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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 15 – The Early Cosmos

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Just like this, numerous stars, planets, frightening black holes, and dazzling nebuli were born. Streams of fresh and clean fantastic energy began flooding the entire cosmos.

Before Qin Yu's eyes was a magnificent starry sky.

Qin Yu displayed a peaceful smile on his face. Within his pupils were scenes of cirrus clouds, streaking meteors… and all kinds of changing scenes. Qin Yu slowly closed his eyes. Everything within this Cosmos appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

After splitting the Heaven and Earth apart, he had created the Universal World.

After the Universal World shattered, what formed was a boundless Cosmos.

"This 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique is truly as unpredictable as the world. As I had anticipated, the stage after the Universe Stage is the Cosmos Stage. However, will the evolution of this Cosmos be the same as my expectations?"

Qin Yu thought in his heart.

According to Qin Yu's speculation, his own hometown, the Purple Mystic Star, the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Divine Realm and all the other spaces combined would create an existence known as a complete cosmos. A complete cosmos ought to be divided into three layers.

The lowest layer ought to be formed by the countless Mortal Realm spaces.

The middle layer would be formed by the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Dinosaur Realm and other countless space of the same level.

The highest layer was the Divine Realm.

As this was how Qin Yu envisioned it to be, he also wanted his Cosmos Stage to develop like that. Merely, this cosmos that Qin Yu created, had still not finished developing the lowest layer, the Mortal Realm.

It was like a pyramid.

The lowest layer was the largest.

The Divine Realm was the highest layer. Thus, it only possessed that big of a surface area. As for the middle layer, it was composed of numerous cosmic spaces at the same levels as the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. As for the Mortal Realm… its surface area ought to be over a hundred thousand times larger than the middle layer.

"The Mortal Realm has the largest number of cosmic spaces. It also possesses the largest surface area. Even though I have created this cosmos and it now possesses a surface area over ten times greater than the shattered Universal World, it has still not achieved the required area to create the countless Mortal Realm spaces."

Qin Yu was able to clearly sense it.

This Cosmos of his had already been broken up into over nine hundred thousand equal ranked spaces. There were over nine hundred thousand equal ranked Mortal Realms. However, over nine hundred thousand parallel spaces was still insufficient when compared to what the number of equal ranked Mortal Realms should be.

This Cosmos was still unceasingly absorbing the flour paste energy and expanding. Qin Yu believed that as the Cosmos continued to expand, the number of equal ranked Mortal Realms would be bigger and bigger.

"I am truly looking forward to the time when the Cosmos I have created will be able to form three layers and achieve the most perfect state!" Qin Yu had an extremely proud sensation. At the same time, he was filled with anticipation.

If the Cosmos managed to successfully and completely develop, then what sort of power would he be able to possess at that time?

Qin Yu was unable to guess.

Merely, his current Cosmos was still at the state of development for the lowest layer. It had yet to even completely develop the Mortal Realm.

At this moment, Qin Yu was standing within the boundless cosmic space. He suddenly looked toward a planet. The size of that planet was comparable to his hometown, the Purple Mystic Star.

With an intention from Qin Yu, the appearance of that planet started to rapidly change.

Oceans, rivers, mountains, plains, deserts…all sorts of scenes were emerging unceasingly.

Chaotic Astral Ocean, Hidden Dragon Continent, Soaring Dragon Continent, Two Extreme Regions… in the blink of an eye, that planet's appearance had become much like that of the Purple Mystic Star. Qin Yu's figure turned into a ray of light. He passed through the atmosphere and arrived on the planet.

"This planet appears exactly the same as the Purple Mystic Star. However, there's not a single living thing here."

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. "Creating life. The current me still does not possess that sort of power. I truly do not know when I would be able to create life. As for this planet, it shall be called the 'New Purple Mystic Star.'"

At this moment, Qin Yu was in the sky above the 'New Hidden Dragon Continent.'

This 'New Hidden Dragon Continent' also possessed a vast and boundless Great Wilderness. With a fast and abrupt turn of his body, Qin Yu's figure directly appeared in the rough location of the New Hidden Dragon Continent's East Hazy Mountain.

Qin Yu spent over ten years of time in East Hazy Mountain. Thus, he knew the structure of East Hazy Mountain inside out.

