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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 35 – Stellar Space

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

In the boundless Cosmos, countless planets were slowly moving about in the cosmic space.

The group of meteorites rapidly passed through stars and planets. In the middle of this group of meteorites, on the biggest meteorite; a person was sitting cross-legged and unmoving. It was unknown how long he has been sitting there, nor was it known when he would get up.

Traces of green light were slowly being radiated from Qin Yu's head. The corners of Qin Yu's lips were slightly raised. He had a smile on his face.

His eyes had been open the entire time, tranquilly watching.

Suddenly, Qin Yu stood up. He was proudly standing on this rapidly flying meteorite.

"It's been ninety years, I've already trained in seclusion for ninety years." Qin Yu's mind was very serene. He felt as if his entire frame of mind was slowly fluctuating with the pulse of the cosmos. It was a marvelous sensation. However, Qin Yu knew that… in these ninety years, he had let his soul assimilate with the cosmos and his frame of mind fluctuate with the cosmos.

A cultivation of ninety years, Qin Yu's soul realm's level had naturally achieved the rank of a level nine Immortal Emperor's state, he was merely a step away from completing the third layer of the Heavenly Soul Realm.

Qin Yu did not care much about the progress of his soul realm. After all, when in battle, what mattered was one's strength. In last several hundred years in the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu had stayed on the sixth stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body.' And now, he has finally reached the seventh stage.

The Nine Steps Force had also changed to purple from blue.

Now, the bones in Qin Yu's body were comparable in toughness to a Low Quality Divine Artifact. Adding on the assistance of the Life Elemental Energy, Qin Yu's body could be considered to be a Divine Artifact that could be renovated at any time. There was no need to explain how powerful that is.

"Unfortunately… there was not much progress in the 'Stellar Transformations cultivation technique." Qin Yu sighed.

The comprehension of all these years was actually for the sake of creating the ninth stage of the 'Stellar Transformations. However, creating a new stage was no easy task. Standing on top of the meteorite, Qin Yu was casually looking at the boundless cosmic space.


An enormous and magnificent nebula appeared in Qin Yu's field of view. This nebula was radiating a dream like brilliance; it was extremely attractive. As for Qin Yu, he was naturally attracted by this nebula. The size of this nebula was extremely huge… it was as big as several thousands of planets.

Revolving around tranquility, the entire gigantic nebula was revolving around tranquilly.

There appeared to be no pattern in its trajectories. However, Qin Yu who had woken up from being attracted by the nebula noticed the trajectories of its rotation. Seeing the trajectories, Qin Yu appeared to be shocked. His mind that had been in a tranquil state for ninety years started to move excitedly!

In this moment!

It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck Qin Yu's mind!

Qin Yu had suddenly opened up to a wide panorama!

"So, so that's it!" Qin Yu smiled. He closed his eyes and suddenly raised his hands. His hands were moving very slowly. However, at the moment when his hands were moving, the entire space appeared to be vibrating. Even the lights around Qin Yu appeared to be being warped.

Qin Yu's hands stopped their movements!

His hands appeared to be holding onto a ball of nothingness. With his hands placed in front of his body, Qin Yu smiled and closed his eyes. It was as if he was experiencing a wonderful sensation.

At the moment when Qin Yu's hands stopped moving!

Suddenly, the several tens of rapidly flying meteorites stopped. It took merely a split second for the meteorites to stop from the high speed that they were flying at. All these several tens of meteorites stopped in midair and were motionless.


Qin Yu's hands involuntarily shook slightly. With Qin Yu as the center, a visible space ripple appeared. The several tens of meteorites that had stopped moving, suddenly moved. With the meteorite that Qin Yu was on as the center, the several tens of meteorites started to rotate.

There were meteorites above Qin Yu, meteorites to Qin Yu's left, meteorites in front of Qin Yu… meteorites below Qin Yu.

The meteorites formed a spheroid with Qin Yu as the center.

Like this, the several tens of meteorites revolved around Qin Yu. Sometimes, the meteorites would revolve above Qin Yu, sometimes below; their trajectories were not circular nor could they be considered an ellipse shape. If one were to look at them, then they would appear to not have any pattern at all.


If there were to be an expert on the scene, then they would notice that these several tens of meteorites were rotating with the same pattern as the dream-like nebula.

Merely, every single meteorite represented a huge lump of energy within the nebula.

Like so, these several tens of meteorites were revolving unceasingly. The far away nebula was also revolving like so unceasingly.

They were rotating with the same trajectory. The only difference between them were their sizes.

However… in the other space that Qin Yu's Black Hole in his dantian leads to, inside that two three meters long and wide space that belonged to Qin Yu, that extremely thick golden Black Hole Energy was also slowly moving. Although slow, they were still moving.

