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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 33 – Puppet

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

As Qin Yu was unable to detect Uncle Fu's aura, he had concluded that Uncle Fu should be levels above him. However, Uncle Fu was unable to detect his true strength. That appeared to be a contradiction. Qin Yu was only able to think of one possibility… that Uncle Fu does not have a soul.

However, Qin Yu was unable to accept this conclusion. Thus, he blurted out that question. Yet, Uncle Fu's response had truly shocked Qin Yu.

"Uncle Fu, you truly do not have a soul?" Qin Yu asked again to confirm.

Uncle Fu smiled and nodded. "That's right, I don't. What, is that strange?"

"How is that possible? The most important aspect of a person is their soul. If one does not have a soul, how could they exist?" Qin Yu retorted. "Even if one were a Heavenly Deity, I'd suspect that one would still die without a soul."

Uncle Fu smiled and instead asked Qin Yu a question in response. "Have I said that I am a person?"

Qin Yu was stunned. "Uncle Fu, you mean?"

Uncle Fu took a deep sigh. "I am not a person at all. Instead, I am a puppet that was created by my master. Merely, I am a relatively high level puppet."

"Puppet?" Qin Yu was listening attentively.

"In the Divine Realm, some of the high level craftsmen are able to directly create bodies. After placing some simple sentience into the bodies, those bodies would then become puppets." Uncle Fu shook his head and said while smiling. "Merely, to create a puppet is very difficult. For one, it is hard to create a human shaped corporeal body. Secondly, it is hard to install wisdom and sentience into the body."

Qin Yu suddenly recalled the hometown of his master Lei Wei…. that science and technology cosmos where Earth was located in.

"I know of a Mortal Realm level cosmic space. In the cosmic space, there is the existence of a kind of science and technology. Within that was the existence of artificial intelligence." Qin Yu said.

Uncle Fu shook his head and said unconcernedly. "I too gained some knowledge of the existence of the science and technology cosmos during the time when I was in the Divine Realm. It is merely an ordinary level cosmos of the same level as the Mortal Realm. They utilize extrinsic matters to research the cosmos. That is truly very low level… as far as I know, there has yet to be a single science and technology cosmos that has managed to breakthrough the bindings of the Mortal Realm to a cosmic space at the level of Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

Qin Yu nodded.

Merely by relying on external forces, without cultivating one's own body, it was very hard to achieve success.

"Furthermore, that sort of intelligence is also very low level. It possesses neither emotions nor the ability to think for itself. It is merely a very low level intelligence. However, the 'puppets' that Deity level experts create, they are practically no different from people when looking from the exterior." Uncle Fu said.

"Indeed." From the conversation with Uncle Fu, Qin Yu sensed that Uncle Fu possessed the same intelligence as people.

"Uncle Fu, how did puppets manage to possess intelligence?" Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu shook his head and said. "Regarding that, I am honestly not very certain. That it because even in the Divine Realm, there are not many people who know how to create puppets. In the Divine Realm, those who possess puppets as servants are all people with great status and power."

Qin Yu suddenly recalled a thing.

"Uncle Fu, look." With but a thought, the Sword Immortal Puppet that was bestowed to him by Uncle Lan flew out from Qin Yu's body. "Is this the sort of puppet that you spoke of?"

Qin Yu still remember that back then when Uncle Lan gave this to him, he had called it the 'Sword Immortal Puppet.'

"This is a puppet." Uncle Fu instantly confirmed it. However, after looking at it for a long time, he said. "The material that was used to create this puppet isn't very precious. Its body's toughness also could not be considered very strong. Merely, the expert who created this puppet possessed an extremely high level of craftsmanship. He was actually able to make such a result from ordinary materials."

"How good is the strength of this puppet?" Qin Yu promptly asked.

Uncle Fu said indifferently. "The skeleton of this puppet could be considered as being tough and durable. I reckon it's comparable to a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Yet, its muscles are only ordinary. However, I sense that this puppet's skeleton and muscles complements one another. It was forged extremely skillfully. To be able to create such a puppet, there are also not many experts in the Divine Realm that are capable of doing it."

Uncle Fu had followed the master of the Bewitching God Temple, Chehou Yuan, for all these years, thus he also know quite a lot.

"However, this puppet does not have intelligence." Uncle Fu was a bit puzzled. "I believe that for an expert who could refine such a harmonious corporeal body, it should not be hard for him to install simple intelligence to this puppet."