This New East Hazy Mountain, even the bend of the mountain was almost exactly the same as the one from Qin Yu's hometown. This was because Qin Yu had once been forced to run up and down the mountain road of East Hazy Mountain by his master Zhao Yunxing.

On the waist of the new East Hazy Mountain was a new Misty Mountain Villa.

Qin Yu walked in the corridors of the new Misty Mountain Villa. He was looking at every location, every room. When he saw those rooms, Qin Yu seemed to even remember what those rooms were used for. He even remembered which room his Grandfather Lian lived in.

Qin Yu jumped and landed on the top of the mountain villa.

He raised his head and looked at the sky. At this moment, the sky was clear and boundless. However, with an intention from Qin Yu, day and night instantly reversed. The clear sky had turned into night sky. The stars in the sky were extremely bright.

Watching the stars on the roof at night, this was something that Qin Yu frequently did in his childhood.

"In the future, I will come here to train." Qin Yu slightly smiled. He sat on the roof for a moment. "The Universal World shattered and formed the Cosmos. This has also improved my soul's level." Qin Yu inspected his own cultivation level.

His soul that was originally at the peak of the Low Level Heavenly Deity stage had now reached the beginning of the Mid Level Heavenly Deity stage.

Qin Yu's Magnificent Lotus Clone had been studying and comprehending those spatial comprehensions unceasingly. Merely, such comprehensions required sufficient time. Usually, the time would be measured in thousands of years. The amount of time Qin Yu's Magnificent Lotus Clone had trained was still too short.

Qin Yu suddenly frowned.

"I wonder, since the Universal World has shattered and turned into a Cosmic Space, how great of an effect will it have on my strength in the Divine Realm?" Qin Yu started becoming a bit worried. The Spatial Energy from the Universal World was something that Qin Yu had relied on.

In an instant, Qin Yu disappeared from the roof.

Eastern region of the Divine Realm. Inside the Dazzling Gold City's Imperial City. In the Misty Mystic Palace.

Qin Yu was standing in the main hall.

Qin Yu was controlling and spreading the spatial energy of the New Cosmos. At the moment when Qin Yu controlled the spatial energy of the New Cosmos to spread out, he felt that the spatial energy had a surging sensation.

With Qin Yu as the center, the spatial energy of the New Cosmos poured down in torrents toward all directions.

It had a range with a circumference close to five thousand meters!

In this five thousand meter circumference area, everything was within Qin Yu's observation. It must be borne in mind, that before the disintegration of the Universal World, Qin Yu was only able to cover a range of about two to three hundred meters circumference.

The spatial energy from the New Cosmos was clearly much stronger.

"Eh? Huangfu Jing?"

With a range of five thousand meters circumference, Qin Yu not only saw everything within the Misty Mystic Palace, he also managed to observe Huangfu Jing who was walking in the streets of the Imperial City. At this moment, Huangfu Jing was walking towards the Misty Mystic Palace with a smile on her face.

The guards of the Misty Mystic Palace did not stop her. Huangfu Jing directly encountered Uncle Fu.

"Princess Jing." Uncle Fu bowed with a smile on his face.

Huangfu Jing promptly asked. "Did Qin Yu exit his seclusion training yet? He had already entered seclusion training the last time I came here." Said Huangfu Jing somewhat helplessly.

Uncle Fu was slightly startled.

As Qin Yu was Uncle Fu's master, Uncle Fu was able to sense Qin Yu's location. At this very moment, Qin Yu had indeed come out from his seclusion training and was in the main hall of the courtyard manor.

Merely, as for whether Qin Yu wanted to meet Huangfu Jing, that was not something that Uncle Fu could decide.

"Uncle Fu, you can let her come see me." Qin Yu directly sent a voice transmission to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu immediately displayed a relaxed smile. "Princess Jing, my master has just come out from his seclusion training. Please follow me." As he said that, Uncle Fu proceeded to lead the way. As for Huangfu Jing, she displayed an excited smile on her face.

After walking past the entrance of the courtyard manor, Huangfu Jing saw Qin Yu who was standing within the courtyard.

"Lord Palace Master!" Huangfu Jing deliberately bowed extremely properly.

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. "Princess Jing, there is no need for you to be this proper with me. It is fine for you to address me as Qin Yu. Oh, that's right, Princess Jing, for you to try to find me this urgently, is there something you need?"

