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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 13 – Oath

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin

On the summit of the Exalted Celestial Mountain, the Eight Great Sage Emperors were standing opposite the Asura Godking. Following what the Asura Godking had said, the situation had once again turned into a deadlock.

Should they agree to it?

The Eight Great Sage Emperors were all having a major headache.

"We absolutely cannot let this Luo Fan go. If we let him go, we would definitely suffer boundlessly." The Utmost West Sage Emperor Shentu Yan said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. His brother Shentu Nian had already been killed by the Asura Godking. Thus, Shentu Yan was itching to immediately kill Luo Fan.

"Not satisfactory!" Duanmu Yun said to the other Sage Emperors through Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Luo Fan possesses a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and also knows the remarkable ability of Time Stop. If he were to risk his life, it would be impossible for us to kill that Luo Fan without having casualties among the eight of us. Who among us is willing to die?"

Once Duanmu Yun's voice transmission was said, all of the Sage Emperors grew silent.

"Interesting, interesting. This Luo Fan took a small step back but still caused the Eight Great Sage Emperors to hesitate like so." Qin Yu who was observing this scene had a smile on his face.

"Who will end up becoming the new Exalted Celestial?" Qin Yu began to become curious in his heart.

According to what the mysterious Lin Meng had said during the hundred days ceremony of his son, Qin Si, none of the Godkings on the Exalted Celestial Mountain would be able to become the new Exalted Celestial. Thus, the candidates for becoming the Exalted Celestial were limited to a couple people… Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng, Jiang Li, Qin Yu and that mysterious Blood Sea expert. (TranslationNations: Can someone fact check IET on this LOL)

Of course, it was also possible for it to be a newly emerged Godking!

"I also do not know whether what this Lin Meng has said was true or false." Qin Yu thought in his heart. From the way he saw it, this Asura Godking Luo Fan was truly in a position of superiority.

"Jiang Fan, Zhou Huo, have you all finished pondering?"

While the Eight Great Sage Emperors were intensely discussing this matter, Luo Fan's voice sounded. Luo Fan still had the same smile on his face like a refined scholar. However, all those that knew him knew about how cold and grim he was in killing others.

"We've come to a decision."

Zhou Huo spoke as the representative. This Zhou Huo had a cold expression on his face. "Luo Fan, us Eight Great Sage Emperors will agree to your demand. We will allow you to leave. From today till the birth of the new Exalted Celestial, you are not allowed to step foot on the Exalted Celestial Mountain."

"Haha, delightful!" Luo Fan laughed heartily.

"Luo Fan, it's best that you go and vow to the Heavens. Otherwise, the eight of us would find it hard to trust your words." Zhou Huo did not bother to give Luo Fan any face at all and directly said this to him in a cold manner.

Luo Fan did not mind it. He smiled and said. "Of course. I shall vow to the Heavens."

Immediately after, Luo Fan kneeled down on the summit of the Exalted Celestial Mountain. In a clear voice, he oathed. "From today after I leave the Exalted Celestial Mountain all the way till the birth of the new Exalted Celestial, within this period of time, I, Luo Fan, vow to never step onto the Exalted Celestial Mountain. If I were to step onto the Exalted Celestial Mountain… then the Heavens shall punish me!"

"Heavens shall punish me!" "Heavens shall punish me!" "Heavens shall punish me!" … This echoed through the entire Exalted Celestial Mountain. Only at this moment did the Eight Great Sage Emperors have tranquil expressions on their faces.

"I have already made my oath to the Heavens. You all ought to carry out your promise too." Luo Fan looked at the Eight Great Sage Emperors with a smile on his face.

The Eight Great Sage Emperors glanced at one another. They all nodded in their hearts. After that, Zhou Huo flew to the sky and said in a loud voice to the Godkings below. "All the various Godkings below, open the Relief Sculpture Tunnel and allow this Luo Fan to leave."

"Leave? No, no."

Of the sixteen Godkings who created the formation array blocking the Relief Sculpture Tunnel, someone immediately voiced their rejection. "Sage Emperors, this Asura Godking killed eight Godkings in succession. My good brother was also killed by him. We must definitely pay him back in blood!"

"Kill the Asura Godking. We must definitely kill him." Another Godking roared out loud.

However, only those several Godkings were shouting loudly. As for the other Godkings, they did not wish to become enemies with the Asura Godking Luo Fan. Luo Fan had already displayed his strength earlier.

Killing ordinary Godkings was like cutting apart vegetables for him.

"Haha, whoever wants to kill this Luo Fan, feel free to come forward. I, Luo Fan, will definitely take you on." The Asura Godking Luo Fan said with a loud laughter.

Once Luo Fan said those words, the several Godkings that were shouting earlier immediately grew silent.

Fighting against Luo Fan?

