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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 17 – Seeing Uncle Lan Again

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Holding the little green pagoda in one hand, Qin Yu's eyes were filled with joy. He was excited from the bottom of his heart. All these years of effort, all these years of anticipation, at the moment when he finally achieved it, even Qin Yu's tough and tenacious heart had grown weak with excitement.

"I've finally opened it?"

The third layer space of the Jiang Lan Realm had already been opened. However, Qin Yu still felt as if he were within a dream.

He raised his head and looked at the sky outside of the entrance of the main hall.

In the sky floated silk-like white clouds.

A gentle breeze caressed through; scattering Qin Yu's long hair. Qin Yu looked toward the direction of the wind. Over the entrance of the main hall was the courtyard. Qin Yu's gaze was casted on top of the willow tree in the courtyard. The tens of thousands of tree branches of the willow tree was fluttering. And at this moment..

Underneath the tens of thousands of tree branches was a figure that seemed to have been there the entire time.

A familiar expression. A familiar smile. A familiar appearance. Everything was so familiar.

"Uncle, Uncle Lan!"

Qin Yu felt as if he had been shocked by lightning. His head quivered. Although he knew that everything was real, for some unknown reason, ever since Qin Yu opened the third layer of the Jiang Lan Realm, he felt as if he had entered into a 'dreaming' state.

He felt as if his entire body were 'floating.' Everything seemed to be a dream.

Qin Yu took three continuous breaths. Only then did his feverish head gradually begin to cool off. That cold breeze blew past Qin Yu's face. Qin Yu felt that his feverish face had also started to gradually cool down.

"Little Yu." Jiang Lan had a 'pampering' smile on his face. "Never would I expect that in merely close to ten thousand years, you've actually reached such a high level. Furthermore, you've even become Mount Dazzling Gold's Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master."

Once Jiang Lan spoke, Qin Yu's 'disturbed and restless' heart completely calmed down. Qin Yu had also completely recovered to his usual state of mind.

Qin Yu was suddenly startled. He promptly said. "Uncle Lan, you've come. In that case, would the Utmost East Sage Emperor and them discov.."

Jiang Lan smiled tranquilly and said. "You can rest assured. That Huangfu Yu, Huangfu Lei and Huangfu Liuxiang would only at the very most take note of their own palaces at this moment. They would not pay attention to your Misty Mystic Palace. Furthermore, even if they were to specifically observe your Misty Mystic Palace, it would still be very hard for them to discover my existence."

Only then did Qin Yu have a heave of relief.

Qin Yu was unfamiliar with the methods of Godkings. However, since Uncle Lan had said it like this, then he most definitely had his own means.

"Uncle Lan, come in first." Qin Yu promptly invited Uncle Lan into the main hall. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to Uncle Fu. "Uncle Fu, regardless of who comes here, do not allow them to come in to disturb me."

As Qin Yu was Uncle Fu's master, Uncle Fu would naturally resolutely carry out Qin Yu's orders.

Inside the main hall.

Jiang Lan had sat down on a seat. Qin Yu, however, did not sit.

"You should have a seat too." Jiang Lan slightly smiled to Qin Yu and said. "Don't act like a child."

Qin Yu was someone who had experienced many battles. Even when confronted with the Utmost East Sage Emperor, the Hundred Flowers Godking and them, he had never restrained himself. It was so much that when Qin Yu stood in front of the Utmost East Sage Emperor, he actually had an air of arrogance.

However, when standing before Uncle Lan, Qin Yu discovered that he was like a child before his senior. The coldness and arrogance that he had before completely disappeared. All he had was the restraint towards a senior like that of a child.

After being urged by Jiang Lan, Qin Yu finally sat down beside his Uncle Lan.

The current Jiang Lan had a very joyful smile on his face. The more he looked at Qin Yu, the more fond of Qin Yu he became. He then picked up a tea cup beside him, drank a sip, smiled and said. "Little Yu, did you know that today is the happiest day that I had in all these years?"

Like a well behaved child, Qin Yu was carefully listening.

"Ever since Li'er returned to the Divine Realm with me, I've been worried about the matters regarding you the entire time. Even the matter of you obtaining the Bewitching God Temple, I had also used some methods in the dark to make sure that the Godkings of the Divine Realm did not detect it." Said Jiang Lan as he laughed gently.

