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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 35 – Hiding

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Qin Yu could only shake his head and smile.

Qin Yu was able to tell that Huang Jing at the very most only had a good impression of him. Furthermore, Qin Yu believed that Huang Jing was related to the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Huangfu Clan.

"Huang Jing is siblings with Huangfu Liushui. The Utmost East Sage Emperor is from the Huangfu Clan. Perhaps this Miss Huang Jing, her true name might be Huangfu Jing." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

Suddenly, Qin Yu's gaze was attracted by the three Man brothers.

The leader of the three Man brothers, Man Chou, was currently walking toward Qin Yu. As for Man Fan behind him, he had an indifferent face. As for that Man Fei, he was muttering as if he didn't want to bother speaking with Qin Yu.

The eldest brother Man Chou walked over to Qin Yu. He smiled and said. "Brother Qin Yu, I am Man Chou. Let me introduce everyone, this is my second brother Man Fan and this is my third brother Man Fei. It is the first time we met. However, if you have the time, feel free to come stroll around our Mount Three Forks. We would definitely receive you enthusiastically."

From Man Chou's point of view, although Qin Yu had only reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity level, his proficiency in the formation arrays were already at an exceptional level. Furthermore, he possesses a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact and was related to Huang Jing. Thus, he had determined that Qin Yu's background was certainly extraordinary. A person like Qin Yu was someone that he definitely has to befriend properly.

Man Fan lightly nodded to Qin Yu. He said. "Man Fan greets Brother Qin Yu." As for Man Fei, he cupped his hand extremely unwillingly.

"My third brother is rude and unrefined, I hope that Brother Qin Yu won't mind too much about it." Said Man Chou with a smile.

Qin Yu was instead confused in his heart. These three brothers looked exactly the same. Yet their temperaments were completely different. Man Chou was slick and sly. Man Fan was cold and indifferent. As for Man Fei, his temperament was exactly like his appearance.

"Brother Man Chou, when I saw the three of you, I am reminded of a good friend of mine from the lower realm. May I know if the three of you were from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?" Asked Qin Yu with a face filled with smiles.

A trace of astonishment flashed through Man Chou's eyes. The indifferent Man Fan also looked to Qin Yu. As for that Man Fei, his reaction was the most intense. In an instant, his eyes had turned round like balls. He stared at Qin Yu and said. "Ah, Qin Yu, you're also from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm? Ha, then have you heard about us Three Great Ox Demon Emperor’s back in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm? Oh, right, when did you ascend? When you ascended, who was the current Ox Demon Emperor? Man Tian? Man Yu? During the time when we ascended, they were the only two Super Divine Beasts of the Ox Clan."

Man Fei instantly said all that with a single breath. He only stopped when he saw Qin Yu's astonished expression. He smiled embarrassedly and said. "To see a brother who had also ascended from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, haha, I was a bit too excited."

Qin Yu have managed to completely ascertain that these three Man brothers were from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Furthermore, their true forms ought to be Purple Eyed Ox Demon Kings.

Man Tian and Man Yu were people that Qin Yu have never heard before.

Qin Yu knew that these three Man brothers might've ascended for a very long time already. It was possible for them to have ascended several billion years or tens of billions of years. The people from that time, Qin Yu never heard about a single one of them.

"Brother Man Fei, I have not ascended for a very long time. I think the gap between the time of our ascensions might be extremely large. Thus, I have never heard about that Man Tian and Man Yu." Qin Yu explained.

"Oh, that's very normal. Your level is lower than ours. It was possible for you to have ascended several billions of years later than us." At this moment, Man Fei's face was covered with smiles. Clearly, he had became much more cordial.

Man Chou also have a face filled with smiles. "So Brother Qin Yu was actually also a brother that had ascended from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. That's truly wonderful. How about… Brother Qin Yu joining our Mount Three Forks? Your status would be equal to us three brothers!"

This Man Chou actually started to climb a favorable pole right away. He actually even started inviting Qin Yu to join them.

