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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 5 – Wedding Night

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Lightning bolts the thickness of an arm were drifting through the entire space like chains linking through the heaven and earth. This entire space was filled with electric snakes. On the city walls of the city that floated in the center of this field of lightning stood two men.

"Second Uncle, did you search the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm yet?" Zhou Xian asked the tall and thin man beside him with an anxious tone.

This tall and thin man was one of the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, the Thunder Martial Godking, Zhou Tong. Among the Godkings, he could be considered as an extremely powerful one.

Since Qin Yu suddenly disappeared, the various Godkings of the Divine Realm was unable to find him. Thus, they naturally began to suspect that Qin Yu might've hidden himself in some lower realm's cosmic spaces. As Zhou Xian knew that Qin Yu originated from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, he naturally became more suspicious that Qin Yu might be in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"Xian'er, I've gone to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm to search. There is no aura of Qin Yu in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Nor is there Jiang Li's aura." Zhou Tong had a cold expression. "However, Xian'er, you do not have to worry. That Qin Yu actually dared to disregard out Thunder Punishment City and snatch our daughter-in-law publicly, our Thunder Punishment City will not forgive him regardless of what happens."

"That's right, we cannot forgive him regardless of what happens." Zhou Xian said after him.

The Thunder Punishment City was the most otherworldly amongst the Divine Realm's Eight Great Sacred Lands. Since ancient times, there were no powers that dared to disrespect the Thunder Punishment City. Yet Qin Yu, not only did he dare to openly disrespect the Northwest Sage Emperor on the Sage Emperor's Palace, he even snatched away the Thunder Punishment City's daughter-in-law. This 'slap in the face' to the Thunder Punishment City was extremely loud.

The Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City, not a single one of them would endure this anger.

"Xian'er, I plan to go search the other cosmic spaces and see if Qin Yu is hiding within those." The Thunder Martial Godking Zhou Tong said that and then disappeared from the city walls.

Zhou Xian immediately bowed.

After Zhou Tong left, Zhou Xian continued to stand on top of the city walls alone. He quietly looked at the endless amount of thunder and lightning surrounding the Thunder Punishment City.

"Ah!" Zhou Xian suddenly started to tightly clench his fists. Thunder and lightning were violently flickering through his eyes. His low shout was gradually dissipated amongst the thunder.

He, Zhou Xian, was a High Level Heavenly Deity that was second only to the Godkings and also the prince of the Thunder Punishment City. His status was so revered…In the Divine Realm, he was also a top echelon character.

However, his reputation had now been ruined. After all, according to what the Eight Great Sage Emperors had announced to the public, Jiang Li ought to be Zhou Xian's wife. Yet, his wife was snatched away by Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu!" Zhou Xian was groaning in his mind.

Less than twenty thousand years ago, Qin Yu was merely a nobody from the Mortal Realm. He was someone that Zhou Xian could easily crush to death with a step. However, in merely the blink of an eye, once he didn't pay attention… the Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm were actually unable to catch him even when they worked together.

He, Zhou Xian, had become a complete loser.

"That spear." Zhou Xian still remembered Qin Yu's spear that was thrust at him with the intent to kill. "Had it not been for the life protection treasure that grandfather gave me, then I reckon that I'd already be dead. That Qin Yu, he's truly powerful."

Before Qin Yu, Zhou Xian had already become someone without even the power to fight back.

"In less than twenty thousand years, the difference in the strength between him and I has been completely reversed." Zhou Xian felt a burst of humiliation. "He definitely has to be captured, definitely." The muscles by corner of Zhou Xian's eyes were twitching.

Suddenly, Zhou Xian's eyes shined.

"That's right, Qin Yu's relatives. No, that won't do. Imperial Father and them would definitely not agree to involve Qin Yu's relatives." Zhou Xian shook his head.

He knew very well that the Four Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City were all very proud. Otherwise, they would not chase after to kill Qin Yu all over the world yet not touch Qin Yu's relatives at all.


Zhou Xian's eyes suddenly shined again. He then turned into a ray of light and flew toward the barracks of the Thunder Punishment City. In a blink of an eye, Zhou Xian had arrived before a High Level Heavenly Deity.

