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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 9 – Soul Attack

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Eastern Sea Region of the Divine Realm was extremely vast. Following the sea breeze, the blue colored ocean surface moved up and down continuously. in the airspace of a certain region above the blue colored ocean stood several tens of people.

Each and every person present here was radiating a slight aura from their body.


Not far away below where everyone stood suddenly sounded a strange howl. After that, the entire ocean started to roll. An enormous vortex appeared in the center of the ocean. A countless number of ocean demonic beasts were engulfed by the vortex with no means of escape.

"A mature Antiharp Snake?" Qin Yu took a glance below. Through the layers of ocean water, he was able to clearly see the enormous and spiraling Antiharp Snake.


Suddenly, a silver gowned man coldly groaned. The several tens of thousands mile wide ocean below had suddenly became frozen. After that… with a cracking sound, the several tens of thousands mile wide frozen ocean, shattered into countless fragments.

As for that mature Antiharp Snake, it had also been split into countless parts.

The entire ocean had returned to the tranquility before. Merely, the surface of the ocean had turned blood red.

"Little An." The Asura Godking frowned. He shot a side-eye glance at this silver gowned man beside him. This silver gowned man slightly nodded and then grew silent.

Currently the atmosphere between the various Godkings present was condensed like solid.

This was especially true for the Four Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City. Seeing Qin Yu and Jiang Li, especially after seeing Jiang Li's slightly bulging stomach, their expressions had all become extremely ugly.

"Hehe, there's a show to watch now." The Blood Demon Queen said while smiling.

A refined middle-aged man beside the Blood Demon Queen said while smiling. "I remember that Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan, those two Sage Emperors, had announced to the world that Qin Yu had kidnapped Jiang Li. They even said that they would be taking her back… However, it would appear now that Jiang Li is already pregnant with Qin Yu's child."

"Not only that. Look at that Jiang Li's expression. Clearly she has truly fallen for Qin Yu. From the way I see it, it's Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan forcibly breaking up a pair of lovers." The Blood Demon Queen Yu Cha said with a light laughter.

Although her words were spoken extremely softly, all the Godkings present managed to hear them clearly.

Hearing that, the expressions of the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, as well as Zhou Xian, had all grown extremely ugly. When they announced to the world, they had already considered Jiang Li to be their own daughter-in-law.

Yet now, the daughter-in-law of the Thunder Punishment City was pregnant with another man's child.

Wasn't this a major slap in the face to the Thunder Punishment City?

"Imperial Father." Zhou Xian said to Zhou Hou softly. However, Zhou Xian's expression was extremely gloomy. Lightning was also flickering within his eyes. His anger was something that the people beside him were able to clearly sense.

Zhou Huo coldly humphed. "Xian'er, stay calm."

Zhou Huo raised his head and looked at Qin Yu. His voice was so cold that it seemed like it contained the frost wind of the ninth hell. "Qin Yu, Jiang Li is someone of our Thunder Punishment City, she is my son Zhou Xian's wife. It's better for you to return Jiang Li to our Thunder Punishment City."

Hearing those words, Qin Yu immediately started to frown. His gaze was immediately casted at the five people from the Thunder Punishment City.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li lightly pulled Qin Yu's hand. At this moment, Jiang Li was worried for Qin Yu.

Qin Yu lowered his head and smiled to Jiang Li. "Rest assured, those people from the Thunder Punishment City are merely a bunch of annoying pestering troublemakers, merely a bunch who believe themselves to be infallible." Qin Yu then raised his head and looked at Zhou Huo and them.

Annoying pestering troublemakers? Bunch who believed themselves to be infallible?

Zhou Huo and them immediately began bursting with anger. As for the Godkings in the surroundings, they all looked at Qin Yu in shock. For Qin Yu to dare go against the Thunder Punishment City head on, he must either be an idiot or have trump cards to rely on.

"Big brother, when I heard you mention that this Qin Yu was very disdainful toward Zhou Huo on the Sage Emperor's Palace, I actually didn't believe it. However, from what I saw now, it seemed that this Qin Yu is even more 'bold' than what big brother described!" That silver gowned man said to the Asura Godking.

