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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 11 – Looking at the Various Godkings While Sitting

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Jade Ripple Lake was one of the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm. The bloodline of the Eight Great Divine Families were extremely mystical. For example, the Utmost Western Region's Mount Blazing Flames was extremely proficient in using fire attribute energy and the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold was extremely proficient in using the metal property energy.

As for the Southwestern Region's Jade Ripple Lake, they were proficient in the water attribute energy!

As for the Coldmist Air, it was the peak of water attribute energy!

Back then, the golden bead was capable of freezing the soul. As for Qin Yu's clone, it was created through the fusion of the golden bead and the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus's lotus core, two great water property Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Its offensive power was much stronger than even the golden bead, and the attack of the soul that the Coldmist Air had was even more astonishing. For Zhou Tong to receive this attack, he would naturally be seriously injured!

This battlefield had grown extremely quiet.

Qin Yu actually managed to defeat Zhou Tong. Zhou Tong was not an elementary Godking like Zhou Ran, he was a Godking who was somewhat proficient in Time Acceleration.

"A High Level Heavenly Deity actually could teleport and even managed to defeat a Godking who has comprehended a portion of the temporal law. How is this possible?" Zhou Xian was completely unconvinced.

At this moment, Zhou Xian felt that all of this was truly too unfair.

Why was it that a nobody from the Mortal Realm was now capable of defeating even Godkings?! Why was it that a nobody from back then had now grown to a state where he could look down upon him?

"Imperial Father." Zhou Xian looked at Zhou Huo.

At this moment, Zhou Huo was frowning while staring at the cyan gowned Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, wasn't your clone already destroyed by me through my Spatial Destruction?" Zhou Huo suddenly spoke. He clearly remembered what had occurred in the Sage Emperor's Palace.

"You actually believed that my clone would be destroyed by a mere Spatial Destruction? You are truly one who believes himself to be infallible." Qin Yu lightly laughed. At the same time, Qin Yu's body moved and teleported over to Jiang Li.

Hearing Qin Yu's words, Zhou Huo's expression changed. Killing intention flashed through his eyes.

"Brother Zhou Hou, could it be that you wanted to continue to fight Qin Yu one after another to tire him out?" The Asura Godking, Luo Fan, lightly laughed. Zhou Huo immediately started to frown. He looked at the Asura Godking Luo Fan.

"Brother Luo, you too have seen the strength of this Qin Yu. He is definitely a Godking level expert. Furthermore, he defeated two of our Thunder Punishment City's Godkings in succession. Are you suggesting that our Thunder Punishment City should just sit and watch and do nothing about this? Moreover, this Qin Yu seems to not have been injured." Zhou Huo looked at Qin Yu.

To experts, as long as their soul was unharmed, the other injuries could all be disregarded.

"Haha, Zhou Huo, what you said was very reasonable."

The black gowned Qin Yu suddenly started to laugh out loud. As for the cyan gowned Qin Yu, he suddenly dissipated like a bust of mist. No one was able to see the cyan gowned Qin Yu anymore.

"The Thunder Punishment City has a total of Four Great Godkings. I have currently defeated two of them already. If the remaining two wish to challenge me, I welcome them at any time." Qin Yu lightly smiled and said.

Qin Yu's tone of speech was extremely proud and lofty.

"Qin Yu, don't you act so arrogant." Zhou Xian, who had already reached the limit of his anger, suddenly shouted.

The Blood Demon Queen Yu Cha shot a side-eye glance at Zhou Xian. She sneered and said. "Brother Zhou Huo, there is a whole bunch of Godkings gathered here. A lot of the Godkings here did not even speak, yet your son actually cut into the conversation. Could it be that he doesn't know about the seniority of status here?"

Zhou Huo started to frown.

"Haha…" Many of the Godkings present started to laugh. They also glanced at Zhou Xian. At this moment, amongst all of the people present on the airspace above the Eastern Sea, Zhou Xian was indeed the person with the lowest status. Although Qin Yu was not a Godking, his strength had already obtained the recognition of everyone present.

Zhou Huo also felt embarrassed.

"Xian'er." Zhou Huo took a glance at Zhou Xian. Zhou Xian understood what his father's intention was and could only bear his anger, stand beside Zhou Huo and say no more.

At the scene, the Three Ascender Powers had banded together. As for the Eight Great Sacred Lands, Mount Dazzling Gold and the Subterranean City were merely watching passively from the sidelines. As for the remaining Five Sacred Lands, they were all looking at the Thunder Punishment City.

"Brother Jiang Fan, this Jiang Li is your daughter, what do you think we should do?" At this moment, Zhou Huo decided to involve Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan who had been silent the entire time ended up flying over to Zhou Huo. He then looked at Qin Yu and Jiang Li. His gaze even stopped for a moment when it reached Jiang Li's stomach. Only then did he stare at Jiang Li and said softly. "Li'er, return with me."