"Your Highness." Upon seeing Zhou Xian, this High Level Heavenly Deity immediately bowed.

"Liu Shan, select an elite Heavenly Deity Mid Squadron to go to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm with me and then to the Mortal Realm after that." Zhou Xian said with a smile.

Although Liu Shan was confused, but Zhou Xian still had the power to call for an elite Heavenly Deity Mid Squadron.

"Yes, Your Highness."

Zhou Xian slightly nodded. He then turned his gaze toward the empty sky. A cold smile appeared on his face. "Qin Yu, I refuse to believe that you had not come in contact with your relatives."

Soon after, Zhou Xian brought with him an elite Heavenly Deity Mid Squadron and passed through the Divine Realm's Spatial Gate from the Thunder Punishment City and left for the Immortal. Devil and Demon Realm.

While the several Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm were going all out searching for Qin Yu, Qin Yu and Jiang Li were in the New Cosmos' Purple Mystic Star's Purple Mystic Mansion, undergoing a grand wedding.

The wedding was conducted based on the customs of the Qin Dynasty of worshipping the Heaven and Earth and then entering the Bridal Room.

The enormous Purple Mystic Mansion was floating in the sky above the ocean. Its surroundings were surrounded by cloud and mist. On the two sides of the Purple Mystic Mansion were flames and cold airs twining with one another. As for the inside of the Purple Mystic Mansion, there were quite a lot of people present.

Inside the Purple Mystic Mansion's Universal Palace Hall. Many people were gathered here. In the middle of the palace hall was Qin Yu and Li'er. The two of them were both wearing crimson colored gowns.

"First, worship the Heaven and Earth!" Uncle Fu shouted in a loud voice.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li both worshipped the Heaven and Earth by bowing toward the outside of the palace hall. Hou Fei, Hei Yu as well as Hei Yu's wife and daughter were all smiling happily. They were even chatting and laughing with each other.

"The second bow to the guardians." Uncle Fu's voice sounded again.

Qin Yu and Jiang Li turned around. They bowed to Jiang Lan and Qin De who stood on the stage above. Jiang Lan and Qin De were smiling so wide that it seemed like flowers were blooming.

"Haha, good, good." Jiang Lan said with a loud laughter.

Qin De said while laughing. "I, Qin De, have three sons. This third son of mine is the last to get married. Haha…" Indeed. Qin Feng and Qin Zheng even already had great-grandsons now.

"Husband and Wife, bow to each other!"

Qin Yu and Jiang Li turned around. They faced each other and bowed. It was unknown whether it was because they were nervous or what, the two of them actually bumped each other in the head as they bowed. This caused the Universal Palace Hall to be filled with laughter.

"Into the Bridal Room."

Although it was said that they were to enter the bridal room, before Qin Yu was able to say anything to Jiang Li, he was already pulled over by the others to drink.

"Congratulations, Eldest Uncle." Hei Yu's daughter Hei Tong raised her wine cup and said to Qin Yu.

"Oh, Little Tong." Qin Yu naturally remember this child Hei Tong. However, at this moment, a beautiful girl beside Hei Tong also raised her wine cup toward Qin Yu and said. "Congratulations, Eldest Grandfather."

Qin Yu was slightly stunned.

"Eldest Uncle, this is the daughter of Guo Fan and I." Hei Tong promptly said.

"Congratulations, Eldest Grandfather." Another youth bowed to Qin Yu. Hei Tong once again promptly said. "Eldest Uncle, this is the son of Guo Fan and I."

Qin Yu was stunned.

He had only just married. However, Hei Tong who he had watched growing up, actually had two children now.

Upon seeing Qin Yu's reaction, the table of people immediately started laughing. Hou Fei's laughter was truly exaggerated. He held his stomach and was laughing wildly. "Haha, big brother, you know that you're slow now, right? However, don't worry. In the future, you merely need to strive your best with sister-in-law and then give birth to a couple more babies."

"You're one to speak." Upon seeing that the person who spoke these words was Hou Fei, Qin Yu immediately refuted.