The Asura Godking lightly smiled.

"This Qin Yu is definitely extraordinary. However, it's enough for us to just stay on the side and watch how the Godkings from the Thunder Punishment City will be handing this matter." The Asura Godking said with a light smile.

"Aiyah, I truly wonder how the Godkings from the Thunder Punishment City will be handling this matter? Could it be that they want to bully using their superior numbers, and have four Godkings attack a High Level Heavenly Deity together? Tsk tsk…" The Blood Demon Queen was sighing as she said this.

"Yu Cha, the Godkings from the Thunder Punishment City are people who possess grace in the ways they handle things. They would absolutely not do such a disgraceful thing." The refined middle aged man beside her said.

The Godkings from the Three Great Ascender Powers were standing there watching the play. As for the Eight Great Sage Emperor powers, the majority of them were discussing with one another in a low voice. As the opponents were only Qin Yu and Jiang Li, it was enough for just the Thunder Punishment City to handle the task.

"Annoying pestering troublemakers? Bunch who believe themselves to be infallible?" Zhou Huo sneered. "Qin Yu, you, a mere Heavenly Deity, is nothing but an ant before us Godkings. You have disrespected me time after time and also snatched away our Thunder Punishment City's daughter-in-law in the Sage Emperor's Palace. Today, I…"


Qin Yu suddenly raised his head and started laughing out loud. His laughter shook the entire space. The ocean water also started to bluster. His laughter had interrupted Zhou Hou's speech.

Qin Yu's eyes suddenly turned lightning-like. He looked straight at Zhou Huo. "A mere Heavenly Deity? Could it be that you believe yourself to be extremely grandeur? Furthermore, stop saying Li'er is the Thunder Punishment City's daughter-in-law every time you open your mouth. Li'er is my wife, she is the wife that I have officially married. Furthermore, she is also pregnant with my child!"

Qin Yu pointed at the five people of the Thunder Punishment City. "You of the Thunder Punishment City, listen carefully. From today on, do not mention that Li'er is the daughter-in-law of your Thunder Punishment City. If I hear that one more time, then… do not blame me for being merciless."

Zhou Huo was still keeping his calm. However, Zhou Xian beside him had already grown completely red with anger.

"Qin Yu, Li'er is my wife. This was something presented over by all the Godkings in the Sage Emperor's Palace and then publicly announced to the world. You dare to boast shamelessly here, I…" Zhou Xian wanted to attack. However, once he thought of Qin Yu's strength, he was unable to continue his speech.

At this moment, the handsome youth beside Zhou Huo, Zhou Ran, immediately bowed and said. "Eldest Uncle, this Qin Yu repeatedly insulted our Thunder Punishment City and even dared to speak words of being merciless. Truly ridiculous. This nephew wishes to handle the task of putting some order into this crazy man."

Zhou Huo took a glance at Zhou Ran. He was extremely satisfied.

Zhou Ran was after all a Godking. For a Godking to handle Qin Yu, Zhou Huo believed that Zhou Ran would definitely win. Thus, he immediately said. "Zhou Ran, you are to handle the task of putting some order into this crazy man."

"Yes, Eldest Uncle." Zhou Ran bowed.

"There's a show to watch now." The Asura Godking Luo Fan lightly laughed and then looked at the scene with a smile on his face. The other Godkings were also all using a mentality of 'watching a show' to see everything.

"Li'er, you can just stay to the side and watch." Qin Yu smiled and said.

Jiang Li slightly nodded and cleverly stood to the side. Qin Yu then turned his head around and looked to that Zhou Ran. With his white gown fluttering in the wind, Zhou Ran stood in the air with his hands behind his back. He was quietly waiting for Qin Yu to get ready.

"Have you finished your preparations?" Zhou Ran looked at Qin Yu and said with a light smile. Merely, his gaze was cold.

