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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 20 – Dinosaur Martial Technique

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, TranslationNations

Qin Yu also looked over. Qin Yu too does not know exactly what rank of Divine Beast Xiao Hei was. It's just that the attack power displayed by Xiao Hei was truly very strong, to say that he's a Variation Super Divine Beast was also very possible.

Bai Ling nodded and said confidently. "Back when Big Brother Yu was being chased, there was a time when he was against over a dozen level eight Demon Kings. At that time, Big Brother Yu was only a level seven Demon King. However, he killed all of them by himself."

"That doesn't count." Hou Fei waved his hand to refute. "With Mixed Hair Bird's martial technique, even if over a dozen people were chasing after him, he can still confront them."

"What about the battle earlier, does that count?" Bai Ling asked instead.

"That should count." Qin Yu nodded and said while smiling. "The three Great Demon Emperors from earlier; one was a level four Demon Emperor, the other two were level two Demon Emperors. That level four Demon Emperor was even a High Level Divine Beast. Xiao Hei was able to persist for such a long time after being surrounded and attacked by those three; especially that final spear strike where he managed to kill that level two Demon Emperor Mid Level Divine Beast. He truly has the strength of a Super Divine Beast."

Qin Yu's explanation was very reasonable.

If Hei Yu was a High Level Divine Beast, then as a level one Demon Emperor High Level Divine Beast, his strength would be at the same level as a level two Demon Emperor Mid Level Divine Beast. Even if a level one Demon Emperor High Level Divine Beast was able to kill the level two Demon Emperor Mid Level Divine Beast, it would still not be done that effortlessly like how Xiao Hei did it.

Hei Yu tranquilly laughed and said. "As a Variation Divine Beast, I can't even tell my own rank. Forget about it, there's no meaning to continue talking about this."

The three brothers and Bai Ling were sitting beside the lake in a cross-legged position. They chatted for a long time and enjoyed themselves to their heart's content.

"Big brother. What should we do now?" Suddenly asked Hou Fei.

Qin Yu thought for it for a moment. He nodded and said. "According to what Uncle Lan told me, in order to see Li'er, I have to open the entire Jiang Lan's Realm. However, I've only managed to open the first layer and am still very far away from the requirement that Uncle Lan set for me. And now that I've also met you all, I am also relieved. I've decided… to start calmly train in the Jiang Lan's Realm. All the way so that I can open the third layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm."

"Training here the entire time?" Hei Yu frowned.

"I don't mind. I've already remembered all six stick techniques from the Inherited Prohibited Area. Although the comprehension in the Jiang Lan's Realm is not as fast as that of the Inherited Prohibited Area, but ten years here was only a single year outside, so it's about the same. Furthermore, I can also find people to be my sparring partner." Said Hou Fei, not in the least concerned.

"Xiao Hei, what's wrong?" Qin Yu saw that Hei Yu appeared to have something in his mind.

Hei Yu and Bai Ling took a glance at each other. Finally, Bai Ling spoke out. "Big brother, both Big Brother Yu and I are constantly worried about my older sister. My older sister was captured by the Peng Demon Emperor; although we've heard that she's by Zong Jue's side, but we are still unable to be at ease."

"Sigh." Hou Fei opened his eyes wide. "You couple better not have a fever. Zong Jue, as a Super Divine Beast Golden Winged Great Peng, lived in the Imperial City of the Bird Clan and close to the Imperial Palace of the Peng Demon Emperor. Don't tell me you two wanted to go there? The Peng Demon Emperor's strength is at the same level as the Dragon Emperor. Even a level nine Immortal Emperor is no match for him."

Qin Yu recalled the scene where the Dragon Emperor defeated Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor with a single fist.

The Peng Demon Emperor was someone of the same rank as the Dragon Emperor. Even if the Blood Dragon Ao Wuxu was to be dispatched, he was still much inferior and unable to match up against him.

"Furthermore, as far as I know, the Peng Demon Emperor still has three Great Demon Emperors underneath him." Hou Fei turned out to know a lot about these things. "Mixed Hair Bird, you ought to know that the Bird Clan was comparable to the entire Immortal Realm. Their strength was not as simple as you think. You want to rescue her sister? Not a chance."