"Third brother, why are you standing there? Quickly, come over here. There's still a group of people waiting for you here." Qin Feng smiled as he pulled Qin Yu toward the next table.

"This is my third granddaughter's son, this is my daughter's husband, this is…"

Unexpectedly, this entire table was filled with Qin Feng's descendents. When he was drinking with them, Qin Yu even felt embarrassed. It seemed that other than Hou Fei, all his other brothers already had a bunch of offsprings.

Qin Yu only managed to get away from being surrounded by everyone at midnight. He entered the bridal room.

The red candle's candle light seemed to have cast a thin layer of muslin through the entire room. It gave Qin Yu an even more intoxicated sensation. Seeing Li'er who was sitting on the bed and quietly waiting for him, Qin Yu felt an immense satisfaction.

"I've actually also gotten married now." Just thinking about it, Qin Yu felt that it was truly unrealistic.

Oh how many years had it been now. He had always been hoping for this day. However, when all of this turned to reality, Qin Yu started to feel as if he were dreaming.

After taking a deep breath, Qin Yu walked over to Jiang Li and slowly lifted open her veil. Jiang Li's slightly blushing and beautiful face was exposed.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li said in a soft voice.

Qin Yu was looking at Li'er with a dumbstruck like expression. Her white jade-like sparkling and translucent skin and the light fragrance that he could smell when he approached her.

It seemed that they were complimenting each other in their attraction.

Qin Yu started to kiss Li'er. Slowly, he removed Li'er's overgarment. While slightly shivering, Qin Yu slowly removed Li'er's clothes, exposing her jade-like soft skin…


Only the several faintly discernable moans were sounded from the room.

When the two of them reached their climax, Qin Yu's Nascent Soul was also linked with Li'er's Nascent Soul. What the two of them were thinking in their hearts was completely exposed to the other.

The Combination of Soul's Desire!

Suddenly, a drop of tear flew out from Qin Yu's Nascent Soul and entered Jiang Li's Nascent Soul.

"Brother Yu, what are you doing?" Qin Yu was aware of what Jiang Li was thinking.

"The two Soul Tears of Life contains the Godking of Life's source energy. Once you absorb the two Soul Tears of Life, you'll gain all of the energy of the Godking of Life. I believe that it would be helpful to you in absorbing the remaining spatial laws left behind by the Godking of Life."

As the two's souls were linked together, they were easily able to sense what the other was thinking.

Although the Meteoric Tear, one of the two Soul Tears of Life, contained the Godking of Life's extremely miraculous energy, Qin Yu did not mind giving it to Li'er.

After all, Qin Yu possessed an entire Cosmos.

The sunshine entered through the closed window curtains. Qin Yu was lying on the bed. As for Jiang Li, her head was on Qin Yu's chest. The two of them were breathing in the smell of the other's body. They were quietly having a couple's chat.

"Oh, that's right, Li'er."

Qin Yu suddenly started to talk about an important matter. "Li'er, that Purple Rain Dress that I gave you ought to be related to the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial. It is fine for you to bring it to the Divine Realm with you as others would not be able to discover it. However, the 'Water Splitter' that I gave you was a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure that I personally crafted. It had never appeared before in the Divine Realm. If you were to bring it to the Divine Realm, then it would definitely lead to the rise of the change of the skies of the Divine Realm."

After Qin Yu discovered that the flour paste energy was the Grandmist Spiritual Energy, he had crafted the scepter 'Ten Thousand Willows.' After that, he spent a large number of precious materials to craft seventy three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Amongst the seventy three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, only a single one was a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure.

This first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure was the Divine Sword 'Water Splitter.' Before his marriage, Qin Yu had already given Water Splitter and the Purple Rain Dress to Li'er.

Qin Yu still clearly remember the shocked and adorable expression that Jiang Li had when she saw these two first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

"Mn, I know." Said Jiang Li softly with her face on Qin Yu chest. She was displaying an expression of happiness all over her face.

