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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 28 – The New Master of the Bewitching God Temple

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Your Lordship." The two bodyguard leaders, the old man and the youth, both looked to Ou Yezi.

Qin Yu smiled as he looked to Ou Yezi. "As Ou Yezi is a grandmaster artifact craftsman, he ought to know about the quality of these two High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, right?"

Ou Yezi had an extremely ugly expression.

It took him nearly a hundred precious materials and over three thousand years in order to craft a single High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Furthermore, what he managed to craft in the end was something that barely qualified to be a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

Yet Qin Yu, he had used only half of the materials and spent less than a year crafting it. However, the final result was a work that can be said to be a peak High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

One could tell with a single glance who was better.

Ou Yezi's voice was extremely cold. "Qin Yu's High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact's quality is indeed the most top rated. I believe only Chehou Yuan would be capable of surpassing this Heavenly Divine Artifact. This artifact crafting, I, Ou Yezi, admit my inferiority!"

He had admitted defeat!

After the disappearance of the Craftsman God, one of the two grandmaster artifact craftsmen Ou Yezi actually admitted his defeat. All the people that surrounding the artifact crafting hall had instantly gone into an uproar. Everyone had extremely brilliant expressions.

Especially the Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu.

He had been vexed the entire time that his Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold did not possess any grandmaster artifact craftsman. However, how long had it only been? The formation array grandmaster that he had invited had already reached the surprising level in artifact craftsmanship.

"Qin Yu, who created the method of your artifact craftsmanship? What is it called?" Ou Yezi suddenly stared at Qin Yu. His gaze was like lightning.

Ou Yezi was unable to forget about the scene of Qin Yu crafting his artifact. The scene of the hammer striking down. The scene of the whirlwinds and flames coordinating with one another. They were all practically perfect. It was so perfect, that it was even more stunning than the scene of the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan crafting his Artifact Embryo.

"This artifact crafting technique was created by me." Said Qin Yu in a clear voice. He had a confident light to him.

Qin Yu looked to Ou Yezi and continued. "This artifact crafting technique of mine, I have combined the 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers,' Revolving Void Crafting' and several tens of other artifact crafting technique. And then, through countless experiments, I finally managed to create this artifact crafting technique. I have named this crafting technique as ' Nine Revolutions Void Render.'"

"' Nine Revolutions Void Render?'" Ou Yezi mumbled in a low voice. It was as if he had lost his soul.

" Nine Revolutions Void Render; nine is the extreme, nine revolutions into three…" Ou Yezi was mumbling. Seeing Ou Yezi acting like this, the other people were unable to refrain their shock.

This Ou Yezi, could it be that he was shocked so much that he went crazy?

"Ah, Tempered Through Thousand Hammers, Tempered Through Thousand Hammers…" Ou Yezi was suddenly woken up. Then, with lightning like gaze, he stared at Qin Yu. "You said earlier that you have combined 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers.' This 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers' was the consummate skill of the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan. Chehou Yuan has never once taught others about his artifact crafting skill. How did you know that?"

The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu, Hundred Flowers Godking Huangfu Liuxiang, Gold Sword Godking Huangfu Lei… and the rest of the people, had all noticed that too.

That's right. Qin Yu said that he had combined 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers' as well as several tens of other methods and then created his own artifact crafting method through countless experiments. If Qin Yu hadn't read the 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers,' how could he possibly be able to combine that?

Could it be…

This Qin Yu was related to the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan?

Qin Yu smiled as he looked to Ou Yezi. "Ou Yezi, it is precisely as you think. I am indeed somewhat related to Senior Craftsman God Chehou Yuan. He has given me the grace of guidance. Furthermore, he has also left the Bewitching God Temple to me!"

"Left the Bewitching God Temple for you?" Ou Yezi's eyes were opened wide like a ball.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor and the rest of them all looked at Qin Yu with shocked expressions. All the upper echelons of the Divine Realm knew of the status of the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan and that the Bewitching God Temple was the Craftman God's headquarters.

"That's right, I am the new master of the Bewitching God Temple." Qin Yu turned around and looked to Huangfu Jing. "Princess Jing, you should know Uncle Fu, right?… The housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple, you all ought to know that his name is A'Fu, right?"

"A'Fu, Uncle Fu?" Huangfu Jing was startled.

"So, so this was the case." Even the Utmost East Sage Emperor had an expression as if he had suddenly seen the light.

Puppet, they were things that those with high status were capable of buying. Puppets did not possess souls and were also capable of changing their appearances. Thus, even the Godking level experts couldn't recognize that Uncle Fu was the A'Fu from back then.

After all, there was no method to differentiate a puppet.

Only their masters were capable of controlling them completely through 'master acknowledgement.'