Huangfu Jing promptly said. "Oh, it's my Imperial Father who wanted me to ask you if you need anything for artifact crafting. If you need any materials, you merely need to order some people to go and get them."

"Artifact crafting?" Only now did Qin Yu remember those golden scrolls given to him by the Utmost East Sage Emperor.

The Utmost East Sage Emperor greatly supported him in becoming the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace was precisely because he wanted Qin Yu to help him craft artifacts.

"I am currently still researching this path of artifact crafting. We cannot be anxious. As for what sort of materials I need, I will instruct my people to go get them when I start my experiments." Qin Yu's method of response was a single word: 'delay.'

Qin Yu knew that the most crucial thing for him to do right now was to open the third layer space of the Jiang Lan Realm. Everything else would have to wait until after he finished opening the third layer space of the Jiang Lan Realm.

Huangfu Jing slightly nodded. "My Imperial Father is not anxious. He merely wanted me to inform you about this. Oh, that's right, Qin Yu, you constantly train at this location, do you not feel bored? How about this, let's leave the Dazzling Gold City and have a stroll outside?" Huangfu Jing looked to Qin Yu with expectation.

It was likely that the whole thing with the artifact crafting materials was all fake and her actual purpose in coming was to invite Qin Yu to be together with her.

However, the current Qin Yu, how would he have the time to squander on such a matter? Furthermore, Qin Yu already had Li'er in his heart.

"Princess Jing, I still have to train. This going out to stroll and relieve boredom, it's better that we talk about this in the future. I am truly sorry!" Qin Yu tactfully declined. A trace of disappointment flashed through Huangfu Jing's eyes. She then forced a smile and said. "In that case, you should continue training. I won't bother you."

As she said that, Huangfu Jing turned around and proceeded to leave.

Qin Yu saw Huangfu Jing's back disappear through the entrance. He could merely sigh. Then, he disappeared.

Inside the New Cosmos that Qin Yu had created.

On the New Purple Mystic Star. Qin Yu was standing on the top of the new East Hazy Mountain.

"This Cosmos is still in its developing stage. Even the lowest level Mortal Realm has yet to finish forming. The temporal laws of this New Cosmos, only a small portion of it can be used."

Qin Yu looked to the grass on the ground.

With an intention from Qin Yu, the region ten meters surrounding Qin Yu had suddenly accelerated in time.

The grass beside Qin Yu's foot turned yellow color and then withered with a speed that one could see. From the exuberant state till the withered state, it took the grass less than two hours.

All of the wild grass and weeds in the ten meters area surrounding Qin Yu had withered.

However, outside the ten meters area, all of the grass was still full of life.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 16 – The Third Layer Space of the Jiang Lan Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

At the moment when the Cosmos was formed, Qin Yu already knew that he was able to use the most basic portion of the 'temporal law.' If he were to forcefully try to use temporal law that surpassed the limit that which this Cosmos could bear, then it might only lead to the cave-in of the entire Cosmos.

"This New Cosmos is still in its developmental stage. Currently, all I can use is 'Time Acceleration.' Furthermore, I can only accelerate time to around two thousand times." Regarding this, Qin Yu was still very satisfied.

After all, even the third layer space of the Jiang Lan Realm was only able to speed up time by a thousand times.

Furthermore, Qin Yu was able clearly sense that the limit of his Time Acceleration was increasing as the New Cosmos continued to expand. He believed that should the New Cosmos reach a certain level, a Time Acceleration by the millions would also be possible.

Qin Yu also knew that the 'Time Acceleration' was merely the first stage of the temporal law.

When the Universal World shattered and formed the new Cosmos, the general understanding of the temporal law had entered Qin Yu's mind.

The temporal law was separated into three levels.

The first level, Time Acceleration, was the most elementary level. However, even in the Divine Realm, the majority of the Godkings were struggling within this level. There were some Godkings that had yet to even reach this first level.

Although there are many Godkings struggling in the first level of the temporal law, there are also differences between them. The weaker ones were only able to accelerate the time by ten times. The stronger ones were able to accelerate the time by a thousand times, ten thousand times or even more.

The second level, Time Stop!