Qin Yu flipped his hands. A pair of silver gloves appeared. Qin Yu slightly smiled and said. "This pair of gloves are called the 'Snowflake Gloves.' Together, they are a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure."

When Qin Yu crafted seventy three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, one of them was a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, seventy were second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures and three were third-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. This set of Snowflake Gloves were Qin Yu's favorite second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. They possessed the special effect of 'Devouring Soul' and 'Sharpness.' It was a top notch weapon amongst the second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

That Zhou Ran extended his hand. A long sword appeared in his hand.

"This sword is called 'Beheading Worries,' it too is a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure." Zhou Lan said indifferently.


"Qin Yu, where's that spear of yours?" That Zhou Huo suddenly spoke. All those present in the Sage Emperor's Palace back then knew that Qin Yu possessed a spear that was at the very least a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

"You have an even more powerful weapon?" Zhou Ran frowned.

"This set of Snowflake Gloves is more than enough to handle you." Qin Yu lightly smiled.

Zhou Ran who was originally indifferent now had a layer of gloominess covering his face. "Craziness." Zhou Ran pointed to Qin Yu. Suddenly, the space surrounding Qin Yu was completely frozen.

Spatial Sealing!

The reason why Godkings were able to easily kill High Level Heavenly Deities was because of the powerfulness of their spatial laws. They were capable of imprisoning their opponent and even tearing them apart.

"Mn?" The Asura Godking who was watching from the side started to frown in suspicion. As for Jiang Li, she had started to become a bit worried.

Zhou Xian who was watching this scene from afar had a trace of ruthlessness within his eyes.

"Rip!" Zhou Ran who had a cold and indifferent appearance softly said this word.

The space surrounding Qin Yu started to shatter like glass. As for Qin Yu… he had suddenly disappeared while the space surrounding him was shattering.


"Not good." Zhou Ran who originally had a cold and indifferent expression suddenly took a huge change in his expression. His first reaction was to directly teleport away from where he was.


Zhou Ran felt a scorching pain in his arm. Blood started to flow out from his arm. Qin Yu was currently standing at where Zhou Ran originally stood.

"Your reaction is pretty fast." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"You know teleportation?" Zhou Ran found this hard to believe.

The various Godkings who surrounded them and were watching this scene were also shocked. Teleportation was a remarkable ability that only Godkings possessed. How did a High Level Heavenly Deity know teleportation?"

"Qin Yu, when you teleported from the Sage Emperor's Palace, could it be that there wasn't another Godking helping you?" Zhou Ran said with a frown. Zhou Ran had also heard of Qin Yu disappearing from the Sage Emperor's Palace.

However, all of those Sage Emperors had thought that Qin Yu had a hidden Godking helping him.

"When did I say such a thing?" Qin Yu lightly smiled. "It's merely the guess of you all who believe yourselves to be infallible!"

Qin Yu's gaze indifferently swept over the several people from the Thunder Punishment City. When he saw Zhou Xian who was displaying an gaze of bitter resentment, Qin Yu lightly laughed and said. "Coward."

Zhou Xian's expression changed.

However, at the moment when Qin Yu's gaze was on Zhou Xian, Zhou Ran had suddenly disappeared. He was taking advantage of the time when Qin Yu was not taking note of him to teleport and attack!

"This is precisely the moment that I waited for." Qin Yu's Spatial Energy covered the surroundings the entire time. How could the movements of Zhou Ran possibly escape him?

"Woosh!" That Beheading Worries Sword appeared in thin air. It also instantly pierced through Qin Yu's head. Only after that did Zhou Ran's body appear.

Zhou Ran had a confident smile on his face. However, in an instant, his expression took a huge change.


A hand unexpectedly appeared above Zhou Ran's head. Furthermore, this hand ruthlessly smacked down on his head. Right after Zhou Ran's skull was cracked apart, the alarmed Zhou Ran immediately teleported away.

As for Qin Yu's body that was pierced through by Zhou Ran's sword, it had dissipated like a burst of mist. Actually, when Zhou Ran pierced through Qin Yu's skull, he had felt that something was off. It did not gave him the sensation of piercing through a skull at all. Instead, the sensation was that of piercing through the air. Only at that moment did he wake up with a startle that it was Qin Yu's afterimage!