"I would have to refuse. I still have things that I must do. Furthermore, I am used to being alone." Qin Yu refused the offer.

After that, Man Fei chatted enthusiastically with Qin Yu for quite some time. Finally, the three brothers left.

"This Man Fei is straightforward. The second brother Man Fan is earnest and indifferent. As for the eldest brother Man Chou…" Qin Yu suddenly felt that he cannot see through the eldest brother Man Chou.

In the vast sky, the three Man brothers flew away.

"Big brother, I had even planned to have a drinking session with Brother Qin Yu. Why did you urge me to leave early with your Divine Awareness Voice Transmission?" Man Fei was a bit angry and asked dissatisfied.

Man Chou smiled and said. "Third brother, you should not trust others that easily. It is still hard to tell if that Qin Yu was really from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

"What do you mean by that?" Man Fei's large ox eyes were spread wide open.

Man Chou continued. "Although there are not many people in the Divine Realm that knew that us three brothers are from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, it is also not a secret. If this Qin Yu wanted to, he would also be able to obtain that information. It might be that he had deliberately acted like this to us. I originally thought that he might have some sort of intention so I immediately tried to entice him to our Mount Three Forks so that I can see his reaction."

"However, that Qin Yu refused my offer. In that case, he might actually not have any bad intentions." Man Chou smiled and said.

"Doesn't that solve the problem then?" Mei Fei immediately said.

"One must always have the intention to guard against others. This Qin Yu had suddenly appeared. We should wait some time and carefully observe his actions to determine what sort of person he is." Said Man Chou with a light smile.

"Third brother, what big brother said is reasonable." Man Fan who had been silent the entire time spoke.

Man Fei humped a couple times and then muttered for some time. However, the three of them were still blood brothers. Their relationship was extremely deep. Thus, they would naturally not hold grudge against one another.

Under the gaze of many people from the Black Dragon Pool, Qin Yu ascended to the sky and flew away from the Black Dragon Pool. Following the soft and gentle mountain wind, he flew within the mountain forest.

Qin Yu turned his head around and glanced at the location where the Black Dragon Pool stood. "That Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu had hidden himself inside the Black Dragon Pool for all these years. Hearing what Huang Jing had said to Tan Jiu, it seemed that he did it for a certain treasure."

Regarding Tan Jiu, Qin Yu was already filled with the intention to kill him.

The remarkable ability of 'teleportation' was truly too dreadful. Qin Yu did not want others to know about that at all. However, killing Tan Jiu was no easy task. For one, Tan Jiu was a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. Secondly… this Tan Jiu had nine clones.

As long as a single clone of his managed to escape, it would all be for naught.

"Mn, I'll first go to the bottom of this Black Dragon Pool and carefully explore what sort of treasure is at the bottom and then see if I can have an opportunity to kill this Tan Jiu." Qin Yu made his decision in his heart.

The Dark Curtain of Night that originated from the utmost north's Floating Snow City had covered the entire Divine Realm. The entire Divine Realm had turned into darkness.

A night of darkness. The night was cold like water.

Within the ice-cold mountain wind, within the tranquil ravine of the Black Dragon Pool, a figure appeared like a phantom as it flashed and appeared next to the Black Dragon Pool. It was Qin Yu who was wearing a black gown.

"When using teleportation, I could practically ignore all of the ravine guards of the Black Dragon Pool." A slight smile appeared on QIn Yu's face.

His gaze turned to the Black Dragon Pool before him. The Black Dragon Pool possessed a circumference of a hundred miles. With a single glance, one cannot see the other end of the lake. On the range that one can see, it was covered with a boundless amount of water. Strangely, the surface of the water on the Black Dragon Pool always maintained its undisturbed state.

Usually, for a large lake, even if there was no wind, there would still be waves causing the water to move up and down. However, this Black Dragon Pool was without waves even if it was windy outside. It was truly very strange.