Qin Yu was startled.

That's right.

The Godkings controlled the Spatial Law. Although they could not directly send their Divine Awareness through space to investigate, as long as they wished, it would not be hard for them to find out the matters in the Lower Realm. Qin Yu refining the Bewitching God Temple was a major matter. He had been confused the entire time as to why there wasn't any Godking who came to create troubles for him.

Now it would appear that it had been Uncle Lan who had been helping him in the dark.

"Of course, it was also impossible for me to pay attention of you at all times. All I could do is leave a trace of imprint in your body so that I would be able to sense when you're in danger." Jiang Lan have revealed everything.

"Imprint?" Qin Yu was surprised. "Uncle Lan, you've left an imprint in my body? Impossible, that's absolutely impossible!"

Qin Yu did not speak without thinking. He was confident that it was impossible for Uncle Lan to leave an imprint on his body because he controlled the Spatial Energy of the New Cosmos. With the Spatial Energy of the New Cosmos, Qin Yu did not believe that there was anything that could escape his inspection.

Jiang Lan slightly smiled and said. "It's actually very simple. I had actually left an imprint on the Jiang Lan Realm. As you've refined the Jiang Lan Realm, it can also be considered as having the imprint left on your body."

"Jiang Lan Realm!" Only then did Qin Yu realize.

"All three layers of the Jiang Lan Realm possess imprints left behind by me. As long as you open a layer, I will naturally know of it. This was precisely the reason why I appeared when you opened the first layer and the second layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm. As for the third layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm, it too possesses an imprint left by me. During the time before you opened the third layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm, you naturally did not know about it. And at the moment when you opened the third layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm, that imprint that I left behind would automatically dissipate." Jiang Lan explained carefully.

Qin Yu understood everything now.

No wonder Qin Yu was unable to detect the imprint. So it was actually located in the third layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm. As he had never opened it in the past, he naturally would not be able to detect the imprint. And once he did open the layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm, it would naturally dissipate and would not be discovered by Qin Yu.

"Haha, let's not talk about that thing. Little Yu, when I discovered that you had refined the Bewitching God Temple, I truly took a heave of relief. If you had not refined the Bewitching God Temple and become its master, then with merely my assistance, it would indeed be extremely difficult for you to marry Li'er." Said Jiang Lan as he gasped.

Qin Yu was also no longer the same reckless person from the Mortal Realm. After having been in the Divine Realm for so long, he had also come to have a general understanding of the Divine Realm.

Li'er possessed a Tear of Life. That Tear of Life contained half of the Godking of Life Zuo Qiumei's life energy essence as well as her comprehension of the spatial laws. To some High Level Heavenly Deities, this was indeed a springboard to the Godking level.

After all, there were many people in the Divine Realm who had reached the peak High Level Heavenly Deity stage.

They all merely needed a step more to reach the Godking level.

However, this single step had trapped many gifted geniuses. Once they were able to dual train with Li'er and comprehend a portion of the comprehension left behind by the Godking of Life, they might be able to achieve a breakthrough and directly reach the Godking level.

"Little Yu, you have also refined that drop of Tear of Life. You should know about the secret to the Tear of Life now. When the Godking of Life fell, she left behind two drops of tears. One of the teardrops has been integrated into Li'er's body. As for the other teardrop, it had split apart space and entered the spatial cracks." Said Jiang Lan with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu immediately started paying attention. He knew that his Meteoric Tear was precisely a teardrop from the Godking of Life.

"Uncle Lan, you all…" Qin Yu suddenly had a realisation.

Jiang Lan slightly nodded and said. "That's right, after Li'er obtained a Tear of Life, she became able to sense the other Tear of Life. Merely, the other Tear of Life had been drifting in between spatial cracks the entire time. Thus, I was unable to find its exact location the entire time because Li'er only had a general sense of the direction at which the Tear of Life was. A long time later, Li'er and I managed to discover that the other Tear of Life had stopped at a certain space. Thus, Li'er and I proceeded toward that space. That was how we reached your hometown, the Purple Mystic Star."

"Uncle Lan, when you saw me for the first time, did you already know?" Qin Yu felt ashamed.