Earlier, they wanted the Eight Great Sage Emperors to handle Luo Fan. Now that the Eight Great Sage Emperors had even refused to do that, if they were to fight against Luo Fan themselves, they would only be seeking death. Naturally, they all became quiet. Of the sixteen Godkings, many of them began to fly away voluntarily, opening the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel.

With several Godkings leaving, the other Godkings all began to fly out of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel. In the end, the few Godkings that wished to take revenge on Luo Fan also moved aside from the Relief Sculpture Tunnel helplessly.

Seeing this scene, Luo Fan merely sneered in a low voice.

"Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan, Duanmu Yun… in that case, I shall comply with the promise and leave now." Luo Fan lightly smiled. He stepped onto the Blood Ruler and turned into a red ray of light and flew toward the entrance below.

Sun Lian, An Xun and Liu Lian also flew after Luo Fan.

Just like this, before the thirty plus Godkings, Luo Fan and the three other Godkings from the Asura Sea casually entered the Relief Sculpture Tunnel and then disappeared before the view of the various Godkings.

The first portion of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure Living World Seal, the Blue Sky Seal, was for the time being obtained by the Asura Godking Luo Fan. Because of this, Luo Fan had also vowed that he would not step onto the Exalted Celestial Mountain until the birth of the new Exalted Celestial.

"Humph, that Blue Sky Seal can be Luo Fan's. However, the next seal, the Back Earth Seal, is definitely going to be mine." Jiang Fan gazed at the various Godkings in the surrounding. Among the remaining people, Jiang Fan believed that he, with the assistance of Zhou Huo and Shentu Yan, was the strongest group.

He was certain in obtaining the Back Earth Seal.

As for the most important All People Seal, with the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, Jiang Fan did not worry for that in the slightest.

"Jiang Lan, look at those Eight Great Sage Emperors. Now that Luo Fan had left, these Eight Great Sage Emperors immediately separated into three groups." Yi Feng said with a light smile.

Jiang Lan took a glance there. He nodded and said. "Duanmu Yun, Tang Lan and Mu Qin is together. Huangfu Yu and Putai Hong is together. There's also Jiang Fan and the other two. No matter how good the relationship between the Eight Great Sage Emperors were, when faced with the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure's enticement, they would still be divided."

"Yi Feng, Godking Zuo Qiulin." Jiang Lan looked at Zuo Qiulin. Towards Zuo Qiulin, Jiang Lan held a deep level of respect.

"If you have something to say, then speak!" Zuo Qiulin said impatiently.

Jiang Lan said with a smile. "As far as I know, Li'er is pregnant again. This time around, she will likely only need ten months to give birth to the child. There is still about ten years till the emergence of the Back Earth Seal. Shall we return to the Purple Mystic Mansion?"

"Pregnant?" Zuo Qiulin's eyes shined.

Immediately after, Zuo Qiulin waved her gown, turned into a ray of light and reached the entrance of the Relief Sculpture Tunnel below. Jiang Lan and Yi Feng glanced at one another. They smiled and proceeded to chase after.

Mist lingered around the Fog City. This was the location of the Divine Realm's fourth Ascender Power.

The master of this location, Qin Yu, was the second Godking of the Divine Realm that was greater than the Eight Great Sage Emperors. Because of the existence of Qin Yu, many people wanted to join the Fog City. In merely ten years of time, the Fog City had became bustling with activity.

The Purple Mystic Mansion floating on the sky above the Fog City, this was the location where the residents of the Fog City yearned for. Merely, ordinary Heavenly Deities do not possess the qualifications to go into it.

Inside the Purple Mystic Mansion.

Before the water screen originally gathered a large group of people watching it. However now, many of the Godkings had left and many others had entered quiet training. Thus, everyone knew that there would be close to ten years of peace. As such, many of the Qin descendents had left.

Currently, only Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Hei Yu and them remained on top of the meadows.

"Li'er, Uncle Lan, Uncle Yi Feng and Zuo Qiulin are on their way back. I reckon they'll arrive here in a short moment." Qin Yu had listened to the dialogues between the Godkings clearly.

Jiang Li lightly nodded.

"Mom, is the child in your stomach a younger brother or a younger sister?" Qin Si placed his ears on Jiang Li's stomach. He was slightly frowning. "Eh, it seems that he or she moved."

Seeing Qin Si acting like this, Qin Yu smiled.

"Little Si, go and play by yourself. Don't disturb your mom anymore." Qin Yu said with a smile. Qin Si nodded cleverly. "Yes, dad." Immediately after, Qin Si left.

After that, Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Hei Yu and Bai Ling were chatting with one another.

"Big brother, it's been a long time since that Monkey had come back. Do you know what he's doing outside?" Hei Yu suddenly thought of Hou Fei. He asked,concernedly.

