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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 51 – New Hope

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Numerous white glorious trees surrounded a courtyard manor. This courtyard manor was a residence on the main mountain peak that Wen Feng possessed. Because of the fact that it was located on the mountain peak, waves of mountain wind would burst through it, leaving behind a ground filled with white glorious trees' leaves.

Stepping on top of the white glorious trees' leaves, Qin Yu, who wore a black gown, had arrived by the entrance of the courtyard manor.


Qin Yu only arrived at the entrance when the courtyard manor's entrance opened by itself. A person came out from the opened door. The silver gowned grave and stern youth, Wen Feng. Seeing Qin Yu, Wen Feng slightly nodded. "Earlier, Great Elder Fu Lan had already sent me a transmission telling me about your return."

"Wen Feng, it seems that you're very anxious?" Qin Yu asked with a smile.

"Truly, you." Wen Feng shook his head and smiled. The grave and stern Wen Feng, when he laughed, actually emitted a special kind of charm. "Liu Xing, you ought to know very well that with my strength, it's impossible for me to compete with Liu Lan. I am anxious. However, I am not anxious of the position for the position of the next Gold Punishment Lord."

"Well then, come in first. The two of us, I don't believe we should chat with one person standing on the outside of the doorstep and the other standing on the inside." Said Wen Feng with a smile. Upon hearing that, Qin Yu also smiled. He then proceed to walk into the courtyard manor.

In the middle of the courtyard was a cyan colored simple and unadorned stone round table. Around the round table were three stone benches.

Qin Yu and Wen Feng each sat on a stone bench.

"Liu Xing, tell me, did you manage to obtain any great harvests in the Bewitching God Temple?" Wen Feng immediately asked the moment they sat down. "Do you hold the certainty in defeating Liu Lan?"

With a brush of his hand, Qin Yu brought forth a jug of wine and two jade cups to the table.

"Don't be anxious, let's chat as we drink." Calm and easygoing, Qin Yu started pouring the wine. It was as if he wasn't anxious at all.

At this moment, Wen Feng instead had a smile on his face. Seeing Qin Yu's actions, he had grown happy. "Haha… I knew that you would definitely succeed. Mn, that Liu Lan, he was still acting all arrogant to me a while back. Let's see how he's going to act all arrogant again after failing to obtain the position of the Gold Punishment Lord!"

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

"How did you know I managed to succeed?" Qin Yu asked.

A trace of slyness was in Wen Feng's eyes. "I can guess just by seeing your actions. You're not worried in the slightest and are even in the mood to drink wine. However… this wine is indeed pretty good." As he said those words, Wen Feng finished a cup of wine. He even clicked his tongue a couple times.

"That's right, I've managed to succeed." Said Qin Yu with a smile. "This time around, I am one hundred percent certain that I'll be able to obtain the position of the Gold Punishment Lord."

"Come, let's have a toast to the congratulate the future Gold Punishment Lord." Joked Wen Feng.

Qin Yu also raised his wine cup to toast.

Although it was very important for the two of them to go to the Guard Elder, it was not something so urgent that not even a moment's delay was allowed. Qin Yu and Wen Feng started drinking and chatting for half a day. As for the Vice Sect Master Liu Lan who had received news that Consecrated Liu Xing had returned, he was instead confused as to why Liu Xing and Wen Feng did not go and search for him to go to the Guard Elder together.

"Humph, that Liu Xing actually didn't come over to my place. Could it be that he wants me to go search for him instead?" Vice Sect Master Liu Lan was a bit enraged. "I refuse to believe that you would not want to know about that secret!"

In every generation, only the experts who possessed the qualifications to succeed as the next Gold Punishment Lord was qualified to know about a secret.

This secret was usually informed to them by that generation's Guard Elder.

Although Wen Feng and Liu Lan were qualified to become successors since long ago, because of the fact that the choosing of the previous Gold Punishment Lord was relatively weird – there had not been a fifteen star Emperor level expert emerging by the time the previous Gold Punishment Lord ascended and the position of the Gold Punishment Lord ended up becoming empty for a very long time.