Back then, he had considered the Meteoric Tear to be his important secret and thought that Uncle Lan and them would not necessarily know about it.

"That's right. At the moment when Li'er discovered you, she had already determined that you possessed the other Tear of Life. After all, the you from back then was too weak. You did not manage to refine many of the abilities of the Tear of Life and was only able to utilize the superficial and most fundamental energy of the Tear of Life." Said Jiang Lan with a light smile on his face.

Qin Yu could only smile.

The him from back then, much less using the energy of the Tear of Life, all he would do was wait for the Meteoric Tear to passively treat his injuries when he became injured. Only later did Qin Yu learn how to use the Life Elemental Energy.

"Ah, when I was in that underground ravine and together with Li'er, I felt that my soul's level had been increasing at a much faster pace. It would seem that it was because Li'er also possessed a Tear of Life like me." Qin Yu completely understood it now.

Qin Yu looked at Jiang Lan. "Uncle Lan, I have a question that I do not know if I should ask."

"Go ahead." Jiang Lan was smiling the entire time.

"The me from back then practically did not refine the Tear of Life at all. At the beginning, Uncle Lan, the two of us were mere strangers. Why did you not kill me and seize the other Tear of Life from me?" Qin Yu asked.

This sort of question would wound the relationship between people. However, as Qin Yu already considered Uncle Lan as his own elder, his own relative, he decided not to refrain himself from asking.

Jiang Lan sighed. "The Tear of Life is something that possesses intelligence. For the Tear of Life to select you, that signified that the Godking of Life herself had selected you. Since she had selected you, I naturally would not go against her final wish. Furthermore… the Tear of Life is not something that anyone could refine."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

Having spoken for so long, Qin Yu had been hiding his urge to ask about Li'er. And now, Qin Yu was prepared to ask.

"Uncle Lan."

"What is it?" Seeing that Qin Yu was speaking and then stopping, Jiang Lan looked at him.

Qin Yu remained silent for some time and then said. "Uncle Lan, Li'er, how is Li'er doing right now?"

Jiang Lan immediately started smiling.

"You've finally thought of Li'er. And here I was thinking that you'd forgotten about her." Said Jiang Lan jokingly. This immediately caused Qin Yu to be a bit anxious. Jiang Lan continued. "Haha, this is merely me joking. There is no need for you to mind it. However, regarding Lier…" The smile on Jiang Lan's face gradually disappeared.

Qin Yu started growing anxious and worried.

Jiang Lan said solemnly. "Li'er's current situation is not very good. It is mainly because her Imperial Father, that is, the Utmost North Sage Emperor. Her status, you ought to know about it, right?" From Jiang Lan's perspective, although he had not told Qin Yu Jiang Li's status, from Qin Yu's current standing and status, it should be extremely easy for him to find out who Jiang Li was.

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

Jiang Lan continued. "The most troublesome matter is that Li'er's Imperial Father had already long ago declared to all the outstanding talents of the Divine Realm, that he was going to do a public groom search for Li'er. As this matter is something that he, the Utmost North Sage Emperor, has personally said, it would be impossible for him to recant his words."

"Public groom search, how come I didn't know about that?" Qin Yu really didn't know about this matter.

Jiang Lan said. "You've been in the Divine Realm for too short of a time. Thus, it is also natural for you to not know about it. Furthermore, the number of people who know about this matter is quite small."

Qin Yu suddenly grew anxious. Since the Utmost North Sage Emperor had already declared the open groom search, he would definitely keep his words. What sort of situation would Li'er be in now?

"Uncle Lan, the Utmost North Sage Emperor has announced the public groom search, then what about Li'er?" Qin Yu hurriedly asked.

"You don't have to worry. Although the Utmost North Sage Emperor has announced the public groom search, he has however not determined the date for the groom search yet. I have been helping Li'er delay the date the entire time… Qin Yu, until you manage to obtain great success and possessed sufficient strength to compete with those love rivals, I will continue to delay this date of the groom search for you and Li'er." Comforted Jiang Lan.

After hearing that, Qin Yu immediately felt that his heart was warm.

How could he possibly be able to repay the care that Jiang Lan had for him?

"Thank you, Uncle Lan." Qin Yu's eyes had turned slightly red.

