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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 35 – Second Brother Qin Zheng

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Yes, that's right master. Qin Zheng already knows that you have returned. That is the reason why he has gathered all of the Qin clan branch families to the Virtue Garden." Said the Ink Qilin extremely sincerely.

"It's fine for my second brother to know that I have returned. I will go and meet my second brother later. For now, I shall first go and check out what the descendants of my Qin clan are like." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

"Yes, master." Answered the Ink Qilin.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Yu calmly walked through the gate of the Virtue Garden. With Qin Yu's comprehension toward the spatial laws, how could those guards that are not even Heavenly Immortal level possibly be able to see him?

Qin Yu was walking step by step on the familiar hallway.

"This is the place where my big brother used to live in." Qin Yu looked to a courtyard manor. "However, after four thousand years, this place has been rebuilt countless times." Qin Yu was able to sense that the tiles and bricks have been refurbished.

"This place has actually became a prohibited area where others are not allowed to enter." Qin Yu smiled.

After strolling through the entire Virtue Garden, the mansion house of the Prince Who Pacified the East from back then, Qin Yu discovered… the residences that he, his big brother as well as his Royal Father lived in were all guarded. Outsiders were not allowed entrance into those places at all.

"Second brother's cultivation speed is indeed slow." Qin Yu's Divine Awareness clearly detected his second brother's current strength… Middle Stage Kongming. He had only reached Middle Stage Kongming after four thousand years. This sort of cultivation speed was indeed something that would cause one to be speechless.

[TL: Kongming = Enlightened stage.]

After returning to his hometown, Qin Yu's mood was very tranquil.

The courtyard manors that used to be residences that guests of his family stayed in have now turned into places that some people from the Qin clan branch families stayed in. All of these people were people standing at the apex of the Tang Dynasty Empire. However, in the headquarters of their clan, each and every one of them were extremely modest. That was because all of these branch family members knew that… their status were all obtained through the help of the main Qin clan. Furthermore, the Qin clan's true strength were extremely terrifying.

Qin Yu walked to the entrance of a courtyard manor.

"Dad, are we not going to be able to see younger brother in the future?" A familiar voice sounded.

"It's that Qin Yutong." With a movement of his foot, Qin Yu entered into the courtyard manor.

At this moment, Qin Yutong was chatting with her father.

"Yutong, do not think too much about it. This is the order of the sole existing Utmost Supreme Second Elder of our Qin clan. Not only our branch family, the other branch families have also sent over the elites of their younger generations." Qin Yutong's father Qin Fulan sighed helplessly and said.

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

The sole existing Utmost Supreme Second Elder?

"I understand." A trace of helplessness appeared on Qin Yutong's face. She then looked to her father. "Father, have you seen the Utmost Supreme Second Elder before?"

"I have once. You too ought to know of the identity of the Utmost Supreme Second Elder. He is the true first Emperor of our Qin Royal Dynasty from back then." Qin Fulan gasped in admiration.

A trace of adoration appeared in Qin Yutong's eyes. She said. "Of course I know about the Utmost Supreme Second Elder. Not only him, I also know of the Utmost Supreme First Elder. Back then, he led our Qin Royal Dynasty's army and swept across the entire continent unobstructed. Furthermore, the most powerful was the Utmost Supreme Third Elder. I have heard that the Utmost Supreme Third Elder's strength pieces through the heavens. He was the first among our Qin clan to ascend to the Immortal Realm."

"Not only that. Utmost Supreme Third Elder's strength was even more frightening than what you have imagined. The reason the powers of the Chaotic Astral Sea is so considerate of our Qin clan, that too is because of the Utmost Supreme Third Elder." Qin Fulan said after a gasp of admiration. "I have grown up hearing about the achievements of the Utmost Supreme Third Elder. Sigh, he is the true genius."