Although two first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were precious, what Jiang Li saw from the two first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were the feelings that Qin Yu had for her. Because of that, she became even more moved.

"Li'er, how long do you think it'll take you to refine these two first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Qin Yu asked.

Jiang Li started to frown and grew silent.

Qin Yu was attracted by Jiang Li's frowning appearance and merely smiled.

"These two items are both first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Refining a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures is relatively troublesome. I reckon that it would require at the very least several hundred thousand years in order to refine them." Jiang Li said without absolute certainty.

"Mn, what are you looking at?" Only at this moment did Jiang Li discover that Qin Yu had an absent-minded expression on his face.

"Ah." Qin Yu promptly said. "It's nothing. I'm listening. Truly. Mn. Just now, you said that it would require at least several hundred thousands of years to refine a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, right?"

Jiang Li took a suspicious glance at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu took a sigh of relief in his heart. "Fortunately I'm the master of the New Cosmos. I know all about what occurs within the New Cosmos with a single thought of my mind."

"Li'er, I have a matter that I need to tell you. There is a fast method of refining the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. It's by allowing the Grandmist Spiritual Treasure itself to absorb some Grandmist Spiritual Energy." Qin Yu promptly said.

"Grandmist Spiritual Energy? Where could we possibly get Grandmist Spiritual Energy? Are you suggestion that we destroy some Grandmist Spiritual Treasures just to save several hundred thousand years worth of time? That would truly not be worth it. Brother Yu, you would still have to fight against those Godkings in the future. It's best for you to not waste the Grandmist Spiritual Energy." Jiang Li had unexpected already began planning for Qin Yu's future.

Only at this moment did Qin Yu recall that he had actually never told Li'er that the flour paste energy was the Grandmist Spiritual Energy.

"Li'er, have you ever seen Grandmist Spiritual Energy before?" Qin Yu asked.

"Of course I have. When the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan crafted a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure in the Floating Snow City, we stood around him and watched him." Jiang Li promptly said.

"In that case, I'll bring you to a place. A place with a very large amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy." Qin Yu smiled and said.

"Oh." Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu with a confused appearance.

"Don't stare at me foolishly like that. Quickly, put on some clothes." Qin Yu urged with a smile.

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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 6 – Sudden Increase in Strength

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The Mortal Realm cosmic spaces in this New Cosmos that Qin Yu had created currently numbered more than eight million. However, this New Cosmos was still growing and its Mortal Realm portion was still not completed yet.

According to Qin Yu's speculation.

A Cosmos ought to be separated into three different layers. The first layer was composed of the Mortal Realms. The second layer was composed of Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm along with a countless number of other cosmic spaces the same level as that. The final layer was the most paramount Divine Realm. It was practically in the form of a pyramid.

On the edge of the New Cosmos drifted various shattered spaces. Occasionally, they would condense together and occasionally they would shatter. Frantic streams of energy were flowing all over the place. Those energy streams seemed to be able to destroy everything along their path.


A man and woman who were snuggling with each other appeared in this place. The frantic energy streams were unable to approach the surroundings of those two people. On the edge of this Cosmos, an absolute safe space appeared just like that.

"Brother Yu, where is the place that you spoke of with a lot of Grandmist Spiritual Energy?" Li'er asked.

Last time when Li'er saw Grandmist Spiritual Energy, it was only a trace of it. From her point of view, if the amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy covered a range of two or three meters, then it would already be extremely frightening.

"Mn? You can't see it?" Qin Yu asked instead.

Li'er immediately started to puff her cheeks and looked at Qin Yu. Qin Yu started laughing. "Look ahead, it's over there."  Qin Yu pointed ahead.

In the space ahead, a boundless amount of primal chaotic energy, that covered the sky and earth, was frantically flowing into the New Cosmos like an entire ocean. It was allowing the New Cosmos to continuously grow.

"That, that…" Jiang Li's eyes were wide open like a ball.

"Let's get a bit closer to it." Qin Yu hugged Jiang Li. In an instant, the scene before them had changed. Qin Yu had brought Jiang Li to the utmost periphery of the Cosmos. They were also surrounded by Grandmist Spiritual Energy.