Jiang Lan stroked Qin Yu's head. He chuckled and said. "You don't have to thank me. Currently, the situation is very bad for you. Your love rivals that are competing for Li'er against you, each and every one of them is extremely exceptional."

"Extremely exceptional? Could it be that I am unable to match them?" The current Qin Yu was someone filled with confidence.

He, Qin Yu, was also one of the Four Great Palace Masters of the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold. He was a grandmaster of formation arrays and the number one individual beneath Godkings. Does all that not give him the qualifications to compete for Jiang Li?

"It's not that you cannot match them but rather that with your current strength and background, the hope of you winning when competing against them is extremely slim." Jiang Lan shook his head and said. "While your formation array space is indeed amazing, to the Eight Great Divine Families, as long as you are not a Godking, you cannot be considered someone of importance. However, those love rivals of yours, they are all extraordinary."

Qin Yu looked to Jiang Lan. "Uncle Lan, tell me, who exactly are those people that could threaten me being together with Li'er?"

Jiang Lan grew silent for a moment and then said. "Your current status can also be considered as being high. Your strength could also be considered as being powerful. Ordinary competitors are indeed no match for you. However, there are four people with strength close to yours. However, their influence of their backgrounds is stronger than yours."

"Four competitors?" Qin Yu frowned.

Although he had not yet heard about the identity of these four competitors, Qin Yu had already classified these four people as his enemies.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 18 – The Three Exalted Celestials

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"I'll tell you the identity of these four individuals later. What I need to tell you now are some matters regarding the Eight Great Divine Families. Only through knowing the matters regarding the Eight Great Divine Families will you be able to understand the influence of these four people even better." Said Jiang Lan attentively.

Qin Yu quietly listened to Uncle Lan.

"The Eight Great Divine Families of the Divine Realm are respectively the Utmost Eastern Region's Huangfu Clan, the Utmost Western Region's Shentu Clan, the Utmost Southern Region's Duanmu Clan, the Utmost Northern Region's Jiang Clan, the Northeastern Region's Mu Clan, the Southeastern Region's Putai Clan, the Southwestern Region's Tang Clan and the Northwestern Region's Zhou Clan."

"These Eight Great Divine Families are extremely deep rooted. However, since there are only so many cities in the Divine Realm, as the number of people in the Divine Realm grew more and more numerous, it was simply impossible for the cities to accommodate all those people. Thus, increasingly, people started living outside the cities. This led to the Eight Great Divine Families of the Divine Clan to discuss with one another. In the end, a decision was reached to have a widespread war of the Divine Realm once every six billion years. Originally, the purpose of this war was to decrease the population of the Divine Realm." Jiang Lan knew very well regarding all sorts of the secrets of the Divine Realm.

Decrease the population?

Qin Yu was shocked. For the Deities that lived in the Divine Realm that possessed nearly unbounded life expectancy, a battle once every six billion years was a very frequent occurrence.

Qin Yu also immediately understood the difficulties that the Eight Great Divine Families had. He slightly nodded and said. "That's right. There are only so many cities, if the number of people keep growing, then there would definitely be people that would have to live outside the cities. In that case, controlling the cities would become even more troublesome and more bandit powers would arise."

"At first, the purpose of the war was to decrease the population." Jiang Lan smiled helplessly and said. "However, as the war continued time after time, the Eight Great Divine Families had forgotten one thing in their negotiation. That is, even the Eight Great Divine Families were eager to be the victor!"

"In the beginning, the Eight Great Divine Families merely had their Heavenly Deities lead the war and have the Deity Armies fight against each other, besieging each other's city and villages. However, because they were eager to be the victor, some of the powerful Heavenly Deities and the descendents of the Eight Great Divine Families had also joined the battlefield. The battlefield is a thing that doesn't care for your identity. Even if you were a prince, it would still be possible for you to be killed. Once every six billion years… this sort of battle has already happened more than a million times. In the wars of the Divine Realm, there has been many High Level Heavenly Deities who have died. Likewise, there are also many descendents of the Eight Great Divine Families who have perished. This has slowly caused the Eight Great Divine Families to incur hatred for each other."

Jiang Lan also felt a bit helpless. "Thus, the Eight Great Divine Families were separated into factions."