Hou Fei said without any hint of hope.

"I also understand that." Hei Yu's brows were deeply creased. "However, how can I let Big Sister be in the hands of the enemy the entire time?"

Hou Fei merely shook his head helplessly.

Qin Yu who remained silent for a long time patted Hei Yu's shoulder. He said. "Xiao Hei, I know of Bai Ling and your current state of mind. It's just that you ought to also know that if it was even a bit dangerous for Hou Fei and I when we encountered Emperor Yu. If we were to encounter the Peng Demon Emperor, we would be completely hopeless."

Hei Yu nodded.

Qin Yu continued. "Of course, I am not telling you to give up. From the time when Bai Ling's home was massacred till now, it ought to have been a long time right?"

"Over a hundred years." Hei Yu replied.

"Already a hundred years." Qin Yu smiled. "If Bai Ling's sister were to be killed, then she'll already be dead. If she wasn't killed, then for her to be alive after a hundred years, two hundred more years shouldn't be of worry. However, a hundred to two hundred years were very important to me. Xiao Hei, this is the Jiang Lan's Realm. A hundred to two hundred years in the outside world is a thousand to two thousand years here. Say… a thousand to two thousand years, it's sufficient to allow us to increase our level to what extent?"

Both Hei Yu and Fei Fei's eyes shined.

They had only ascended about three hundred years ago. However, in merely this short amount of time, they had already reached the Demon Emperor level. If they were to still train for another thousand or two thousand years, then what extent would their strength reach? Just thinking about it was enough to cause excitement.

"Thus, I think that it's best for us to hide ourselves and train here for a thousand to two thousand years. After that, when us three brothers all become powerful, even if we can't match that Peng Demon Emperor, we can still take care of his subordinates. Then using this Jiang Lan's Realm, we would have the qualifications to go to the Imperial City of the Bird Clan and charge through that. However, with our current strength, I reckon that if a random level seven or eight Demon Emperor were to be sent out from the Imperial City, then we'll all be in danger." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Even with the current strength that Qin Yu possessed, he was still only able to handle level five or six Demon Emperors.

If another thousand or two thousand years were to pass, what level would Qin Yu reach? Even Qin Yu himself was not as daring as to be certain about it.

Hei Yu and Bai Ling took a glance at each other. Communication through eye contact. Finally, Hei Yu turned around to look at Qin Yu. Smiling, he said loudly. "Good, it'll just be like what big brother said. We'll hide ourselves and bitterly train. After our strength increased greatly, then we'll charge through the Bird Clan's Imperial City."

"I obviously also approve of that." Said Hou Fei as he laughed.

Seeing Hei Yu and Hou Fei's appearance, Qin Yu smiled. He then said with a loud voice. "From tomorrow on, we shall begin training."

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm, two more courtyard mansions appeared beside Qin Yu's residence. They were respectively the residences of Hou Fei and Hei Yu and his wife Bai Ling. Hou Fei increased his power via comprehension from battles. Xiao Hei, unexpectedly, also increased his power via comprehension from battles.

In the days when he was being chased, Hei Yu's battle comprehension were increasing unceasingly. Now, when Hou Fei is free, he would usually go and fight with Xiao Hei after suppressing his power to that of a level one Demon Emperor. As for Qin Yu… he was doing seclusion training.

In the private room that Qin Yu is doing his seclusion training in.

Qin Yu was sitting cross-legged without moving. No one knew how long Qin Yu would continue to sit for.

Inside Qin Yu's dantian's space.

A Black Hole was in the boundless dantian's space. That Black Hole led to another astonishing place, the flour paste space. At this moment, Qin Yu's consciousness was on the port of the other side of the Black Hole.

"I've already reached the peak of the Late Stage Black Hole after merely absorbing for half a day. What should I do now?" Qin Yu looked at the two to three meters of space that belonged to him in the flour paste space; his heart was filled with helplessness.

The amount of golden Black Hole energy within that two three meters space was numerous. It greatly surpassed the energy of the three Golden Rings of Light.

However, currently, Qin Yu was merely absorbing Elemental Spirit Energy and converting them into Black Hole Energy. Yet, his Black Hole Energy was unable to become any more purer. One could say that… Qin Yu had reached a bottleneck. No matter how much he absorbed, his attack power would not increase.