"Aren't I the same? I have also grown up hearing about the achievements of the Utmost Supreme Third Elder. He is the first person in the Hidden Dragon Continent that had reached the Xiantian stage using external martial techniques. In a mere twenty years, he entered the cultivation world… I truly didn't dare to believe that he managed to enter the Xiantian stage using external martial techniques. Oh how much pain and suffering he must've gone through? Nowadays, those martial arts circle's sons of nobilities would come to me and show off. Each and every one of them managed to attain their status through the help of their status. Yet they think that they're extraordinary. When comparing to the Utmost Supreme Third Elder, those people are truly…" Qin Yutong have traces of disdain in her eyes.

[TL: Xiantian = Innate.]

Qin Yu who had been listening from the side was unable to refrain his laughter.

So it turns out that this Utmost Supreme Third Elder was actually he himself!

"Unfortunately reaching the Xiantian stage through external martial techniques was truly too difficult. I have heard that in every generation, our clan would select ten outstanding disciples to train in the external techniques. However, in the past four thousand years, almost everyone was unable to continue to move forward the moment they reached the pinnacle of external martial arts technique.Only one have managed to successfully trained in the external techniques, merely your uncle Qin Shitian…. but, I've heard that the martial technique that your Utmost Supreme Third Elder practices is extremely powerful!" Said Qin Fulan.

"Uncle Qin Shitian. I know of him. Each and every disciple of our Qin clan revere him. He is the sole successor to the Utmost Supreme Third Elder after all these years." Qin Yutong gasped in admiration.

Upon hearing this, Qin Yu was startled.

There's a successor to the 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique? Qin Yu immediately covered the entire Virtue Garden with his Divine Awareness. Back then, Qin Yu merely spread out his Divine Awareness to search for his second brother and had not carefully observed the other people.

However this time around, Qin Yu managed to easily detect the person training in the 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique.

"Early stage Nebula stage. To be able to reach this stage in about forty years could be considered as being pretty good." Qin Yu instantly discovered that man called Qin Shitian.

"Yutong, when are you going to get married? Dad cannot wait any longer. To be honest, there are still some that are pretty good among the people that are chasing after you." Said Qin Fulan while smiling.

Qin Yutong shook her head. "I'm not thinking about it for now. I do not seek for my future husband to possess the perseverance and talent at the level of the Utmost Supreme Third Elder. I merely want him to possess a tenth of the perseverance and talent of the Utmost Supreme Third Elder. Those sons of nobilities…"

Qin Yu was startled. He then started laughing. "Amusing, amusing."

"Who are you?" Qin Yutong was shocked to find that there was actually a black clothed youth standing not far away.

Qin Fulan also turned around. Seeing this black clothed youth, he immediately said humbly. "Are you also a descendant of my Qin clan?" Qin Fulan knew that…. even if one were a powerful cultivator, they would also not be able to easily charge into the the Virtue Garden of the Qin clan. That was because there was a Clan Protecting Divine Beast within the Virtue Garden. The information regarding the Clan Protecting Divine Beast was something that practically everyone from the Qin clan knew about.

"That's right, I am from the Qin clan." Qin Yu nodded and said while smiling. His gaze shifted to Qin Yutong. "Little girl, sometimes, you must not possess too high of a demand for your husband. It is all fine as long as he fits."

"Little girl?" Qin Yutong opened her eyes wide. "How much older are you compared to me?"

"I am much much older than you." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

At this moment, Qin Fulan's heart was beating. He was able to sense the special aura that Qin Yu radiates. That is the kind of aura of someone who have assimilated with the heaven and earth. Even though he had met the Utmost Supreme Second Elder only once, he could also sense that the Utmost Supreme Second Elder was inferior compared to the man in front of them.

"He might be a certain Loose Immortal expert of my Qin clan." Though Qin Fulan in his heart. In the past four thousand years, there have been quite a few Loose Immortal experts in the Qin clan.

And right at this moment, another man walked into the courtyard manor.

"Qin Fulan." The person who arrived said indifferently.

"Lord Emissary." Upon seeing the person who have arrived, Qin Fulan immediately bowed. Even Qin Yutong bowed.