"Factions?" Qin Yu found it a bit ridiculous.

Originally, Qin Yu had thought that these Eight Great Divine Families were people of the same branch and breath. However, now it appeared that the relationships between the Eight Great Divine Families was not harmonious either.

[TL: same branch and breath = deeply connected with one another, great relationship.]

"The Eight Great Divine Families, one faction is composed of the Duanmu Clan, Tang Clan, and the Mu Clan. Another faction is composed of the Jiang Clan and the Shentu Clan. These two factions could be considered as being antagonistic of each other."  When Jiang Lan mentioned those two factions, Qin Yu grew confused and asked. "Uncle Lan, what about the last Three Great Divine Families?"

Jiang Lan had only mentioned five Divine Families so far.

"Among the last three Divine Families, the Putai Clan and the Huangfu Clan can be considered as being in a faction. However, neither one of them is fond of war and conflict. Regarding the war, the two of them don't participate in it at all. At the very most, these two sides would dispatch their Deity Armies and have them kill each other."

"The last family, the Zhou Clan…" Jiang Lan's expression grew a bit solemn. "The Zhou Clan is a bit more special. The Zhou Clan refuses to help anyone. At the same time, the other Seven Great Divine Clans will also not attack it!"

"Why is that?" Qin Yu frowned.

Why was the Zhou Clan the only clan unaffected by the others?

"Little Yu, the Eight Great Divine Families actually all possess their own duties. The Thunder Punishment City is in charge of all the calamities, the Heavenly Tribulation, Divine Tribulation and so on; they are all controlled by the Zhou Clan."

Qin Yu was greatly surprised.

This Zhou Clan was truly astonishing.

"However, with merely this, it would still not be enough to cause the other Seven Great Divine Families to give it special treatment. The most important thing is… of the Three Great Exalted Celestials of the Divine Realm, one of them originated from the Zhou Clan!" Jiang Lan truly did not stop trying to surprise Qin Yu to death.

Qin Yu's heart jumped.

Exalted Celestial? That was already an existence of the legends that stood above the Godkings. The Three Great Exalted Celestials, one of them was actually from the Zhou Clan. No wonder the Zhou Clan was this dreadful.

"Uncle Lan, what about the other two Exalted Celestials? Where did they originate from?" Qin Yu asked curiously.

Jiang Lan frowned. "The other two Exalted Celestials… it's very hard to say. Little Yu, there were already two Exalted Celestials when the Divine Realm was created. These two Exalted Celestials, one is from the Zhou Clan and the other possesses an extremely hidden identity. He does not belong to any of the Eight Great Divine Families."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

"In the most terrible great war of the Divine Realm that occurred six quadrillion years ago, at that time… all the Godkings appeared and started fighting one another. They did that all so that they could seize the opportunity to become the new Exalted Celestial. However, regardless of how those Eight Great Divine Families and some hidden Godking level experts fought each other, in the end, it only gave birth to a Godking from the ascenders powers! Using this opportunity, that Godking became the new Exalted Celestial."

Qin Yu suddenly understood everything now.

"So the final Exalted Celestial was actually someone who belonged to the ascender powers." Qin Yu gasped.

Jiang Lan lightly nodded. He then smiled and said. "Had it not been for the birth of this Exalted Celestial, then how would Mount Blood Demon, Asura Sea and Dual Domain Island be able to achieve their current standings underneath the watch of the Eight Great Divine Families?"

Qin Yu gasped and nodded.

The influence of an Exalted Celestial was truly great.

Regardless of how many ascenders there were in the Divine Realm, their effect was still no match against a single Exalted Celestial who originated as an ascender!

"However, that Exalted Celestial is a lone operator. He does not possess a deep relationship with Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and Dual Domain Island. As long as our Eight Great Divine Families do not join hand to exterminate those three powers, then that Exalted Celestial would not involve himself in the matters of the Divine Realm." Jiang Lan lightly smiled and said. "After all, that Exalted Celestial also has to take into consideration the Exalted Celestial from the Zhou Clan."

Qin Yu promptly smiled and said. "Uncle Lan, those Exalted Celestials, do they not have names?"