About three to four meters beside Qin Yu was the membrane seperating the Cosmos.

"This, all of this is?" Jiang Li felt as if her throat was dried up. The boundless and omnipresent amount of energy had exactly the same sort of aura as Grandmist Spiritual Energy.

Was all of this Grandmist Spiritual Energy?

Jiang Li truly did not dare to believe it.

When melting down a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, the amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy one could obtain would not even match the size of a fist. However, even though it was only that small of an amount, it was already extremely precious.

However, before her…

"Brother Yu, is this the place where you mentioned that has a lot of Grandmist Spiritual Energy?" Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu with an unbelieving expression.

Qin Yu slightly smiled. "That's right. What, is the amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy here not enough?"

Jiang Li had grown speechless.

"If you still think that this isn't enough, don't worry. Look." Qin Yu pointed to the periphery area beside him. "That is a layer of membrane. The membrane of the Cosmos. Outside of the Cosmos is a grandiose and boundless 'flour paste space.' Oh, I shouldn't be calling it flour paste space anymore. I should address it as the 'Grandmist Space.'"

Following Qin Yu's finger, Li'er carefully looked over.

Passing through that transparent membrane, Li'er was able to clearly see the Grandmist Space. Inside the Grandmist Space, those Grandmist Spiritual Energies appeared like liquid flour paste and were slowly flowing from place to place.

The amount of Grandmist Spiritual Energy was so great… that it had reached a state where it would make one's hair stand up!!!

"There's such a place in the world? How come I've never heard of it before? My Imperial Father, Uncle Lan and them all don't know about this. It's not even certain that the Exalted Celestials know about such a place." Jiang Li looked at Qin Yu.

A sense of pride emerged in Qin Yu's heart.

To be looked with such a gaze by the woman that he loved, that sort of sense of satisfaction was simply indescribable with words.

In the newlywed days with Li'er, Qin Yu was extremely happy. As the New Cosmos' master, and as the New Cosmos' Spatial Laws have completed forming, Qin Yu directly transmitted a lump of Spatial Laws to Li'er. This sort of thing was something that Qin Yu had done before.

Qin Yu possessed the ability to transmit his Cosmos' spatial laws directly to anyone.

It was also only him who could do such a thing.

Merely, even though Li'er obtained it, it would still take her some time to completely comprehend it.

"Li'er, take your time on refining those two first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. I will accelerate the time surrounding you to the peak. It'll be very fast. I reckon that in less than a year's time outside, you'll already have finished refining them."

Against Li'er's reluctant to part expression, Qin Yu consoled her.

To have Grandmist Spiritual Energy to assist the refinement process, ten thousand years was more than sufficient to refine a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Moreover, the New Cosmos's max time acceleration was already over ten thousand times.

A year's time was indeed sufficient.

"I reckon that it will take Li'er some time to succeed." To be temporarily separated with Li'er, Qin Yu was also feeling reluctant. However, Li'er's strength must be increased.

That first-rate defensive Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, Purple Rain Dress, and that first-rate offensive Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, Water Splitter, the two of them must both be refined. Once Jiang Li managed to have these two on her, Qin Yu would also be able to feel more at ease.

However, Li'er had only been refining for less than a cup of tea's time in the edge of the Cosmos and actually returned.

"Brother Yu." Jiang Li flew over to Qin Yu.

"What's wrong?" Qin Yu said with a smile. "Could it be that you're reluctant to part?"

"No." Jiang Li shook her head.

"Then what's wrong?" Qin Yu asked in confusion.

"I…" Jiang Li wanted to say something but didn't say anything.

"What's wrong with you? Mn, c'mon, tell me." Qin Yu used a tone as if he was speaking with a little child. Jiang Li then mumbled and said. "I had refined that first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure for about a month's time when I suddenly discovered that it seemed that, in my belly, there's…uh…it seems that I'm pregnant."

Although it had not even been a cup of tea's over here by Qin Yu's side, in Jiang Li's surrounding, the time had been accelerated by over ten thousand times. Thus, it was also ordinary for her to have spent over a month there.

