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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 28 – Storing Up Power

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Mortal Realm layer of the cosmic space, as well as the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm level layer. Now, the enormous Cosmos' first and second layers were both completed. Countless cosmic spaces were transmitting Spatial Energy and Temporal Energy through one another.

Within the various cosmic spaces, the Cosmic Origin Energies were present.

"Chi chi~~~"

A boundless amount of Grandmist Energy was entering the New Cosmos from the Grandmist Space. The highest layer of the New Cosmos, the New Divine Realm, was also slowly developing. This was the last layer. Once the New Divine Realm was complete, the New Cosmos would also be completed.


Qin Yu who was sitting cross-legged within the cosmic outer space opened his eyes. He slightly frowned. With an intention, he disappeared from the cosmic outer space and returned to the Divine Realm's Fog City's Purple Mystic Mansion.

On top of the Inner Lake, Qin Yu was standing above the lake water.


Qin Yu said softly. WIth Qin Yu as the center, in a range of several miles, the flow of time seemed to have received a very powerful binding and suddenly came to a stop. The flowing lake water stopped moving.

The surrounding sounds all disappeared.

A noiseless world, a silent world. In this small region, other than Qin Yu, everything else was stopped.

"Now that the New Cosmos' second layer is completed, I can be considered as being able to use 'Time Stop' in this Divine Realm Cosmos." Qin Yu also felt a burst of excitement in his heart. In the New Cosmos, Qin Yu was the ruler.

However, in the Divine Realm, Qin Yu was not unequalled.

"Time Stop… my Time Stop is different from the Time Stop that the Asura Godking, Uncle Lan and them use." Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

Qin Yu's Time Stop utilized the New Cosmos' Temporal Energy.

"It is useless to use Spatial Oppression on Godkings who have comprehended Spatial Laws. The same logic applies to using Time Stop on Godkings who have comprehended Time Stop. It would also not affect them."

Qin Yu knew very well.

Whether it was Jiang Lan, the Asura Godking or the Blood Sea Queen, they could only use their Time Stop on the Eight Great Sage Emperors and the other Godkings. For example, Jiang Lan was unable to stop the Asura Godking using Time Stop.

That was because all three of them had comprehended Time Stop. Thus, they cancelled each other out.

"They do not fear the Time Stop that originates from the Divine Realm's Temporal Laws, but they will fear my Time Stop." Qin Yu became even more confident.

Once he used Time Stop.

Even the Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen would become unable to move. The Asura Godking and the Blood Sea Queen are unable to use their comprehension of the Temporal Laws to break apart Qin Yu's Time Stop. They could only break it apart through force.

To break a Time Stop with force required a large amount of time.

That period of time was more than sufficient for Qin Yu to kill them!

"The Blood Sea Queen could change into her True Form. However, under Time Stop, you are simply unable to change into your True Form at all." Qin Yu smiled indifferently. Now that he could use Time Stop, Qin Yu's strength had absolutely surpassed the Blood Sea Queen and the Asura Godking.

In the entire Divine Realm.

Perhaps only an Exalted Celestial could bring about fear to Qin Yu.

"Brother Yu!"

Jiang Li's voice suddenly sounded in the distant. Qin Yu turned his head around and looked. He saw that on the shore of the Inner Lake, Jiang Li was standing together with Qin Shuang, Qin Si and them.

Qin Yu knew that all of those people were his relatives, brothers and friends.

In order to protect his relatives, brothers and friends, he needed sufficient strength. Only through possessing stronger strength would he be able to obtain tranquil and happy days.

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, it had been seven to eight years. However, Hei Yu was still in seclusion training and had yet to come out. After all this time had passed, the people of the Purple Mystic Mansion all began to pay attention to the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

Many of the people in the Purple Mystic Mansion would frequently come to the Inner Lake and watch the water screen. Through the water screen, they were able to see what was happening in the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

According to the timeframe, the All People Seal ought to be appearing soon.

On the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

Currently, the number of Godkings on the Exalted Celestial Mountain was much lower compared to the time when the Exalted Celestial Mountain first descended. The two massacres from the Asura Godking and Jiang Lan had killed over ten Godkings. Currently, there were only twenty plus Godkings there.

"Brother Jiang Fan, we don't have to discuss how to contest for the All People Seal?" Shentu Yan walked to Jiang Fan's side. Confused, he asked through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Shentu Yan and Jiang Fan's relationship was extremely good. Last time, Jiang Fan had asked Shentu Yan and Zhou Huo to assist him in fighting for the Back Earth Seal. Furthermore, he had even set up many plans. However, this time around, Jiang Fan had actually not had any discussion with Shentu Yan.

