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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 29 – The Birth of the All People Seal

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Inside the Purple Mystic Mansion. The water of the hundred miles wide Inner Lake was currently moving up and down and giving off waves. They softly smacked onto the shore.

On the shore.

Over a hundred descendents of the Qin Clan were currently sitting around tables. Originally, this group of people were chatting and laughing with one another. However, suddenly…

"The Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron started shining!"

Qin Si's surprised voice sounded. Immediately, the hundred plus people all simultaneously turned around to look to the water screen. Each and every one of them were unable to take their eyes off the water screen and were holding their breaths.

"The final marvelous show."Qin Yu smiled and watched as he sipped on his tea.

This time around, none of the Godkings of the Fog City had gone to the Exalted Celestial Mountain. That was because Jiang Lan had already vowed that he would not contest for the All People Seal. Since Jiang Lan was not going, the Godking of Death Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng had also decided to not go. At this moment, the Godkings of the Fog City, Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Hei Yu, Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin and Yi Feng were all sipping their tea and watching the show from the water screen.

The atmosphere of the Fog City was extremely relaxed. However, the atmosphere in the Exalted Celestial Mountain was extremely tense at this moment.


Two figures appeared outside of the entrance to the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. It was the Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian who had just become a Godking. Right after the two of them appeared, they noticed the Asura Godking Luo Fan who was not far from them.

Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian glanced at each other. The two of them both possessed a smiling expression within their eyes.

The two of them were both certain that the Asura Godking Luo Fan was destined to fail this time around. For the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial to act… who could possibly stand before him? The All People Seal was destined to be Jiang Fan's.


The Asura Godking had also noticed this pair of father and son. He lowly laughed.

Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian directly entered the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. After they entered the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, the two of them began to rapidly run. This Relief Sculpture Tunnel was extremely strange, one cannot teleport or fly in there at all.

"Xian'er, after we reach the Exalted Celestial Mountain, be well-behaved and stay beside Brother Jiang Fan and I. You must definitely not go and contest for the All People Seal. Allow those people to fight merrily for the All People Seal first." Zhou Huo told his son.

"I understand." Zhou Xian also had a smile on his face. "When grandfather acts, I truly wonder what sort of expressions those Godkings, who think they will be able to obtain the All People Seal, will have."

Zhou Huo also started smiling.

Although this father and son were chatting with one another, their speed had not slowed down in the slightest. In an instant, the two of them had arrived on the Exalted Celestial Mountain. When the two of them entered the Exalted Celestial Mountain, there just so happened to be a Sage Emperor who used Spatial Freezing.


Although Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian were at the foot of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, they were still able to see the beam of light coming from the ravine split in between the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Evidently, the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron was currently shining.

Within the ravine.

The Blood Sea Queen, Ma Tian and many other hidden Godkings, the several Godkings of the Ascender Powers and the ten plus Godkings from the Eight Great Divine Families… when the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron shined, two groups of people were the first to react…

"All People Seal!" Duanmu Yun's eyes shined. He immediately soared into the sky. Mu Qin and Tang Lan followed behind him. Without the slightest hesitation, the three of them directly charged toward the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron.

Other than them, there was also the group composed of Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong.

When Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong saw that the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron was shining, they too rushed toward it without the slightest hesitation.

"Go ahead, fight for it."

Jiang Fan was still calmly standing within the ravine. He merely raised his head and looked to the various Sage Emperors soaring into the air to contest for the All People Seal. Jiang Fan even decided to add oil to fire and used Spatial Freezing to make the degree of Spatial Freezing even stronger.


Suddenly, a golden ray of light soared from the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron. Right when the golden ray of light soared out, it immediately gave off an endlessly oppressive aura. Merely by the sensation of its aura, one could tell that it was a tier higher than the Blue Sky Seal and the Back Earth Seal.

"It would seem that the Eight Great Sage Emperors are also not united. Go ahead, fight each other, fight until both sides suffer. I shall act after you're all injured." The Blood Sea Queen was calmly watching this scene from the sideline. She was not anxious in the slightest.

In the entire Exalted Celestial Mountain, there was not a single Godking capable of making her feel fear.

As long as the Eight Great Sage Emperors were not united and fought each other until they both suffer, it would be extremely effortless for the Blood Sea Queen to obtain the All People Seal.

The golden light was rapidly shot out of the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron.

Duanmu Yun's figure moved. He was actually the first one to approach that golden ray of light. Seeing the All People Seal before his eyes, his gaze immediately grew blazing with passion. The Origin Energy from the Light Origin Spiritual Pearl above his head immediately became activated.

