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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 27 – 'Devouring Soul'

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Ou Yezi was extremely angry. Yet, he smiled. "Sucking child, you said half the materials? Even when boasting, one must also know one's limit. Could it be that you believe that you would not wear through those materials? Let me ask you, how much experience in artifact craftsmanship do you possess?"

"Not much, merely several million years." Qin Yu said directly.

"Merely several million years, do you know how long I have crafted artifacts for?" Ou Yezi's eagle like eyes were flickering with sharp light like lightning. He stared at Qin Yu. "The number of years I have crafted artifacts can only be measured in the billions!"

The Divine Realm was twelve quadrillion years old.

As for Ou Yezi, it was very possible for him to have crafted artifacts for billions of years.

"So what if you have crafted artifacts for a very long time? I reckon there are many in the Divine Realm that have trained for billions of years. However, how many High Level Heavenly Deities are there? Yet I… I have merely trained for several millions of years and am already a High Level Heavenly Deity!" Qin Yu said coldly.

"High Level Heavenly Deity? Brother Qin Yu, you're a High Level Heavenly Deity?" Huangfu Liushui looked to Qin Yu with a shocked expression.

About two thousand plus years ago, Qin Yu was merely a nobody from Yuchi City that fought against the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu. He was someone who had merely just become a Low Level Heavenly Deity.

Qin Yu waved his hand. A small area not far away from him instantly perished.

Spatial Destruction!

The mark of High Level Heavenly Deities!

Everyone present had all become certain that Qin Yu was a High Level Heavenly Deity. There were not many that knew about that fact beforehand, it was only the three Godkings that did.

"Ou Yezi, I shall address you deferentially as a grandmaster. However, in the future, you'd best not determine a person's level by merely the amount of time they have trained. Although I have researched artifact craftsmanship for a short period of time, when it comes to formation arrays, it would appear that you are no match against me." Qin Yu was radiating a domineering aura from his body.

Ou Yezi's expression changed.

Only at this moment did Ou Yezi recalled that the Qin Yu before him was the legendary Qin Yu that was capable of setting up a formation array space.

To be able to reach a level in the formation array where one could create a formation array space, such a level was likely something that even the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan cannot match against.

"What use is it that your formation array is strong? Qin Yu, do you know that artifact crafting is separated into 'Artifact Embryo,' 'Tempering,' and 'Spirit Awakening?" At the very most, you'll be powerful in the 'Spirit Awakening' process. What about the 'Artifact Embryo?' "Tempering?'" Ou Yezi sneered. "Even the simplest 'Tempering' process requires tempering agents. Are you capable of providing that? As for High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, it requires Coldmist Air!"

Ou Yezi once again had the arrogance of a grandmaster.

"As for the most important 'Artifact Embryo' process. The method of crafting an 'Artifact Embryo' requires one to have experience, countless amounts of experience. One could only obtain result through countless slow accumulation of experience. A grandmaster artifact craftsman has to create an artifact crafting technique that suits him the best. In order to do that, he is required to go through countless experiments. To do that takes a very long period of time. You have only researched for such a short period of time, what sort of accomplishment could you possibly have in crafting Artifact Embryo?"

When Ou Yezi said to this point, his tone had already turned aggressive.

"Ou Yezi, let me reply with the words you have said earlier. There are numerous theory experts in the Divine Realm, how many among them could truly craft artifacts? You can stop talking rubbish anymore. I shall craft an artifact before you to show you. How about that?" Qin Yu looked straight at Ou Yezi. From his eyes was a sense of oppression.

Ou Yezi took a deep breath.

He sneered and said. "Good. Good. Qin Yu, you are the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace. You can also be considered the number one individual in formation arrays. Today, I shall see you craft an artifact. I shall see if your craftsmanship ability is as powerful as your mouth!"

Qin Yu merely smiled indifferently. He was disinclined to argue with Ou Yezi.

Instead, he walked to the center of the artifact crafting hall.

"Qin Yu…" Seeing this scene, Huangfu Jing was unable to refrain from speaking. She also felt worried for Qin Yu. All Huangfu Jing knew was that Qin Yu had only been bestowed the golden scrolls by the Utmost East Sage Emperor two thousand plus years ago.

From Huangfu Jing's point of view, how could Qin Yu's craftsmanship ability possibly be able to match up against the Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Ou Yezi?

If Qin Yu were to fail, then how would Ou Yezi possibly let him off that easily?

"Good!" The Utmost East Sage Emperor Huangfu Yu suddenly spoke. Huangfu Yu smiled and surveyed everyone present. "Everyone, this time, everyone would be able to see an eye-opener and watch two expert artifact craftsman crafting artifacts in succession. This opportunity is extremely hard to come by. Everyone, enjoy yourselves."

After the Utmost East Sage Emperor said those words, everyone grew silent.