Afterwards, Xing Yuan, Wen Feng and Liu Lan appeared in succession. Xing Yuan was selected for the position of the Gold Punishment Lord because he was the most powerful among the three. As Wen Feng and Liu Lan ended up failing to become the Gold Punishment Lord, the Guard Elder ended up not gathering them.

"Still not here?" Liu Lan was still in his residence. He had grown anxious.


Finally, Liu Lan humped coldly. He stopped putting on airs and proceeded to rush toward Wen Feng's residence. If he were to allow Qin Yu and Wen Feng to continue on like this, who knows how much longer he'll have to wait.

"Haha, so you're actually worried about this!" Qin Yu started laughing out loud.

The reason why Wen Feng was so anxious on going to the Guard Elder was because he wanted to know about a great secret regarding the Gold Punishment Sect.

"What kind of words are those? In the entire Dark Star Realm, which expert doesn't want to know about that secret? It is something that only each generation's successor candidates are qualified to know. Last time, the fact that when Xing Yuan succeeded the Gold Punishment Lord position, the last Gold Punishment Lord had already ascended, the Guard Elder decided not to tell us about this secret at all."

Qin Yu also grew curious.

"What exactly is this secret?" Qin Yu's eyes started radiating with curiosity.

"Consecrated Liu Xing, Great Squad Captain Wen Feng, the two of you are truly in good moods." Following a large laughter, Vice Sect Master Liu Lan walked in with a crude expression. "Could it be that the two of you are not planning to go to the Guard Elder?"

Qin Yu and Wen Feng glanced at each other. The two of them simultaneously displayed a smile.

"He indeed became unable to wait anymore." Qin Yu and Wen Feng sighed in their hearts.

Wen Feng stood up and said with a smile. "Vice Sect Master Liu Lan, although it is important to go to the Guard Elder, it is fine as long as we go to him before His Majesty's Divine Tribulation. There is no need for us to worry over a day or two. Consecrated Liu Xing, don't you agree?"

Seeing Wen Feng's gaze, Qin Yu naturally came to understand Wen Feng's intention. He also nodded and said in a proper tone. "Mn, there is no need to rush. It is fine for us to wait another half a month to a month."

Instantly, Liu Lan's expression had turned slightly ugly.

Although Qin Yu and Wen Feng were in no hurry, Liu Lan was extremely anxious.

"These two guys." Liu Lan frowned. He then displayed a smile and said. "Brother Wen Feng, Brother Liu Xing, I actually also have important matters to attend to. However, if I do not go to the Guard Elder, then I am unable to ease my mind. I hope that the two of you might help me out."

Qin Yu and Wen Feng both slightly nodded.

"Brother Liu Xing, since Vice Sect Master Liu Lan has important matters, we also cannot inconvenience him. Let's go over to the Guard Elder now." Said Wen Feng with a deadly serious expression.

"That's reasonable. Let's go right away." Qin Yu also had a deadly serious expression.

Only then did Vice Sect Master Liu Lan heave a sigh of relief in his heart. "In that case, I must thank the two of you." Qin Yu, Liu Lan and Wen Feng left the courtyard and started to proceed towards the mountain top that the Inheritance Palace was located on.

The three of them flew beside each other. Even with gale brushing against their faces, the three of them continued to laugh and talk as though nothing had happened.

"Vice Sect Master Liu Lan, do you know of this secret?" Qin Yu spoke and asked.

Vice Sect Master Liu Lan shook his head and said. "I am not certain about it. All I know is that this secret is related to the Inherited Treasure and is a great secret that concerns the entire root of the Gold Punishment Sect."

Wen Feng did not say anything.

After merely an exchange of several sentences, the three of them had arrived outside the Inherited Palace.

The Inherited Palace was like a prehistoric giant creature. That ancient stone construction possessed hundreds of millions of years of unknown history. The entire Inherited Palace was emitting a sort of of simple and unadorned exotic oppressive sensation.