This level was much more scary. If a Godking was able to comprehend the 'Time Stop,' then ordinary Godkings could only allow themselves to be trampled upon by him or her. It was only possible for them to get rid of the Time Stop through the use of some extremely powerful Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

A Godking that had reached this level would be the strongest Godking in the Divine Realm.

The third level, Time Reversal.

Once one comprehended the Time Reversal, that signified one as having completely comprehended the entire Temporal Law. At this moment, this Godking would have reached the Exalted Celestial level.

Once one used Time Reversal, one was able to make a powerful Godking return back to the time when they were small and weak. This was why Exalted Celestials were so powerful.

New Purple Mystic Star. The sky was covered with stars. Qin Yu was standing on top of the new East Hazy Mountain.

"What level of the temporal law has Uncle Lan reached?" Qin Yu was thinking out loud. Qin Yu had long since begun considering Uncle Lan as his own relative, his own senior. He also hoped that Uncle Lan was able to achieve a higher level of accomplishment.

Qin Yu was not very certain about the differences of strength between the Godkings of the Divine Realm.

However, he understood one thing. The Godkings that controlled the Spatial Law, each and every one of them were able to defeat him.

Qin Yu turned around and looked to his side. A person suddenly appeared beside him. With a cyan gown and long cyan hair, it was Qin Yu's Magnificent Lotus Clone.

"From today on, you shall stay here and train. In here, the flow of time can reach the limit and will be much more efficient compared to the Jiang Lan Realm." Said Qin Yu with a slight smile on his face.

"Yes, True Body."

The Magnificent Lotus Clone bowed to Qin Yu. It then sat down in a cross-legged position and started training quietly.

"The flow of time has increased by another fold." Qin Yu lightly smiled. The limit of the flow of time had once again increased. As the New Cosmos continued to expand, the flow of time would continue to increase.

His own cultivation speed would also become faster and faster.

With an intention of Qin Yu's mind.

The large lump of Dark and Yellow Energy appeared beside Qin Yu. The Divine Spear Waning Snow was still floating within the Dark and Yellow Energy. After the Universal World shattered, everything within the Universal World had arrived at this New Cosmos.

"Although the Dark and Yellow Energy is unable to enter the Jiang Lan Realm, I am still able to increase the speed at which the Divine Spear Waning Snow absorbs the Dark and Yellow Energy by several thousand times in the New Cosmos."

After that, Qin Yu also sat down in a cross-legged position and started quietly train.

In the Divine Realm's Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City, outside of the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace's palace entrance.

At this moment, a handsome silver haired and white clothed youth was standing outside of the palace entrance. This handsome silver haired youth did not say a single word, he merely continued to stand outside the palace gates.

From afar, an equally handsome green gowned youth walked over. As this green gowned youth's eyes blinked, his pupils would occasionally flicker like lightning. This man was precisely Qin Yu's old acquaintance, Zhou Xian.

"Duanmu Yu, you're also here?" Zhou Xian saw Duanmu Yu who stood outside of the palace entrance, he was unable to refrain from calling him out with a frown on his face.

At this moment, the handsome white gowned and silver haired youth also turned around and took a glance at Zhou Xian. He slightly smiled and said. "Brother Zhou, are you implying that while you are permitted to come, I, on the other hand, am not?"

Zhou Xian's eyes slightly narrowed. Electric snakes were flickering through his surroundings.

Zhou Xian was the Divine Realm's Eight Great Sacred Lands' Northwestern Region's Thunder Punishment City's prince. Of the Eight Great Sacred Lands of the Divine Realm, only the Thunder Punishment City did not possess Palace Masters. As Zhou Xian was a High Level Heavenly Deity, his status was extremely high and second only to the Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City.

However, Zhou Xian knew that that Duanmu Yu who stood a small distance from him was also no ordinary person.

Duanmu Yu was the Divine Realm's Eight Great Sacred Lands' Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City's prince. In terms of strength, he too was a High Level Heavenly Deity. Furthermore, he was also the Light Lens City's Bright Jade Palace's Palace Master. His status was also extremely high.

This Duanmu Yu was a love rival to Zhou Xian in trying to marry Li'er.

Zhou Xian confronted Duanmu Yu's gaze. He finally smiled and said. "Of course Brother Duanmu could come. Merely, I am confused as to why you are outside of the gates and haven't gone inside?"