However, by then he was too late.

Qin Yu turned around and looked to Zhou Huo. At this moment, Zhou Ran was currently beside Zhou Huo. Furthermore, his complexion was deathly pale.

"How did you know that I launched an attack? Impossible. Your Divine Awareness had not been dispersed at all. Furthermore, your eyes were also not on me. How did you know that I had teleported?" The deathly pale Zhou Ran was firmly staring at Qin Yu. It seemed as if he was hoping for an explanation from Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled indifferently.

How could others possibly imagine that he possessed the Spatial Energy of the New Cosmos?

"Just because you cannot accomplish it, it does not mean that others cannot accomplish it either!" Qin Yu said with a light smile. "You've received a palm strike from me. I believe your soul ought to have received serious damage, right? I reckon that unless you recover for ten thousand years, it would be impossible for you to fight again."

Zhou Ran coldly humphed and then said no more.

Killing a Godking level expert was extremely hard to accomplish. That was because the Godkings were capable of teleportation. When they encountered dangers, they were able to teleport to escape.

However, even though it was hard to kill them, one could still heavily injure them.

For example, the Devouring Soul and Sharpness special effects that Qin Yu's Snowflake Gloves possessed. When Zhou Ran's head received the palm strike from Qin Yu, his soul was attacked.

The soul was extremely special. If one wished to recover one's injured soul, one would naturally recover it through using time, use some rare medicines or ask the 'Godking of Life' for help.

"Clap, clap!" The Asura Godking was smiling as he clapped. "Brilliant, Marvelous. There had not been any sign of the birth of a Godking in this period of time. This showed that Qin Yu is still not a Godking. However, a High Level Heavenly Deity was able to teleport and even defeat a Godking. Rare, truly rare!"

Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 10 – Zhou Tong

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Godkings standing in the skies above the Eastern Sea began to look at Qin Yu with complicated gazes. For a High Level Heavenly Deity to be able to teleport and even defeat a Godking, this was truly something unimaginable.

"This Zhou Ran ought to belong to the lowest Godking level. Defeating him cannot amount to much." Qin Yu lightly said.

All the Godkings present, including even the Asura Godking, were stunned.

Those words were truly too crazy.

There was indeed a difference in strength among Godkings, and the lowest level Godkings were those who only managed to obtain complete control of the spatial laws and still didn't know anything about the temporal laws. For example, Zhou Ran and Duanmu Yu…

The Godkings a level above that were those who had a slight comprehension of Time Acceleration.

As for the level above that, those were the Godkings who comprehended a higher level of the temporal laws, the Time Stop. For example, the strongest Godking, the Asura Godking, belonged to this level.

As for the level above that… where they comprehended the Time Reversal, they would no longer be considered as Godkings anymore. Instead, they would be Exalted Celestials!

The majority of the Godkings were all in the level of Time Acceleration. However, even within this level, the achievements of each Godking were different from one another.

Those who were weak could only accelerate time by ten times or a hundred times. As for those who were strong, they could accelerate time by ten thousand times or even greater… The difference between the level of Time Acceleration also caused a great gap between the Godkings when they battle.

That Blood Demon Queen started to delicately laugh. "Defeating an elementary Godking doesn't amount to much. Those are well spoken words. Well spoken."

The Four Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City were all displaying extremely ugly expressions.

"Brother Yu." At this moment, Jiang Li had flown over to Qin Yu. Her gaze was filled with happiness. Jiang Li knew Qin Yu's strength pretty well.

She knew that her husband had not even taken out the Divine Spear Waning Snow or used his clone. Clearly, Qin Yu still possessed energy left over.

For Qin Yu to be this powerful, how could Jiang Li not be proud, not be happy?

"Ran'er, are you alright?" The Thunder Nightmare Godking Zhou Wulian of the Thunder Punishment City's Four Great Godkings asked quietly. Zhou Ran was precisely Zhou Wulian's son.