Wen Feng and Vice Sect Master Liu Lan both felt a burst of oppressiveness from the Inherited Palace. Only Qin Yu did not change much.

"This ought to be the aura of the Inherited Treasure." Thought Qin Yu.

This Inherited Palace that had existed for hundreds of millions of years, the entire building contained within it the energy of the Inherited Treasure. That was the reason for the oppressive aura.

"The three of you may come inside." From within the Inherited Palace sounded the hoarse voice of the Guard Elder.

Qin Yu, Wen Feng and Liu Lan proceeded to walk forward together. They walked into the Inherited Palace. None of the three said anything. Upon entering the Inherited Palace, they saw that there was a dark and thin old man sitting cross-legged on a praying mat beside the offering counter. It was the Guard Elder.

Before the Guard Elder were three more praying mats.

"Sit!" The Guard Elder opened his muddy eyes and looked at the three.

Although his gaze was muddy, the three of them didn't dare to be disrespectful to the Guard Elder. The status of the Guard Elders were so high that even the Three Great Sovereigns had to treat them with respect.

No, it wasn't that the Guard Elders possessed very powerful strength. Instead, it was because they possessed a very high status. That was because the Guard Elder was the person who knew the most about the Inherited Treasure and all the other secrets. There are rumors saying that these Guard Elders were even able to communicate with the Seniors in the Divine Realm.

Qin Yu, Liu Lan and Wen Feng sat down cross-legged on the praying mats.

The Guard Elder looked at the three people before him and displayed a gratified smile. "The current Majesty the Gold Punishment Lord is about to undergo the Divine Tribulation. Fortunately, we have three successor candidates and there would not be the joke of having an Empty Gold Punishment Lord position again."

Wen Feng, Liu Lan and Qin Yu were silent. They were merely listening to what the Guard Elder was saying.

"His Majesty Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan is about to undergo the Divine Tribulation, according to customs, all three of you are qualified to succeed the position of the Gold Punishment Lord. Of course, the final decision will be determined by your own strength! However, before then, I will tell the three of you some of the secrets regarding the Inherited Treasure of our Gold Punishment Sect, the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl."

Qin Yu, Liu Lan and Wen Feng's eyes all shined.

"Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl?" Only now did Qin Yu come to know the name of this Inherited Treasure.

"The Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl as well as the other two Great Spiritual Pearls were all suddenly formed several tens of billions of years ago. They had led to our Dark Star Realm to stop fighting among ourselves and proceed towards the peaceful times." Said the Guard Elder slowly.

Qin Yu, Wen Feng and Liu Lan all understood that the Guard Elder was about to talk about the secret of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

"In a short moment, I will tell you all about something. This is something that only a few people in the Dark Star Realm know about. After you three learn this secret, you are to by all means avoid telling others about it." The Guard Elder's muddy eyes instantly turned clear as he stared at the three.

Qin Yu, Wen Feng and Liu Lan all nodded.

"Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, Black Flame Spiritual Pearl and the White Profound Spiritual Pearl, these Three Great Spiritual Pearls were actually bestowed to us residents of the Dark Star Realm by a single person." The Guard Elder's tone of speech suddenly changed. It had turned into one that was extremely respectful.

Qin Yu was stunned. Wen Feng and Liu Lan's expressions also underwent a huge change.

"A single person, is that person a senior of the Dark Star Realm?" Qin Yu started guessing in his heart. Merely, he was still silent and waiting for the Guard Elder to continue on his speech.

The Guard Elder continued on respectfully. "That Great Lord possessed omnipotent power and was able to destroy the sky and extinguish the earth. He had said that as our Dark Star Realm Clan was the original residents of this cosmic space, we should possess Clan Guarding Treasures. Thus, he bestowed upon us three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures to our clan. These treasures would allow our clan to continue to exist forever. These treasures are the Three Great Spiritual Pearls."

"Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?" Qin Yu was unable to refrain from crying out in surprise.

Qin Yu had never expected for the Three Great Spiritual Pearls to actually be Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Furthermore, they were gifted to the Dark Star Realm by a single person.

"Consecrated Liu Xing, you've heard about Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Asked the Guard Elder in confusion.

Qin Yu shook his head and said. "No, it was precisely because I've never heard of the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures before that I cried out in shock. I am confused as to what exactly these Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are, for it to actually possess such remarkable ability."

Wen Feng and Liu Lan also nodded. Wen Feng said. "Guard Elder, do you know what the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are?"

The Guard Elder shook his head and said. "I am not certain. What I said earlier was the words that Great Lord said back then. This is also what each of the successive Guard Elder pass on to the next. Let's not talk about this matter for now. Actually, regarding this secret, as for whether you all know about it or not, there is not much usefulness even if you do."

Wen Feng and Liu Lan both nodded.

This secret only told them about the origination of the Three Great Spiritual Treasures of the Dark Star Realm. So what if they knew about it? And what if they didn't?

Qin Yu, on the other hand, started guessing in his heart. "Who was that person? He said that the Dark Star Realm Clan is the original residents of this cosmic space and thus should have Clan Guarding Treasures. What does he mean by that? Is that person a Godking? Or could he be a Exalted Celestial?"

"What I am about to tell you all now is the most important matter. It is in regards to the usefulness of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl." Said the Guard Elder with a upright tone.

Qin Yu immediately stopped his thoughts. Wen Feng and Liu Lan also stared at the Guard Elder.

"Of the Three Great Spiritual Pearls, the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl is the strongest. However, even if one were an eighteen star Emperor level expert and merged with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, they would still not be able to fully display the efficacy of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. However, even though this is the case, the efficacy of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl is already at an astonishing level of frighteningness." The Guard Elder had a very serious expression on his face.

"Once one merges with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, the first thing to be changed will be the Gold Force within the body. The Gold Force will, under the assistance of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, increase by tenfold or more. As for how much the Gold Force would increase, it is dependent on the degree that one can merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl!" The first thing that the Guard Elder had told them had already caused Wen Feng and Liu Lan's eyes to grow red with envy.

Instantly increase one's power by tenfold, how outrageous!

"And this is not the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl's main efficacy. The main efficacy of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl is that it would fuse together with one's physical body. One's physical body's strength would increase by several tenfolds. One's body's toughness and durability would also increase greatly! The toughness and durability of your bodies are already extremely powerful. However, if you were to fuse with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, then you can say that… even if a High Quality Divine Artifact were to be before you all, it would also be nothing more than mud. Even the Divine Tribulation… no matter how hard it crashes onto your bodies, it would be unable to damage you all in the slightest!"

The Guard Elder had grew a bit emotional. "The Gold Punishment Lord who possesses the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, his defense will practically be unequalled, extremely unequalled! He would be able to sweep across the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm by himself!"

Wen Feng and Liu Lan's breathing had become somewhat rapid. No wonder the Gold Punishment Lord was unequalled. No wonder there are no wars in the Dark Star Realm. It was because the Three Great Sovereigns were too powerful!

Qin Yu lightly smiled in his heart.

"Unequalled? Although it could be considered as unequalled in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, but would he be able to take on a spear strike of mine?" Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

Qin Yu knew that even the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are separated into different grades. Ordinary Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are unable to match up against his High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Furthermore, Divine Spear 'Waning Snow' was not merely a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, it was even the proudest work of the Craftsman God!

The Craftsman God had also forged quite a number of Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. However, he was most proud of this Divine Spear Waning Snow. One could easily imagine the powerfulness that is the Divine Spear Waning Snow.

Suddenly, Qin Yu recalled the words that Guard Elder said. His expression changed!

"Ah, the Guard Elder said earlier that, he said that…" Qin Yu was so excited that his finger started shuddering. "That Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl's main efficacy is… increasing the physical body's strength by several tenfolds and also increasing its toughness and durability greatly?"