"That Tan Jiu is likely extremely on guard. If someone were to enter the lake, he'll likely discover them through the motion of the water." Qin Yu was extremely careful. He immediately spread out the 'Spatial Energy' from his Universal World.

The 'Spatial Energy' from the Universal World was hindered by the space of the Divine Realm in the Divine Realm. Thus, it could only cover an area about a hundred meters. If it were to only spread toward one direction, it would only be able to cover a distance of two hundred meters.

The Spatial Energy permeated into the bottom of the lake.

The territory of the Spatial Energy was Qin Yu's 'Spatial Domain.'

Although it was likely inferior to the true 'Spatial Domains' of Mid Level Heavenly Deities, but it was at the very least half as powerful. Furthermore, controlling the water at the bottom of the lake to not move was still an extremely effortless thing.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. He jumped into the Black Dragon Pool.

The strange thing was, although Qin Yu had jumped into the Black Dragon Pool, because of the fact that he was using the 'Spatial Domain,' there was actually no movement in the water.

The bottom of the Black Dragon Pool was pitch-black like ink. However, everyone in the Divine Realm was capable of easily seeing in pitch-black darkness. At the bottom of this lake, Qin Yu was spreading out his Spatial Energy the entire time. He was inspecting the Black Dragon Pool unceasingly.

The Black Dragon Pool was far too large.

Merely its depth was already five hundred meters. As for its circumference, that was a hundred miles… Qin Yu was carefully inspecting the bottom of the lake.

"This Black Dragon Pool is indeed strange. It's such a large lake yet there's actually not a single living animal here. There are only some underwater plants." Qin Yu gasped in his heart. Such a strange scene caused Qin Yu to be even more certain that there should be some sort of treasure here.

Qin Yu was extremely persevering. He continued to use his Spatial Energy to inspect every single location.

The circumference of a hundred miles was too great. Qin Yu was only able to inspect a range of about a hundred meters from him. Using this sort of method, Qin Yu searched for three entire days. However, he had only managed to inspect an extremely small section.

Just from going from one side of the Black Dragon Pool to the other side, even if Qin Yu was moving with his fastest speed, it would still require him two hours. It required him several hundred trips in order to completely inspect the entire Black Dragon Pool.

After a month.

Qin Yu had already arrived at the other end of the Black Dragon Pool.

"Strange. I have completely inspected the entire Black Dragon Pool. Why is it that I cannot find anything?" Qin Yu grew confused.

In this entire month, Qin Yu didn't dare to use his Divine Awareness to inspect. Firstly, Divine Awareness's inspection range underneath the water was extremely limited. Secondly… he was afraid that Tan Jiu would discover him.

However, the Spatial Energy from the Universal World was different.

When ordinary Mid Level Heavenly Deities controlled the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy, it would create a small amount of movement that others could discover. The reason why the Spatial Energy would create a movements was because their ability to control the Spatial Energy was too low.

Had it been a Godking controlling the 'Spatial Domain,' then no one would be able to discover it at all.

This was the reason.

The Universal World was Qin Yu's creation. When controlling the Spatial Energy from the Universal World, Qin Yu's control was as great as the control of Godkings controlling the Divine Realm's Spatial Energy.

Even if the Spatial Energy from the Universal World were to cover Tan Jiu, Tan Jiu would still be unable to discover it. Thus, he would naturally also not discover Qin Yu.

This was also the reason why Qin Yu dared to spend an entire month to inspect the entire Black Dragon Pool.

"Mn? I've searched the entire Black Dragon Pool yet still haven't discovered the location of Tan Jiu. It seemed that I can only wait." Qin Yu frowned. Although he was standing underneath the lake, his body was not wet in the slightest.

"Based on Miss Huang Jing and Tan Jiu's conversation from back then, that Liu Yuxi also knew that the treasure is here. It is likely that Liu Yuxi would also come here someday in the future." Qin Yu nodded in his heart. He had made a decision.

Qin Yu disappeared from the bottom of the pond.

Inside the Universal World.

Qin Yu was standing on top of a large mountain in his Universal World.