Jiang Lan said. "The three Exalted Celestials, we would ordinarily address the Exalted Celestial from the Zhou Clan as the 'Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial.' The Exalted Celestial that was born six quadrillion years ago, we address him as the 'Unfettered Exalted Celestial.' As for the last Exalted Celestial, he possesses the most secretive identity. Reportedly, he possesses the highest status among the three Exalted Celestials. We address that Exalted Celestial as the 'Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial.'"

Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial, Unfettered Exalted Celestial and the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial!

These were the three most supreme Exalted Celestials of the Divine Realm.

"The Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial possesses the highest status?" Qin Yu was slightly amazed.

Jiang Lan lightly smiled and said. "This is something that I have deduced through countless years of experience. This Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial has a very hidden origin. His strength is also deeply concealed. However… regardless of whether it is the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial or the Unfettered Exalted Celestial, both of them are extremely respectful toward the Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial. Merely, that Floating Feathers Exalted Celestial does not bother with the power struggle of the Divine Realm at all."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"Even the Exalted Celestials have a difference in strength?" Qin Yu displayed a confused expression. According to Qin Yu's point of view, one would become an Exalted Celestial after comprehending the Spatial Law and the Temporal Law.

Since they're all Exalted Celestials, how could there be a difference in strength?

"I also do not understand it. I reckon that no one would know unless they have reached the Exalted Celestial level."

Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu. "The Eight Great Divine Families, the Three Great Ascenders Powers and the existence of the Three Exalted Celestials, you've come to know everything now. Now, I will tell you the identity of the your four strongest competitors."

Qin Yu's brows were congealed together.

"The one with the weakest competitive strength among the four, of course, his competitive strength is still stronger than yours." Jiang Lan said as he looked to Qin Yu with a smile.

Qin Yu could only smile bitterly.

Among the four, even the one with the weakest competitive strength was stronger than him. Qin Yu truly felt helpless.

"This man's name is called Kui Yinhou. This man is the Palace Master of the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City's Kuihou's Palace. This man is also the first Palace Master of the Kuihou's Palace. For the Floating Snow City, this man could be considered as someone who has performed a great number of meritorious services. In the Floating Snow City, this man is extremely popular with the residents. Furthermore, his strength is already at the peak of the High Level Heavenly Deity stage. His pursuit for Li'er is supported by many of the residents of the Floating Snow City. Even the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan found it extremely difficult to turn down the request from his experienced subordinate." Said Jiang Lan as he sighed.

Qin Yu immediately remembered this Kui Yinhou.

The Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold originally only had three palaces. The first generation Palace Masters of those three palaces had all died. However, this Kui Yinhou was actually a first generation palace master. His qualifications were indeed extremely high.

When compared to this Kui Yinhou, Qin Yu really didn't seem to have any superiority over him.

"The person with the second weakest competitive strength among the four competitors, his name is Shentu Fan!" Right after Jiang Lan said those words, Qin Yu immediately became alert.

Shentu? Could this man be from the Eight Great Divine Families' Shentu Clan?

[Robin: No, he's from the goddamn Jiang Clan, WHAT DO YOU THINK QIN YU?! :i ]

Jiang Lan continued. "Shentu Fan is a very very adorable youngster." As Jiang Lan said those words, he also started laughing. "If we were to talk about it, then this Shentu Fan was forced by his Imperial Father to come and pursue Li'er. Shentu Fan is a genius youngster. His cultivation speed is extremely fast. He is currently also a High Level Heavenly Deity. However, all of this cannot be considered as anything great. His strongest reliance is… of the Eight Great Divine Families of the Divine Realm, only the Shentu Clan is in the same faction as the Jiang Clan."

Qin Yu had a bitter smile on his face.

That's right, the Duanmu Clan, Tang Clan, and the Mu Clan are in the same faction. As for the Jiang Clan, it was in the same faction with only the Shentu Clan.

"Although they are said to be in the same faction, the Shentu Clan is generally lead by the Jiang Clan. With how much the Shentu Clan has assisted the Jiang Clan, the Utmost North Sage Emperor Jiang Fan also found it extremely hard to refuse their proposal of having their prince marry Li'er. After all, the relationship between the two clans is very close." Jiang Lan said as he shook his head and sighed.

Qin Yu was already able to clearly sense the pressure brought forth by these competitors.