Jiang Li was speaking very slowly and in a mumbling tone. This caused Qin Yu to become worried while hearing her speech.

However, when he heard the final words, he became stunned.

"Li'er, what did you say earlier?" Qin Yu asked her again.

Jiang Li's face was completely red. Even her ears had grown red. However, when faced with Qin Yu's passionate gaze, Jiang Li still said in a low voice. "I said, I think in my stomach, I'm pregnant."

"Pregnant?" Qin Yu appeared like a fool as he mumbled those words.

"I, Qin Yu, am also going to have a child now? I'm going to become a dad?" Qin Yu felt as if he was about to fly. He felt light as a feather. His heart was overjoyed… Oh, to be exact, his heart had surpassed the overjoyed level.

Qin Yu was immediately woken back up.

"Li'er, let's not refine those first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures for now. Come, let's return." Qin Yu promptly said. Oh Heavens, at this moment, Li'er was the most precious thing to Qin Yu. Even when calling her name, he would worry.

Qin Yu pulled Li'er with him. Quickly, they returned to the Purple Mystic Mansion floating in the air.

After entering into the Purple Mystic Mansion, Hei Yu and Hou Fei who were sparring with each other on the meadows stopped their sparring. Hei Tong and a large number of other people who were around them and watching their sparring also looked over.

"Big brother, didn't you say that sister-in-law would be going to refine Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Hou Fei asked in confusion. "How come you've returned so quickly?"

Hei Yu was also looking at Qin Yu with a confused expression.

"The two of you, stop getting in the way." At this moment, Qin Yu was looking all over. "Hong Yu, Lu Shui, you two, quickly come over."

"My Lord."

Seeing Qin Yu so anxious, Hong Yu and Lu Shui immediately ran over.

"From today on, the two of you are to follow my wife at all times. Make sure to carefully attend to her needs. Do not make any mistakes, okay?" Qin Yu said in succession.

"Yes, My Lord."

Although Hong Hu and Lu Shui were confused by Qin Yu's tone of speech, they still answered.

"Big brother, exactly what happened?" Hou Fei said in confusion.

Hei Yu on the other hand was checking out Qin Yu's appearance. "Monkey, based on big brother's expression as well as his gaze, I have a feeling… that sister-in-law might be pregnant."

Hou Fei immediately opened his eyes wide and looked at Qin Yu.

At this moment, Qin Yu started to laugh. His laughter was one of extreme happiness. "Haha, Xiao Hei is truly someone with experience."

At this moment, Hei Yu also started laughing.

"Ah, aunty is pregnant? Eldest Uncle, how could you have two little girls serve her? The two of them do not have any experience with it at all." At this moment, Hei Tong voiced her disapproval.

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

That's right. Hong Yu and Lu Shui had indeed never experienced attending for a pregnant woman before. Qin Yu immediately became anxious.

"Little Tong, quickly, you go, go." Qin Yu promptly said.

"Right away. Eldest Uncle, you can rest assured." Hei Tong immediately rushed out. At this moment, Hei Yu's wife Bai Ling started to laugh. "Big brother, although Little Tong has some experience, Little Tong has always been a child who doesn't do things with steadiness. How could you possibly have given this matter to her to take care of?"

Qin Yu immediately remembered the mischievousness of Hei Tong. Have Hei Tong take care of Li'er? How could he possibly be this silly?

"Ah, I can't have her take care of Li'er." Qin Yu once again became anxious.

"Big brother, just leave this matter to me. I've already done this sort of thing a couple times now." Said Bai Ling with a smile. Qin Yu immediately nodded.

Only when Bai Ling left did Qin Yu discover that… the surrounding people were all looking at him.

"The Utmost Supreme Third Elder seemed to be a bit different from before." Some of the Qin descendents were quietly speaking with each other. At the same time, they would occasionally sneak glances at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu felt bitter in his heart.

Chaos, a complete chaos!

When Qin Yu found out that he was about to become a dad, he became extremely excited and frantic. However, later on he managed to calm down. But, while waiting, an anxious and helpless matter occurred.