Time passed. The several tens of meteorites have always maintained their current state.

Twelve entire years.

Lifting his hands up like holding a ball; Qin Yu who had maintained this pose for twelve entire years, suddenly opened his eyes.

Right at the moment when Qin Yu's eyes opened, the several tens of meteorites that had been rotating about, forming an enormous sphere suddenly stopped.

"Haha… the comprehension of a hundred years has finally born fruit. So that's the case, so that's the case!" Qin Yu's face was filled with smiles. Extremely confident smiles. He placed his hands behind his back. His feet were still on the largest meteorite.

"I've broken my promise, broken my promise. Although I said a hundred years, it took me a hundred and two years." Qin Yu had a self-mocking smile.

Afterwards, Qin Yu looked to the several tens of meteorites that still remained in the air. He casually waved his hand and those several tens of meteorites proceeded according to the trajectory that they had before. As for Qin Yu, he instead stood up in the air. After a while, he used Greater Teleportation and disappeared from the cosmic space.

In a flash, Qin Yu appeared on an uninhabited planet.

"Now that my soul realm's level has also reached level nine Immortal Emperor's level, with the assistance of the Meteoric Tear, who could compare with me in the degree of unity with the cosmos? With my current Great Teleportation distance, there's not much need for Interstellar Conveying Arrays anymore." Immediately after, Qin Yu disappeared again.

Qin Yu's current Greater Teleportation range was about ten times the range it was before.

It used to be that for him to move a tenth of a galaxy's distance with a single teleportation was already pretty powerful. However now, Qin Yu was able to cross an entire galaxy with a teleportation. There was no need for Interstellar Conveying Arrays anymore. Even if it was to be crossing from a single galaxy to another one, Qin Yu was able to do so with a single Greater Teleportation.

Only when crossing from a star field to another star field, with the distance between the two being too great, would Qin Yu require the use of an Interstellar Conveying Array.

"The eighth stage was the Black Hole Realm, what exactly will the ninth stage be? Heheheh… there's no need for me to worry, all I need to do is continue my development according to these circumstances." The current Qin Yu was completely relaxed.

Inside Qin Yu's dantian's space.

The current Black Hole was already not at all like before. It no longer had the three golden rings of lights and has turned into a golden channel. On the other side of the channel, in the flour paste space, there originally existed a two-three meters range area that belonged to Qin Yu.

However, the space that belonged to Qin Yu has now reached about ten meters in length and width.

At the same time… this space was slowly enlarging at an extremely tiny and undetectable rate.

"In this flour paste space, the small space that belonged to me has turned into a 'Stellar Space' now." Said Qin Yu in his heart.

Inside the Stellar Space, an astonishing change had occurred to the previously immobile Black Hole Energy. Currently, there was a lump of energy rotating about, much like the enormous nebula that Qin Yu had seen. As for the Black Hole Energy, it was being revolved and gathered unceasingly, turning into tiny golden specks.

Upon the moment when Qin Yu's awareness entered into this Stellar Space, he discovered…

A countless amount of golden specks were slowly revolving according to a methodically arranged trajectory and forming a nebula spheroid.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover… traces of muddled flour paste energies were passing through the 'Stellar Space' and into it. Only through absorbing the flour paste energy, was the golden Black Hole Energy able to form those golden specks.

Those countless amounts of golden specks were formed through the slow transformation of 'flour paste energy.'

The flour paste energy from the outside was being absorbed. As more of the flour paste energy was absorbed, there formed void areas within the flour paste space. As the void was formed, the 'Stellar Space' naturally expanded.

"This flour paste energy is truly profound. What exactly is that flour paste-like energy?" Qin Yu pondered in his heart. Immediately after, he started to smile. "Inside the flour paste space, this flour paste-like energy is boundless and everywhere, taking up all of the space. Only through absorbing a lot of it, will my Stellar Space be able to occupy a greater area."

Qin Yu did not understand it completely.

However, his intuition tells him that… the flour paste-like energy was a good thing and thus he should absorb it unceasingly. Also, the greater the size of his Stellar Space, the better.

Currently, Qin Yu was still slowly absorbing the flour paste-like energy, to allow the amount of golden specks that formed the spheroid nebula inside his body to become greater. Qin Yu also understood that… all he was doing right now, was storing up reservation power. He had yet to actually reach the gateway to the ninth stage.

Cyan Flame Star Field, Flowing Mist Star.

"The Flowing Mist Star is as beautiful and tranquil as before." Qin Yu appeared in the sky of the Flowing Mist Star. In merely two or three steps, he arrived at the largest city of the three great cities on the Flowing Mist Star, Vast Sky City.

