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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 33 – The Three Bandit Bosses

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

Upon seeing Tan Jiu's reaction, Qin Yu opened his eyes wide.

Were these three boors Tan Jiu's enemies?

The three purple eyed robust men descended on the ground one after another. The purple eyed robust man, who appeared to be the leader, looked at the original location of the Black Dragon Palace and the other three palaces. He then started laughing loudly. "It would appear that all the rumors were true. The four palaces were burned to nothingness. Aiyah, Black Dragon, you've truly been humiliated greatly this time around."

"Eh? There's a formation array here? Could it be a formation array created by that Heavenly Deity proficient in setting up formation arrays?" Standing at the most rear, a purple eyed robust man proceeded to walk toward the great formation array that Qin Yu had created with a face filled with excitement. That great formation array was the Killing Array that Qin Yu had set up. It would attack others with White Pure Flames!

"Third brother, be careful." Shouted the leading purple eyed robust man.

"No problem!" As he said that, the 'third brother' directly walked into the formation array. Once he entered the formation array, the entire Killing Array started to activate. White Pure Flames instantly flooded the entire Killing Array. "Aiyah, it's White Pure Flames. This great formation array is truly crazy. Let's go, let's go. Even if I were to use Spatial Domain to stop the White Pure Flames, it'd still be very tiring to do that for a long time."

As his voice was still resounding, that 'third brother' had rushed out from the great formation array.

"Blocking the White Pure Flames with Spatial Domain would be tiring after a long time?" Qin Yu shot a glance of suspicion at the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu beside him.

Not long ago, when this 'Tan Jiu' was in his Killing Array, Qin Yu had thought that one could easily keep the White Pure Flames away with Spatial Domain. However now, it appeared that it was not that easy to do.

After thinking about it, the White Pure Flames were also relatively powerful flames. For one to block those flames with Spatial Domain, one would surely have to use a certain amount of soul's energy.

"Qin Yu, do you know these three people?" Tan Jiu looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu shook his head.

Tan Jiu looked at the three purple eyed robust men that were walking over. He said. "There are three relatively large bandit powers in the Yuchi City's territory. One is the Black Dragon Pool. The other two are Mount Three Forks and Mount Cold Gold. These three boors are the three bosses of Mount Three Forks!"

"Mount Three Forks? So that's who they are."

Qin Yu understood it now.

Back when he was at the Sealfeel Village, Qin Yu came to know about the rumors of the three bosses of Mount Three Forks from the villagers. In the eyes of the villagers of the Sealfeel Village, the three bosses of Mount Three Forks were three valiant and barbarous Heavenly Deities!

When comparing these three bandit powers, Mount Cold Gold possessed the best reputation.

The Mount Cold Gold possesses the least number of bandit troops. However, all of the bandit troops were elites. They rarely rob others. However, when they do, they would usually rob a large amount.

"Haha, Black Dragon, I have not seen you in all these years. I don't even have the opportunity to spar with you even if I wanted to. This time around, we three brothers just happened to pass through here and came to learn that a major event had occurred over at your place. I guessed that you would've definitely appeared this time around. Haha, sure enough, my guess turned out to be correct." The 'third brother' of the three purple eyed robust men said with a loud laughter.

Tan Jiu's true body as well as his three clones, a total of four 'Tan Jiu's,' were looking at these three people coldly.

One of the Tan Jiu's frowned and said. "Man Fei, do not flaunt your cleverness in trivial matters here. The reason why you three brothers have come to my place is firstly to humiliate me and secondly to fight against me, right? If you want to fight me, then go ahead. I am already ready to take you on."

"Three clones?' Said the leading purple eyed robust man with a frown. "Tan Jiu, with your three clones against us three brothers; could it be that you are so confident that you can match us three brothers with merely three clones?"

Another man beside this purple eyed robust man said. "Big brother, do not waste time on him. Let's go and trample upon those three clones of his first. At that time, this Black Dragon would naturally become worried."

And at this moment, Huang Jing had also walked beside Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, you should step aside. These three Mid Level Heavenly Deities all possess pretty decent strength. If they were to fight, it's likely that their battle would spread to outsiders." Said Huang Jing with a smile to Qin Yu.

"Eh, what a beautiful little girl. Come, give your three great rulers here some kisses." The third brother among the three bosses of the Mount Three Forks, Man Fei's large ox eyes opened wide. He stared at Huang Jing and shouted at her.

