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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 34 – Unite

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

His soul has completely united into one with the cosmos. Sensing the pulse of the cosmos, Qin Yu's own soul's aura has grown more and more faint. Ultimately, it appeared to have completely disappeared.

A blazing star, a flaring large fireball. Round after rounds of flames were erupting from the fireball. A round of flame had even broken into the meteorites.

Another group of meteorites came flying over from the opposite direction. Those meteorites flew past the meteorites that Qin Yu was with. Qin Yu was seeing with his eyes, sensing with his soul… gradually, what he saw with his eyes and what he sensed with his soul started to fuse with one another.

Every moment Qin Yu sat on the meteorite, the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body's execution speed was increased to the maximum.

Those twenty seven thousand seal marks and patterns were flickering with a blue color. Qin Yu's bones and his entire body's muscles were being transformed unceasingly. The cells and such within his bones were also being changed unceasingly. Even if the bones were to be unable to support the unceasing changes and fracture, the Life Elemental Energy within Qin Yu's body would automatically restore them.

Training and cultivating without any worry, there was no one in the Dinosaur Clan who had ever trained like that.

In the blink of an eye several tens of years have passed.

Qin Yu has separated himself from the state where he had assimilated with the cosmos. A slight smile appeared on his face.

"Several tens of years are merely a flash of time. The 'Stellar Transformations cultivation technique that master created, although it had only reached the state of being able to pass the Heavenly Tribulations, was such a developed cosmic cultivation technique. If it were to reach its true final state, its profoundness would be something that surpasses all of the cultivation techniques of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm by far."

The more he managed to comprehend, the more aware Qin Yu became.

"Fei Fei and Xiao Hei's cultivation speed are pretty fast. I'll continue my comprehension." Qin Yu removed the distracting thoughts in his mind and once again assimilated his soul with the Cosmos. He had returned to a drifting yet profound state…

Inside the Jiang Lans' Realm.

Several tens of years in the outside world means that several hundreds of years have passed in the Jiang Lan's Realm. Hou Fei and Hei Yu had both obtained some significant improvements in their strength.

A body covered in silver hair, with two golden eyes and a violet lip; Hou Fei held his long black stick in his hand. He was 'gaga' laughing with excitement. Soon after, he roared.

"Mixed Hair Bird, watch my strike!"

The long black stick was like a long black dragon as it soared to the sky before arriving directly in front of Hei Yu.

"Insignificant skill." Hei Yu sneered. His figure rapidly changed. Swiftly, he turned into nine blurs and easily dodged the incoming stick strike. At the same time, a long black spear suddenly appeared in his right hand. Like a water snake, the long spear was suddenly shot out.

The long black stick and the long black spear merely lightly touched each other before separating.

An exchange at the speed of lightning.

The exquisiteness of Hou Fei's stick technique and Hei Yu's spear technique were clearly seen. The two of them did not use any force; rather, they were competing the exquisiteness of their techniques. During the moment when the long black stick and the long black spear collided with each other, they were appearing and disappearing. Sometimes, they appeared to have entered into the space itself; they were extremely fantastic.

"Big Brother Yu, Second brother, you two should take a rest." Bai Ling walked over from the courtyard with a smile on her face.

Two blurs landed on the ground. The two figures have only gradually became clear.

Hou Fei was donned in a golden battle armor and radiating a battle aura. As for Hei Yu, he was wearing all white and was giving off a sensation of a desolate killer.

"Aiya, Mixed Hair Bird, I've never expected that after you reached level six Demon Emperor, your spear technique would also improve greatly. It's about to reach the level of my Heaven Startling Nine Stick Strikes. However, I still haven't used the eighth and ninth stick strikes yet. Once I use them, you'll definitely lose." Said Hou Fei confidently.

Hei Yu lightly smiled. "You've achieved complete comprehension of the Heaven Startling Nine Stick Strikes?"

"How many hundreds of years has it been? You've even reached level six Demon Emperor level from level five Demon Emperor; although I still haven't reach level seven Demon Emperor, I've almost finished the comprehension of the Heaven Startling Nine Stick Strikes. It's just the final Ninth Stick Strike that's a bit problematic." Hou Fei's face didn't go red. "Just wait, I'll reach level seven Demon Emperor level very soon."

Hei Yu did not respond, he merely put away his long spear, walked to the stone chair on the side, sat down and started to rest. Bai Ling was sitting beside him.

Hou Fei also put away his black stick and sat on another stone chair.

"Monkey, Big brother said he'd be outside for a hundred years, but would he really be there for precisely a hundred years? If during the hundredth year's time Big brother were by chance, at his most critical moment, how could we possibly disturb him?" Asked Hei Yu with a frown. "However, if that was the case, when should we go out and wake Big brother?"

Hou Fei laughed. "That's simple. Why must we bother to go call for Big brother? When Big brother himself decide that it's about time, he'll naturally come and get us out."

Hou Fei wasn't worried at all. Hei Yu also nodded.

Bai Ling who sat to the side instead grew a bit worried. "If big brother were to continue his comprehension the entire time, then does it mean that we are to stay in the Jiang Lan's Realm the entire time? It's been a long time since I've seen Little Tong. I really want to see Little Tong at an earlier date.

"Ling'er." Hei Yu frowned and reprimanded her. "So what if we are to see Little Tong a bit later? Big brother's cultivation is the most important."

"Oh." Bai Ling could only agree.

The tranquil days continued on. Inside Wu Lan's residence in the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Boss Wu Lan, Boss Wu Lan."