Qin Yu suddenly came to a realization.

Uncle Lan had actually given him a Divine Realm's puppet. This signified that Uncle Lan's intention was to give Qin Yu a better guarantee in his survival. It was very simple why Uncle Lan did not install intelligence to the puppet. Uncle Lan wanted Qin Yu to rely mostly on himself.

"Uncle Fu, how good is your corporeal body?" Qin Yu suddenly asked.

A confident shine flashed through Uncle Fu's eyes. He said. "As the housekeeper of the number one artifact craftsman of the Divine Realm, there are not many puppets that are stronger than me in the entire Divine Realm. My body's toughness… is definitely at the level of High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact!"

Qin Yu was startled.

High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact. Oh how tough and durable that was! It was likely that even ordinary High Level Heavenly Deities did not possess such a valiant body. Uncle Fu's body was actually this powerful.

"However, what use is there for my body to be tough? Although I possess the same intelligence as people, I still do not possess a soul. I am not a living thing and cannot cultivate nor could I comprehend the spatial laws… With my strength, if I were to encounter a Mid Level Heavenly Deity, then I'd have my hands tied, waiting to be captured." A trace of helplessness appeared on Uncle Fu's face.

Qin Yu understood.

Experts of the Heavenly Deity level most likely possess a very powerful comprehension toward the spatial laws. When experts reach that level, who among them would actually fight you in close range? Through merely controlling the space, they're able to execute people from afar. This was also the reason why Uncle Fu stated that he is inferior to Mid Level Heavenly Deities.

Inside the courtyard, a leaf floated by Qin Yu and slowly landed on the floor.

Qin Yu turned his head around to look. "Uncle Fu, what is the name of this large tree?"

"Red Tung Tree. It is also classified as a treasured variety in the Divine Realm. Red Tung Trees grows extremely slowly…. this Red Tung Tree is already several billion years old." Said Uncle Fu while smiling.

Qin Yu looked to the Red Tung Tree in front of him in shock. This tree had a girth requiring three to four people to surround it. Its height was only around twenty meters. Its treetop could also be considered wide. The diameter was over a hundred meters.

However, a height of twenty meters and a girth requiring three to four people to surround it.

Had this been in Qin Yu's hometown… the Purple Mystic Star's 'Great Wilderness,' then a tree of this height and thickness could be seen everywhere. In merely several tens of years a tree would be able to grow to this size. However, this tree was several billions of years old!

"It's only this tall after such a long time?" Qin Yu was somewhat shocked.

"You'd best not underestimate the Red Tung Tree. I can let you know explicitly that this Red Tung Tree definitely worth more than your High Quality Heavenly Divine Spear Waning Snow." Said Uncle Fu with absolute certainty.

Qin Yu looked to the Red Tung Tree in amazement.

"The Red Tung Tree, whether its roots or its branch, they are all extremely tough and durable. Their toughness are naturally comparable to ordinary High Quality Divine Artifacts. If one were to create items using either the roots or the branches of the Red Tung Tree, then one could make a Low Quality or Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact." Slowly said Uncle Fu as he looked to the Red Tung Tree. "Especially the trunk of the Red Tung Tree. With such a thick Red Tung Tree trunk, with merely a slight refinement, its toughness would definitely be at the level of High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact."

Qin Yu now understood that this Red Tung Tree was covered with treasures.

"This Red Tung Tree was a reward that my master had sought for when he helped Godking Lei Bu refine a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Back then, Godking Lei Bu was very pained to give this to my master too." Uncle Fu said while smiling. "I suspect that in the entire Divine Realm, the only tree that's more precious that a Red Tung Tree would be the legendary Ancient Ironwood Tree."

Qin Yu was shocked. He did not expect for there to be a tree even more amazing than the Red Tung Tree.

"That Ancient Ironwood Tree is something that even my master had never seen before. He had only seen a branch from the Ancient Ironwood Tree before. It was a material that a High Level Heavenly Deity brought with to my master when asking him to help create an artifact." Said Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu naturally understood it in his heart.

Even the Bewitching God Temple's master had never seen it before, the preciousness of the Ancient Ironwood Tree was something that one can well imagine.

"Uncle Fu, I am unable to open this Artifacts Palace. What should I do?" Qin Yu looked to the stone entrance door beside him. He felt a bit helpless in his heart.