The cold and indifferent Tan Jiu was unable to refrain himself from being startled. He then looked to Huang Jing.

Qin Yu also looked to Huang Jing.

Harassing a High Level Heavenly Deity? It was extremely easy for a High Level Heavenly Deity to kill a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. Neither Qin Yu nor Tan Jiu knew what sort of reaction Huang Jing would have.

The three Man brothers, upon seeing Qin Yu and Tan Jiu's expression, also felt that that something's amiss. Immediately, all three of them tried to use this Divine Awareness to inspect Huang Jing and the rest of the people.

When their Divine Awareness landed on Qin Yu, they grew confused. That was because they managed to discover that Qin Yu possessed the Divine Energy of a High Level Deity. Earlier, they had thought that Qin Yu was a Heavenly Deity.

However, when their Divine Awareness landed on Huang Jing, the three of them were frightened stiff. They were unable to see through Huang Jing. In the Yuchi City, there were no powerful female experts. That was the reason why Man Fei harassed Huang Jing earlier. However, never had he anticipated that he had instead kicked an iron board.

[TL: kicking an iron board, think of it literally. You think you're kicking a ball but then you kick a piece of iron. Guess what happens if you don't wear steel toe shoes? Well, your feet would hurt!]

"Third brother, you're being impudent!" The eldest among the three, Man Chou, was the slick and slyest amongst the three. He immediately shouted at his brother coldly.

The second brother Man Fan merely frowned without saying anything else. As for the third brother Man Fei, he was instead muttering. "Fuck, it's just a random girl that I came across, yet she's an expert."

Huang Jing's expression had turned somewhat unsightly.

Back at Mount Dazzling Gold, who would dare to harass her? Never had she anticipated that she would be harassed by a boor here.

"Slap yourself ten times." Huang Jing coldly stared at Man Fei and coldly said.

Man Chou immediately cup his hands and said. "Miss, my third brother was too hot-headed. Please forgive him. I think that making him slap himself ten times is a bit too excessive. How about this, us three brothers would apologize to you and also offer gifts to express our regret. Would that be fine with you?"

Experts at the Heavenly Deity level wanted nothing more than face.

Although they would not care if you were to hack them down during battle, but if you want them to slap themselves in the face, then it would be an excessive punishment.

Huang Jing's gaze have suddenly became even more cold. With a gaze like ice blades, she swept her gaze at these three brothers. In a low voice, she shouted. "Slap yourself a hundred times. Otherwise, today shall be the day the three of you perish."

Tan Jiu was enjoying the show from the side.

Qin Yu was however sighing in his heart. Never had he anticipated that Huang Jing who possessed a pretty good temperament would actually be this scary when angry.

Man Fei looked to his big brother and second brother. He then looked to Huang Jing. He roared. "It is I who have harassed you. If you want to kill me, then go ahead and kill me. However, do not involve my big brother and second brother."

"Slap yourself a hundred times. Otherwise, all three of you brothers will die. Do not bother sprouting nonsense with me!" Huang Jing's gaze have turned cold. Immediately, everyone in the surrounding felt a burst of terror.

"Huang…" Qin Yu wanted to say something but Huang Jing coldly stared him down.

Qin Yu smiled bitterly and no longer bothered to say anymore.

Actually, Qin Yu had quite a good impression of these three Man brothers. Seeing these three, he remembered his good brother from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Purple Eyed Ox Demon King, Man Qian. Furthermore, all three of them possessed purple eyes and the surname 'Man.' Perhaps they might even be Purple Eyed Ox Demon Kings.

However the current Huang Jing had already displayed her extremely high and imposing dignity of someone of high status.

"Third brother, you must not." The second brother Man Fan stared at Man Fei and said solemnly. "If it comes to it, us three brothers could join hands and risk our lives to fight against this woman. Although we cannot discover how powerful she is, but it might be possible for her to only be at the peak Mid Level Heavenly Deity level."

Man Chou also looked to Man Fei. His gaze have also shown his intention.

Man Fei however shook his head. "This woman is too crazy. With merely her aura, I can assure that she's a High Level Heavenly Deity. Fuck…" Man Fei cursed in rage. He then started to slap himself.

"Pow!" "Pow!" "Pow!" "Pow!" "Pow!" …

The sound were extremely sharp and clear. It was like a lash hitting leather. When Man Fei was ruthlessly slapping himself, he even displayed a simple and honest smile to his brothers. Merely, at this moment, his face had already been split open from him slapping himself and blood have already started flowing down his face.

