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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 4 – Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, Kulops and Robin

Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. In the Immortal Realm's Burning Sun Galaxy. On the Virtue Residence Star.

In the surroundings of the Virtue Residence Star's City, was a winding mountain range that appeared like a gigantic wave rolling through the earth. This mountain range belonged to the Qin Clan.

Qin Clan.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Qin Clan was an extremely mysterious clan. Regardless of whether it were the Demon Realm, the Immortal Realm or the Devil Realm, the leaders of these three Realms were all extremely friendly toward the Qin Clan. Furthermore, the Qin Clan itself possessed a very frightening amount of strength. Especially those 'house pets' that Qin Yu had rescued back then. Almost every single one of them possessed astonishing strength.

On a lone mountain peak sat two youngster across from each other. The two of them were drinking wine and chatting.

Of these two youngsters, the one with a gentle aura wore a black gown with golden borders. The other youth had an earth-yellow colored gown and was displaying a domineering aura. These two people were precisely Qin Yu's second brother and big brother.

"Big brother, I've heard that our Qin Clan's little genius has already managed to break through the Golden Immortal Stage and become a level one Immortal Emperor. " Qin Zheng who had a slight smile on his face was holding his wine cup as he said.

Qin Feng smiled and said. "You're talking about Little Nan right? That kid is indeed pretty good."

"However…" Qin Feng suddenly sighed. "In terms of being a genius, Little Nan's cultivation speed is a lot slower than our third brother Little Yu's. "

With the topic turned to Qin Yu, Qin Zheng also sighed. "Little Yu has already ascended to the Divine Realm. With the aptitude that the two of us possess, I reckon that it would be very hard for us to even reach the Immortal Emperor stage, much less ascending to the Divine Realm. I truly wonder when we would be able to see Little Yu again."

"Ever since he left that day, I began to think that the next time for us to see each other would be so far away that it would appear to be forever." Qin Feng raised his head and looked to the sky.

The two of them both possessed pretty decent strength. They were both capable of seeing through the skies of the Virtue Residence Star and see the boundless outer space. However, what use was there for them to be able to see the outer space? They were unable to see to the Divine Realm and their blood brother Qin Yu!

"Eh." Qin Feng suddenly gasped in surprise. He stared to the sky above him.

Qin Zheng was also staring into the sky. He even blinked his eyes a couple times and was carefully observing.

Two rays of golden light streaked across the vast sky. In the blink of an eye, the two rays of golden light had arrived on the lone mountain peak. These two golden lights turned into two men.

Qin Feng and Qin Zheng were dumbstruck as they looked at the people who had arrived.

"Second brother, am I dreaming?" Qin Feng said to Qin Zheng while being stunned. Qin Zheng's two eyes were also firmly fixed upon Qin Yu. "I am also not sure if we are dreaming either."

"Could it be that someone had deliberately changed their appearance to Little Yu's?" Qin Feng mumbled. "However, why is it that his aura resembled Little Yu's that much. And those eyes…"

"Big brother, second brother!" The person who arrived opened his mouth.

"Little Yu." Qin Feng was the first to rush forward. He tightly hugged Qin Yu right away. "Really you, since you left, you've been gone for over ten thousand years. You still remember about coming back?" Although he was happily scolding, Qin Feng's eyes were somewhat moist.

When they separated that day, practically everyone had thought that it would be extremely hard for them to see each other again.

It was so much that many people had entrusted Qin Nan to help relay some messages that they wanted to tell Qin Yu if he managed to see Qin Yu after he ascends to the Divine Realm in the future.

"Little Yu, you've actually returned." Qin Zheng was also so excited that his face had turned slightly red.

"Come, quickly, let's return." Qin Zheng suddenly said. "Once our Royal Father knows of your return, he'll definitely be extremely happy. Quickly, let's go see our Royal Father."

Qin Yu also repeatedly nodded.

The feeling of being together with his relatives was truly comfortable. It was like a lonely little boat that had been drifting through the sea had finally safely docked.

Jiang Lan was also smiling as he watched this scene from the side.

At this moment, he was envious of Qin Yu.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, Qin Yu did not fear being discovered by the Godkings. After all, the Godkings were only capable of at the very most searching the entire Divine Realm with their Divine Awareness. If they wished to search a different space, they must first teleport to the cosmic space first.

In the Qin Mansion's main hall.

Numerous tables were placed around the main hall. Several hundred people were gathered there. Practically all of them were from the Qin Clan. Other than inside the main hall, there were also a lot of tables set up in the open outside of the main hall.

"Set up a feast for celebration!" This what what Qin De ordered his servants the moment he saw Qin Yu.

In all these years, Qin De had never been as happy as he was today. Qin Yu had told Qin De roughly what had happened in the Divine Realm after he returned.

Although he knew that Qin Yu's circumstances might bring him various dangers, Qin De was still extremely happy.

The Qin Clansmen all knew that Qin Yu was a person who had ascended to the Divine Realm. However, for him to be able to return to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, oh what an astonishing matter it was.