A voice that sounded like a thunder suddenly rumbled loudly. It woke up Wu Lan who was currently resting inside his room. Helplessly, Wu Lan walked out from his residence. He saw the excited Ye Qu that ran over and smiled helplessly. "Ye Qu, why are you shouting so loudly?"

Ye Qu had a face filled with pride. "Boss Wu Lan, look."

"Look? At what?" Wu Lan was puzzled.

"Look carefully." Ye Qu had a face filled with smiles. "Look, what has changed about me?"

Confused, Wu Lan looked at Ye Qu for a moment. He then started to smile. "Oh, you've finally reached a breakthrough."

Ye Qu hit his chest with his fist and said happidly. "That's right. After all these years, I've finally reached a breakthrough. Haha…. that icy-cold Ao Wuxu was the first one to reach level eight Demon Emperor and would frequently act arrogantly in front of me. Now, let's see if he dares to act so arrogant anymore."

Actually, Ao Wuxu had never acted arrogant. It's just that his icy-cold manner naturally caused others to think that he was acting arrogantly.

"Haha, level eight Demon Emperor; Mn… you and Wuxu better train faster, with Qin Yu's current cultivation speed, he'll likely undergo the Divine Tribulation and ascend to the Divine Realm earlier than you. If that really is the case… then I'm afraid that we'll be separated." Instructed Wu Lan.

"Boss Wu Lan, what do you mean?" Ye Qu grew calm.

Wu Lan said solemnly. "When Qin Yu ascend to the Divine Realm, if you and Ao Wuxu were to not have passed the Divine Tribulation, it's impossible for the two of you to ascend to the Divine Realm together with Qin Yu and I. You'll only be expelled back to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm by the Divine Realm."

"The rules of the Cosmos are as such. It's just like when ascending to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm from the Mortal Realm, one must achieve the level of Dacheng before being able to ascend. Thus, even if Qin Yu were to bring people along with him in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, they'll still be automatically expelled by the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Although the Jiang Lan's Realm was exceptional… but it's merely a Spatial Divine Artifact's space and not a true space!" Wu Lan explained carefully.

"True space?" Ye Qu was a bit puzzled.

Wu Lan nodded. He smiled and said. "True space naturally possesses Spiritual Energy, Elemental Spirit Energy or other energies. There's also life forms and so on. However, the Jiang Lan's Realm is a space within a Spatial Divine Artifact. The Elemental Spirit Energy within it is also absorbed from the outside world. It is impossible for the Jiang Lan's Realm to have energy in and of itself."

"Oh, Boss, Wuxu and I must pass the Divine Tribulation before being able to go to the Divine Realm; but what about you?" Ye Qu had a guess in his mind.

Wu Lan lightly smiled. "I am originally from the Divine Realm, it's very natural for me to return to the Divine Realm. Even if I were to not train and not have even the slightest amount of improvement, I would still able to ascend to the Divine Realm with Qin Yu inside the Jiang Lan's Realm. However, you all are different."

"Mn… that Qin Yu's cultivation speed is too fast. It would be good if he were to slow down a bit." Said Ye Qu after mucking his mouth grudgingly. "Although I've reached level eight Demon Emperor; it will be extremely hard for me to break through to level nine Demon Emperor from level eight Demon Emperor."

Wu Lan merely had an indifferent smile.

Although Ye Qu and the rest were pressured, Wu Lan did not have any pressure.

Inside the Imperial Palace of the Black Crow City.

The Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan as well as the two level eight Demon Emperors Liu Tu and Ao Ku were currently seated around a table.

"Liu Tu, it has already been eighty years. In this period of time, have you managed to discover any information regarding Hei Yu and them?" Asked the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan indifferently. After all these years, the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan did not have a lot of hope in catching Hei Yu.

Somewhat helpless, Liu Tu replied respectfully. "Not even the slightest bit of information."

"Your Majesty." Ao Ku interrupted. "If Hei Yu and them were to hide in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion the entire time and not come out… then no matter how hard we try, it's still impossible for us to find them."

The Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan nodded. How could he not know about that? However, he truly wanted to kill Hei Yu.


Suddenly, the Peng Demon Emperor frowned. He turned his hand around and took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Gradually, a smile appeared on the Peng Demon Emperor's face.

Liu Tu and Ao Ku took a glance at each other. They were filled with amazement.

The matters of the Bird Clan's territory used to mostly be taken care of by Bai Feng. And now, they were mostly taken care of by Liu Tu. Only an extremely small amount of matters would be reported directly to the Peng Demon Emperor. And now, the Peng Demon Emperor actually have a smile on his face…. it was truly a rare occurrence.

After a moment, the Peng Demon Emperor put away his Transmission Spiritual Pearl while smiling.

"Your Majesty, did something delightful happened?" Said Liu Tu with a smile. Ao Ku also looked to the Peng Demon Emperor.

The Peng Demon Emperor smiled and said. "It's nothing that can be considered as an exaltation, it's just that Emperor Yu and his wife the Mystic Emperor of the Immortal Realm had made an exchange with me. They want to kill that Qin Yu, I want to kill that Hei Yu, thus we merely decided to help each other."

"Your Majesty, when you were chasing to kill that Hei Yu, you had announced his name as Xiao Hei the entire time. Hei Yu's true name was something that others didn't know of, so how did this Emperor Yu manage to know?" Asked Liu Tu in confusion.

"Bai Feng was killed by Qin Yu. Although not many people know about this, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor's power in Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm is still quite good. I reckon that they managed to obtain this information from somewhere." Said the Peng Demon Emperor with a smile

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