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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 33 – Mu Yu

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillipand Robin

Within the Fog City's Purple Mystic Mansion.

The appearance of Qin Yu bleeding from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth while twitching had greatly shocked the people from the Purple Mystic Mansion. They did not dare to believe that their pillar, Qin Yu, was actually about to collapse.

"Mom, is Dad okay? Dad will be fine, right?" Qin Shuang who had already grown up into a graceful youngster asked Jiang Li anxiously.

At this moment, Jiang Li, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng, Hei Yu and all the other people were in a state of confusion. They saw on the water screen that Qin Yu was stuck by the attack from the Origin Sin Sword and started bleeding from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. After that, the scene on the water screen that Qin Yu controlled instantly became vague and fuzzy. In the end, the water screen directly collapsed and turned back into ordinary water and fell into the lake.

Seeing this scene, all of them started to panic.

"Second brother, do not panic." Qin Si said to Qin Shuang. However, although this was what Qin Si said, his eyes were also filled with worry and fear.

"Don't worry, don't worry, your dad is fine, he's fine." Jiang Li said with certainty.

As Jiang Li and Qin Yu's souls were in dual cultivation, they were naturally connected with one another. Although Jiang Li could sense that Qin Yu was gravely injured and his soul had almost collapsed when he received the sword energy strike from the Origin Sin Sword, she was still able to sense Qin Yu's existence and know that Qin Yu was still alive.

Heavily injured but still alive!

Jiang Li consoled her two sons and also consoled the Qin clansmen that have already became a bit frantic. However, Jiang Li was also extremely worried in her heart. "Brother Yu, where are you? Come back quickly."

Jiang Li, Hei Yu, Zuo Qiulin and the other Godkings were all a bit worried.

"Little Yu, his injury this time is very serious." Jiang Lan had an ugly expression on his face. He was extremely worried.

The Origin Sin Sword was an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure! The strength of Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasures was astonishing by itself. Furthermore, it was an Exalted Celestial who used it. Its strength would be unimaginable then. In Jiang Lan's heart, if an Exalted Celestial were to act, then Godkings would definitely be killed. Moreover, this time around, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was in immense anger and had immediately used his Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure. Thus, one could imagine how powerful that sword strike was.


Jiang Lan was confident of Qin Yu. Jiang Lan who had watched Qin Yu grow up step by step possessed a special confidence for Qin Yu.

"Big brother; he's still alive. Everyone, rest assured, my big brother is definitely alive. He will return soon." Hei Yu said to the surrounding people with extreme certainty. His gaze of certainty was cast towards the surrounding people.

The Qin clansmen who were worried and in a panic also started to calm down after seeing how calm Hei Yu was.


Suddenly, a black gowned figure appeared above the Inner Lake. That familiar figure caused the Qin descendents, Jiang Li, Hei Yu and them to be slightly stunned. However, immediately after that, they began to be excited.

"Dad!" Qin Si and Qin Shuang's loud and clear voices were the first to sound. Qin Si and Qin Shuang looked at that familiar figure. Their eyes had turned a bit moist.

"Big brother." Hou Fei and Hei Yu also looked at Qin Yu.

"Little Yu." Qin Feng and Qin Zheng both displayed a pleasantly surprised smile on their faces as they looked at Qin Yu.

His brothers, his relatives, Qin Yu looked at this large group of people. From the resplendent gazes that these people were displaying, Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the concern and worry that his brothers and relatives had for him.

Qin Yu felt a burst of warmth.

"I am okay." Qin Yu firmly held back the emotions in his heart as he said to the group of people.

Immediately after, Qin Yu flew over to Jiang Li, Qin Si and Qin Shuang. Immediately, the several hundred people gathered here all began to laugh happily. Seeing that Qin Yu was fine, they were all extremely happy.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li who had been quiet the entire time since Qin Yu appeared finally called out at this time.

Qin Yu held Jiang Li's hand.

Jiang Li's palm was filled with cold sweat.

"Li'er, I am sorry." Qin Yu consoled her. He was capable of sensing Li'er's worry and fear for him.

Jiang Li lightly leaned against Qin Yu's chest. She remained there without moving. When she saw the scene of Qin Yu being struck by the sword energy and began to bleed from his nose, eyes, ears and mouth, she was truly scared.

She did not dare to imagine what she would do if Qin Yu were truly dead.

Their two sons, Qin Shuang and Qin Si, were mumbling beside them. They would even point at Qin Yu and Jiang Li while laughing. After a long time, Jiang Li turned around and glanced at Qin Shuang and Qin Si.

"Little Si, Little Shuang, you two mischievous children, go away." Jiang Li scolded with a smile.

"Yes, mother." Qin Si and Qin Shuang giggled as they answered.

Currently, the atmosphere of the Purple Mystic Mansion had turned extremely festive.

"Oh, that's right, Brother Yu, what's happening on the Exalted Celestial Mountain now? Will that Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial come to chase after you?" Jiang Li suddenly looked at Qin Yu and asked in worry.

Hearing that, Qin Yu smiled and waved his sleeve.