Uncle Fu still had a face filled with smiles. He said. "Don't worry. Didn't I tell you this before? As you've opened the image my master had left behind, you are then the sole successor of my master. It is fine for you to be unable to open it now. It is not too late for you to come back when you possess the strength to open it in the future."

"By the time I possess the strength to open it, I reckon I'll already be in the Divine Realm." Said Qin Yu helplessly.

"Even if you've ascended to the Divine Realm, you could still find people to assist you in descending to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm after your strength has increased greatly." Comforted Uncle Fu.

"Is it very easy for one to descend from the Divine Realm to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?" Qin Yu grew puzzled.

Uncle Fu shook his head repeatedly. "Of course not. Other than Godkings and Exalted Celestials who would casually pass through space, the rest of the people, including people of high status like my master, would require others to help them if they want to descend to the lower realm."

"Require others to help them?" Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu. He was waiting for Uncle Fu's response.

"It is too early for you to ask this. When you reach the Heavenly Deity level and attain a status in the Divine Realm, you would naturally know how to descend to a lower realm. At that time, you merely need to spend some treasures to bribe others to help you descend." Said Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain from smiling. Bribe?

It would appear that interpersonal relationship was the same everywhere.

Qin Yu suddenly remembered a question that he had. "Uncle Fu, didn't you say that people who possessed the aura from the Divine Realm were incapable of entering the Bewitching God Temple? Once I ascend to the Divine Realm, even if I descend back to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm later, I reckon the Bewitching God Temple would still not allow me to enter it."

"Haha… you are wrong about that. Although the Bewitching God Temple blocks people with the Divine Realm's aura from coming in, you'd best not forget that I am the housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple. As my master is not present, I am the administer of the Bewitching God Temple. As long as I discover that it is you who has come, I would naturally give you access." Said Uncle Fu.

Hearing Uncle Fu saying that, Qin Yu also had a long sigh of relief.

The treasures left behind by the number one artifact craftsman of the Divine Realm, even if he had to return back here after ascending to the Divine Realm, it would still be worth it. Qin Yu had heard that even the Godkings of the Divine Realm had asked Chehou Yuan to help before.

"If I have the opportunity, I must definitely learn Chehou Yuan's artifact forging skills." Thought Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, with your current strength, it is impossible for you to open the Artifacts Palace and the Refining Flames Palace. As you've already been to the Front Palace, let me bring you to the remaining palace, the Transfer Palace." Uncle Fu said those words and started walking.

[ED(Robin): I want him to ask about the treasure that the Cyan Emperor obtained sooo badly :D]

Qin Yu followed behind Uncle Fu. The two of them proceeded to walk toward the Transfer Palace.

Unlike the Refining Flames Palace and the Artifacts Palace with closed doors, the Transfer Palace's entrance was wide open. Furthermore, the entrance to the Transfer Palace was extremely wide. The entrance with a height of around merely ten meters actually possessed a width close to thirty meters.

Qin Yu and Uncle Fu stepped past the entrance of the Transfer Palace.

"This is?" Qin Yu looked to the Transfer Palace in confusion. The Transfer Palace was very strange. There was no room whatsoever. Only numerous thick and solid pillars were present. Furthermore, there were words written on each and every pillar.

"There are over thirty pillars here, what are they for? These pillars are not as tall as the roof, they are not there to support the roof at all." Qin Yu was a bit puzzled.

What exactly are these thirty some erected pillars there for?

Upon seeing Qin Yu's expression, Uncle Fu opened his mouth and said. "Qin Yu, you ought to know that the higher level a cosmic space was, the more steady it is. My master possessed the strength of a High Level Heavenly Deity. In the Divine Realm, he was still incapable of breaking through the space barrier. However, with my master's strength, he was able to easily create a space channel in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

"That's right. The space in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm is much more steady than the space in my hometown, the Purple Mystic Star." Qin Yu said.

The space of the Mortal Realm was something that even a level nine Heavenly Immortal could rip apart. However, the space in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, even if one were a level nine Immortal Emperor, one would still need to use a large amount of energy and a Divine Artifact to rip apart the space. Just by comparing that, the stability of the spaces was easily seen.

"My master is a master at creating artifacts and puppets. Likewise, he is also extremely good at making space channels. These thirty eight pillars are thirty eight space channels that leads to thirty eight different cosmic spaces." Said Uncle Fu dully.

Qin Yu however, was greatly startled.

Space channels that leads to thirty eight different cosmic spaces?