"Mn, the Spatial Energy of the Universal Space is extending outside constantly and has fused with the water flow of the Black Dragon Pool. Once there is any movement in the water flow of the Black Dragon Pool, I would naturally come to know about it."

Qin Yu was relatively certain that once Liu Yixu entered the Black Dragon Pool, he'll likely not be extremely careful like how he was. That was because both that Liu Yixu and Tan Jiu knew that the other person also knew of the location of the treasure.

Even if he was as careful as Qin Yu, Liu Yixu would definitely create movements the moment he enters the Black Dragon Pool.

"I could only wait idly for opportunities." Qin Yu sat cross-legged on the plains on top of the mountain. This was the only way when there's no other way.

Suddenly, Uncle Fu appeared behind Qin Yu. The restriction of the Universal World was too small, it was like the restriction of the Mortal Realm. In here, Uncle Fu's speed was extremely fast.

Qin Yu had already brought Uncle Fu into his Universal World the moment he entered the Black Dragon Pool. Qin Yu had even placed Jiang Lan's Realm inside his Universal World.

"Let's return to Jiang Lan's Realm!" Qin Yu said to Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu and Uncle Fu directly disappeared from the mountain top. A little green pagoda appeared on top of the mountain. It was the true form of the Jiang Lan's Realm. However, as it was located in the Universal Space, Qin Yu was extremely at ease.

The Universal World was a world created by Qin Yu. Even if Qin Yu was within the Jiang Lan's Realm, he was still able to sense the Spatial Energy of the Universal World that had spread to the Divine Realm's Black Dragon Pool.

Inside the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm. Qin Yu started to train at ease.

The time in the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm was a hundred times greater than the outside world. And what Qin Yu needed the most right now was time!

Divine Realm. Black Dragon Pool.

Close to a thousand years had passed since the great battle from last time. The Black Dragon Pool had already constructed three new palaces. The Black Dragon Palace in the middle was even more dignified than the previous Black Dragon Palace.


A blur streaked across the sky. A person appeared on the side of the Black Dragon Pool.

Short silver hair. Silver eyebrows. With a height of around only a hundred and seventy centimeters, this person have the appearance of a youngster. This person was precisely the army commander of the Yuchi City, a person who possessed status second only to the Yuchi City's Governor, Liu Yuxi!

Liu Yuxi's stature was practically the same as Tan Jiu's. Even their attire was practically the same.

Tan Jiu was very dark skinned whereas this Liu Yixu was very light skinned. Other than the skin color, their hair color and the expressions in their eyes, the rest of them appeared exactly the same.

"After calculating the days, it's more or less the time. At the very most a couple years more." Liu Yuxi looked to the Black Dragon Pool before him and lightly smiled. "That idiot Tan Jiu has holed up down there the entire time. What use is that? It is only possible to pick the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus when it's ready to be plucked."

Liu Yuxi was confused about this the entire time. Why would Tan Jiu wait in vain in the secret location underneath the lake?

With a leap, Liu Yuxi directly jumped into the Black Dragon Pool. Liu Yuxi was not extremely careful like Qin Yu because he wanted to be discovered by Tan Jiu. Like so, Tan Jiu would open the the secret channel underneath the lake for him.

Inside the Universal World.

Qin Yu suddenly appeared. He raised his head and looked to the sky. He had a slight smile on his face. "I've trained for close to a hundred thousand years. Finally, this day has come. I shall see what exactly is in the Black Dragon Pool!"

Qin Yu disappeared from the Universal World and reappeared in the Black Dragon Pool.

In the space surrounding Qin Yu was a hundred meter range of Universal World's Spatial Energy. Qin Yu's body was unceasingly flickering within it. Every single time his body flickered, he passed a distance of a hundred meters. In a blink of an eye, he had traveled ten miles.

Unlike last time when Qin Yu had to carefully examine the lake, this time around he merely had to travel through the lake. Thus, Qin Yu's speed was extremely fast.