A lot of the water from the lake directly flew toward the sky and stopped in midair. After that, they turned into an enormous water screen. The water screen was clear like a mirror. On the water screen was the scene of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Even the voices of the various Godkings were being transmitted over by Qin Yu's ability.

Immediately, this large group of people grew completely quiet. They all looked toward the water screen.

On the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

"Godkings, that Qin Yu is already dead now. The only person who poses a threat in the Fog City is Jiang Lan now. If we were to go there, we would be able to easily snatch away the All People Seal." Zhou Xian said in a loud voice.

At this moment, Zhou Xian's heart was filled with rage.

Earlier, his father Zhou Huo was killed before his very own eyes. He wished deeply of hacking Qin Yu into pieces and tormenting him in order to avenge his father.

"It's still not certain whether that Qin Yu is truly dead." The Blood Sea Queen Xue Yun said coldly.

At this moment, both the Blood Sea Queen and the Asura Godking had arrived on the Exalted Celestial Mountain through the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. This large group of Godkings were currently discussing about the matter of snatching the All People Seal.

"You even dare to suspect what the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial had personally said?" Duanmu Rufeng shouted coldly.

The gaze Duanmu Rufeng looked at the Blood Sea Queen with a boundless amount of killing intent and resentment. The Blood Sea Queen had killed Duanmu Yun. This was something that they had all seen. However, it was truly too hard to kill the Blood Sea Queen. This was especially because the Blood Sea Queen could turn into the boundless Blood Sea and escape in an instant.

"Although the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial said that, that Qin Yu still escaped the Exalted Celestial Mountain through a teleportation. For him to be able to use teleportation, it means that he was still alive at that time." Sun Lian of the Asura Sea calmly said.

Many Godkings all nodded.

"Naturally, this only meant that Qin Yu was still alive while he escaped. From the appearance Qin Yu displayed after he was struck by the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's attack, he ought to be extremely wounded. It was very possible that Qin Yu had used teleportation at death's door. Even if Qin Yu is not dead, his soul would also have received an unprecedented injury. There is no need to doubt that." Sun Lian continued on.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors and the other Godkings all nodded. They agreed with what Sun Lian had said.

It was the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial who personally attacked. Furthermore, he had also used his Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure! Its attack was so astonishing that even the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial said that Qin Yu was dead for sure. From this, one could imagine how powerful the sword strike that Qin Yu received was.

"Everyone, why are we still hesitating? Even if that Qin Yu did not die, his soul would have received an unprecedented injury. Thus, he would be in no state to fight us. It is merely a single handicapped person. If we do not attack him now, when should we?" That Zhou Xian said impatiently.

Jiang Fan's expression was gloomy.

The All People Seal had been so close to him. How much had he given up for the All People Seal? However now, the All People Seal was gone.

"Brother Shentu, various Sage Emperors, there is no need for us to bother with them. We Eight Great Sage Emperors shall set off first." Jiang Fan directly said.

"Let's go."

Once Jiang Fan said those words, the other Sage Emperors immediately answered. The eight of them were not afraid of a single Jiang Lan. As for Qin Yu, they reckoned that he was already a dead man. Even if he wasn't dead, he would likely be unable to do anything. What is there to fear then?

"Mu Qin, why are you still fighting? Could it be that you want the Godkings of the Forest Ocean City to all die out?" A voice that contained anger sounded.

The Northeast Sage Emperor Mu Qin turned his head around.

"Bi-big brother!" Mu Qin looked to the person who spoke with shock. The person who spoke was originally a very ordinary middle aged man. However, his appearance soon changed. It turned into the mysterious old man that Qin Yu had encountered on the Eastern Sea, Mu Yu.

"Green Leaf Godking!" Jiang Fan, Shentu Yan and them all cried out in shock.

The name of the Green Leaf Godking of the Mu Clan was once renowned through the entire Divine Realm.

This time around, old man Mu Yu had changed his appearance and remained at the sidelines quietly. From start to finish, he had only been following the crowd and never had a great ambition.

"Mu Qin, the Mu Clan only has a single Godking left and that is you. I wish that you consider things over before doing anything. Why are you going? Could it be that you wish to obtain the All People Seal?" Old man Mu Yu said coldly.

"No." Mu Qin immediately shook his head.

Old man Mu Yu humphed coldly. "You don't? If you do not wish to obtain the All People Seal, then why are you risking your life?"

"Big brother, as a Sage Emperor, how can I retreat by myself?" Mu Qin justified.

Old man Mu Yu coldly laughed and said. "Fine, I do not wish to waste my time speaking with you anymore. I merely wish for you to take caution in the things you do. After all, you are the only Godking remaining from the Forest Ocean City." After he finished saying that, old man Mu Yu directly flew towards the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

"Big brother." Mu Qin shouted anxiously.

"What is it?" Old man Mu Yu's figure stopped.

"Can you return to the Forest Ocean City?" Mu Qin said in anticipation.

Old man Mu Yu laughed indifferently. He then flew toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel with an even faster speed. "Mu Qin, I will not change the decisions that I have made. As for you, look after yourself well." After he finished saying that, old man Mu Yu entered the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

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