This Man Fei was not lenient at all at himself when he slapped himself. He slapped himself very hard!

A hundred slaps!

"I am sorry, it is my mistake." Man Fei's voice was still extremely loud. However, Qin Yu noticed that on Man Fei's lacerated face, his pair of eyes were bloodshot.

Huang Jing coldly humped.

Huang Jing then calmed her frame of mind through breathing and proceeded to stand beside Qin Yu without saying anything anymore.

At this moment, Man Chou, Man Fan and Man Fei felt a bit awkward.

Man Chou 'haha' laughed to relief the atmosphere. He then said to Tan Jiu. "Black Dragon, we three brothers have come here today originally to spar with you. However, since there is this miss here today, then we should…"

"Do not mind me. If you want to fight, then fight." Chided Huang Jing.

Man Chou's speech had been interrupted. Man Chou's expression had turned somewhat unsightly. The three brothers glanced at each other and were about to turn around and leave.

"Man Chou, are you brothers going to leave just like this?" Tan Jiu mocked.

Seeing how humiliated his old neighbors were, Tan Jiu was extremely happy.

Mei Fei opened his ox eyes wide. He shouted at Tan Jiu. "Humph, we three brothers are in a bad mood today. We originally wanted to come find you to vent our anger. However, with this miss here today, we don't want to disturb. Tomorrow, we three brothers will come and find you tomorrow!" As Man Fei said those, his fierce wound on his face started to rip open like a monster opening its mouth.

"Third brother, deal with your wound first." Said the second brother Man Fan. Man Fei nodded and then a layer of jade green radiance appeared on his face. The wound on his face instantly disappeared.

Tan Jiu coldly laughed and said. "Finding me to vent your anger? You surely talk big. You three brothers, even if you were to join hands, you would at the very most make me utilize three clones, yet you are still acting all arrogant here!"

Tan Jiu was indeed entitled to be arrogant. After all, he was capable of turning into nine people!

"Haha… it's so lively over here. And here I was thinking that it was only a battle of Low Level Heavenly Deities. Who would've expected that the Man Clan's three dumb oxen and that nine headed bug that had been hiding the entire time would all appear!"

A clear and sonorous voice sounded. A golden clothed figure appeared in the middle of the air.

Qin Yu raised his head and looked. Upon seeing the incoming person, Qin Yu's first impression was… extremely handsome!

The person who had arrived wore gold clothes from head to toe. He had the appearance of a youngster. His entire body was radiating like sunshine… Upon seeing this youngster, Qin Yu felt that this youngster was like the opposite extreme of the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu.

Tan Jiu had extremely dark skin. However, this gold clothed youngster's skin was so white that it seemed like the skin of an infant.

Tan Jiu's gaze was extremely gloomy and baleful. This gold clothed youngster's gaze was instead extremely bright and clear.

"Three dumb oxens of the Man Clan, I merely went to find the three of you to compare notes. Why do the three of you always avoid me? Furthermore, you, nine headed bug, why is it that I cannot find you whenever I wanted to find you? Now that I've managed to get all of you in one place, not a single one of you should think about escaping. Today, you all must fight me." Said the golden clothed youngster as he laughed heartily.

Qin Yu was amazed.

Who was this golden clothed youngster who had suddenly appeared? From his tone of speech, it seemed that he was someone extraordinary.

"Liushui!" Suddenly, a voice sounded from beside Qin Yu. It was precisely Huang Jing who stood beside him.

As for the golden clothed youngster that was previously displaying an extremely excited expression, his gaze suddenly stopped. He looked at Qin Yu with a confused expression. No, he looked at Huang Jing beside Qin Yu.

The golden clothed youngster only managed to see Huang Jing beside Qin Yu after he turned his head over.

"Ah, big sis!" The golden clothed youngster opened his eyes wide.

"Big sis?" Qin Yu was startled.

The Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu also looked to Huang Jing with a startled expression. He then looked at the golden clothed youngster. He was displaying a face filled with disbelief.

As for the three Man brothers, they too have their eyes wide open. After a long time, Man Fei even muttered. "Never had I anticipated that this woman was actually that battle fanatic's older sister. The younger brother is this powerful, yet the older sister was actually even more powerful."