"How, how is that possible?" Qin Yu found it hard to believe.

"How is that not possible?" Said Uncle Fu indifferently. "For a cosmic space at the level of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. For example, if my master wanted to create a space tunnel that connected the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm with the Dinosaur Realm, he would be able to create that easily. After all, my master is a High Level Heavenly Deity. He is merely a step away from becoming a Godking."

Qin Yu could only nod.

High Level Heavenly Deity. Their comprehension toward the spatial laws were definitely not something the current Qin Yu was able to imagine.

"How do you make a space channel?" Qin Yu suddenly asked.

"I am not sure myself. However, the space channels look resemble black holes." Uncle Fu suddenly said.

Qin Yu was stunned. "Black hole? How is that possible? I am most definitely unable to withstand against the gravitational force of a black hole." Qin Yu knew very well how hard it was for him to resist the gravitational force of the Eighteen Emperor Level Dark Stars. Thus, there was no need for mention of the gravitational force of a black hole.

"I merely said that they are similar to black holes. I never said that they are black holes. Their gravitational forces is many times smaller than a real black hole." Said Uncle Fu with a slight smile.

Only then did Qin Yu understood.

Uncle Fu pointed at the erect pillars and said. "These pillars are not real entities. You are able to directly step into them. You'll enter the space channel when you do. As for which cosmic space they lead to, they are written on each of the pillar."

"Thirty eight cosmic spaces. Truly amazing." Qin Yu started checking out the pillars one by one.

"Dinosaur Realm. Discovered Heavy Milky Spiritual Bead on the Flowing Cloud Star."

"Illusion Devil Realm. Discovered Five Clever Blocks Stone on the Sky Blue Star."

"Third Cosmic Space of the Mortal Realm. Discovered Black Ivory Spring Water on the Maywind Star."

On each of the pillar listed the cosmic space that it leads to as well as the precious material that was discovered on the cosmic space. Among them, those cosmic spaces of the same level as the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm all possessed names. However, the Mortal Realm's cosmic spaces merely have numbers to indicate them. Evidently… there were too many Mortal Realms and they do not possess the same name.

"My master purpose was finding peculiar materials. Thus, he naturally proceeded to search for them through each and every cosmic space. Constructing set space channels allows my master to travel about those cosmic spaces more effortlessly. Of these thirty eight cosmic spaces that these space channels leads to, twenty two of them are of the same level as the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. The other sixteen are all at the level of Mortal Realm." Said Uncle Fu.

At this moment, Qin Yu did not say anything.

That was because he saw the words written on a pillar…. "Eleventh Cosmic Space of the Mortal Realm. Discovered Bipolar Spiritual Stone on the Purple Mystic Star."

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 34 – Returning Home

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Purple Mystic Star!

Seeing those words, Qin Yu appeared to be struck by lightning. Scenes immediately flashed through his mind. The scene of when he was training as a child, the scene when he was chatting with his big brother and second brother happily in the hot spring, the scene when he was together with his Royal Father…

Returning home!

Qin Yu felt as if his entire soul was throbbing. The impulse to return home had instantly lifted up heavy waves in the calm ocean that was Qin Yu's mind. Qin Yu was unable to hold down that urge to return home at all.

"Uncle Fu, you said that I can reach the cosmic space listed in on the pillar just by entering it?" Qin Yu asked.

"That's right. Why? Are you planning on entering one?" Upon seeing Qin Yu's expression, Uncle Fu asked.

Qin Yu took a deep sigh. "The Purple Mystic Star is the place that I lived in my childhood. Although I have reached a level where I could rip apart space, it is still very hard for me to create a space channel that would allow me to reach the Mortal Realm. I still do not have the strength to do that."

"Fortunately, Senior Chehou has already refined such a space channel." Qin Yu was overjoyed.

"It is fine if you want to enter it. However, Qin Yu, you must definitely never forget to come back when you have the strength to open the entrance door to the Artifacts Palace." Uncle Fu said, entrusting this task to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded.

"Rest assured, I will definitely return." After Qin Yu said those words, his gaze shifted toward the pillar in front of him.

Qin Yu took a step and disappeared into the pillar.

In an instant, everything changed.

Qin Yu felt that his body was rapidly passing through space. The only thing that he could see was the chaotic space rifts. It was something that Qin Yu would frequently see when he ripped apart spaces. After about seven breaths' time, Qin Yu felt that the scene in front of him had changed.