Jiang Fan who was sitting cross legged with his eyes closed open his eyes.

"Brother Shentu, there is no need for you to exert yourself this time around. You can just stay at the side and watch quietly." Jiang Fan said with a smile. Jiang Fan's smile was extremely ordinary. However, within his ordinary tone of speech was his absolute confidence!

To Jiang Fan, that All People Seal was already in his pocket.

"Brother Jiang, you're this confident?" Shentu Yan smiled and looked to Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan smiled mysteriously. He did not bother to explain himself. "Brother Shentu, you can just calmly wait for the birth of the All People Seal." As he said that, Jiang Fan's gaze was cast toward the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron in the center of the ravine.

"The All People Seal is definitely mine." Jiang Fan's voice in his heart was that resolute.

For this All People Seal, how much had Jiang Fan given up?

For the purpose of being able to obtain the All People Seal with absolute confidence, Jiang Fan had given up his daughter, given up his brother, given up Qin Yu who could've become his supporter. He had also been pushed to the opposing side by Qin Yu.

All of this was so that he could obtain the help of the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial.

After giving up all that, Jiang Fan felt a bit of unwillingness in his heart. However, if he were to have the opportunity to choose again, he would still make such a selection. That was because the help of an Exalted Celestial… was a surefire.

Jiang Fan swept his gaze over the surrounding Sage Emperors and Godkings. He displayed a slight cold smile on the corner of his mouth.

Majority of these Godkings possessed greed for the All People Seal. They all wished to obtain the great luck like the Unfettered Godking from back then and become the new Exalted Celestial. In order to become the new Exalted Celestial, all of those Godkings were willing to take risks.

"You all, not a single one of you will be able to win." Jiang Fan said softly in his heart.

The Blood Sea Queen was proudly standing at a corner of the ravine. Regardless of which Godking it was, the Blood Sea Queen did not care about them.

"I am Duanmu Yun, may I know who you…" The Utmost South Sage Emperor walked over with smiles all over his face. Duanmu Yun also possessed greed for the All People Seal. From his point of view, since Jiang Lan and the Asura Godking were both not present now, he possessed a high possibility in obtaining the All People Seal.


The Blood Sea Queen took a glance at Duanmu Yun. She did not even bother to respond.

Duanmu Yun's eyelids jumped. He laughed two hollow laughs and then left tactfully. However, Duanmu Yun remembered this Blood Sea Queen in his heart. To be willing to respond to him like so, at the very least it meant that the other person possessed sufficient strength.

"All People Seal…"

The Blood Sea Queen looked at the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron. Within her eyes was a shine of anticipation. "Unfettered, last time it was you who became an Exalted Celestial. This time, it shall be my turn."

Since the birth of the Back Earth Seal, ten years had passed. Currently, the All People Seal could appear from the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron at any moment. None of the Godkings dared to lower their guard.

If one were to ask who was the most relaxed, then it would likely be Jiang Fan.

There were that many Godkings on the Exalted Celestial Mountain. However, outside of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, there was also a single Godking lying in wait.

"If my speculation was correct, of the three seals, this All People Seal ought to contain the greatest portion of comprehension regarding Time Reversal." The Asura Godking Luo Fan was standing on a small boat as he looked at the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

After training for this many years, the greatest desire of Luo Fan was likely to become an paramount Exalted Celestial.

Days passed. The twenty plus Godkings on the Exalted Celestial Mountain and the single Godking outside of the Exalted Celestial Mountain were all waiting quietly. After about half a year passed…


All of a sudden, the rumbling noise of countless thunders were heard. The thunder noises resonated through the entire Divine Realm.

"What's happening?" The Asura Godking Luo Fan raised his head and looked over in confusion. He immediately spread his Divine Awareness in all directions. As for the Godkings within the Exalted Celestial Mountain, they too had heard the rumbling noise of thunders.

Duanmu Yun, Jiang Xing and over ten others immediately went out of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. Even Jiang Fan exited the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

"Oh, Brother Luo Fan." Jiang Fan who had exited the Relief Sculpture Tunnel saw the Asura Godking Luo Fan and immediately greeted him with a smile. The existence of Luo Fan did not concern Jiang Fan in the slightest.

Luo Fan also slightly nodded to Jiang Fan. "Brother Jiang Fan, from this thunder noises, furthermore the fact that there is an endless number of Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds in sky above the direction of the Fog City, could it be that this Fog City has obtained another Godking?"

Jiang Fan's Divine Awareness also instantly discovered that there were Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds above the Fog City. The sky was also covered with lightning and thunder.