Zhou Ran's complexion was still deathly pale. "Father, that Qin Yu's gloves possesses the special effect of 'Devouring Soul.' Once it attacks one's body, it'll damage one's soul."

Zhou Wulian slightly nodded.

"Big brother." Zhou Wulian looked at Zhou Huo. He said indifferently. "We must recognize that this Qin Yu already possesses the strength of Godkings. He managed to injure Ran'er, thus, allow me to handle him."

"Third Brother, for that lowly Qin Yu, there is no need for you to take care of him. I would be more than enough." The Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong spoke.

Of the Thunder Punishment City's Four Great Godkings, in terms of their own strength, the strongest was actually the Thunder Nightmare Godking Zhou Wulian. Zhou Huo had once sparred against Zhou Wulian with his Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure. However, even when using the Clan Protection Spiritual Treasure, Zhou Huo was only able to barely be a level above Zhou Wulian.

In terms of the comprehension of Time Acceleration, this Zhou Wulian was said to have reached the peak level.

"Third brother, just have second brother go and handle that Qin Yu." Zhou Huo said with a light laughter. He too believed that if Zhou Wulian were to come out to handle Qin Yu, then it would be the same as using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Furthermore, the Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong was also extremely powerful. He was more than enough in handling Qin Yu!

"Then I shall trouble second brother." Zhou Wulian said to Zhou Tong.

Zhou Tong nodded. He then turned around and looked to Qin Yu and shouted angrily. "Little boy Qin Yu, allow this Zhou Tong to teach you a lesson."

That Zhou Tong's voice engulfed the space like a wave. The space before Qin Yu started to shatter. Qin Yu immediately teleported Jiang Li away to a distant place. He himself also teleported away from this attack.

"Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong ought to have some comprehension of the temporal laws, right?" Qin Yu started to focus. He too had became careful. His Spatial Energy completely surrounded Zhou Tong and was observing his every movement.

Temporal Laws!

This was the first time that Qin Yu fought against a Godking that used Time Acceleration. Having sparred against Hei Yu, Qin Yu knew very well of how frightening the attack power of 'Time Acceleration' was!

"Prepare to die." Zhou Tong's expression turned cold. At the same time, Zhou Tong had disappeared.

Qin Yu's first reaction was to directly move away ten meters to the side. Zhou Tong's fist with flickering lightning appeared at the place where Qin Yu used to be.


The space in the location that was attacked had completely collapsed. With that place as the center, the surrounding space was actually caving in. In an instant, the attack arrived before Qin Yu. Qin Yu immediately teleported to evade.

"This attack, its might is pretty powerful." Qin Yu thought in his heart.


Before Qin Yu could react, Zhou Tong had already arrived before Qin Yu. His lightning flickering eyes were firmly fixed upon Qin Yu.


The speed of his fist was so fast that it greatly surpassed Qin Yu's imagination. "Teleport!" As if it was a reflex, Qin Yu immediately teleported. However, Qin Yu's stomach had already been burned and wounded.

"What speed." Qin Yu began to feel tense. This Zhou Tong's teleportation was fast enough to match Qin Yu's reaction speed. Qin Yu knew very well… that Zhou Tong must've placed Time Acceleration on himself.

"Calm down, calm down." Qin Yu tried his hardest to control himself.


That malevolent face once again appeared before Qin Yu. Qin Yu's eyes immediately started to shine and his right hand turned into a knife strike. He chopped his hand downward. However, his attack speed, even at the peak, was still ten thousand times slower than Zhou Tong's!

What sort of concept was being ten thousand times slower?

It meant that when Qin Yu first started to attack, his opponent's attack had already reached his body.


At the moment when Qin Yu received the attack, he began to smile bitterly in his heart. "Teleportation!" Qin Yu knew that only through constant teleportation would he be able to not be trampled upon to a too miserable state.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" ….

Rumbles continued to sound. Wherever Zhou Tong's fist went, the space there was completely destroyed and then caved in. As for Qin Yu, he was frantically teleporting.

