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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 14 – Blood Sea Queen

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin

Seeing this crimson gowned cold looking woman that had suddenly appeared, Zi Xia and Hong Yun's complexions instantly turned deathly pale. Frightened, the two of them were shivering. After that, their legs grew weak and then they kneeled down onto the ground.

"Palace Master."

Zi Xia and Hong Yun were so afraid that they became unable to say a single word. They merely kneeled respectfully and lowered their head, not daring to raise it at all. Their bodies were also shivering non stop.

"Palace Master? She is the Palace Master?" Hou Fei instead frowned. He was not timid in the slightest. He frowned and carefully inspected this red gowned woman that had suddenly appeared.

Inside the Fog City's Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Hei Yu and Bai Ling saw this scene through the water screen. At this moment, Hei Yu was also startled. "Big brother, who is that woman that suddenly appeared? It seemed that to those two girls called Zi Xia and Hong Yun, this crimson gowned woman is very frightening."

Jiang Li slightly frowned.

She also couldn't recognize who this crimson haired, crimson eyebrowed and crimson gowned woman was. Such distinctive features, one would definitely be able to recognize her if they had seen her before.

When Qin Yu, Zuo Qiulin and Jiang Li were at the Blood Sea, when they encountered the surprise attack from the Blood Sea Godking, the three of them had directly escaped into the New Cosmos. Only after the three of them disappeared did the Blood Sea Godking appear. Thus, they also did not know about the appearance of the Blood Sea Godking.

Although Jiang Li do not know who she was, Qin Yu had a slight suspicion already.

That was because at this moment Qin Yu's Spatial Energy had covered the entire Divine Realm. That included the crimson gowned woman. The special aura emitted by that crimson gowned woman was exactly the same as the one he felt from the Blood Sea.

"Could it be that the super expert from the Blood Sea is her?" Qin Yu frowned and said in a low voice.

"The super expert from the Blood Sea?" Jiang Li looked at Qin Yu in shock.

When mentioning the super expert from the Blood Sea, Jiang Li naturally understood what Qin Yu meant. The mysterious super expert from the Blood Sea was capable of 'Time Stop.' There was no need to doubt her might.

"Who? Blood Sea's super expert?" Confused, Hei Yu and Bai Ling looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. 'Xiao Hei, don't be anxious…. It would seem now that Fei Fei's love affair is not one that with a smooth sailing. Things are getting more and more interesting now. Let's continue watching."

Hei Yu immediately started smiling. It seemed that his big brother was planning to watch passively.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Hei Yu and Bai Ling continued to look at the water screen. Appearing on the water screen, Hou Fei was loudly speaking to the crimson gowned grim woman.

"Palace Master? Senior, you are Zi Xia and Hong Yun's Palace Master?" Hou Fei looked at the Blood Sea Godking and said with a slight bow. Although he said 'senior,' he did not have an appearance of respect.

"Huang Y-Big Brother Hou Fei!" Seeing Hou Fei acting so arrogant, Zi Xia was immediately alarmed. She repeatedly tried to hint to Hou Fei with her eyes. At the same time, she began to respectfully provide an explanation for Hou Fei. "Palace Master, Big Brother Hou Fei does not know who Palace Master is. That's the reason why he was acting disrespectful towards you, Palace Master. Please forgive him."

The Blood Sea Godking merely humphed coldly.

"Forgive?" The Blood Sea Godking's cold pair of eyes glanced at Hou Fei. Hou Fei felt as if his entire body was being cut apart by knives. He was unable to refrain himself from shivering. "This Palace Master, is seemed that she's truly powerful."

"I am Hou Fei from the Fog City. May I know who Palace Master might be?" Hou Fei introduced his identity.

After all, he liked Zi Xia and Zi Xia was someone from the Blood Sea Palace. Thus, Hou Fei did not wish to end up in too great of a deadlock with this Palace Master. Hou Fei also knew of his big brother Qin Yu's status. Thus, he figured that if he were to throw Qin Yu's sign out, then the other person ought to be willing to give him some face.

"Hou Fei of the Fog City?" The Blood Sea Queen cast a glance at Hou Fei. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

"That's right, might the Palace Master know of the City Master of our Fog City, Qin Yu?" Hou Fei continued to say with a smile.

"Is here such a place called Fog City in the Divine Realm?" The Blood Sea Queen frowned and instead asked. "Among all the various cities of the Divine Realm, I have never heard of a city called Fog City. When was this city formed?" The Blood Sea Queen looked at Hou Fei.

"…" Hou Fei had become speechless.

There's actually someone who doesn't know of the Fog City in the Divine Realm?

"Palace Master, this Fog City is a city that was formed in the past ten years. That City Master Qin Yu is also an extremely powerful Godking." Hong Yun who was kneeling immediately raised her head and explained.

Hong Yun knew very well that the Blood Sea Queen would generally be bitterly training and thus do not know the matters of the Divine Realm.

"Formed in the past ten years? This Qin Yu is a extremely powerful Godking? How powerful is he? Are you saying that he's as powerful as the Asura Godking and the Nine Secluded Godking?" The Blood Sea Queen asked.