"Humph." Ou Yezi coldly humphed. He then also walked to the side, sat down and proceeded to quietly watch Qin Yu in the center of the artifact crafting hall.

"Your Lordship, that Qin Yu…" The old man beside Ou Yezi spoke.

Ou Yezi's eyes slightly narrowed and started emitting a cold light. "That Qin Yu is extremely powerful in formation arrays. Thus, he is definitely going to be very good with the 'Spirit Awakening' process. However, I do not believe that he would be powerful in the 'Artifact Embryo' and 'Tempering' processes. Does he think that it is that easy to become a grandmaster artifact craftsman?"

That old man nodded.

Standing in the middle of the great hall, Qin Yu extended his hand. He cast away the robe on his body. Artifact crafting experts would generally have their upper body bare. That was because they feared that their clothes might get in the way of artifact crafting. If any mistake were to happen, then it was possible for their crafting to be a failure.

Qin Yu extended his hand and an Unyielding Whirling Space Destroying Hammer appeared in his hand.  A black stone platform also appeared before him.

"Qin Yu, the materials are here." Huangfu Yu said. At the same time, nearly a hundred materials flew toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu waved his sleeve. Of the nearly a hundred materials, half flew before Qin Yu. As for the other half, they turned around and flew toward the Utmost East Sage Emperor.

"Half is enough!" Qin Yu lightly smiled and said.

"Arrogant!" Ou Yezi coldly humphed.

Qin Yu however had a rejoiceful smile on his face. The Spatial Energy from the New Cosmos started to fill the air. It covered Qin Yu's surroundings.

Wherever the Spatial Energy covered, it would all be in Qin Yu's control.

This sort of sensation of being in complete control had caused Qin Yu to be brimming with confidence.

"Hoh~~" Qin Yu extended his left hand. Black Divine Flames, White Pure Flames and traces of Void Flames erupted forward. While sticking close to the surface of the stone platform, the flames began to move. It was like they were obedient little children.

Seeing this scene, Ou Yezi's expression instantly changed.

"What a powerful flame controlling ability." Thought Ou Yezi in his heart.

Everyone present in the artifact crafting hall was holding their breaths as they looked.

As for Huangfu Jing, she was unable to take her eyes off Qin Yu. Qin Yu's confident smile and his nearly perfect movements caused her heart to tremble.

"Let's begin." Qin Yu's eyes were shining brightly. Holding the Unyielding Whirling Space Destroying Hammer in his right hand, he smashed it downwards!

Sound of whistle was heard. When the Unyielding Whirling Space Destroying Hammer smashed the materials on the stone platform, nine whirlwinds were immediately sent forth by the hammer. Qin Yu's hammer smashing speed had suddenly increased. Countless little whirlwinds began to engulf the entire black stone platform.

The space above the black stone platform seemed to be completely distorted. All sorts of materials were vibrating within the whirlwinds. At this moment, the Black Divine Flames, White Pure Flames and the Void Flames had also joined the fun.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" ….

There was no other sound in the entire artifact crafting hall. The only sound was the sound of the hammer pounding on the stone platform and the sound of the whirlwind splitting apart the air. The sound of the hammer pounding on the stone platform would sometimes be so fast that it sounded like a thunderstorm and other times, it would be slow and gentle like a spring rain…

The combination of the pounding sound and the whirlwind sound had turned into nearly perfect music.

Practically everyone was enjoying this sort of music.

There was someone who wasn't enjoying it. The current Ou Yezi was extremely agitated. Beads of sweat have even appeared on his forehead. "That hammering technique, there's actually traces of Chehou Yuan's 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers.' There's also those whirlwinds and flames, how did they match each other that well? Combined, they, they are actually even more perfect than the 'Tempered Through Thousand Hammers!'"

Ou Yezi had seen Chehou Yuan craft artifacts before.

He had never been able to forget the scene of Chehou Yuan using his 'Tempered Thorough Thousand Hammers.' However, when seeing Qin Yu crafting right now, it was actually even more perfect than Chehou Yuan's.

How would he not be astonished?

"This sort of hammering technique, the coordination between space oppressing whirlwinds and the flames; this level of skillfulness, this sort of level where the compatibility seems to be made by the heavens… without hundreds of millions of years of experimentations, how could he possibly reach such a level?" Ou Yezi felt that he had began to shiver slightly.

The amateurs would enjoy the show whereas the experts watched the skill.

Ou Yezi was capable of seeing exactly how powerful Qin Yu's artifact craftsmanship was. However, as for the rest of the people, they were only enjoying that sort of beautiful sensation brought along by Qin Yu's crafting.

As he hammered, Qin Yu's muscles were shown.

Qin Yu's pair of determined eyes that seemed to have locked on the materials on the stone platform.

The whistling whirlwinds brushing through Qin Yu's hair.

Among all sorts of scenes, everyone remained quiet.