The chaotic space rifts had disappeared. A boundless outer space appeared before Qin Yu.

"The gravitational force here is truly small." Qin Yu turned around. He saw that there was an unremarkable space tunnel behind him. From a glance, this space tunnel appeared to be a black hole. Merely, the gravitational force of this black hole was too small.

Qin Yu understood that once he entered this black hole, he'll be able to return back to the Bewitching God Temple.

Qin Yu remembered this place in his heart.

"The Purple Mystic Star ought to be not far away from here." Qin Yu looked to the boundless outer space. He immediately started to spread out his Divine Awareness. Upon spearing out his Divine Awareness, Qin Yu discovered that the range of his Divine Awareness was much greater than the time when he was in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Qin Yu had a very clear-headed sensation that as long as he just slightly spread a bit of his energy, he would easily be able to rip apart the cosmic space of this Mortal Realm.

"The space here is indeed a level lower than the space of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm." Qin Yu waved his hand.

Instantly, a over ten thousand meters long enormous space crack appeared before Qin Yu. Engulfing energy was being emitted by this space crack unceasingly. Merely, this engulfing energy did not affect Qin Yu in the slightest. After a short moment, this space crack was automatically restored by the cosmic space.

"It would appear that what Zhou Xian did back then could not be considered as anything exceptional." Gasped Qin Yu.

[TL: have to check out who Zhou Xian was. Dude's Li'er's cousin. That scrub who killed tons of mortals and almost killed Qin Yu.]

Back then, in front of Qin Yu, Zhou Xian was able to rip apart the space with a wave of his hand and easily extinguish everything in a location. The Qin Yu from back then was indeed shocked and stunned.

However, from the way it seemed now, the space that Zhou Xian ripped apart and extinguished back then was merely the space of the Mortal Realm. The space of the Mortal Realm was the lowest level space. Ripping apart such a space was nothing exceptional. The current Qin Yu was also capable of easily accomplishing such a thing.

"The Purple Mystic Star, its distance is indeed not far from here." Qin Yu's Divine Awareness had already covered the Purple Mystic Star that was located about half a galaxy away from where he stood.

With a Greater Teleportation, Qin Yu disappeared from the cosmic outer space.

Qin Yu stood on the Yellow Stone Star. He was looking at the enormous planet located not far from him…. the Purple Mystic Star. Back then, Qin Yu had trained on this Yellow Stone Star until he finally reached comprehension and attained the 'Dark Star Realm' of Stellar Transformation.

The Purple Mystic Star, when looking at it from the faraway Yellow Stone Star, one could still see that it was filled with torrent-dashing flames and a white colored mist. Those are naturally the Two Great Extreme Regions of the Purple Mystic Star. Qin Yu's figure was rapidly flying toward the Purple Mystic Star.

As Qin Yu approached, he began to see the vast ocean of the Purple Mystic Star. He had also seen the Chaotic Astral Ocean located within the middle of the vast ocean. On the north of the Chaotic Astral Ocean was a small area of land. That was the Hidden Dragon Continent. The large area of land to the north of the Chaotic Astral Ocean was the Soaring Dragon Continent.

[TL: Qianlong Continent → Hidden Dragon Continent. Tenglong Continent → Soaring Dragon Continent]

As he looked at the various locations on the Purple Mystic Star, various scenes began to form in Qin Yu's mind.

The time when he was training on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The struggle and battles in the Seabed Cultivation Realm.

The frantic burning by the Heavenly Flames on the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Qin Yu stood in front of the Purple Mystic Star. However, he still did not go to the Purple Mystic Star. Only after a long time did Qin Yu manage to calm his disturbed frame of mind. He shook his head, forced a smile and sighed. "The closer to home, the more timid one gets."

Soon after, Qin Yu's figure disappeared. Evidently, he had arrived at the Purple Mystic Star.

Hidden Dragon Continent.

It had already been around four thousand years since Qin Yu ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. In the period of four thousand years, numerous dynasties have succeeded through the Hidden Dragon Continent. There was no dynasty that was capable of having perpetual glory.

The Qin Dynasty of the olden days, the Han dynasty of the olden days, the Song dynasty of the olden days, they have all become things of memories.

In the current Hidden Dragon Continent where mortals lived, a rare unity has occurred.

The Tang Dynasty Empire!

Li Shi, the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty Empire fought for close to half of his lifetime. In the end, he managed to unify almost the entire Hidden Dragon Continent. With the exception… of the restricted area of humanity, the Great Wilderness, which belonged to Demon Beasts.