The city gates of the Vast Sky City was wide and broad.

Upon seeing Qin Yu walking toward the gate, the gate guard started to have a hard time breathing. He did not even dare move forward to inquire who Qin Yu was.

"Who is this person? No, I must immediately go notify the lord." Seeing Qin Yu's figure walking past, that guard had already decided what to do in his mind.

There are numerous cultivators in Vast Sky City. However, majority of them are only level one Heavenly Demons. Rarely are Demon King level experts ever seen. At the very least, as Qin Yu walked, the strongest person he had discovered was merely a level one Demon King, and it was also the sole Demon King that he saw.

Thus, as it could be seen, there are very few experts on the Flowing Mist Star.


Dong Xue's figure suddenly appeared beside Qin Yu. She said to Qin Yu respectfully.

Qin Yu took a glance at Dong Xue and then slightly nodded. "Did you manage to complete the mission that I assigned you?"

"Yes, Master, it is complete. Currently, the entire Flowing Mist Star is under our control. No matter who it was that entered the Flowing Mist Star, they were unable to escape our surveillance." Said Dong Xue respectfully.

Qin Yu nodded indifferently. "Good, bring me to your current residence."


Immediately after, Dong Xue turned into a ray of light and shot off toward the sky. Casually, Qin Yu followed behind Dong Xue. In merely a blink of an eye, Qin Yu followed Dong Xue to another city. They have arrived in front of the palace gate in the extreme north of the Vast Pattern City.

"Master, this is our current residence." Said Dong Xue respectfully.

Qin Yu slowly raised his head. His gaze landed on those three large words and muttered. "Five Willows Palace, why such a name?"

"Master, to the outside, it was merely said that five Demon Kings had constructed this palace here. The master of this palace was thus those five Demon Kings. Those five Demon Kings were the Spiritual Beasts that master had dispatched; two level nine Demon Kings and three level eight Demon Kings. This subordinate merely hides herself behind the scenes." Said Dong Xue respectfully.

Qin Yu nodded.

"I believe there are no subordinates of the Peng Demon Emperor on the Flowing Mist Star right now?" Asked Qin Yu.

Dong Xue nodded and said. "Yes. For this tiny planet, the Peng Demon Emperor would not dispatch his experts over. Furthermore, even if he were to dispatch people over, they wouldn't be able to tell Master's identity. Only a hundred years ago did the Peng Demon Emperor send people over to transmit an order to the Five Willow Palace to tell them to pay attention in the case where three male experts were to appear and to immediately inform them if they were to appear."

"This Peng Demon Emperor is truly smart." Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu; with the strength of them three brothers, one must be at least a level eight Demon Emperor in order to discover their identity. However, how many level eight Demon Emperors were there in the entire Bird Clan?

With their current arrangement of reporting upon noticing three male experts, it would allow for a high chance of success.

"Well then, Dong Xue, where would we normally live at?" Asked Qin Yu.

Dong Xue said respectfully. "Master, the Pure Flow Mansion inside the Five Willows Palace is the place that this subordinate has prepared for Master. Master and the other Lords could live there. Master could also stroll around the Flowing Mist Star as you wish. This subordinate is able to guarantee that on the Flowing Mist Star, there definitely will not be anyone who could find out Master's identity."

"Mn." Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness spread out.

"It seems like Little Tong's attire has changed." With a single step, Qin Yu arrived inside the Five Willows Palace.

Inside the garden of the Clear Flow Mansion. In the Clear Flow Mansion, other than Dong Xue and Hei Tong, others were absolutely not allowed in.

The current Hei Tong now looked like a woman . She was dressed in a yellow garment. With bright eyes and white teeth, her appearance was very adorable and pretty. At this moment, Hei Tong was fiddling with a flower. From time to time, a smile would appear on her face. Who knows what she might be thinking about in her mind.

"Little Tong." A familiar voice sounded.

Puzzled, Hei Tong turned around. Upon seeing the person who had arrived, pleasantly surprised, Hei Tong yelled. "Eldest Uncle!" As she yelled, she immediately fell into Qin Yu's embrace.

With but a thought from Qin Yu.

Hei Yu, Hou Fei, Bai Ling, Ye Qu and Wu Lan suddenly appeared inside the courtyard.

Hei Yu, Hou Fei and the rest were startled. Immediately, they started looking around. However, they quickly came to a realization and sprung up in ecstasy.

"Father, Mother, Uncle Wu…" Hei Tong's eyes were shining.

"Little Tong." Bai Ling was so happy that her eyes turned red.

"Big brother." Hou Fei and Hei Yu were looking at Qin Yu with excitement.

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