At this moment, the guard of the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace spoke. "Lord Zhou Xian, His Majesty the Sage Emperor has ordered, that regardless of who it might be, no one is allowed to enter the Sage Emperor's Palace right now. Lord Zhou Xian can wait here until His Majesty Sage Emperor allows the two Lords to enter. Lord Zhou Xian can also leave and come again later."

Only now did Zhou Xian understood why Duanmu Yu was standing outside. So it was actually the Sage Emperor's order.

Duanmu Yu took a glance at Zhou Xian. "Brother Zhou, are you planning to wait here or return back?"

Zhou Xian slightly smiled. He shot a glance at Duanmu Yu. He then walked to the outside of the entrance and stood next to Duanmu Yu. "Brother Duanmu is able to wait, I too naturally will be able to wait."

Duanmu Yu lightly laughed. He then no longer said anything. As for Zhou Xian, he also stopped talking. The two people continued to quietly stand there and wait.

Inside a side hall of the Utmost North Sage Emperor's Palace. Outside the side hall was complete silence. However, the noise of a fierce quarrel filled the side hall.

"Second brother, can you stop being so stubborn? While you are extremely fond of Li'er, am I not also extremely fond of Li'er? She is a girl, is there something wrong with her marrying someone? All these people that want to marry her, aren't they all worthy of her hand in marriage? Second brother, why are you always making this matter difficult for me?" Said the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan angrily.

Zhou Xian, Duanmu Yu and many other people had already stayed in the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City for many years. The reason why they stayed there was precisely for Li'er's hand in marriage.

The Utmost North Emperor was completely willing to marry off his daughter.

He was totally able to use this marriage to obtain many things beneficial to the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City. However, this matter was completely obstructed by his second brother Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan's expression was cold and indifferent. He looked at the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan. "Big brother, I have already said this before. Li'er marriage requires her willing consent. Although you have already announced the so called 'groom search' and cannot recant your words, the date of the 'groom search' is something that requires Li'er to decide for herself."

Jiang Fan had already announced the news of his daughter searching for a groom to the world.

As the Utmost North Sage Emperor, he naturally couldn't go back on his words.

Merely, they had yet to decide the date of the groom search. This had led to Zhou Xian and a large group of other suitors to arrive to the Floating Snow City and continue to wait. After all, to Heavenly Deities, time was not something of much significance. They were also not anxious. Instead, each and every one of them started to bribe and befriend people of the Floating Snow City. They were all trying their best to construct a situation that would be advantageous to them.

Jiang Fan looked to Jiang Lan furiously.

As for Jiang Lan, he had an indifferent expression on his face.

"Big brother, back then, didn't you restrain me through the use of the Clan Protection Treasure? If you have the ability, then restrain me once more. Last time, because of the interest of the Eight Great Divine Families, I did not resist. This time, for Li'er, even if you try using the Clan Protection Treasure to restrain me, I will still try and see if I can contend against it!" Jiang Lan shot a cold and indifferent glance at Jiang Fan.

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan was startled. His expression had turned complex.

Back then, the Eight Great Divine Families had joined hands and killed the Godking of Life Zuo Qiumei. This matter involved truly too many reasons. Not only was it due to the remarkable ability that the Godking of Life possessed, it was also related to the Asura Godking of the Asura Sea.

However, regardless of what, Jiang Lan and Zuo Qiumei loved one another. He, the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan, had tried to persuade Jiang Lan through the virtuous cause of the Eight Great Divine Families and then restrained him through the use of the Clan Protection Treasure. Because of this, Jiang Fan had felt guilty toward his second brother the entire time.

After all, ever since that day, his second brother that originally possessed a very good relationship with him had turned cold and detached.

Jiang Fan took a breath of air. His brows slightly frowned.

"Second brother, what happened back then perhaps harmed you rather greatly. However, that matter was a joint decision by the Eight Great Divine Families. You too are a member of the Eight Great Divine Families!"

Jiang Lan's eyes had a trace of pain. "That's right, I am a member of the Eight Great Divine Families. Thus, I did not resist being restrained. However… I should've chosen to die together with her." Jiang Lan's eyes were filled with grief.

Suddenly, Jiang Lan's gaze have turned sharp. "Big brother, Li'er has absorbed a drop of A'mei's Tear of Life. I, even if I die, I will not allow others to force Li'er into doing anything!"