"No." Determined, Jiang Li shook her head.

"Jiang Fan, what do you plan to do?!" Qin Yu's voice that contained anger started to sound. Qin Yu was resentful toward this Jiang Fan the entire time. During the groom search, Qin Yu believed that he had done everything to perfection. Regardless of which aspect it was, they could all considered as having done to the peak level.

However, what happened in the end?

This Jiang Fan still chose Zhou Xian. He even said that Zhou Xian's betrothal gift was better than his.

"Qin Yu, what you did, I have yet to even settle the bill with you." A cold light shined through Jiang Fan's eyes. He coldly stared at Qin Yu. "Right now, I am speaking with my daughter. You go to the side and be quiet. Remember, Jiang Li is my daughter!"

At this moment, Jiang Fan's had increased his manner of imposingness.

Jiang Li's expression was extremely complicated.

"Li'er, don't worry, no one is able to snatch you away from me." Qin Yu said softly. Jiang Li lightly nodded her head. She had calmed down a bit.

Qin Yu turned around and looked at Jiang Fan.

He then looked to Zhou Xian. Suddenly, he sneered. "Zhou Xian, Jiang Fan, haha… laughable, truly laughable."

"What are you laughing about?" Jiang Fan frowned.

At this moment, Jiang Fan also felt extremely uncomfortable. That was because from the expression that Jiang Li had displayed earlier, it clearly showed that she listens to Qin Yu and defied him, her father.

"What am I laughing about?" Qin Yu's right hand was holding Jiang Li's hand. As for his left hand, he used it to point at Jiang Fan and Zhou Xian. "The two of you, one says that he's Li'er's father and the other wants to be Li'er's husband." Saying to this point, Qin Yu's heart was filled with anger.

After all, Jiang Fan had publicly announced that Li'er was Zhou Xian's wife.

This was what Qin Yu was most angry toward.

"Jiang Fan, when you selected your son-in-law, you selected that Zhou Xian. I wish to ask, have you ever thought of your daughter's opinion during the time when you chose him?" Qin Yu looked straight at Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan was stunned. He became speechless.

Qin Yu then looked at Zhou Xian. "Zhou Xian, you participated in the groom search and wished to become Li'er's husband. However… do you truly love Li'er? Could you give up a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure for Li'er? Are you willing to let it go?"

Zhou Xian's expression immediately turned ugly.

Before all these Godkings, Zhou Xian did not have the confidence to lie.

"Humph. A father that doesn't even consider his daughter's opinion in her own marriage and a man who wished to marry a wife just to become a Godking. Jiang Fan, do you still have the face to act all high when speaking now? Zhou Xian, do you still have the face to shout and quarrel with me? Moreover, Li'er has officially married me and is also pregnant with my child. She is my wife, understand?"

Qin Yu gazed through Zhou Xian and Jiang Fan's faces.

Both Jiang Fan and Zhou Xian had grown angry after being said such by Qin Yu. However, although they were angry, they were incapable of refuting him.

"Li'er, they are flustered and exasperated. You should return first… I'll come join you in a bit." Qin Yu said to Li'er. Jiang Li also knew that she would only make Qin Yu unable to concentrate with her being here.

"Brother Yu, you be careful too."

Qin Yu nodded. With an intention from him, Jiang Li disappeared.

"Don't worry. I'll be here today. Whoever among you who wishes to challenge me, come away. Even if you wish to fight me in succession to tire me, I would still happily accept the challenge. Of course… if you all are truly unable to resist me and shamelessly try to attack me in group, I would still deal with you all to my best." Qin Yu waved his sleeve and then a deck chair appeared in the middle of the air.

Just like that, Qin Yu sat down on the chair and smiled as he looked at the various Godkings present.

Even though the Godkings had encircled him, Qin Yu was still sitting there and smiling at them. He was not worried in the slightest. Merely this sort of bearing and courage had caused many Godkings to admire him in their hearts.

Jiang Fan lowly exhaled to resist the anger within his heart.

Jiang Fan and Zhou Hou beside him glanced at each other. The both of them managed to sense the turn of the situation. Now that Qin Yu had sat down like this, what should they do?

"Brother Zhou Huo, how shall we deal with this Qin Yu now?" Said Jiang Fan via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. At this moment, the two of them could only talk via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission because they did not dare to speak out loud.

Zhou Huo was also annoyed.

Never had he imagined, that the Qin Yu, whom he had originally planned to be able to easily exterminate, was actually this thorny. Even his second brother, Zhou Tong, ended up being seriously injured.