A layer of Origin Energy appeared on his hand, covering it. Duanmu Yun extended his hand and grabbed toward the golden ray of light.


Duanmu Yun felt a burst of violent vibration within his palm. Only after a bit of time did the vibration stop. Duanmu Yun took a quick look at his palm. On his palm was a golden seal. On the seal were three very special characters. They were characters that he had never seen before. However, when seeing these three unknown characters, the words 'All People Seal' naturally appeared in his mind.

"Brother Duanmu, be careful." Mu Qin shouted to him through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Duanmu Yun immediately grew alert. A large golden hand started to grab toward his hand. Duanmu Yun immediately determined that the large golden hand was formed by the Huangfu Clan's Gold Origin Energy.

"Brother Huangfu, this All People Seal is mine. You should give up on it." Duanmu Yun said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission with a smile on his face. He immediately proceed to fly toward the foot of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

"Humph, Brother Duanmu, it's still too early to decide who this All People Seal belongs to." Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong immediately started chasing after him.

Mu Qin and Tang Lan also started to chase after Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong from behind. Five rays of light rapidly started flying towards the foot of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Behind these five rays of light…

Were the Godkings from the Ascender Powers, the hidden Godkings, Jiang Xing, Duanmu Yu and many other Godkings in the sidelines. They too were rapidly chasing after them.

"You want to catch up to me? With only your speed? There is barely any difference between the speed of us Eight Great Sage Emperors." Duanmu Yun took note of Huangfu Yun behind him with his Divine Awareness. He then displayed a confident smile on his face.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors had practically the same speed. Thus, it was impossible for Huangfu Yu to catch up to him.

However, right when Duanmu Yun was rapidly flying toward the Relief Sculpture Tunnel located at the foot of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, he suddenly discovered two people flying toward him from ahead. Duanmu Yun immediately determined who they were. "Zhou Huo. Not good. What a cunning Jiang Fan, he actually sent forth people to intercept me here!"

Duanmu Yun's heart immediately grew tense.

Jiang Fan, Zhou Huo and Shentu Yan belonged to a group. Both Duanmu Yun and Huangfu Yu knew about that. Earlier, when the All People Seal was born, that Jiang Fan actually did not go and contest for it. Duanmu Yun had been puzzled by that the entire time. And now, seeing Zhou Huo flying toward him, he immediately came to a realization.

"Zhou Huo, you think you can stop me with only you?" Duanmu Yun shouted angrily through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Zhou Huo was extremely confused by this angry shout.

"Stop him?"

Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian were merely flying upward from below so that they could be able to see the scene of others contesting for the All People Seal from above. However, never would he have expected that he was confused by this Duanmu Yun. However, Zhou Huo's reaction speed was also extremely fast.

"Xian'er, let's avoid him." Zhou Huo immediately said to Zhou Xian via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Yes, father." Zhou Xian also knew his father's intentions.

Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian did an arc as they flew, they directly toward the side, avoiding Duanmu Yun, allowing him to continue downward without any obstruction.

"Eh?" Duanmu Yun was completely confused. However, although he was confused, he still continued to rapidly fly toward the foot of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

Zhou Huo and Zhou Xian immediately discovered Jiang Fan and Shentu Yan who were flying in their direction without any sense of urgency. Immediately, Zhou Huo grouped up together with Jiang Fan.

"Strange, could it be that this Huangfu Yu is going to allow this Duanmu Yun to escape this easily?" Jiang Fan said with a light smile.

"I think that Huangfu Yu had thought that we would block them and thus did not truly act to stop him." Zhou Huo thought of it for a bit and then said. Jiang Fan also nodded in agreement.


Huangfu Yu had long discovered that Zhou Huo was flying upward from below. He had originally thought that Zhou Huo would stop Duanmu Yun. However, to his surprise, Zhou Huo did not intercept him but instead moved aside. "This Duanmu Yun, he can't be thinking that he would be able to escape this easily now, right?"

Immediately after, with an intention from Huangfu Yu.

"Woosh!" "Woosh!" "Woosh!" "Woosh!" …

At once, over a hundred golden rays of light was shot toward Duanmu Yun. Each and every golden ray of light was formed by Gold Origin Energy. Their offensive power was extremely astonishing. No matter what, this Duanmu Yun would not let himself be attacked by those golden rays of light without doing anything.


The white light on Duanmu Yun's body's surface started flourishing. The Light Origin Energy formed a defensive layer around his body. At the same time, Duanmu Yun was also rapidly dodging the incoming golden rays of light. He managed to dodge one golden ray after another. Even if one or two were to land on him, he would still be able to withstand them through his body's defensive ability.