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 36 – Sudden Change

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Translationnations (sorry)

After Qin Yu managed to travel some distance with his teleportation, he suddenly stopped.

At this moment, Qin Yu was not far away from Liu Yuxi. Qin Yu didn't dare to get any closer to him because he feared that Liu Yixu might discover him. Using his Spatial Energy, Qin Yu observed the movement of the waters in the lake to determine the location of Liu Yuxi.

As Qin Yu continued to determine the locations of Liu Yuxi, he managed to create the trajectory at which Liu Yuxi was traveling in his mind.

"He's directly going towards the center of the lake?" Qin Yu was slightly confused. "Could it be that Tan Jiu who had been hiding in the Black Dragon Pool the entire time had been hiding in the center of the lake?" Qin Yu stopped overthinking it and started to proceed toward the center of the lake.

Right after Qin Yu flew for some time in the bottom of the lake…

Qin Yu felt another movement of lake water. That movement originated from the center of the Black Dragon Pool. Furthermore, that movement of water was following a very regular pattern.

Two movements of waters. One originated from Liu Yuxi. As for the other one, it naturally had to originate from Tan Jiu!

"Back then, I searched throughout the entire Black Dragon Pool and yet was unable to find him. Truly, I do not know where he had been hiding!" Qin Yu quietly approached the center of the lake. There were numerous underwater plants at the bottom of the lake. Qin Yu was currently traveling in between some rocks and plants.

After some time, Qin Yu had arrived behind a large stone.

He spread out his Spatial Energy. Qin Yu was clearly inspecting the center of the lake a hundred meters away from him. At this moment, a tunnel actually appeared at the center of the lake. The tunnel connected all the way into the ground underneath the lake.

From the other side, Liu Yuxi also arrived at the center of the lake.

Tan Jiu walked out from that tunnel. He saw Liu Yuxi and said cold and indifferently. "As expected, you've come. Merely, you've come two years earlier than I had anticipated."

"Although it would still take a couple more years for the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus to finish ripening, but I was afraid that there would be an error in the time. Thus, I decided to come ahead of time." At this moment, Liu Yuxi had a smile on his face.

The scarlet haired and scarlet browed Tan Jiu humped coldly. "If you want to come in, then come in quickly." After he said that, Tan Jiu once again returned to the underground tunnel.

The silver haired and silver browed Liu Yuxi lightly smiled. He also stepped into the underground tunnel. Right after the two of them stepped into the underground tunnel, Qin Yu also quietly followed behind them. He had spread his Spatial Energy down through the tunnel.

This underground tunnel was only several tens of meters deep. Around eighty meters underneath the bottom of the lake was an underground mansion.

At this moment, Liu Yuxi had arrived at the entrance of the underground mansion. As for Tan Jiu, he had pressed on the mechanism on the mansion. Right after that, the tunnel started to slowly close. It wasn't the entrance of the tunnel that was closing but rather the entire tunnel was closing.

"No wonder I didn't discover it the last time I searched." Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

When Qin Yu searched with his Spatial Energy, he only covered an area of about a hundred meters and permeated his Spatial Energy a meter or two underneath the ground. He did not try to penetrate eighty or ninety meters with his Spatial Energy at all. If he were to continue to search, even if Qin Yu were to spend a couple more years, he would likely still not find anything.

"Eighty meters, that's enough for me to get there through teleportation." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

In front of the Spatial Energy from the Universal World, the underground rocks were unable to hinder them at all. Perhaps even a High Level Heavenly Deity cannot get down there without a word or movement. However, Qin Yu was capable of doing it!

"There's actually no water in the underground mansion. Mn, it's pretty huge. That room should do." Qin Yu selected a room in the underground mansion. With one teleportation, Qin Yu disappeared from the lake.

Eighty meters underneath the bottom of the lake. Within the underground mansion.

Qin Yu appeared within a room inside it. This side room was very close to the courtyard in the middle of the mansion. It was only several tens of meters away from it. Within this room, Qin Yu was able to clearly hear the conversation between Tan Jiu and Liu Yuxi in the middle of the courtyard.

