos's Spatial Laws to. Currently, he had completely comprehended those Spatial laws. Within the New Cosmos, Hou Fei was easily capable of controlling the New Cosmos's Spatial Energy.

However, what about those Godkings?

In the Divine Realm's Cosmos, they were Godkings.

However, after they reached the New Cosmos, the Spatial Laws that they had comprehended would be completely useless. They would not be able to use Time Acceleration. The Time Stop that the Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen knew would also be useless.

They would also be unable to teleport!

In the New Cosmos, they could only give into fate and allow themselves to be trampled upon.

"Enough, let's stop talking about this, they're about to arrive." Qin Yu said with a light smile. Immediately, everyone looked forward.

"Woosh!" "Woosh!" "Woosh!" "Woosh!" …

The Blood Sea Queen was the first one to appear. Following her was the Asura Godking, Sun Lian and Liu Lian. After them, the Eight Great Sage Emperors and the other Godkings. One by one, they have all arrived.

The twenty Godkings stood in the air.

"Qin Yu, you're still alive?" Seeing that Qin Yu was lightly smiling as he stood in the middle of the air, the Blood Sea Queen was unable to contain her shock.

The Asura Godking, Jiang Fan, Zhou Xian and the other Sage Emperors and Godkings were also shocked by Qin Yu who stood in the distance. In their hearts, they believed that Qin Yu ought to be dead. Even if he didn't die, he should be seriously wounded to the point of death.

However, from the appearance of Qin Yu before them, he seemed to not be injured at all.


Qin Yu smiled as he looked to the twenty Godkings. "Welcome to my world, Godkings."

"Your world?"

Luo Fan, Xue Yun, Jiang Fan, Zhou Xian and the other Godkings were all confused. Even the spaces that Godkings created could only be considered as a space. It cannot be considered to be a world.

"What does Qin Yu mean by that?" Jiang Fan and them started to frown.

"Qin Yu, enough of your rubbish. You have received an attack from Senior Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial. Even if you're not dead, you'll still be seriously wounded. Do not pretend before us…quickly hand over the All People Seal." Duanmu Rufeng was the first to shout at Qin Yu.

"Why are we bothering to speak rubbish with them? We merely need to directly catch them." Zhou Xian coldly shouted.

Zhou Xian was the first to rush forth. Jiang Fan, Shentu Yan, Mu Qin, Tang Lan… the Eight Great Godkings all followed.

"Fuck, scram!"

Hou Fei shouted violently. After that, holding the Dark Cyan Single Aura Stick, Hou Fei ruthlessly smashed Zhou Xian's body as if he was pounding a sandbag. Zhou Xian only felt that his body had suddenly been restricted and unable to move at all. He could only watch as the Dark Cyan Single Aura Stick smashed onto him.

"Teleportation!" Zhou Xian wanted to teleport away.

However, he suddenly discovered that he was unable to sense the movement of the Spatial Energy at all. He was unable to teleport.


The Dark Cyan Single Aura Stick smashed onto Zhou Xian's body.

The following seven Sage Emperors were met with the same fate as Zhou Xian. They were unable to teleport and also met with some sort of restriction binding their movements. They could only watch as the Dark Cyan Single Aura Stick smashed onto their bodies. The Dark Cyan Single Aura Stick then smashed onto Jiang Fan, Shentu Yan, Duanmu Rufeng, Mu Qin, Putai Hong and the other Sage Emperors in succession.

Like sandbags, the Eight Sage Emperors were smashed flying by Hou Fei without the slightest ability to resist.

The Asura Godking, the Blood Sea Queen and the other Godkings were all stunned.

"How, how is this possible?" From afar, the Eight Great Sage Emperors flew back here one by one. However, on the corner of their mouths was blood and on their faces were expressions of shock.

"How come we are unable to teleport? Why are we unable to sense the movement of space and the flow of time?" The Eight Great Sage Emperors began to lose their heads out of fear.

"All of you, shut your mouths. Otherwise, Granddaddy Hou here shall give you some more beatings with my stick." Hou Fei shouted angrily.

Immediately, the Eight Great Sage Emperors grew quiet. They all remembered that it was Hou Fei that smashed them like sandbags earlier.

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