In the Qin clan there are Clan Protector Emissaries. The Clan Protector Emissaries are divided into three levels. The gold clothed Clan Protector Emissaries are the lowest level. The blue clothed Clan Protector Emissaries are a slighter higher level. The highest level was the black clothed Clan Protector Emissaries.

Even the lowest level gold clothed Clan Protector Emissaries, their strength was at the very least at the Nascent Soul stage.

[TL: Yuanying → Nascent Soul.]

"Clan master has ordered, in two hours, everyone is to be in the Maple Evening Hall to attend in the banquet." Said that gold clothed Emissary. Immediately after, he turned and left. It was as if he didn't see Qin Yu at all.

Only when the Emissary left did Qin Fulan and Qin Yutong raise their body back up.

"Eh, how come Lord Emissary seemed to not have seen that person at all?" Qin Yutong looked to Qin Yu with a confused expression. If Qin Yu's status was high, then the gold clothed Emissary would at the very least salute to him. If Qin Yu's status was to be lower, then he would at the very least salute to the gold clothed Emissary. However, the gold clothed Emissary did not even look to Qin Yu the entire time. This was something that brought about confusion to others.

Qin Yu walked to a stone bench on the side and sat down. He said. "If I want him to see me, then he'll be able to see me. If I don't want him to see me, then he won't be able to see me." Soon after, Qin Yu flipped his hand around and took out a wine jar. He drank a mouthful. "Mn, the wine from the Flame Capital City is the best afterall."

Qin Yutong and Qin Fulan looked to each other. However, they were unable to say anything.

Standing in front of others, if he wanted others to see him then they will, if he didn't want others to see him then they won't, is there such a remarkable ability? That was something that neither of them have ever heard of before.

Qin Yu continued to drink in the courtyard manor happily.

Two hours later.

Inside the Maple Evening Hall.

At this moment, a large number of people from various great Qin branch families were gathered in the Maple Evening Hall. These people have covered several tens of tables. One could easily imagine how many people there were. However, at this moment, none of the people have moved their chopsticks. That was because the Clan Elder had yet to arrive.

Qin Yu was also seated on a corner table of the Maple Evening Hall.

The Qin clan merely checked the invitation cards of everyone outside the entrance. They did not do any checking afterwards. That was because everyone knew… that there is no one in the Hidden Dragon Continent that would dare come to stir troubles for the Qin clan.

Because of the fact that for some branch families only one person come while for other families there might be two or three people, the amount of food that was prepared was still extremely big. With Qin Yu joining the rest, the other people had thought that Qin Yu was also someone from the branch families.

"The Clan Master has arrived!" Said a gold clothed Emissary in the front of the Maple Evening Hall. Immediately, everyone stood up.

The current Clan Master of the Qin clan walked in from the back hall followed by four blue clothed Emissaries. This Clan Master's eyes were filled with calmness. Qin Yu nodded in his heart. The strength of this Clan Master is not strong. He is merely a middle stage Nascent Soul stage expert.

"Everyone, today is a day of great happiness!" The first word from this Clan Master had caused all of the branch clansmen to become stunned.

That was because everyone remembered that… not long ago, the Utmost Supreme Second Elder had personally ordered for all of the branch families to dispatch the elites of their younger generations to the Virtue Garden so that they could be hidden all over the continent in order to keep the bloodline of the Qin clan intact. At the same time, he claimed that… the Qin clan is faced with an enormous calamity. All of the branch families were alerted by that. However, in a blink of an eye, this Clan Master actually stated that today is a day of great happiness.

Although they were shocked, the branch clansmen did not grow noisy at all.

"Everyone, please rest assured. The Utmost Supreme Second Elder had personally ordered for all of the elite younger generations that was dispatched all over the continent to be returned to each and every branch family. Furthermore, the Utmost Supreme Second Elder… would soon come to the Maple Evening Hall." Said the Clan Master loudly.

No matter how calm they were, the branch clansmen still started to make a racket.

"Utmost Supreme Second Elder will be coming? Am I mishearing things?"