Qin Yu's face grew somewhat red. It had grown red from excitement. "Furthermore, even his body's Gold Force would increase by tenfold or more?"

"In that case, then the door to the Artifacts Palace of the Bewitching God Temple, the one that contains numerous treasures within it and also possesses the core treasure that controls the Bewitching God Temple. If I were to bind that treasure, then I would've obtained the Bewitching God Temple. However, last time around I was unable to open it at all because I only managed to reach one third of the required strength."

Qin Yu's eyes were shining. "However, however, if I manage to merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, then… I would definitely be able to open the Artifacts Palace! If I were to open the Artifacts Palace, then wouldn't that mean that I would've attained the entire Bewitching God Palace?"

"Strength increasing by several tenfolds! How outrageous is that, it most definitely means that I would be able to open the Artifacts Palace and obtain the Bewitching God Temple!"

In an instant, Qin Yu grew so excited that his eyes had turned red!

[TL: Eyes turning red is the same as turning green with envy or wanting something very much.]

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 52 – Divine Tribulation's Sensation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Upon seeing Qin Yu, Wen Feng and Liu Lan's shocked and excited expressions, as well as their blazing passionate gazes, the Guard Elder started smiling satisfiedly.

He loved seeing the peak experts of the Gold Punishment Sect act like that in front of him.

During the period of time that he had held the position of the Guard Elder, he had already told about this secret three times. Every single time he saw those experts of extremely high status hearing about this secret, losing their self control, he would always feel a sense of satisfaction.

"Truly, truly powerful." Liu Lan was excited from the bottom of his heart.

He had long since thought the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl to be extremely powerful. However, he had never anticipated for it to be that powerful. No wonder no one dared to become enemies with the Gold Punishment Lord. No wonder not a single Gold Punishment Lord had failed the Divine Tribulation.

"I must definitely obtain it, definitely obtain it!" Liu Lan clenched his fist. He was so excited that his fists were slightly shivering. Never had he longed for something so much like he did now.

Wen Feng also longed for the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

However, upon seeing Qin Yu and Liu Lan beside him, he understood very well that he was no match for either Qin Yu or Liu Lan.

"Liu Xing's expression has also changed. It would appear that he also longs for the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl greatly." Wen Feng sighed in his heart.

Regardless of whether it was Wen Feng, Liu Lan or that Guard Elder, none of them knew that… Qin Yu was not excited because of how exceptional the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl was. The reason for his excitement was…. the Bewitching God Temple!

As long as he assimilates the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, Qin Yu would possess sufficient power to open the entrance of the Artifacts Palace. This also meant that he would be able to obtain the entire Bewitching God Temple!

"The Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl is mine." Qin Yu's eyes suddenly burst forth a sharp ray.

This was the first time since Qin Yu came to the Dark Star Realm that he desired for something so greatly. He glanced at Liu Lan beside him. Seeing Liu Lan's ice-cold gaze, Qin Yu merely indifferently smiled in his heart.

If he wanted to obtain the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, would anyone be capable of preventing that?

"I presume the three of you have all come to realize the preciousness of the Inherited Treasure 'Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.' And now, all three of you are qualified to obtain the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl and become the next Gold Punishment Lord. If you wish to obtain the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, then you should prepare yourselves. After His Majesty finishes his Divine Tribulation, the three of you shall have a competition among yourselves. The winner shall become the new Gold Punishment Lord." Said the Guard Elder with a smile.

Vice Sect Master Liu Lan was the first to stand up. He smiled confidently and said. "I am definitely going to be the next Gold Punishment Lord. Consecrated Liu Xing and Great Squadron Captain Wen Feng's strength are much inferior than mine."

"It seemed that you're very confident?" Wen Feng frowned and said sarcastically.

"Could it be that you also wish to compete with me?" Vice Sect Master Liu Lan instead asked with a cold expression. "You'd best not forget that if you were to accidentally lose your life in the competition, you cannot blame me for that."