"Liushui, what did you promise me when I left your place? How come I just turned and left yet you're out here again?" Huang Jing lowly shouted.

This golden clothed youngster placed his hands on his head. He looked to the couple people here and then his gaze landed on Qin Yu. Instantly, his eyes shined and he changed the subject. "Big sister, seeing how close you are standing to this person, do you know him? Eh? My big sister that usually despises men, how come she's being so intimate with a man?"

Sure enough, Huang Jing stopped asking about why the golden clothed youngster came out. Instead, she started to hurriedly explain herself. "His name is Qin Yu. I have met him a couple times before. Liushui, you'd best not spread random rumors!"

"Of course not, of course not. Hehe, I listen to my big sis the most." Said the golden clothed youngster in succession.

The golden clothed youngster then walked to Qin Yu's side. He cupped his hand and said. "Brother Qin Yu, I am one of the Three Great Bosses in the Yuchi City's territory… Mount Cold Gold's boss, Huangfu Liushui! I suspect you've also heard of my great name before."

"Brother Huangfu, I am Qin Yu. Your older sister has introduced me already." Qin Yu immediately greeted him back.

Qin Yu came to know now that this golden clothed youngster was actually one of the Three Great Bandit Powers of the Yuchi City, the boss of Mount Cold Gold. However, regardless of how he looked at it, this youngster still did not appear like a bandit boss.

At the same time, Qin Yu had also grown suspicious. Huang Jing's surname was Huang. This Liushui Surname was 'Huangfu.' Yet the two of them were siblings?

Huang Jing smiled apologetically to Qin Yu. "Brother Qin Yu, I originally planned to return back from Mount Cold Gold. And now that I've seen that you're also fine, I shall take my leave first. I hope that we can meet each other again on Mount Dazzling Gold."

"Miss Huang Jing, once my strength increases a bit, I will definitely go there." Qin Yu immediately said.

This Huangfu Liushui's eyes immediately started shining. He laughed and said. "Big sis, take care!"

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 34 – Group Battle

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Huang Jing cast a side-eye glance at Huangfu Liushui. Ultimately, she said. "Liu Shui, if you were to get bored, then stop staying in the desolate Mount Cold Gold and return back to Mount Dazzling Gold."

"Mn." Huangfu Liushui nodded obediently.

However, Huang Jing knew what she had said was likely going to be useless. Otherwise, this younger brother of hers would not have left his home. With her younger brother's rebellious nature, all she could do was to try to urge him like so. If she were to try to force him to come back, then the result would be even worse.

"Good, then I shall take my leave. Qin Yu, farewell." Huang Jing looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu also bowed. "Miss Huang Jing, let's meet again on Mount Dazzling Gold." Upon hearing what Qin Yu said, Huang Jing lightly smiled. She then soared into the sky and flew toward the east.

"Huhu, she finally left!" Huangfu Liushui immediately started laughing happily.

"Brother Huangfu, no wonder you possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. So you actually possessed an older sister with a high status at Mount Dazzling Gold." Sneered Tan Jiu. Within Tan Jiu's words contained jealousy and envy.

High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, even if it was the Mount Dazzling Gold, it was likely that only those with high status would be able to obtain those.

As for Tan Jiu, he had only managed to luckily obtain a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact after paying a huge price. As for Man Chou, Man Fan and Man Fei, although all three of them were Mid Level Heavenly Deities, they were only able to barely possess a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact each.

As bandits, it was no simple task for them to obtain a Heavenly Divine Artifact. For those three Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, Man Chou and his brothers had spent an unmeasurable amount of mental and physical effort to obtain them. In the Divine Realm… the majority of the Low Level Heavenly Deities did not possess a Heavenly Divine Artifact. That was because the Heavenly Divine Artifacts were truly too precious.

This was also the reason why Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu were envious of Xiong Hei. Xiong Hei's Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact 'Mountain Crusher' was originally the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu's weapon. After obtaining his Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, Tan Jiu bestowed his old weapon to Xiong Hei. However, that Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact had been destroyed by Qin Yu.

"What? Are you envious?" Huangfu Liushui flipped his hand and took out an… enormous hatchet!

That enormous hatchet was golden colored throughout. Right after Liushui took out this enormous golden hatchet, Qin Yu instantly sensed the frightening aura contained within it. If the Divine Sword Scarlet Blood were to possess a sharp aura, then this enormous hatchet possessed an incomparably thick and imposing aura.