Even if he were to die, he would still not allow it!

The Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan was slightly trembling.

The resolution of his second brother Jiang Lan was truly too huge.

"I already cannot delay this public groom search anymore. The other Godkings have also talked about this with me. Regardless of what, we cannot delay this any longer." Said Jiang Fan extremely sincerely.

Jiang Lan coldly humphed and said. "Unless, you want to fight against me for real, you can forget about forcing Li'er!"

Jiang Lan glanced at his older brother. "Even if we were to fight for real, it would still be hard to tell who would live and who would die." After he finished saying that, Jiang Lan disappeared.

Jiang Fan was startled. He then smiled bitterly.

Back then, when those many outstanding men came to search for his daughter's hand in marriage, Jiang Fan was extremely happy. He even declared a public groom search. However, who would've expect that after he declared a public groom search, he ended up delaying the date of the groom search for such a long time.

Li'er was simply unable to hinder the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan. The person who have been hindering him was his second brother Jiang Lan.

"Fight against you? Indeed, even if I utilize the Clan Protection Treasure, it is still very hard to tell whether I would be able to defeat you or not." Jiang Fan did not know what to do.

Furthermore, regardless of what, Jiang Fan would not kill Jiang Lan. After all, Jiang Lan was one of the Three Great Godkings of the Flowing Snow City. If he were to kill Jiang Lan, wouldn't this be the same as cutting off his own arm?

Inside the Wood Mansion of the Floating Snow City.

Jiang Lan was looking at Li'er residence from afar. He lowly sighed. Whenever he confronted his big brother, Jiang Lan would always feel extremely agitated.

"I must continue to delay. I must continue to delay until Little Yu possesses sufficient strength and status." Jiang Lan sighed in a low voice. However, once he thought of Qin Yu, a slight smile appeared on his face.

Jiang Lan was extremely knowledgeable of Qin Yu's astonishing progress. "Never had I anticipated that a little boy from the Mortal Realm would end up becoming Mount Dazzling Gold's Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master."

Inside the Cosmos that Qin Yu had created.

The grass and weeds that Qin Yu sat on had already withered and regrown over twenty times. Finally, Qin Yu's body started giving off a trace of jade green light.

Inside Qin Yu's mind.

Like waves, numerous rays of Heavenly Divine Energy were intertwining with one another. Following an intense rotation, a jade green golden pellet was born in the center of the Heavenly Divine Energy. That jade green Heavenly Divine Energy rushed into the jade green golden pellet and was completely engulfed by it.

Jade Blood Golden Pellet formation!

Just like that, the Jade Blood Golden Pellet floated to Qin Yu's Nascent Soul's palms.

"My Divine Energy has finally completely transformed into Heavenly Divine Energy and formed a Jade Blood Golden Pellet. Now, I should be able to open the third layer space of the Jiang Lan Realm." Qin Yu opened his eyes.

Qin Yu's eyes had a pleasantly surprised expression.

He looked at the Magnificent Lotus Clone beside him and then looked at the Divine Spear Waning Snow that had been absorbing the the Dark and Yellow Energy the entire time. Qin Yu slightly smiled and then disappeared.

Qin Yu appeared in the Misty Mystic Palace. He had appeared in the main hall of his residence.

"Once I open the third layer of the Jiang Lan Realm, I'll be able to see Li'er." Qin Yu held the little green pagoda in his hand. However, his hands were slightly shivering.

An excitement coming from the bottom of his heart.

Numerous rays of Heavenly Divine Energy poured into the Jiang Lan Realm. Qin Yu's hand was slightly shivering the entire time. Finally… the entire little green pagoda started shining brightly.

The third layer of the Jiang Lan Realm had been opened!

Qin Yu's eyes were radiating a joyous light.

The instant the third layer space of the Jiang Lan Realm was opened, Jiang Lan, who was currently inside the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City's Wood Mansion, was jolted. He then also displayed a joyous expression in his eyes.

After that, Jiang Lan disappeared from the Floating Snow City.

[TL: IET initially referred to the eight sage emperor's clans as the Eight Great Families. Now however he changed them to the Eight Great Divine Clans. For consistency's sake, I decided to change them to Eight Great Divine Families. Technically, it would also work since clan = family. IET and his inconsistency in the wordings…]

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