Ou Yezi looked at Qin Yu. He remained silent for some thing before laughing neurotically. "New master of the Bewitching God Temple, Qin Yu. You are indeed the successor of the Craftsman God. I hold no grievance in my loss."

"Qin Yu" Ou Yezi stared at Qin Yu. "You have already surpassed the Craftsman God in the 'Spirit Awakening' process. In the 'Artifact Embryo' process, there was barely any difference between you and the Craftsman God. Only in the process of 'Tempering' were you a level weaker. However, it is not hard to increase one's Tempering level. I believe that a new Craftsman God shall soon be born."

After he finished saying that, Ou Yezi looked at the Utmost East Sage Emperor. "Your Majesty Sage Emperor, although you had invited me to craft three High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts for you, it would appear now that Your Majesty Sage Emperor does not require me to remain here and disgrace myself anymore. In that case, I shall take my leave!"

Ou Yezi cupped his hand as a salute.

"Ou Yezi…" The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu was about to extend his hand to speak but Ou Yezi have directly turned around in a determined manner. At the same time, he said in a deep a low voice to the two guard captains behind him. "Let's go."

Just like that, Ou Yezi brought the two guard captains and proceeded to walk toward the entrance of the artifact crafting hall.

"Ou Yezi, you have yet to receive your reward for the acceptance of this matter yet. Please wait a moment." The Utmost East Sage Emperor suddenly said in a loud voice.

Back then, the Utmost East Sage Emperor and Ou Yezi have agreed that the Utmost East Sage Emperor would reward him when the artifact crafting process is done. After all, the reward was determined by the quality of the artifact that was crafted.

"I have wasted Your Majesty Sage Emperor's materials. I do not have the face to accept a reward…" A voice sounded from afar. Ou Yezi had already disappeared with his two guard captains.

This time around, Ou Yezi had truly been greatly shocked.

He, a magnificent grandmaster artifact craftsman, before Qin Yu, was utterly defeated in the artifact crafting that he was most proud of! The current Ou Yezi, how could he possibly still have the face to receive his rewards?

A grandmaster like Ou Yezi, what they valued the most was their face, their reputation!

Inside the artifact crafting hall.

At this moment, the Three Great Godkings, the Three Great Palace Masters, including the Black Wind Palace's Palace Master Gu Zhuang, who had also come to watch Qin Yu craft when he heard about it… All the several tens of people present were looking at Qin Yu. Their gazes contained a peculiar implication.

"Qin Yu…" The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu stared at Qin Yu. "The new master of the Bewitching God Temple, that status is a bit higher than even being my Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master."

Being stared by these several tens of people present, Qin Yu was momentarily at a loss as to what to do. Thus, he could only smile.

At an instant, the atmosphere of the entire hall seemed to have frozen.

Suddenly, a crisp and clear laughter was heard. The Hundred Flowers Godking Huangfu Liuxing took a glance at Huangfu Yu. "Second brother, why are you making that sort of face? Are you planning to scare the new grandmaster artifact craftsman?" Huangfu Liuxiang looked to Qin Yu with a smile. "Qin Yu, there are a couple High Level Heavenly Deities among my disciples that does not have any High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Might it be possible for you…"

"Qin Yu." The Gold Sword Godking Huangfu Lei interrupted the Hundred Flowers Godking Huangfu Liuxiang's speech. "I am fond of crafting artifacts. Merely, in the path of artifact craftsmanship, my level is deeply inferior to yours. Might it be possible for you to allow me to observe you as you craft artifacts? Earlier, when I watched your 'Nine Revolutions Void Render' artifact crafting technique, I also obtained some comprehension in my heart."


The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu's expression changed. "Qin Yu is after all the Palace Master of our Mount Dazzling Gold's Misty Mystic Palace. He must also have time to himself. Mn. Furthermore, the several elite mid squadrons of the Misty Mystic Palace don't have enough troops. I will immediately sent forth the Imperial City's elite Heavenly Deity squadron."

Such enthusiasm. The Three Great Godkings had immediately changed their attitudes towards Qin Yu. Qin Yu felt that the Three Great Godkings even considered him as someone on the same level as them.

Grandmaster artifact craftsmen, although their strength was inferior to the Godkings, their status was not much lower than the Godkings'.

Moreover, to many people, grandmaster artifact craftsmen were people that were even more sought after!

Not only the Three Great Godkings, the other Three Great Palace Masters and the imperial clansmen of the Huangfu Clan had all become astonishingly enthusiastic toward Qin Yu.

Many of the imperial clansmen were also dreaming of being able to obtain a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

After all, High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were truly too sparse.

"Qin Yu, let me see this battle blade. I want to see exactly how exceptional it is. Earlier, when that Ou Yezi saw this battle blade, he did not say a single word regarding it." Huangfu Liushui took the battle blade from Qin Yu.

After a short moment…

"Devouring Soul, this battle blade's special effect is actually Devouring Soul!" When Huangfu Liushui carefully inspected the battle blade that Qin Yu crafted, he was completely astonished.