"Truly too wonderful." Qin Yu had entered a wonderful state. He had also grown extremely excited. He felt extremely good as he hammered.

Under this sort of wonderful state, half a year had passed.


As the final soul trembling sound slowly dissipate away, the Artifact Embryo was finally completed. This was a long and narrow battle blade. One could tell how sharp the battle blade was just by looking from afar.

Only after the Artifact Embryo was completed did everyone take a breath of relief. Everyone started to quietly chat with one another through Divine Awareness Voice Transmissions. Evidently, each and every one of them was confident in Qin Yu.

"Ou Yezi, how is Qin Yu's artifact craftsmanship?" Huangfu Yu asked via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

At this moment, Ou Yezi's expression was somewhat unsightly. However, he still responded back through voice transmission. "Your Majesty Sage Emperor, merely by looking at his craftsmanship in the Artifact Embryo, he is indeed extremely amazing. However, the Tempering and the Spirit Awakening process have yet happen, it would not be too late for us to discuss about this when everything's done."

"Good, let's wait till the end and see how good the weapon that Qin Yu created will be." Huangfu Yu had a face filled with smiles.


Qin Yu frowned. "Shoot! In all these years, I've been only crafting ordinary materials. I do not know enough about the characteristics of these precious materials. Which tempering agent should I use? How long should I temper them for?"

Qin Yu's artifact crafting technique, the 'Nine Revolutions Void Render,' was a technique where one used one's sense to dispel the impurity of materials.

Although he had never touched precious materials before, Qin Yu knew that his Artifact Embryo was extremely perfect. However, what about the Tempering Process?

"I can only rely on my reaction speed." Qin Yu clenched his teeth and waved his sleeve. A lump of Unitary Heavy Water and a lump of Golden Elemental Heavy Water floated before him.

The battle blade in his hand had directly flew into the center of the two lumps of water.

"I can only rely on my Spatial Energy's sensing ability." Qin Yu's Spatial Energy was the Spatial Energy from the New Cosmos. Its sensing ability was extremely sharp.

However, regardless of how sharp it was, it still required time.

Even the slightest bit of time taken would cause the Tempering process to be inadequate. However, Qin Yu no longer had any other method. He did not have any experience working with precious materials!

Experience was extremely important to the 'Tempering' process.

"Chi chi~~~"

Two streams of water revolved around the battle blade. The tempering process was slowly being conducted. Using his Spatial Energy, Qin Yu was able to sense that this battle blade was slowly becoming sharper, more flexible…

The state of the battle blade was increasing continuously.

"It still hasn't reached the peak." Qin Yu was still waiting.


As if falling down from a ravine, the state of the battle blade suddenly started to decline after reaching the peak. Qin Yu's Spatial Energy immediately sensed it. In an instant, Qin Yu isolated the two streams of water.

"Although it wasn't the peak state, it's still not bad."

This was the best that Qin Yu could accomplish when he did not have any experience working with the materials.

The Tempering process had concluded!

Only the last step remained… Spirit Awakening.

Grandmaster Artifact Craftsman Ou Yezi had spent over three thousand years to set up an extremely complicated level six formation array. What about Qin Yu? Qin Yu was smiling. While smiling, several rays of jade green light was shot out from his fingertips.

Formation array… 'Universe!'

"Spirit Awakening, completed!" Qin Yu's eyes shined.

The battle blade trembled. On the surface of the completely black battle blade was a trace of jade green seal mark.

Qin Yu extended his hand and the battle blade flew to his hand. The most important thing he must do now was to inspect for the special effect of this High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Special effects, they determined whether a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact was powerful.

"Special effect… Devouring Soul!" When Qin Yu saw this special effect, he was immediately overjoyed.

Devouring Soul was a special effect practically unseen in High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. It was a special effect that generally only Grandmist Spiritual Treasures possessed. Only the Divine Spear Waning Snow possessed the two special effects of 'Devouring Soul' and 'Body Break.'

Everyone in the artifact crafting hall was looking to Qin Yu who stood in the center. As for Ou Yezi, his current complexion was a bit pale.

"It's done?" Ou Yezi felt bitter in his mouth.

It required him to spend several thousands of years to complete the Spirit Awakening process. However, what about Qin Yu? He merely needed several breaths of time. The gap was too great.

"Ou Yezi, have a look, what do you think about my High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact when compared to yours?" Qin Yu extended his hand. The battle blade in his hand immediately flew to Ou Yezi.

Ou Yezi's eyes shined as he looked at the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"Devouring Soul?' When he discovered that the special effect was actually this, Ou Yezi was stunned.

To possess the special effect of 'Devouring Soul,' this battle blade was definitely comparable to third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures and was even close to second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

"Ou Yezi, how is the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that Qin Yu crafted compared to yours?" Huangfu Jing asked. All the rest of the people present looked to Ou Yezi. They were all waiting for his response.

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