Jiang Li had been pregnant for three years now. However, her stomach had merely bulged a little.

"People carry their child for ten months. What's happening with this daughter-in-law of mine?" Qin De was also confused.

Jiang Lan smiled and said. "Don't worry. Although the majority of the people in the Divine Realm carry their children for ten months, there have been precedents of people carrying their children for longer periods of time amongst the Eight Great Divine Families. The longest ones had carried their children for three years and six months."

"Oh? That long?" Qin Yu who was beside them immediately asked.

Qin Yu had truly been worried the entire time.

If the child was born, then his worries would be gone. However, Li'er continued to be pregnant the entire time and refused to give birth. Furthermore, her stomach had only slightly bulged right now. Without carefully examining her stomach, one would not even be able to tell that she was pregnant.

"Amongst those who were in their mother's stomach for three years and six months was Duanmu Yu of the Duanmu Clan. He was not born until after being in his mother's stomach for three years and six months." Jiang Lan said with a smile.

"Duanmu Yu?"

Qin Yu was startled. He never would've expected it to be Duanmu Yu.

"According to what I know, in the Divine Realm, the longer a child stays in their mother's womb, the higher their talent would be." Jiang Lan once again started saying with a smile. "Little Yu, it would seem that your child would also be amazing after its birth."

Qin Yu started to rejoice a bit in his heart.

"Three years and six months. I hope that my child would also be born in six months. However… doesn't it seem that Li'er's stomach has barely swelled?" Qin Yu became a bit worried.

He was worried that three years and six months would also not be enough.

Time passed. In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed. Jiang Li had been pregnant for ten entire years now. However, her stomach appeared to be practically the same as it was seven years ago.

"It has slightly bulged a bit more. I can detect that." Qin Yu smiled bitterly as he consoled himself.

Fortunately he was the master of this New Cosmos and was able to detect that Jiang Li's stomach had slightly bulged a bit more. Had it been for someone else, then they would definitely not be able to tell with only their eyes.

"Brother Yu."

Li'er stood beside Qin Yu. She was staring at Qin Yu. "Brother Yu, It's okay. I can sense that the child within my stomach is slowly growing. Merely, it's too slow. How about this; I'll go and continue to refine the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. I refuse to believe that this child would not be born after ten thousand years."

Actually, to a High Level Heavenly Deity, giving birth to a child possessed no danger at all.

Qin Yu had merely been overly concerned and worried.

Even though Jiang Li was pregnant, there would also not be any danger to her in refining Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. At this moment, Qin Yu also nodded. "Okay, Li'er, you can go and refine the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. I'll observe you from the side."

Qin Yu also refused to believe that his child won't be born.

"Ten thousand years. I doubt that this child would refuse to come out even after ten thousand years." Qin Yu decided to give it a try.

On the edge of the Cosmos, Qin Yu and Li'er were sitting near one another in a cross-legged position. With an intention from Qin Yu, he increased the flow of time surrounding Li'er and himself to the max acceleration.

Li'er was slowly refining the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. As for Qin Yu, he was frequently paying attention to Li'er's stomach.

"Five thousand years have passed. This stomach had only slightly bulged up. Fortunately, it has reached a state where the eye can see the swelling now." Qin Yu could only comfort himself like so.

From the way it seemed…

It would seem that this child was truly going to stay in its mother's stomach for ten or twenty thousand years.


The Cosmos that Qin Yu was in had suddenly started to shake. This sort of shaking, it was likely that even Jiang Lan, Qin De and them managed to sense it. As Qin Yu was the master of the New Cosmos, he naturally sensed it even more clearly.

Qin Yu was slightly stunned for a moment.

"The Cosmos is separated into three layers. Could it be that the first layer has been completed?" Qin Yu managed to clearly feel that this cosmos stopped expanding from the sides.

The New Cosmos's first layer Mortal Realm haw finished forming.

"The temporal laws are also completed. Furthermore…" Qin Yu suddenly had a pleasantly surprised expression on his eyes. He suddenly felt the increase in his strength after the completion of this New Cosmos's Mortal Realm.

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