"No wonder it's very hard to kill a Godking." Qin Yu gasped in his heart. "Those Godkings who know how to teleport, their ability in escaping is too amazing."

At this moment, Qin Yu was able to sense the might of teleportation in saving one's life.

Even when his opponent was attacking with over ten thousand times faster than him, he was still able to escape with teleportation.

However, Qin Yu didn't know that… Zhou Tong being able to accelerate time by ten thousand times could only be considered as being ordinary among the Godkings. If it was the Thunder Nightmare Godking Zhou Wulian who fought him he would likely be able to accelerate the time by a million times in an instant. When that happens, it would become hard for Qin Yu to escape, even when using teleportation.

Actually, not only Zhou Wulian, even Jiang Lan and the Blood Demon Queen Yu Cha were capable of accomplishing this. As for the Asura Godking, he was even capable of Time Stop!

"It would seem that there are some abilities of mine that cannot be hidden any longer." Qin Yu sighed in his heart.


The flow of time in the space surrounding Qin Yu changed. In an instant, Qin Yu had increased the speed of his surrounding by a thousand times.

Time Acceleration!

That's right!

When the New Cosmos' Mortal Realm was still in a developing phase, its spatial laws were already formed. As for the temporal laws, they were still not completed yet. Back then, Qin Yu was only capable of using the Spatial Energy and not the Temporal Energy at all.


Currently, the Mortal Realm had finished forming and the temporal laws were also completed. Once the temporal laws were completed, Qin Yu naturally also became able to use a portion of the Temporal Energy.

Time Acceleration!

This was precisely the other remarkable ability given to Qin Yu by the Mortal Realm!


Qin Yu's right fist collided upon Zhou Tong's right fist. Zhou Tong felt as if his fist had been pierced by a countless number of needles.

As for Qin Yu, he too felt as if his right fist had been struck numb by lightning.

"Eh?" Zhou Tong looked to Qin Yu in shock.

He was not shocked by Qin Yu's attack power. Instead, he was shocked… because this Qin Yu's attack speed was able to barely match his.

At this moment, Qin Yu had increased the time in his surrounding by a thousand times. The difference between his Time Acceleration and Zhou Tong's Time Acceleration was only ten times. With a gap of only ten times, Qin Yu was currently able to cope with it.

"It seemed that the show got more marvelous!"

The Godkings that were watching in the surrounding were all shocked to see this scene. This Qin Yu's attack speed actually soared to a thousand times faster in an instant and firmly blocked Zhou Tong's attack.

"How is that possible?" Zhou Xian had his eyes wide open.

Qin Yu and Zhou Tong continued to collide fists. Neither one of them bothered to use Spatial Sealing. That was because they both knew that the other person had the ability of teleportation.

"I'm going to stop wasting time now."

Qin Yu cast a glance at the surrounding Godkings that were currently in shock. A cold grin appeared on his face.


Qin Yu's fist once again collided with Zhou Tong's fist. The space immediately shattered into countless amount of fragments. However, at this moment, suddenly another man appeared behind Zhou Tong… it was a cyan gowned Qin Yu!

Seeing this, those several people from the Thunder Punishment City all grew nervous. Zhou Huo immediately sent a Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Second brother, look out.."

However, it was too late. Before Zhou Tong heard Zhou Huo's voice transmission, he was attacked by the cyan gowned Qin Yu.


His palm firmly smacked into Zhou Tong's defenseless skull. Right when the palm landed on Zhou Tong's skull, he was immediately roused. He quickly teleported and disappeared.

Zhou Tong reappeared beside Zhou Xian.

"Pff!" A mouthful of black blood was spurt out from Zhou Tong's mouth. His entire body was radiating a dark black color. His face appeared to have been smeared by a layer of black mist.

Zhou Tong looked at the black gowned and cyan gowned Qin Yu's with an expression of disbelief. His gaze was then fixed upon the cyan gowned Qin Yu. "That's the Coldmist Attack characteristic of the Jade Ripple Lake!"

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