Threatening. Undisguised threats.

Wen Feng smiled indifferently. "Compete? I do not possess any greed for the Gold Punishment Lord's position. So why would there be a need for me to compete with you? However, seeing how arrogant you are, I merely feel pity for you. Could it be that you believe that you're truly capable of becoming the next Gold Punishment Lord?"

Liu Lan slightly raised his chin in confidence. With a cold tone, he said. "Other than me, who else would be qualified to become the next Gold Punishment Lord? Could it be that the two of you, mere fifteen star Emperors, wish to compete against me?"

"You believed yourself to be infallible."

A cold voice sounded. At the same time, a violent aura came crushing down on Liu Lan's body. Liu Lan felt that his breathing had become very hard. The pressure was so great that even his chest was starting to feel painful.

Liu Lan looked to the direction from which the aura came from. It was Qin Yu who was looking at him coldly.

"Liu Lan, could it be that you thought that one's strength would definitely be fifteen star Emperor level if he was granted a fifteen star title plate?" Said Qin Yu coldly.

"You've been hiding your strength?" Vice Sect Master Liu Lan opened his eyes widely.

Qin Yu laughed coldly. He then said to Wen Feng. "Brother Wen Feng, let's go." Wen Feng was also happy to see Vice Sect Master Liu Lan receiving a blow. Immediately, he happily followed Qin Yu and left together with him.

Vice Sect Master Liu Lan looked at the backs of Qin Yu and Wen Feng as they left. His eyes were emitting a malicious light. He humped in his heart. "Hiding his strength? No matter how much he hides his strength, how powerful could he be? His aura is powerful, but that does not necessarily mean that his strength is also powerful. You two want to seize the position of the Gold Punishment Lord from me? In your dreams!"

Afterwards, Vice Sect Master Liu Lan also departed from the Inherited Palace.

Only the Guard Elder who sat cross-legged remained in the Inherited Palace. Seeing the three of them leaving in succession, the Guard Elder had a smile on his face. "Oh, not bad, it would appear that the battle this time around might be even more intense. That Liu Xing, he possesses unfathomable depths."

Qin Yu, Wen Feng and Liu Lan, ever since they met the Guard Elder and learned the secret, they had started to quietly remain in their own residences. Only occasionally would they chat with some friends. They were all waiting for that certain day… the day several months from now, the day of the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan's Divine Tribulation.

On the Gold Punishment Star, more and more experts arrived.

As the time passed, the number of Emperor level experts that had arrived on the Gold Punishment Star had reached a frightening number of three thousand!

These Emperor level experts came from all three of the great sects. The majority of these experts had stopped their training on the Dark Stars and came here in order to see the Gold Punishment Lord's Divine Tribulation.

Although the Three Great Sovereigns would not possess any dangers as they undergo the Divine Tribulation, the chance of success of other ordinary people of the Dark Star Realm was a bit lower. These Emperor level experts naturally wanted to see others' Divine Tribulations so that they could accumulate some experience to allow them to prepare for their future Divine Tribulation.

Qin Yu lived in the same palace as Wen Feng.

However, the two of them were usually training. Only occasionally would the two of them be together. In these days, there had also been a large number of Emperor level experts from the Gold Punishment Sect that had come to pay a visit to the two of them.

Qin Yu and Wen Feng sat on either side of a long table. Placed on top of this long table were more than a dozen fine dishes. Regarding the dishes which were distinctive to the Dark Star Realm, Qin Yu was very fond of them.

To cultivators, eating and drinking were only pleasures to relax themselves in the bitter path of cultivation.

"Brother Wen Feng, I had never imagined that the Sacred Mountain would actually be bustling with noise and excitement like this." Said Qin Yu while smiling after he drank a cup of wine.

Wen Feng nodded, smiled and said. "In the past, there were at the very most several tens of Emperor level experts on the Sacred Mountain. However, there are actually more than a thousand Emperor level experts on the Sacred Mountain now. Furthermore, in the entire city, there are over three thousand Emperor level experts."