Huangfu Liushui gently caressed the enormous hatchet in his hand. He was caressing it so affectionately like how one would caress one's lover. "Tan Jiu, if you're envious, then just say it out clearly. This High Quality Divine Artifact of mine, I had spent quite some effort in order to obtain it. With your status, you can only obtain a Heavenly Divine Artifact if you managed to reach the High Level Heavenly Deity level and then submit yourself to a certain power where the power would be able to grant a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Otherwise, with your current strength, you can only obtain a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact within your dreams."

Tan Jiu coldly humped and then glanced at Qin Yu beside him.

Tan Jiu cursed in his heart. "Huangfu Liushui, if it wasn't for your sister, then I would've likely have obtained a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact by now. Furthermore, I might've even be able to learn the remarkable ability of 'so close yet worlds apart.'"

"What's there to envy you for? It's not like you're the only one here with a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact!" Tan Jiu raised his scarlet brows and said coldly.

"Who else is there?" Huangfu Liushui's eyes shined.

Man Chou, Man Fan and Man Fei also looked to Tan Jiu with shocked expressions. Man Fei said. "There's someone with a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact? Black Dragon, you'd best not sprout random lies around. High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts are no ordinary playthings."

Qin Yu frowned.

Sure enough, that Tan Jiu looked at Qin Yu. He pointed at Qin Yu and said. "Brother Qin Yu possesses a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. It was bestowed to Brother Qin Yu by his master and was extremely powerful."

Qin Yu felt extremely enraged in his heart.

Tan Jiu said to Qin Yu apologetically. "Ah, Qin Yu, I am unable to keep secrets. Earlier when I saw how excessively arrogant Huangfu Liushui was, I felt grievance for you and was unable to refrain my mouth from opening and speaking in your behalf."

"Felt grievance for me?" At this moment, Qin Yu truly did not know whether he should curse at how excessively shameless Tan Jiu was.

Huangfu Liushui's eyes started shining. He looked to Qin Yu and said. "Qin Yu, you have a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact? When I used my Divine Awareness to inspect you, your body merely possessed the Divine Energy of a High Level Deity. If you possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, how would this nine headed bug not try to forcible take it from you?"

Huangfu Liushui gaze Tan Jiu a side eye. "I am quite familiar with the temperament of this nine headed bug. He would definitely be unable to resist himself from trying to take your High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact."

"I have just reached the Low Level Heavenly Deity level. The Divine Energy within my body still hasn't managed to transform to that of Heavenly Divine Energy yet." Qin Yu immediately explained. This was the only sort of explanation he could provide.

Deities and Heavenly Deities, their souls were unlike that of the souls of Immortals and Mortals. When one's soul had reached a specific level, a Deity's soul would form a Golden Soul Pellet. As for the Heavenly Deities, their souls would turn into an Embryo.

Both the souls of Deities and Heavenly Deities were actual entities. They were hidden within the depths of the brain and cannot be investigated by others at all.

However, it was easy for one to determine the Divine Energy and Heavenly Divine Energy that Deities and Heavenly Deities possessed. Those who are more powerful are capable of using their Divine Awareness to hinder others from investigating them. As for those that are weak, they can only allow themselves to be investigated by those stronger than them.

"Oh, so that was the case." Huangfu Liushui suddenly understood now. However, he shortly said in a puzzled tone. "However you're only a Low Level Heavenly Deity, how is it that you can stop that nine headed bug with merely a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact? Although I don't really like that nine headed bug, but to be honest, this nine headed bug's battle prowess is extremely astonishing."

Tan Jiu coldly humped.

"It is your older sister that saved me." Qin Yu explained.

Huangfu Liushui immediately understood it now. He laughed out loud. "That's right, with my older sister helping you, if this nine headed bug actually dared to attack you, he'll merely be courting death. Oh, that's right, do you really possess a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact?"


Qin Yu admitted that he possessed a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. He extended his hand and then the Divine Sword Scarlet Blood appeared within his hand. "This Divine Sword is called 'Scarlet Blood.' It is a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. It is bestowed to me by my master."

In Qin Yu's heart, the Craftsman God Chehou Yuan did indeed provide him the grace of guidance like that of a master. Everything in the Bewitching God Temple was left behind to him by Chehou Yuan. To say that they were bestowed by his master was also correct.