Liu Yuxi and Tan Jiu, due to the fact that they're inside the underground mansion that they believed even High Level Heavenly Deities cannot come in without making a sound, were not attentive of their surroundings.

Qin Yu's Spatial Energy was spread out. It covered over half of the entire courtyard. Liu Yuxi and Tan Jiu were both within the area where Qin Yu's Spatial Energy had covered. However, the two of them weren't aware of it in the slightest.

"Liu Yuxi, the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus was something that the two of us discovered together. We shall distribute according to the method that we have determined. For the two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses, I shall have one and you shall have one!" Said Tan Jiu indifferently.

Qin Yu was slightly startled upon hearing the conversation.

"Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus?" Qin Yu remembered that he had seen the records regarding the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus before in the scrolls of the Bewitching God Temple that contained information regarding precious materials. "Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus, all seven lotus petals that it possessed could be used to concoct pills and medicines. The lotus core of the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus, through eating it, could revive those who have only a True Spirit remainding. If one were to use it to concoct pills, then its efficacy would be even greater!"

Qin Yu was surprised. That was because in the Divine Realm, magical pellets that are capable of reviving those who possessed only a True Spirit were extremely valuable.

In terms of value, it was even more precious than a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact and was approaching that of a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

As for the 'lotus core' of the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus, it was even more precious. That was because eating it was merely part of its medicinal use. If one were to use it to concoct pills, then its effect would be much greater. This lotus core definitely valued as much as a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact or even greater.

"No wonder it would cause Tan Jiu and Liu Yuxi to care about it so much." Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

Although the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus was precious, it would only be attractive to Qin Yu and was not something that would cause him to be emotionally excited for. That was because Qin Yu possessed the Bewitching God Temple which contained a lot of treasures.

IN the room that contained the materials and ingredients, although ingredients at the  level of Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus were few, there were still several of them.

"So it's all for merely Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus. However, they said that there are two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses? That is quite strange." Qin Yu frowned. Qin Yu clearly remembered that the records have listed that Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses were treasures borned from absorbing the Divine Spiritual Energy of the world. Thus, each Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus would absorb the Divine Spiritual Energy in its surroundings; how would it possible coexist with another Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus?

It was just like the mountain tigers. In every region, there could only be a single tiger.

The Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses were the same. For two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses to grow together was simply an impossible matter according to Qin Yu's logic.

"Two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses, you shall have one and I shall have one?" Liu Yuxi looked to Tan Jiu with a confused expression. "Tan Jiu, when did you turned so generous? With your temperament, wouldn't you be more greedy than that?"

Liu Yuxi was extremely knowledgeable of Tan Jiu's character. Tan Jiu was someone with an extreme amount of greed. Back during the time when they were in the Devil Murder Realm, he would always try to obtain as much treasure as possible.

Although the two of them said to distribute evenly back then, but as Tan Jiu had stayed here the entire time, Liu Yuxi believed that Tan Jiu would definitely want to seize more.

"I do want to get more, but would you be willing to give?" Tan Jiu coldly humped.

"Not at all." Liu Yuxi replied.

"Well, that solved the problem then." Tan Jiu's expression was still cold and indifferent. "I am very certain about your strength. If the two of us were to fight, neither of us would be able to win. These Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses, it just so happened that we can each have one."

Liu Yuxi nodded while smiling. Merely, he was looking at Tan Jiu with a gaze like he just met someone new.

"You've changed greatly." Liu Yuxi said with a smile.

Tan Jiu coldly humped and said. "According to my estimation, it'll likely take another three and half years for the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses to ripen. At that time, you can go to one of the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus whereas I'll go to the other one."

"Let's go with that." Liu Yuxi's smile have been extremely brilliant the entire time.

After Liu Yuxi said those words, he proceed to stand up and walk toward a corner of the courtyard. Part of Qin Yu's Spatial Energy immediately changed direction and started to stretch toward another corner. Qin Yu discovered something strange!