Those Qin Clansmen began to admire Qin Yu even more greatly in their hearts.

After the feast, Qin Yu gathered with the most important members of the Qin Clan which included Qin De, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Feng Yuzi and Qin Nan.

"Royal Father, you now all know what has happened in the Divine Realm. I'm sorry. If you all wanted to go to the Divine Realm, at the very least it would not be possible right now." Qin Yu apologized.

Qin Feng's grandson Qin Nan had also become a handsome youth.

"Third grandfather, those Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm are truly despicable. What is there for us to go to the Divine Realm for now? In the past, I had even yearned for the Divine Realm. However, now that I heard about it from you, it turned out that after ascending to the Divine Realm, I'll have to become a miner. Furthermore, living there is much more miserable than living in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. I'm not going. Even if I am invited to the Divine Realm, I would still refuse to go." Qin Nan said repeatedly.

"Little Nan, the adults are speaking, don't interrupt." Qin Feng said in a low voice.

Qin De started to laugh. "Although Little Nan's words were a bit too straightforward, they were still very reasonable. Originally, I too was yearning for that mysterious Divine Realm. I had imagined it to be a miraculous and beautiful place. However, it would appear now…" As he said that, Qin De shook his head.

"Little Yu, in that Sage Emperor's Palace that you spoke of, I approve of what you did." Qin De said with a smile. "As for going to that cosmic space of yours, I had also thought about it. How about this… of those from our Qin Clan that are willing to go shall come with me. If they do not wish to go, then have them continue to stay here."

"Everything shall proceed according to Royal Father's desire." Qin Yu nodded and said.

Actually, the Qin Clan's days in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm were relatively relaxed. The majority of them did not possess the ability to ascend to the Divine Realm. In the end, many of them had decided to go to Qin Yu's cosmic space.

New Cosmos. On the Purple Mystic Star.

Over two hundred Qin Clansmen appeared in sky above the Purple Mystic Star. These Qin Clansmen were all shocked as they looked at the Purple Mystic Star.

"Have we returned to the Mortal Realm?" Many of them were astonished.

"This is another cosmic space. This planet is created by the Utmost Supreme Third Elder. Its appearance is exactly the same as our hometown. Merely, there are not many people here." Qin Zheng said with a light smile.


Those Qin Clansmen were all shocked speechless: "The legendary Utmost Supreme Third Elder is truly too amazing. Created, created…"

It was easy to destroy but hard to create.

Especially when creating a planet. In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, none of them had ever thought about such a thing.

The Qin Clansmen had arrived here for several days now. As for Qin Yu and Li'er's marriage, it too was being prepared amongst nervousness and excitement.

The moonlight appeared like water. Under the moonlight, Qin Yu and Li'er were snuggling with, and looking at, each other.

"Li'er, these couple days, has it been awkward for you to chat with my Qin Clan's younger generations?" Qin Yu said with a smile.

Qin Yu knew very well that the Qin Clansmen held him, the Utmost Supreme Third Elder, in great adoration. Thus, those Qin Clansmen would definitely be extremely curious of Jiang Li who was about to marry Qin Yu.

Jiang Li smiled and nodded her head. "It's not bad. I already got to know your Royal Father, big brother and second brother back during the time on the Mortal Realm. Thus, I am not extremely reserved either."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li suddenly said to Qin Yu. "Are we really going to marry in three days?"

Qin Yu straightened Jiang Li's beautiful hair. With a smile, he said. "Didn't you already know about our marriage that's about to occur in three days? Why? Did you become timid now?"

"A bit." Jiang Li said quietly.

"That's very normal. Actually, I too am a bit nervous." Qin Yu smiled and said.

"You're nervous?" Jiang Li raised her head and took a glance at Qin Yu. Her nose started to crease.

"If you don't believe me, try listening to my heartbeat." Qin Yu said in a jokingly manner. Jiang Li actually did it. She deliberately placed her ears on Qin Yu's chest.


The two of them had grown quiet.

Qin Yu was feeling Jiang Li's body's temperature. He raised his head and looked to the sky. His heart was currently in an extremely complicated state. Qin Yu knew very well that as long as Li'er was with him, she would not care about where she was.

However, what about Hou Fei and Hei Yu? What about his Qin Clansmen?

Furthermore, what about the future child between him and Li'er?

Is he to have his child forever hide in his cosmic space and never come out? To hide for eternity? This was something that Qin Yu refused to allow to happen.

"For my Royal Father and them, for my Qin Clan's younger generation, for Fei Fei and Xiao Hei, and for my and Li'er's child… no matter what, I have to truly confront those Sage Emperors. No matter what, I must open up a place for them in the Divine Realm."

Qin Yu thought in his heart.

At this moment, he felt the sense of responsibility. Although Li'er did not request him to do that, he was unable to forgive himself if he didn't.

"Divine Realm, I must still return back to the Divine Realm." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

The Divine Realm, that was the battlefield that belonged to Qin Yu and the Godkings!

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