"Master, what might your master's name be?" Huangfu Liushui asked. "Perhaps I know who he is."

"My master has ordered me that I cannot tell his names to others. I am deeply sorry about that." Qin Yu said somewhat regretfully.

Actually, Chehou Yuan had also left a message to Qin Yu telling him to not let others know about him becoming the successor of the Bewitching God Temple. Otherwise, merely the identity of the 'successor to the Craftsman God' would bring about the attention of many people.

Huangfu Liushui nodded. He was also someone who had seen the greater world. He was not someone who would bother to have wicked intentions merely for a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"Nine headed bug and you three dumb oxens, my sister has already left. There is no one else here either. Let's have a great battle over here." Huangfu Liushui held the enormous golden hatchet and started to wave it around unceasingly.

Man Chou, Man Fan and Man Fei glanced at each other.

The second brother Man Fan nodded and said with a hump. "That's good too. Today, we three brothers wanted to fight against the Black Dragon anyways. Merely, our moods were wrecked by your older sister. Now that your older sister has left, it would be fine for us to have a battle."

"That's right. Fuck. I'm currently full of anger and have nowhere to vent them." Man Fei added.

"Vent anger? You're planning to vent your anger on me? I too am full of anger!" Tan Jiu's expression turned even more gloomy. Today had been a bad day for him all day. He had just lost a Low Level Heavenly Deity subordinate earlier. Then, when he was about to kill Qin Yu, he was disturbed by Huang Jing. And now, he must worry about the retaliation from Qin Yu's master.

How could he not be angry?

The three Man brothers stood at one side. Each of the three brothers held a long three pronged fork. These three long three pronged forks were all Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts. All of them were dark red in color and extremely heavy.

Huangfu Liushui held his enormous golden hatchet in his hand and smiled as he stood at once side.

The three Man brothers and Huangfu Liushui were all looking at the Nine-headed Black Dragon Tan Jiu. At this moment, Tan Jiu had already turned into nine Tan Jiu's.

Qin Yu was watching the battle from afar. The three Man brothers, Huangfu Liushui and Tan Jiu, they were all Mid Level Heavenly Deities. Although they were all Mid Level Heavenly Deities, there was disparity between their strength.

"I'll go first!"

Huangfu Liushui laughed loudly. At the same time, he threw his enormous golden hatchet high up the sky. That golden hatchet suddenly became even larger and grew to the size of a large mountain.

As for Huangfu Liushui, his body was radiating a misty golden light. His body instantly charged sharply toward a Tan Jiu. His metal-like fist was directly smashed toward Tan Jiu's head.


Tan Jiu and Huangfu Liushui started fighting at a lightning speed. Their after images were appearing unceasingly. The sounds of explosions were being heard nonstop.


The blade of the enormous golden hatchet instantly became about ten miles long. However, the blade was still as thin and sharp as it was before!

Exactly how large was a ten miles long blade? The speed that this enormous golden hatchet chopped down was extremely fast. In an instant, it had chopped down upon another Tan Jiu. That Tan Jiu held a black stick and could only firmly take on the incoming hatchet.

"Bang!" A sound like an earthquake. Qin Yu felt that even the ground was shaking.

A gigantic crack appeared on the surface. As for that Tan Jiu that was hacked by the enormous golden hatchet, he had been hacked deeply into the ditch. After some time, a blur flew out from the deep ditch. It was precisely that Tan Jiu clone that had been hacked into the ditch.

At this moment, this clone's complexion was already pale. He was already seriously injured.

"You only know how to rely on your High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact!" That Tan Jiu clone's scarlet brows were raised as he shouted angrily. "Huangfu Liushui, even though you possess a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, you still would only be trampled upon by me!"

At this instant, six of the nine Tan Jiu clones had rushed toward Huangfu Liushui. As for the remaining three clones, they were taking on one of the Man brothers each.

Tan Jiu, the three Man brothers and Huangfu Liushui were all Mid Level Heavenly Deities. All three of them are capable of creating 'Spatial Domains.' Perhaps it was because they knew each other very well and knew that if they were to use 'Spatial Domains,' they would only be wasting their energy. Thus, none of them had used their Spatial Domains.

Six against one!

Holding his enormous golden hatchet in his hand, Huangfu Luishui's entire body turned golden in color. His fists, legs, knees, elbows… each and every one of his body parts was able to execute an extremely frantic attack. As for the enormous golden hatchet in his hand, it was striking with a lightning speed.