Qin Yu knew everything from the locations where Qin Yu's Spatial Energy managed to come into contact because he was the creator of the Universal World.

"Mn?" What an extremely cold aura. For the surface of the pond to be this cold, it seemed like that pond water is… Unitary Heavy Water! The Unitary Heavy Water that had formed a small pond, it appeared very similar to the golden bead on top of the Refining Dark Star of the Dark Star Realm." Qin Yu's attention was instantly focused upon that cold pond.

Unitary Heavy Water was extremely rare. For there to be such a pond here, there are definitely treasure within this pond.

"Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses were cold attribute items. They grow on top of Unitary Heavy Water. The amount of Unitary Heavy was extremely sparse, it only required about enough to fill half a cask." Qin Yu still remember the information regarding the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus in the golden scroll.

Ordinary casks were only the size of half a person. How much could a half cask contain?

As for this pond, its shape was round and possessed a diameter close to two meters. Such a large pond, the amount of Unitary Heavy Water in there would likely be enough to fill ten casks of Unitary Heavy Water.

On the two sides of this pond of Unitary Heavy Water grew two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses. The appearance of these Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses were exactly like what was recorded in the golden scroll. There were seven lotus petals of seven different colors. The lotus seed head was extremely small. On top of it was the core of the lotus.

"Hm?" Qin Yu was suddenly surprised.

"There was a very small hidden illusion array placed in the middle of this pond." Through using his Divine Awareness, Qin Yu managed to discover right away that there was something in the center of this pond that was hidden by an illusion array.

TIme passed, in the blink of an eye, over three years had passed. In the past three plus years, Liu Yuxi and Tan Jiu were both sitting cross-legged and have not said a single word to each other. As for Qin Yu, he too had been sitting cross-legged in the room and didn't say a single word.

Qin Yu who had been in the state of peaceful training suddenly felt a dazzling radiance. Immediately, he opened his eyes.

The entire underground was covered by dazzling seven colored lights. Qin Yu immediately covered the pond of Unitary Heavy Water with his Spatial Energy. At this moment, two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses were radiating seven colored lights like two suns on the two sides of the pond.

Liu Yuxi and Tan Jiu instantly rushed to the side of the pond.

"Haha, it has finally finished maturing." Liu Yuxi's eyes were filled with delight. The Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses are only completely ripen after they started radiating seven colored lights.

Tan Jiu also displayed a smile. He said at once. "Liu Yuxi, you go take that one first, I'll take this one." Compared to Liu Yuxi, Tan Jiu was a lot more calm.

At this moment, Liu Yuxi was actually on guard against Tan Jiu. He was afraid that Tan Jiu would sneak attack him and try to seize both of the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses.

"Okay, I'll go take this one." Liu Yuxi said that and was about to pluck the lotus when…

The two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses suddenly started shining even brighter. Two amazingly dazzling lights were shot out from the two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses. The light then proceeded to gather in the center. With a visible speed, the two Seven Colored Magnificent Lotuses withered.

The two rays of eye dazzling light were gathered in the center of the pond.

The hidden illusion array had been opened. Tan Jiu's expression took a huge change. He started muttering his unbelieving. "What, what's happening? I thought it still hadn't reached the date of ripening."

"What is that?" Liu Yuxi's gaze instantly locked on the center of the pond.

The hidden illusion array had been eliminated. What was hidden was now in clear view. It was a magnificent lotus a size smaller than the Seven Colored Magnificent Lotus. Merely, it had nine lotus petals and was radiating a black light all over.

Qin Yu's eyes were instantly opened wide like a ball. "Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus? Such a thing really exist?"

At this moment, Tan Jiu's expression calmed down. He looked to the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus on the pond. A flash of frantic ruthlessness flashed through his eyes.

[TL: I took some translation liberty and change the lotus leaves to lotus petals. Because well, I think IET meant petals because Lotus have multiple petals and not leaves. The leaves aren't even connected with the lotus flower…]

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