"The third competitor is actually a youth that I am very fond of. It can be said that he is extremely perfect!" Jiang Lan gave a rare praise of the man.

Qin Yu was shocked. To be able to have Jiang Lan determine that he was perfect, then that man must definitely be an exceptional individual.

"This man's name is Duanmu Yu."

"Duanmu Yu? From the Duanmu Clan? Isn't the Duanmu Clan an opposing faction from the Jiang Clan?" Qin Yu hurriedly asked.

Jiang Lan smiled and said. "Opposing faction? While they are indeed opposing factions, it is only in those sort of ordinary wars. In the major matters, the Eight Great Divine Families possess a relatively good relationship with one another. Furthermore, Duanmu Yu possesses an extremely large influence in the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City. His influence is even able to match that of the Utmost South Sage Emperor!"

"Match the Utmost South Sage Emperor?" Qin Yu found it unbelievable.

Jiang Lan continued. "This Duanmu Yu could also be considered as a legendary person. Back then, the exceptional love and romance of Duanmu Yu was something that made a clamor through the entire Divine Realm. However, who would've thought that the extremely ordinary woman that he had loved actually dumped him."

"He got dumped?' Qin Yu was stunned.

This man that Jiang Lan said was perfect was actually dumped by an ordinary woman?

"Although that woman ended up being extremely regretful of her actions, but what use is it then? Exactly why did that woman sever her relationship with Duanmu Yu, that is a secret of the Divine Realm."

Said Uncle Lan with a light smile. "However, to be frank, this Duanmu Yu, in terms of strength, he has long since reached the peak of the High Level Heavenly Deity stage. Regardless of who it is, his attitude towards them is extremely good. Regardless of whether it is his parents, relatives or brothers, he would never have a differing opinion. This sort of person is truly too perfect. He is so perfect that even I am unable to find any fault in him. Oh… perhaps there is a fault. He no longer believes in love. However, I am not certain about whether this can be considered as a fault."

"No longer believes in love?" Qin Yu was completely confused. This Duanmu Yu was truly too peculiar.

"However, according to my understanding of him, even though he no longer believes in love, he will still give the girl that he marries a boundless amount of care and concern. For someone like Duanmu Yu, there are truly too many women who want to be his wife." Said Jiang Lan with a sigh.

Jiang Lan continued. "Not only that, Duanmu Yu is also the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City's Bright Jade Palace's Palace Master. The Bright Jade Palace is also the leader of the three palaces of the Light Lens City. Duanmu Yu's power, status, and his conduct are all extremely exceptional. Furthermore, he has also said that if he were to marry Li'er, he would present twenty cities underneath the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City as gifts to the Utmost Northern Region's Floating Snow City."

Qin Yu took a gasp of cold air.

What an enormous betrothal gift. The Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold possessed a total of only sixty four cities underneath it. This Duanmu Yu was actually willing to gift twenty cities of the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City to the Floating Snow City. This sort of bearing was indeed something that was worthy of admiration.

"Would the Utmost Southern Region's Light Lens City really gift twenty cities just because this Duanmu Yu said he would? They're twenty cities!"

The Divine Realm's cities were fixed. One could not construct a new city in the Divine Realm.

"Don't forget what I had said earlier. This Duanmu Yu possesses an influence on par with the Utmost South Sage Emperor in the Light Lens City. Furthermore, this decision of his has already been approved by the Utmost South Sage Emperor and the other Godkings of the Light Lens City." Said Jiang Lan with a smile.

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

This Duanmu Yu was indeed a love rival that possessed a deep amount of threat to him.

"The final competitor is someone you have also met before, Zhou Xian!" Jiang Lan sighed and said.

"Frankly, this Zhou Xian is also a High Level Heavenly Deity. Seemingly, he gives the impression that he's also pretty good. However, when compared with the other three, I instead think that he's inferior to them. However… standing behind Zhou Xian is the Thunder Punishment City and the Zhou Clan that is unaffected by the other clans. Most importantly, the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial supports him! Thus, I have concluded him to be your strongest competitor." After Jiang Lan finished saying those words, his gaze was fixed upon Qin Yu. It was as if he wanted to see Qin Yu's reaction after hearing his words.

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