"What a valiant body." Qin Yu gasped in admiration.

He clearly saw that Huangfu Luishui managed to shatter one of Tan Jiu clone's High Quality Divine Armor with a single fist strike. Qin Yu knew very well that… when a Mid Level Heavenly Deity used a Divine Artifact, the defense of the Divine Artifact would be astonishingly strong. Yet Huangfu Liushui still managed to shatter the High Quality Divine Armor.

"Six clones against one. Yet this Huangfu Liushui is actually able to keep up with them. This Huangfu Liushui's speed is truly astonishing. And that enormous hatchet of his, those clones simply don't dare to take it head on at all." Qin Yu was able to clearly see that although Huangfu Liushui was fighting six Tan Jiu clones by himself, he was however dominating.

Qin Yu turned around to look at the other battlefield.

Three clones against the three Man brothers.

"A clone against a single person. It seems that the three Man brothers hold the superiority by a slight margin. Mn… that's true too. Tan Jiu's clones all hold a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Although they were merely a portion of a Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, they still possess an extremely powerful amount of might. On the other hand, the three Man brothers only possess Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts!"

The three Man brothers were roaring and frantically attacking. The three Tan Jiu's were also trying their hardest to block the incoming attacks.

This battle continued for an entire day. Ultimately, Tan Jiu seemed to be unable to bear it anymore. After all, for him to take on four people by himself was indeed an extremely difficult thing to do. This held especially true for Huangfu Liushui.

Tan Jiu knew that even if he was to fight against Huangfu Liushui one against one, he would only be able to win by a slight margin. Yet now, he had only sent six clones to fight against Huangfu Liushui. Thus, he had no other choice but to be trampled upon.


Tan Jiu suddenly roared angrily. The nine clones started to gather toward the center with a lightning speed. After that, the nine Tan Jiu's fused into one. At the same time, the nine black sticks had turned into a single nine sectioned whip.

Tan Jiu was able to clearly sense the increase in thickness and strength of the power within his body.

"Huangfu Liushui and you three, if you have the ability, come at me again!" Tan Jiu held his nine sectioned whip in his hand and shouted angrily.

"Haha… you've finally decided to go all out. Delightful, delightful!" Huangfu Liushui laughed out loud and then charged toward Tan Jiu. As for the three Man brothers, they roared and then also charged over.

Four against one!

Qin Yu finally managed to experience the true strength of this Tan Jiu. After his nine clones combined into one, Tan Jiu's speed and power were both increased greatly. Especially that nine sectioned whip that he held in his hand.

The nine sectioned whip was both flexible and firm. It could attack from around and turn into a stick to attack with a smash. It could also be both flexible for half of the whip and firm for the other half!

The nine sectioned staff could even increase in length to bind his enemies. Furthermore, it could even split apart into different sections to attack Tan Jiu's enemy. In Tan Jiu's hands, Qin Yu felt that he was dazzled by the nine sectioned whip.

Perhaps Huangfu Liushui and the three Man brothers were not good at cooperating with each other. Although they were fighting Tan Jiu four against one, they were only able to slightly possess the upper hand and unable to defeat Tan Jiu at all.

"His energy is completely condensed into his weapon. The attack power is completely condensed. Each leg, each fist, all their attack power are extremely astonishing. Although it does not have a gorgeous appearance, its might is enormous." More than half of Qin Yu's concentration was focused on Huangfu Liushui.

After a battle of three days and three nights, Huangfu Liushui and them had no option but to admit that even if they were to battle for several hundred more years, it would still be impossible for them to win. Thus, they ended up giving up.

"Ha, delightful, delightful." Huangfu Liushui smiled as he walked to Qin Yu's side. "Qin Yu, what do you think about coming to have some fun at my Mount Cold Gold?"

Qin Yu however had his own plan. He immediately said. "I still have something to do. How about I go when I have time?"

"That's good too." Huangfu Liushui nodded. He then secretly said to Qin Yu via his Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "Qin Yu, let me remind you. You'd best go to the Mount Dazzling Gold quickly and try your best to chase after my older sister. Perhaps you might become my older brother-in-law. Truly, I think that my older sister has a pretty good impression of you. You're quite hopeful!"

Qin Yu was startled.

Seeing Qin Yu's expression, Huangfu Liushui immediately started laughing out loud. As he was laughing, Huangfu Liushui flew away.

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