The Emperor level experts on the Sacred Mountain were almost all from the Gold Punishment Sect. As for the Emperor level experts from the Black Flame Sect and the White Profound Sect, they mostly lived in the city. Only a couple that possessed a high status were able to come to the Sacred Mountain.

Right when Qin Yu and Wen Feng were talking to an excited point, a guard walked in.

"Lord Wen Feng, Lord Liu Xing, there are nine Emperor level experts outside wanting to pay Your Lordships a visit." Said that guard respectfully.

Qin Yu and Wen Feng looked at each other. They both smiled bitterly.

"Wen Feng, this should be the second group of people coming to visit us today, right?" Qin Yu smiled and said.

"In these past several tens of days, almost every day there would be a group or two coming to pay us a visit." Wen Feng also smiled helplessly.

Qin Yu and Wen Feng, one was the Captain of the Enforcers and the other was the sole Consecrated. Their status were equal to that of the Vice Sect Master. Furthermore, they are also two of the three candidates qualified to become the successor of the Gold Punishment Lord. It was also natural for there to be a large amount of people coming to pay them a visit.

"Let them in." Said Wen Feng.

"Yes." That guard immediately withdrew himself.

Qin Yu and Wen Feng both knew that it was hard for those people to come over to pay them a visit. If they were to refuse them, then it'd be too unreasonable.

As wave upon wave of visitation continued to come, Qin Yu had finally reached the end of his patience. He directly declared that he would be training in seclusion all the way till the date of the Divine Tribulation before he would come back out.

Actually, at this moment, it was only about a month away from the day of the Gold Punishment Lord's Divine Tribulation.

However, the closer to the date it becomes, the more people there were that came to pay their visit to Qin Yu and Wen Feng.  A day after Qin Yu entered 'seclusion training,' Wen Feng was also forced to enter 'seclusion training.' The two of them could only use the method of entering seclusion training to politely refuse the visitors.

Inside the room, the sun was shining through.

Qin Yu was sitting cross-legged on top of his bed without moving. His eyes were closed.

And in an instant, Qin Yu disappeared.

At the same moment, on a grass meadow of the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu had suddenly appeared. He was still sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. Qin Yu planned to train for thirty days. And in the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm, that was about three thousand days worth of time for him to train.

In Qin Yu's mind, he was able to sense that his Golden Soul Pellet was faintly radiating a seven colored radiance. As for Qin Yu's awareness, he was using it to unceasingly comprehend the spatial comprehensions left behind by Zuo Qiumei.

Break down, analyze, summarize, fusion, linking…

Qin Yu's awareness was unceasingly doing this process to each and every comprehension. In such a process, Qin Yu had forgotten about time, forgotten about everything. Time passed by. Qin Yu was excited for every trace of comprehension that he managed to comprehend.

That sort of feeling was very fantastic.

Following his research, the secrets of the mysterious cosmic space became less and less. Qin Yu learned more and more about the nature of the cosmos. As this sort of research continued, Qin Yu even started to become aware… that if he were to continue on like this, then there would be a day that he'll manage to finish researching and comprehending the entire cosmic space and then completely controlling it.

Qin Yu believed that at that time, he would've be able to control the spatial laws.

And right when he was training like this…

All of a sudden, a fantastic sensation suddenly entered into Qin Yu's soul awareness. Qin Yu's training stopped completely. And at this moment, Qin Yu came to a complete realization.

"Divine Tribulation? My Divine Tribulation is truly early." Qin Yu opened his eyes. A smile appeared on his face.

Qin Yu was already prepared for his own Divine Tribulation. He had anticipated that his Divine Tribulation would arrive within several hundred years. And earlier, when he was training, he managed to clearly sense that… his Divine Tribulation would arrive after a hundred and eight years."