To the Blood Sea Queen, only the Asura Godking and the Nine Secluded Godking were capable of causing her to be on guard. Merely, the Nine Secluded Godking had died back then. Thus, in the entire Divine Realm, the Blood Sea Queen only minded a bit about the Asura Godking.

"This subordinate does not know. However, this Godking Qin Yu is indeed very powerful. He once killed two of the Thunder Punishment City's Godkings in a major battle." Hong Yun continued.

The Blood Sea Queen's crimson colored eyebrows were raised. She looked at Hong Yun. "The Thunder Punishment City's Godkings?"

Of the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm, only the Thunder Punishment City was capable of making the Blood Sea Queen fearful. After all, the Thunder Punishment City had an Exalted Celestial behind them. The Blood Sea Queen who had experienced the previous descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, she knew very well the terror that was the Exalted Celestials.

"He actually dared to kill the Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City?" The Blood Sea Queen became curious of this Qin Yu.

"Yes!" Hong Yun said respectfully. These past years, Hong Yun and Zi Xia had been outside of the Blood Sea Palace. Thus, they knew many things of the Divine Realm. "The two Godkings that Qin Yu killed were respectively the Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong and the Thunder Nightmare Godking Zhou Wulian!"

"Zhou Yan also died?" The Blood Sea Queen was startled.

The Blood Sea Queen clearly remembered the deranged youth who enjoyed slaughter to his heart's content on the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Never did she imagine that in a blink of an eye, that deranged youth had also died.

The Blood Sea Queen looked at Hou Fei.

With the Blood Sea Queen's strength, she determined that Hou Fei was merely a High Level Heavenly Deity with a single glance. Actually, maids like Hong Yun and Zi Xia were numerous in the Blood Sea Palace. She did not care about them at all.

However, the Blood Sea Queen cared deeply about her face. She had once said that the women of the Blood Sea Palace were not allowed to marry others.

"Qin Yu?"

The Blood Sea Queen began to ponder in her heart. "I have never heard about this Qin Yu before. Among the Godkings from six quadrillion years ago, there wasn't one called Qin Yu either. This Qin Yu, where exactly is he from?"

Immediately after, the Blood Sea Queen looked at Hou Fei.

"Hou Fei!" The Blood Sea Queen said coldly.

Hou Fei slightly bowed on the side and was waiting for the Blood Sea Queen's speech. The Blood Sea Queen continued. "Hou Fei, I do not care where you are from. The women of my Blood Sea Palace are not allowed to marry others. I shall give you a final chance. If you leave now, I will spare your life!"

The reason the Blood Sea Queen came out from the Blood Sea Palace this time around was all for the matter of the descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

As for the matters regarding Hong Yun, Zi Xia and Hou Fei, she was merely conveniently taking care of them. Because of the mysteriousness of this Qin Yu, the proud and arrogant Blood Sea Queen had decided to give Qin Yu some face and spare Hou Fei.

"Spare my life?" Hou Fei was furious. "Palace Master, what might you be planning to do with Zi Xia and Hong Yun then?"

The Blood Sea Queen took a glance at Zi Xia and Hong Yun. "Them? Zi Xia went against my orders and dared to intertwine with men outside of the Blood Sea Palace. She naturally has committed a capital offense. As for Hong Yun… she did not announce this matter. Humph, she shall be restricted of liberty for a hundred million of years as a small discipline."

"Thank you Palace Master for sparing Big Brother Hou Fei's life." At this moment, Zi Xia was kowtowing and thanking.

At the same time, she looked to Hou Fei. She said to him through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Big Brother Hou Fei, leave quickly. No one could go against the Palace Master. Do not worry about me anymore. Go away." Zi Xia had actually already guessed what the result would be if her Palace Master were to discover her actions.

Merely, in the past, she and Hong Yun were wishfully thinking because the Blood Sea Queen hardly ever comes out. However, unexpectedly, they were discovered this time around.

Hou Fei's expression immediately sunk.

Faint red flames were also being emitted from his pair of eyes. Hou Fei firmly stared at the Blood Sea Queen. "Fuck, fucking woman, I, Hou Fei, is my woman someone that you can kill as you please?! Today, I am going to bring Zi Xia away. I shall see what you can do about that!" A tyrannical aura began to emit from Hou Fei's body.

"Big Brother Hou Fei!"

"Little Huang Yu!"

Both Zi Xia and Hong Yun grew anxious. A High Level Heavenly Deity wanted to fight against the Blood Sea Queen? Wasn't that courting death? Zi XIa and Hong Yun were so worried that they were about to cry. The two of them were continuously trying to talk Hou Fei out of him through their Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

However, Hou Fei completely ignored it. He merely looked at the Blood Sea Queen angrily.

"An ant trying to shake a tree!" The Blood Sea Queen smiled coldly.

She waved her sleeve and sixteen crimson colored figures appeared beside her. All sixteen of this crimson colored figures possessed a strange aura.

"Sixteen Blood Slaves?" When Zi Xia and Hong Yun saw the sixteen figures, they were immediately stunned. The legendary strongest squadron of the Blood Sea Palace had actually appeared.

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