Earlier, when Ou Yezi inspected the battle blade, he did not inform others of the battle blade's special effect.

Only when Huangfu Liushui received the battle blade and cried out in shock did the rest of the people know about why this battle blade was so astonishing.

"Devouring Soul?" The Three Great Godkings looked at each other. They were stunned for a moment.

To be able to craft a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact already qualified one to be a grandmaster artifact craftsman. However, the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that Qin Yu crafted actually possessed the special effect of 'Devouring Soul.' It definitely qualified it to be a top work among the High Quality Heavenly DIvine Artifacts.

Only the 'Waning Snow' that the Craftsman God had crafted was able to surpass it.

Seeing the expression of gazes the Three Great Godkings and the rest of the people looked to him with, Qin Yu felt a burst of helplessness. It would appear that he had displayed too much of his strength. However, in order for him to have a higher certainty in the groom search, Qin Yu had no choice but to reveal his strength.

A countless number of thunderbolts struck down frantically from the sky. This area of thousands of miles was practically covered with thunder and lightning. Outsiders were completely unable to get near this place at all. In the middle of this thunder and lighting region was a floating city.

This was a city of thunder and lightning. One of the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm… the Northwestern Region's Thunder Punishment City.

Inside the Thunder Punishment Palace's Sage Emperor Palace. The Northwestern Sage Emperor Zhou Huo wore a purple gown. He was casually lying on his chair. With a light laugh, he said. "Ou Yezi, how come you've come back so early? Three High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, shouldn't that take ten thousand years? Could it be that, Ou Yezi, your artifact crafting ability has increased?"

"Your Majesty, please don't make fun of me." At this moment, Ou Yezi was seated on the other side. He appeared to be languid and powerless. "This time around, I've lost very miserably."

"Lost very miserably? What happened?" Zhou Huo sat up straight. He looked at Ou Yezi with a confused expression.

Zhou Huo have a very good attitude toward Ou Yezi. He had treated him like his good friend the entire time and had never oppressed him with his status of Sage Emperor.

After all, other than the missing Craftsman God, there remained only two grandmaster artifact craftsmen in the Divine Realm. And the other grandmaster was even a direct descendent from the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City. It was impossible for him to serve another clan.

"This time when I proceeded to the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold, never would I have imagined that in there was the successor of the Craftsman God, the new master of the Bewitching God Temple." Ou Yezi laughed at himself. "It took me over three thousand years to craft an artifact. However, that Qin Yu spent less than a year yet crafted a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact better than the one I made."

Zhou Hou violently stood up.

"Craftsman God's successor? His craftsmanship ability was stronger than even you?" The Northwest Sage Emperor Zhou Huo had grown serious.

Ou Yezi smiled bitterly and said. "That's right. I must admit that his craftsmanship ability was stronger than mine. Although his craftsmanship ability is currently a bit weaker than the Craftsman God, I believe… it would not take long for him to become the New Craftsman God."

"Your Majesty, I also felt that the Formation Array Flow method has already reached its limit. This time, I want to enter seclusion training to once again research for another method to craft artifacts. In this period of time, I will be unable to craft artifacts for Your Majesty." Ou Yezi suddenly stood up.

Formation Array Flow, it was a mistaken path for artifact crafting to begin with.

To be able to craft High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts while walking down this mistaken path, that was truly a pinnacle one could reach. No matter how much more effort one put into it, one would still be unable to reach Craftsman God Chehou Yuan's level.

"Good. You can go. I will make sure no one bothers you." Zhou Hou said with extremely sincerity.

After seeing Ou Yezi walking away to train, Zhou Hou started to frown deeply. Another grandmaster artifact craftsman was born. Furthermore, Ou Yezi admitted that he was inferior. The significance of this was extremely great.

In this world, there existed no walls that didn't leak air through. Regardless of whether it was Mount Dazzling Gold or Thunder Punishment City, news of the emergence of the new grandmaster artifact craftsman would be spread.

Soon, the various powers of the Divine Realm had all managed to learn what had happened. They also came to know one particular thing. Qin Yu's crafting ability was something that made even Ou Yezi resigned himself to being inferior.

Right after that, the various Sage Emperors and even the Three Great Ascender Powers started to regret incessantly.

Back then, when Qin Yu managed to deploy a formation array space, they had merely dispatched Heavenly Deities to invite him. In the end, because the Utmost East Sage Emperor possessed the favorable location, he was the first to succeed in getting to Qin Yu.

If they were to have used their statuses as Sage Emperors to personally go and invite him, then Qin Yu would likely have gone to them.

However, who would've thought that Qin Yu would've become a grandmaster artifact craftsman? Furthermore… it would appear now that Qin Yu was even hopeful in becoming the New Craftsman God!

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