The Tang Dynasty Empire had existed for over two hundred years. Currently, it is incomparably bustling. However, because it did not have any enemy, the hierarchy of the entire empire appeared to be decaying somewhat. The people sought for pleasure, beauty and longevity….

This had also caused true cultivators to become even more esteemed.

Tang Dynasty Empire. Broad Hill City.

The Broad Hill City was a remarkable large city of the Tang Dynasty Empire. The most famous things in this city is the beautiful women and the fine foods. The beautiful women of this city have attracted a great amount of gifted scholars. The fine foods have attracted some nobilities and people of high standings.

There was no need to mention how flourishing the Broad Hill City was. When night falls, lanterns were hung in all of the streets and alleyways of the Broad Hill City. The night was actually the most flourishing time for the Broad Hill City. People would walk about the street. There were many people wearing embroidered clothes. There were also servants following behind those people.

"Master, where are we heading to today?" A servant asked respectfully.

This master had a potbelly. He flicked his thin mustache with his pinkie finger. With a light smile, he said. "Today we shall go to the Moonlight Boat."

"Yes, master." Said the servant respectfully.

However, right at this moment…

A brilliant light landed from the sky. That was a sharp sword!

That master with the big belly's expression immediately changed. He violently inhaled. That potbelly of his actually violently grew smaller. This master's right fist had also grown red. Following a violent gale, this master violently smashed his fist forward.

His fist actually created sonic boom as it flew forward.


The longsword shattered. The assassin also spurt out a mouthful of blood before immediately escaping.

The servant's eyes shined with a cold light. He was about to chase after the assassin. However, the master coughed. Indifferently, he said. "Don't chase. That man is merely a bronze assassin of the Heavenly Net. Even if you chase him, it's still useless."

"Someone from the Heavenly Net?" The little servant's expression also changed. "Master, then…"

"Return first. Whoever it is that wanted to kill me, they've actually only hired a bronze medal assassin. They truly are belittling me a bit too much." This master's complexion turned cold. He immediately turned around and proceeded to leave.

The scene that had just happened on the street was seen by many people in the restaurant beside the street.

"Heavenly Net? The Heavenly Net is actually still in existence." Muttered a black clothed youth who sat in the restaurant.

This was precisely Qin Yu who had arrived on the Hidden Dragon Continent. Having returned to his hometown, Qin Yu did not immediately return home. Instead, he proceed to first get to know his hometown of four thousand years later first. Furthermore, Qin Yu's Divine Awareness had covered the entire Purple Mystic Star. On the Purple Mystic Star, only his second brother, Qin Zheng, still remained.

As for his Royal Father Qin De, his big brother Qin Feng, Feng Yuzi and the others, none of them remained on the Purple Mystic Star. Even his little sister from back then, Little Lu, also disappeared from the Purple Mystic Star.

Qin Yu knew that the cultivation speed of his brothers and them could still be considered relatively fast. Adding on the treasures that he had left behind, the four thousand years was sufficient for them to ascend to the Immortal Realm. As for his second brother Qin Zheng, the fact that he still remained in the Mortal Realm now was also something that Qin Yu had anticipated. After all, the second brother Qin Zheng was the one with the slowest cultivation speed among the three brothers.

"That man from earlier was a bronze medal assassin from the Heavenly Net. Never had I expected that the hidden expert Boss Wang actually possessed such a strength." Some of the sons of nobilities in the restaurant started chatting.

"Only a bronze medal assassin. It would appear whoever it was that wanted Boss Wang dead was unwilling to spend enough money. If they were to have requested for a 'bone ash' assassin from the Heavenly Net, who would possibly be able to escape?" Another son of nobility said.

Qin Yu was shocked upon hearing that.

Bone ash assassin?

Back when he was still in the Mortal Realm, it seemed that there were no such rank called 'Bone Ash' among the assassins.

"The changes of four thousand years is truly great." Qin Yu lightly sighed. He then drank the wine in his cup. After all these years, the wine brewing skills of the Hidden Dragon Continent had actually increased greatly.

"Brother Li, I've heard that the eldest daughter of the number one martial family, the Qin clan, Miss Qin Yutong was about to arrive to the Broad Hill City. Do you all know of it?" Said a son of nobility.