"This Qin Yu is truly hard to deal with." Said Zhou Huo via voice transmission. At the same time, he looked at Qin Yu who sat on the chair and was disregarding the various Godkings.

Jiang Fan also agreed. "That Qin Yu has yet to take out his spear. Merely by relying on his clone, he was already able to defeat Zhou Tong. If he were to take out that spear of his, then even if it was me or you who went up to fight him, it would still be extremely difficult for us to defeat him."

Zhou Huo's heart was twitching.

Although what Jiang Fan had said was something that Zhou Huo did not wish to admit, it was nevertheless the truth. Qin Yu was able to defeat Zhou Tong without even using his Divine Spear Waning Snow, the might of his strength was obvious.

"Jiang Fan, say, this Qin Yu is not a Godking at all. Why do you think that he's this powerful?" Zhou Huo's heart was extremely gloomy.

For Qin Yu to be this powerful, it had caused the original plan that Zhou Hou had in handling him to be completely useless. At this moment, Zhou Huo had also been caught unprepared.

Jiang Fan and Zhou Huo was unable to determine what to do. As for the Utmost South Sage Emperor, Utmost West Sage Emperor and them, they naturally would not create troubles for themselves.

Seeing Zhou Huo and Jiang Fan's expression, Qin Yu started to smile. "Sage Emperor? The Sage Emperors with that revered of a status? However, no matter how revered you all are, today I will still oppress you all."

Having hidden in the New Cosmos for so long, Qin Yu had decided to make a grand entrance!

Everything was going exactly as Qin Yu had planned.

Zhou Huo and them did not know about his strength and had only dispatched ordinary Godkings at the beginning. Having been defeated twice in a row, Zhou Huo's side was now in a disadvantaged state.

"Zhou Huo, what are you thinking about? If your Thunder Punishment City do not wish to challenge me, then I shall be taking my leave." Qin Yu said in a clear voice.

The Blood Demon Queen clicked her tongue and praised. "My eyesight is indeed great. This little brother Qin Yu is indeed extraordinary."


The Thunder Punishment City's side continued to be silent the entire time. This caused the several Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City and Jiang Fan to be extremely angry in their heart. However, what could they do?

Fight Qin Yu in succession to tire him out?

Or perhaps shamelessly attack him in group?

"Brother Jiang Fan, do not worry about those things. After all, those Ascender Powers are against us anyway." Zhou Huo said via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "This Qin Yu forcibly snatched away Jiang Li in the Sage Emperor's Palace and then tarnished her. This is a capital offense. As he's a capital offender, why should we bother to waste time and be considerate of him? We should directly join hands and kill him together."

Group attack!

This was Zhou Huo's decision. At the beginning, Zhou Huo had thought that Qin Yu was only a High Level Heavenly Deity. Thus, the method that he had planned to use to deal with Qin Yu also took their faces and reputations into consideration.

However at this moment, Zhou Huo, who had felt the enormous threat that was Qin Yu, no longer cared about his face and reputation anymore. Even if they were to group attack and kill Qin Yu like what they did with the Godking of Life, what of it?

Although Jiang Fan felt that this sort of method was not the best, what else could he possibly do?

"Okay." Jiang Fan agreed,

Zhou Huo slightly nodded. He then looked at Qin Yu. A merciless light flashed through his eyes. In a clear voice, he said. "Qin Yu, the Utmost North Sage Emperor publicly conducted the groom search. The thirteen Godkings judged it together. Regardless of whether the process or the outcome, they were both extremely fair."

Hearing these words, Qin Yu displayed a grim smile on his face.

Fair? They still dared to say it was fair?

Zhou Huo did not care about the others. He suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Qin Yu. "Yet you, Qin Yu…. forcibly snatched away Li'er in the Sage Emperor's Palace and even tried to kill my son, Zhou Xian. And now, you've even tarnished princess Jiang Li and impregnated her! You are guilty of terrible crimes, there is no pardon for you! Today, I…"

"Oh, you're planning to do the same as when you all killed the Godking of Life?" An indifferent voice sounded and interrupted Zhou Huo's speech.

The person who spoke was the Asura Godking, Luo Fan.

Luo Fan shot glance at Zhou Huo. "Zhou Huo, back then, your Eight Great Divine Families were indeed extremely decisive in your method. I didn't even have the time to come and save Zuo Qiumei. Yet today, I am present at the scene. Yet you still want to do a group attack? Haha…"

Luo Fan's loud laughter sounded.

"Haha…" His laughter echoed through the heaven and earth. Zhou Huo coldly humphed. However, right after he humphed, his voice stopped.

The wind had frozen. Even the movement of space had frozen. The entire space had become frozen.

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