"For real? Utmost Supreme Second Elder will be coming?"

Even Qin Fulan had only met the Utmost Supreme Second Elder once. And that was because he was the leader of a Qin branch family. Amongst those sitting in the hall, there are less than ten who have even seen the Utmost Supreme Second Elder.

"Quiet." A voice sounded from the side entrance of the Maple Evening Hall. A black clothed Emissary had walked in.

Immediately, everyone had grew silent.

The legendary Clan Protector Emissaries of the Qin clan were separated into gold clothed, blue clothed and black clothed. This black clothed level was the highest level of the Emissaries. Even the weakest among them have reached the Kongming stage. The stronger ones have even reached the Dujie stage.

With three black clothed Emissaries leading the road, a scholarly youth wearing a light yellow colored gown walked in.

"Utmost Supreme Second Elder." The Clan Master saluted respectfully.

The Qin clan changed its Clan Master once every hundred years. However, the position of the Three Utmost Supreme Elders were everlasting. Any one of the Three Utmost Supreme Elders possessed strength that surpassed the Clan Master by far.

"Utmost Supreme Second Elder." The people sitting below have finally woke back up to reality. Each and every one of them respectfully bowed.

Only a single person did not bow, it was Qin Yu.

"Second brother." Qin Yu merely slightly nodded.

Qin Zheng saw Qin Yu. A pleasantly surprised expression erupted from his eyes. However, Qin Zheng was also an Emperor in the past and had also controlled the Qin clan for four thousand years. In an instant, he held back his emotions and also nodded to Qin Yu.

The couple Clan Protector Emissaries saw that Qin Yu did not bow and was about to immediately shout at him angrily.

"Do not be impulsive." Qin Zheng's Spiritual Awareness Voice Transmission sounded in the minds of these couple people.

When all of the branch families lifted their heads back up, Qin Zheng said with a light smile. "Everyone, a while earlier, our Qin clan was faced with a calamity. However now, the calamity has passed. I am currently deploying all of the elite younger generations. I believe that within a month, they would all be returned to their respective families. Everyone could also be at ease now."

All of the great branch families heave a sigh of relief upon hearing those words from the Utmost Supreme Second Elder.

A while back, the calamity have caused all of the branch families to become frightened.

"Everyone, please enjoy the banquet." After Qin Zheng finished his words, he proceeded to walk down toward the banquet hall.

Those people, upon seeing Qin Zheng walking down toward them, were all excited speechless. Qin Zheng merely nodded and smiled. He then walked to Qin Yu's table and looked at Qin Yu.

"Second brother, your administration is indeed pretty good. There must be more than ten thousand descendants of our Qin clansmen now, right?" Qin Yu stood up.

"To be exact, the Qin clan, when all is added up, numbers over eighty thousand people now." Qin Zheng said.

"Qin Yu walked to Qin Zheng. "Second brother!"

"Third brother." Qin Zheng also looked straight at Qin Yu.

Qin Yutong who sat on the same table as Qin Yu heard the conversation of the two and grew dumbstruck.

"Everyone, please do not spread what you have heard today." Qin Zheng glanced at everyone present in the Maple Evening Hall.

Soon after, Qin Yu and Qin Zheng left the Maple Evening Hall together.

"Dad. Am, am I mishearing things?" Qin Yutong looked to her father. Qin Fulan also found it to be hard to believe. "If I am not mishearing things, then that person is the legendary Utmost Supreme Third Elder."

"Him, the Utmost Supreme Third Elder?" Qin Yutong instantly recalled about talking about the conditions for her husband in front of Qin Yu. She immediately grew red.

All of the leaders of the numerous branch families in the Maple Evening Hall were excited. The Utmost Supreme Third Elder had returned? What sort of calamity would there be then? Everyone was excited to the peak. Everyone was at ease now.

To ease the minds of everyone present, that was the reason why Qin Yu called Qin Zheng second brother in front of everyone present.

With his strength, there was no need for him to be secretive at all.

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