"Brother Guo, I've already known about this. If I didn't, why would I rush to this Broad Hill City? Furthermore, I know that Miss Qin Yutong ought to be arriving tomorrow." Said that Brother Li.

"Miss Qin Yutong is the number one beauty amongst the martial world. If anyone were to be able to marry her, then not only would he obtain a beauty, he would also be able to learn the top martial techniques of the Qin clan."

"That's of course. The Qin clan has existed and inherited over three thousand years of martial techniques. There is absolutely no need for us to suspect of their strength."

Immediately, a group of people started chatting around the topic of this 'Qin Yutong.'

Qin Yu instead grew suspicious.

"For this Qin clan to be able to exist and inherit over three thousand years of martial techniques, this ought to have something to do with second brother." Thought Qin Yu in his heart. However, according to Qin Yu's thoughts, he did not believe that his clan would only be a mere martial arts clan.

Furthermore, after merely inspecting with his Divine Awareness.

In his family's headquarters, the Flame Capital City, other than his second brother, Qin Zheng, there was also many Dujie level experts and Loose Immortal level experts. With such strength, the Qin clan was strong enough to compete against some of the cultivation sects of the Soaring Dragon Continent.

[TL: Dujie = about to undergo tribulation]

On the second day, Qin Yu also slightly observed that Qin Yutong. She was indeed an outstanding beauty. However, he did not care too much about her. Soon after, Qin Yu started roaming around the cities of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

After three days.

Qin Yu arrived at the Flame Capital City.

Flame Capital City was the headquarters of the Qin clan. Even after all these years, it is still the capital!

Although the dynasties of the Hidden Dragon Continent changed many times, all of the dynasties knew of one thing… there was a great hidden clan in the Hidden Dragon Continent, the Qin Clan. This clan possessed the strength to instantly destroy an entire dynasty.

Therefore, in all these years, the Flame Capital City has always been under the control of the Qin clan. The Prince Who Pacified the East's Mansion from back then has already been renamed the Virtue Garden. In the four thousand years, the master of the Virtue Garden had always been from the Qin clan.

Qin Yu stood on the outside of this Virtue Garden by himself.

"I, have returned." Said Qin Yu softly.

Outside of the gate of the Virtue Garden's Mansion House. Other than Qin Yu, there was no one else who dared approach it. Whenever someone approaches the Virtue Garden's Mansion House, the guards of the Virtue Garden would always 'coldly' stare at them. However, with Qin Yu standing there, the guards instead seemed to act as if they didn't see Qin Yu.

Furthermore, even some of the people that were walking by acted as if they didn't see Qin Yu. Whenever lights shined on the area that Qin Yu stood, they would automatically distort.

Qin Yu's comprehension regarding the spatial laws was sufficient enough for him to distort the space and make it so that no others can see him. It might be that he was unable to accomplish such a thing so easily in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. However, the space of the Mortal Realm was extremely simple and effortless for Qin Yu to control.

At this moment, a father and daughter walked by. The woman was wearing a veil. The father was instead wearing plain and simple clothes.

Even though the woman was wearing a veil, Qin Yu was still able to see through her appearance. This woman was precisely that so called number one beauty of the martial world that Qin Yu had met yesterday, Qin Yutong.

"Father, why did the clan master gather everyone from the branch family over?" A twenty years old or so beautiful young lady said to the black clothed middle aged man beside him via voice transmission.

This middle aged man responded back indifferently via voice transmission. "Don't ask. Our clan master has already dispatched the order for us to gather three days ago. He most definitely has something important to tell us."

This pair of father and daughter were both using the voice transmission that internal experts were proficient in. With Qin Yu's strength, he was able to easily hear their conversation.

The guards of the Virtue Garden's Mansion House stopped this pair of father and daughter. This pair of father and daughter displayed their invitation card. Immediately, the guards allowed them entrance.

"Branch families? Never had I expected for second brother to separate our clan into different branches. However, this is also good." Qin Yu was calmly looking from the entrance of the mansion house. In merely a day, many people had displayed their invitation cards and entered into the Virtue Garden's Mansion House. These people had all come here either by themselves or with one or two people.

"Master, are you not coming in?" A voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

Mind Voice Transmission. It was the Ink Qilin. Only the Spiritual Beast that possessed a soul connection with Qin Yu, Ink Qilin, knew that Qin Yu have arrived.

"Ink Qilin, you've told the news of my return to my second brother, right?" Asked Qin Yu through Mind Voice Transmission.

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