"It's a lot sooner than I expected." Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

After a hundred and eight years, Qin Yu would undergo the Divine Tribulation. Not long after passing the Divine Tribulation, Qin Yu would ascend to the Divine Realm. Qin Yu knew very well that once one passes the Divine Tribulation, they would usually ascend to the Divine Realm within a year's time. The time that he has was very short.

"A hundred and eight years, it is sufficient for me to do a lot of things." Qin Yu talked out loud. "Soon, the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan would undergo the Divine Tribulation. Afterwards, when I have obtained the position of the next Gold Punishment Lord and assimilated with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, I shall go to the Bewitching God Temple and open the Artifacts Palace…"

A succession of plans had instantly appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

Divine Realm. In Qin Yu's heart, it was not merely a higher level world. What was more important was that… the Divine Realm was his true battlefield, the ultimate battlefield of his years of struggle.

In the Divine Realm, he must defeat all of his love rivals.

"Uncle Lan, Granny Yin Hua, their astonishing strength. Evidently, the clan that Li'er belongs to is a very exceptional clan in the Divine Realm. In order to beat numerous other experts, in order to eliminate the obstruction from numerous other powers, I can only accomplish that by becoming even more powerful and possessing even more skills."

Qin Yu's pupils slightly shrank.

The number one artifacts craftsman of the Divine Realm… "Craftsman God' Chehou Yuan's Artifacts Forging Mastery, Qin Yu was determined to obtain it. Qin Yu understood very well that the status of the number one artifacts craftsman would be in a world of supreme experts!

"Bewitching God Temple, I must definitely obtain it. And before that, I must obtain the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl." Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

Immediately after, Qin Yu closed his eyes again.

"I must seize the moment and continue on training. There is still a period of time before the date of the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan's Divine Tribulation." Qin Yu's awareness once again completely immersed itself into the spatial comprehension left behind by Zuo Qiumei.

Break down, analyze…

The time was passing without Qin Yu feeling it. In the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm, the time here was a hundredfold that of outside. This had allowed Qin Yu to train and comprehend even better.

At a certain moment…

"Mn?" Qin Yu felt a burst of awareness movement. In an instant, he woke up completely.

Qin Yu, who sat on the meadows opened his eyes, a trace of a smile was on his face. "So three thousand days have passed." After that, Qin Yu disappeared from the Jiang Lan's Realm's second layer space.

At Qin Yu's level, if he wanted to wake up at a certain time, then even if his awareness was completely immersed in comprehension, he would still be able to instantly wake up at the appointed time.

"Ziya!" [TL: this was supposed to be a creaking sound… of a door]

Qin Yu who had finished his seclusion training finally walked out from his room. Qin Yu raised his head and looked to the sky. He was unable to refrain himself from deeply breathing in a mouthful of fresh cold air.

"There are truly a lot of people here."

Qin Yu's Divine Awareness instantly discovered that on the entire Sacred Mountain, there were more than ten thousand people flying about in the sky. It was extremely lively. Tomorrow was the day of the Gold Punishment Lord's Divine Tribulation. It was also normal for it to be this lively today.

The youth who sat on the stone bench on the courtyard for who knows how long, upon seeing Qin Yu walk out from his room, stood up in a pleasant surprise. "Lord Liu Xing, you've finally come out from your seclusion training? His Majesty has ordered me to tell you to go to him after you finish your seclusion training."

"Tomorrow is the date of His Majesty's Divine Tribulation, right? Do you know where it is?" Qin Yu asked casually.

That youth immediately said respectfully. "Lord Liu Xing, tomorrow is precisely the date of His Majesty's Divine Tribulation. The location where His Majesty will undergo the Divine Tribulation has already been announced. It is an uninhabited beautiful planet located not far away from the Gold Punishment Star called the Hundred Flowers Star. And now, there are already thousands upon thousands of experts on the Hundred Flowers Star."

"Hundred Flowers Star, is it?" Qin Yu smiled and nodded. "Well then, you can leave now. I will immediately rush over to His Majesty's location."

"Yes, Lord Liu Xing." That youth withdrew himself respectfully.

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