"For it to be located in the sky above the Fog City, this newly emerged Godking naturally belongs to the Fog City." Jiang Fan said in an ordinary tone. Although his tone was ordinary, his heart was ferociously twitching.

The strength of this Fog City was truly too great.

When the sound of the thunder gradually disappeared, the Godkings were also prepared to enter the Relief Sculpture Tunnel and return to the Exalted Celestial Mountain. However, right at this moment…


Countless thunder once again sounded through the entire Divine Realm.

"This, this…" Many Godkings were stunned.

Generally, a Godking would only be born into the Divine Realm after a very long time. However now… it seemed that another Godking had been born. There was hardly any time between the emergence of the two Godkings.

At this moment, the close to ten Godkings who had been staying in the Exalted Celestial Mountain also came out.

"Two Godkings, in such a short amount of time, two Godkings were actually born. From the birth of the Divine Realm till now, it seems like this was the first time such a thing has happened." Shentu Yan said with a gasp of surprise.

"The two Godkings that were born, the first one was from the Fog City. As for the second one… was actually from the Thunder Punishment City." Duanmu Yun displayed a surprised expression. These Godkings immediately discovered that Seven Colored Auspicious Clouds appeared in the sky above the Thunder Punishment City.

"Brother Zhou Huo, congratulations, congratulations." Duanmu Yun immediately turned around and clasped his hands to Zhou Huo with a smile on his face.

Zhou Huo also displayed a slightly amazed expression. Immediately after, he displayed a joyous expression and clasped his hands to the surrounding Godkings. "Everyone, I shall take a journey back first."

After he said that, Zhou Huo did not waste any time and directly disappeared from the sight of the various Godkings with a teleportation.

Inside the Thunder Punishment City.

Inside the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's secluded small courtyard manor. At this moment, Zhou Xian was here.

"Haha, Xian'er, good, very good." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial who had been cold and grim the entire time had a cheerful expression across his face. He was laughing happily.

As for Zhou Xian, he was standing at the side and lightly smiling.

Last time around, Zhou Xian had made his decision to enter seclusion training and not come back out unless he reached the Godking level. Never did he expect for himself to actually become a Godking after training for so many years.

However, after he came out, Zhou Xian also discovered that three of their Thunder Punishment City's four Godkings had died.

Zhou Xian did not understand why his grandfather did not go and kill Qin Yu to avenge them. "Grandfather, that Qin Yu…"

"Enough." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial raised his hand to stop Zhou Xian. "In the period of time when the Exalted Celestial Mountain has descended, your grandfather is unable to act as he wishes." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial loved and pampered Zhou Xian greatly.

Among all the descendents of the Zhou Clan, the ones that the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial truly loved were Zhou Wulian and Zhou Xian.

That was because Zhou Xian was his first grandson. When Zhou Xian was born, he had given a talisman seal that he spent a great deal of time crafting to Zhou Xian. That talisman seal was capable of protecting Zhou Xian from the attack from a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

From merely this, one could tell how fond of Zhou Xian the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was.

"Lord Father." Zhou Huo walked in from the courtyard manor's entrance. Once he walked in, he immediately called out for his father respectfully. However, Zhou Huo's face was filled with joy.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial nodded while smiling. "It is currently the important time when the All People Seal would be born. You've actually also returned. However, it's alright. The All People Seal is Jiang Fan's to have."

Zhou Huo also nodded.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial was about to personally act, who could possibly be able to stop the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial? This All People Seal was destined to be Jiang Fan's.

"Grandfather, it seemed that when I became a Godking, there was another person that became a Godking. Furthermore, it's someone from the Fog City. Do you know who it is?" Zhou Xian asked. Zhou Xian was extremely curious as to who it was that became a Godking at practically the same time as him.

The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial's expression sunk slightly. He coldly humphed and said. "It's that Qin Yu's brother, Hei Yu!"

"Hei Yu?"

Zhou Xian immediately recalled who it was. He was pretty familiar with matters regarding Qin Yu. He knew that Hei Yu was the same as Qin Yu, someone who had cultivated up to the Divine Realm step by step from the Mortal Realm.

"Even this Qin Yu's brother, a mixed breed bird's cultivation is this fast." Zhou Xian became even more envious.

Suddenly, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial raised his brows. He seemed to have sensed something.

"Eh, the All People Seal is about to be born." The Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial said in surprise.

"It's about to be born?"

Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian were both shocked. Immediately after, the two of them both clasped their hands to the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial and asked to be excused. After that, the two of them left the courtyard manor and teleported to the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

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