With an intention, Qin Yu immediately spread his Spatial Energy out and covered the entire Divine Realm.

"Oh, Fei Fei is still with the two girls. However, it seems that Fei Fei has encountered some troubles." Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face.

"What happened?" Hei Yu immediately asked.

"Brother Yu, what happened to Fei Fei?" Jiang Li also grew worried. Bai Ling also looked over at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. He waved his hand and the water screen before them appeared Fei Fei, Hong Yun and Zi Xia.

In the sky above the ocean, between clouds and mist, Hou Fei, Hong Yun and Zi Xia were standing there.

"Zi Xia, what did you say?" Hou Fei's eyes were immediately opened wide like a sphere.

Zi Xia had a pained expression on her face. With her back facing Hou Fei, she said in a low voice. "Big Brother Huang Yu, go away. Stop coming over to find me anymore. In the future, let's never meet again."

With a 'woosh,' Hou Fei's complexion had turned pale.

"Zi Xia, last time we met, you even said that this time, we could…" Hou Fei looked at Zi Xia with shock.

"Don't say anymore." Zi Xia shouted at Hou Fei. "Big Brother Huang Yu, there won't be a good outcome for us if we are together. Forget about it all." As she said that, Zi Xia was unable to help her tears from flowing out of her eyes.

Hong Yun who had been silent at the side the entire time also had an unsightly expression on her face.

"Little Huang Yu, do not tangle with Lil Sis Zi Xia anymore. If you continue on like this, not only would Lil Sis Zi Xia not have a good ending, you would also not have a good ending. Us of the 'Blood Sea Palace' do not possess freedom." Hong Yun shook her head and said helplessly. "If Lil Sis Zi Xia were to truly be together with you, then if the Enforcement Squadron from the Blood Sea Palace were to set off, then…. the consequences would be unthinkable!"


Hou Fei's eyes were displaying a faint red light. His entire person appeared to have gone deranged. "What bullshit Blood Sea Palace. No matter who it is, they cannot obstruct Zi Xia and I. Whoever tries to obstruct us, fuck, I will smash them to death with my stick!"

Hou Fei had gone mad.

His body turned into a flash. Immediately, he arrived beside Zi Xia. He grabbed Zi Xia's hand and stared at her with his dark red eyes. However, when he saw the tears on her face, the crazed Hou Fei was startled. "Zi Xia, you, you cried." Unable to help himself, Hou Fei wanted to extend his hand to wipe away Zi Xia's tears.

"Big Brother Huang Yu, go away." With great difficulty, Zi Xia turned her head around and said.

Not long ago, when Zi Xia and Hong Yun returned, they had inadvertently asked their Palace Master whether those from the palace was allowed to marry those outside of the palace. They did not expect the Palace Master's attitude to be that determined. She had completely shattered their hope.

To the people of the Blood Sea Palace, the Palace Master was a paramount existence.

No one was allowed to go against the Palace Master. Those who go against the Palace Master will die without any exception.

"Zi Xia, don't worry about it. Who cares what that Blood Sea Palace is. Whoever wants to snatch you away from this Granddaddy Hou, I will directly smash them to death. Fuck… I do not believe that there are people that dare to snatch away this Granddaddy Hou's wife." Hou Fei directly hugged Zi Xia and held her deep within his bosom.

"Wife?" Zi Xia was startled.

Although the relationship between Hou Fei and her was close, it had not reached such a state.

"Zi Xia, don't worry. No matter what happens, I will be able to shoulder it." Hou Fei embraced Zi Xia and said to her ears softly. At this moment, Zi Xia felt that she was drifty. Her entire heart had been intoxicated.

"If I were to die in Big Brother Huang Yu's embrace like so, I would have no regrets." Zi Xia thought in her heart.

Faced with Hou Fei's gaze, Zi Xia lightly nodded.

Hou Fei immediately started smiling. He was smiling rejoicefully.

"Zi Xia, you've become muddled. What you're doing, not only will you harm yourself, you'll also harm Little Huang Yu." Beside them, Hong Yun became worried. Impatiently, she said.

Hou Fei frowned. He lowered his head and looked at Zi Xia within his bosom. Zi Xia was also looking at him. Their eyes were fixed upon one another.

"Zi Xia, I am going to tell you something. Huang Yu is not my real name. My real name is Hou Fei!" Hou Fei suddenly said in a soft voice. The smile on Zi Xia's face was so brilliant. She did not take note of what Hou Fei had said at all. She merely continued to look at Hou Fei.


"Zi Xia, Hong Yun, the two of you have some extreme nerve. You actually dared to go against this Great Palace Master's order." A clear and cold voice sounded. A woman with long crimson colored hair, crimson colored eyebrows and crimson colored gown appeared in the middle of the air. She was coldly looking at Hou Fei, Hong Yun and Zi Xia.

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