The over a hundred golden rays of light that Duanmu Yun managed to dodge suddenly turned into a hundred plus golden ribbons. These hundred plus golden ribbons formed an enormous golden net.

It just so happened to block Duanmu Yun's flying path.

""Not good. What a cunning Huangfu Yu." Upon seeing this golden net, Duanmu Yun knew right away that he would not be able to escape from it by only flying. It was impossible for him to break the golden net with merely ordinary attacks. Furthermore, if he were to avoid it by going around it, his flying speed would not be able to match the speed of the golden net that was formed by Origin Energy.

Duanmu Yun stopped in his tracks.

"Brother Huangfu, are you truly forcing me to fight against you?" Duanmu Yun shouted through his Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. Immediately, several tens of rays of white colored light whips appeared in his hand. Each of the light whips was a hundred meters long and possessed the width of an arm.

Immediately, several tens of white colored lights started rushing toward Huangfu Yu.

Seeing this move, Huangfu Yu's expression changed. A light membrane created by his Gold Origin Energy immediately covered his body. He also started to rapidly dodge. However, those light whips were several meters wide. The lashing of several tens of whips, how could he dodge all of them?

Reckless and fierce lashings of the whips. Huangfu Yu seemed to have hid himself with a golden eggshell and was allowing those whips to lash him.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" …

A series of collision sound of Light Origin Energy and Gold Origin Energy was heard. Fortunately, the Gold Origin Energy possessed stronger defense. When faced with the continuously coming several tens of whips, Huangfu Yu had only received a slight vibration, shaking the blood within his body.

Duanmu Yun retrieved his light whips.

"Brother Huangfu, you're also trying to compete against me?" Duanmu Yun's face was filled with confidence.

"Woosh!" "Woosh!" "Woosh!" … At this moment, the Godkings below had all arrived. Mu Qin and Tang Lan both flew over to Duanmu Yun. Putai Hong had also flown over to Huangfu Yu's side. As for the other Godkings, they had all flown to the sides and were watching the show passively.

As for the Blood Sea Queen who had a cold expression on her face the entire time, she too was with the other Godkings and standing on the side.

The Sage Emperors present did not know at all that this Blood Sea Queen was also capable of Time Stop. After all, she had never used this move in front of them.

"It's extremely easy for Brother Mu Qin and Sister Tang Lan to pin down the two of you. Thus, I am naturally able to easily leave." Duanmu Yun looked at Huangfu Yu and said.

Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong started frowning.

They only had two people but Duanmu Yun had three people.

"Brother Jiang Fan…" Huangfu Yu looked at Jiang Fan. However, right when he first opened his mouth, Jiang Fan immediately smiled and said. "Return back to your own fight, I shall watch from the side. There is no need for you all to involve me."

Huangfu Yu immediately became speechless.

These words were truly ruthless. He clearly voiced that he was not going to interfere.

As for the hidden Godkings and the Ascender Godkings who had experienced the slaughter from both the Asura Godking and Jiang Lan, in succession, they too would not rashly interfere. They also knew not to act unless it was the optimal moment. The number one priority was to survive!

Huangfu Yu looked at Duanmu Yun. He then looked at Tang Lan and Mu Qin on either sides of Duanmu Yun.

Tang Lan controlled the Water Origin Energy whereas Mu Qin controlled the Wood Origin Energy. The two of them were both people who were proficient in defense and trapping others. It was absolutely possible for the two of them to easily pin down Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong.

"Brother Duanmu, go ahead and leave. I shall watch you leave. I truly do not believe that… you could return to the Light Lens City safely. Remember that there's an Asura Godking outside." Huangfu Yu humphed and said.

"There is no need for Brother Huangfu to worry about that, I naturally have my means."

Duanmu Yun lightly laughed and then took a glance at the surrounding Godkings. After that, he smiled and proceed to fly toward the foot of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Duanmu Yun was extremely complacent to be able to leave with the All People Seal this easily.

"They actually didn't fight? Truly disappointing."

The Blood Sea Queen spoke out loud. At this moment, the Blood Sea Queen who was at the corner finally acted. She waved her sleeve and then a crimson colored water wave charged toward Duanmu Yun.

That water wave was so fast that it arrived before Duanmu Yun in a blink of an eye.

"Humph." Duanmu Yun was about to use his Origin Energy. However, he suddenly discovered…

Other than the crimson colored water wave that was moving, the air in the surrounding have all stopped moving. Even he himself was incapable of moving. The Cosmic Origin Energy that he possessed was also unable to move.

"Time Stop!"

Duanmu Yun's complexion immediately turned pale without the slightest trace of color.

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