"The seventh stage, Dark Star Realm. The eighth stage, Black Hole Realm. What should the ninth stage be?" Qin Yu's consciousness was carefully pondering about it in the Black Hole Channel.

There's actually two major ideas in Qin Yu's mind.

The first was to make it so that he can use all of the energy in that two to three meter space. Afterall, the current Black Hole Energy that he's using was only the energy of the Rings of Lights. However, no matter how much energy was within the two to three meter long space, Qin Yu was unable to use them and was only able to save them up as reserve. If he were to be able to refine them and make them even more pure, than he believed his attack power would increase greatly. However, the difficult question was how he should go about refining them.

The second option, compress all the energy within the two three meter space! Compress them unceasingly!

Qin Yu believed that compressing the energy into a small volume would cause the energy to have a fundamental change. However… the Black Hole Energy that's refined from the endless amount of Elemental Spirit Energy is already extremely pure. Qin Yu doesn't know what to use in order to compress it further.

"What exactly should I do?" Qin Yu continued to ponder in his heart.

Many impractical ideas passed his mind. For example, evolve the Black Hole into a Galaxy and so on. He even thought of forming a universe and creating another Black Hole. He thought of what might've happened if there were two Black Holes in his dantian.

Would they fuse together? Or would they collapse due to their influence on one another?

However, Qin Yu didn't dare to casually attempt any of these wild imaginations.,

Those imaginations that are too fantastic, there's an eighty to ninety percent chance that they'll collapse the Black Hole or even cause it to explode. The result would be that his life would be finished.

In the creation of a new martial technique, one cannot just indulge in one's wildest imaginations. Only through having sufficient amount of certainty would one made the decision.

It's just like the time when Qin Yu was on the Mortal Realm. He had suddenly came to an realization the moment he saw the evolution of a star. At that moment, Qin Yu was certain from the bottom of his heart that for the Star Stage to evolve into the Black Hole Stage was absolutely feasible.

However now, Qin Yu was simply unable to find that kind of feeling.

"The Black Hole Stage, what would the next stage be?"

The days of cultivation through seclusion training were very dry and dull. Qin Yu had once recalled the changes of the stars of the universe. He had even left the Jiang Lan's Realm by himself and went to the Cosmic Space to look at the outer space. However, ultimately, Qin Yu was still unable to find anything and helplessly returned back to the Jiang Lan's Realm.

After pondering deeply about it for an entire ten years in the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu was certain about one thing — he was for the time being unable to achieve a breakthrough.

"Sigh. Although I have the will, but I cannot succeed. All I can do is to not think about it for the time being. Maybe someday a divine light would flash through my mind." Qin Yu consoled himself. In these past ten years, he had thought of many methods. However, there are only several kinds of methods that could be successful. It's just that those several methods were truly inflexible. Qin Yu was certain that if he were to take any of those methods, he'll be unable to receive much of a power-up in the future.

According to Qin Yu's understanding, the breakthrough of every stage of the 'Stellar Transformation' would bring about an astonishing change.

"Since I am still unable to break through the 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique, if I want to increase my strength, then I should train my body." Qin Yu decided in his mind that, no matter what, he cannot waste his time to train. His brothers were both rapidly increasing their powers, thus he must also try hard.

As Qin Yu was pondering about it in his heart, he had walked to Wu Lan's residence.

"Qin Yu, what have brought you here?" Said Wu Lan to Qin Yu while smiling.

Qin Yu saw Wu Lan and his eyes shined. "Mister Wu Lan, it seemed to me that you've… made a breakthrough?"

Today Wu Lan was filled with smiles. He said while smiling. "That's right. So many years have passed, I've finally reached level eight Demon Emperor from level seven Demon Emperor. Hehe… fortunately I am cultivating in the Jiang Lan's Realm; if I were to still be in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, with the concentration of the Elemental Spirit Energy there, I don't know how long it would have taken me to reach a breakthrough."

"Compared with the Divine Realm, I suspect that even the condition in the Jiang Lan's Realm is a lot inferior." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Wu Lan nodded honestly. "True, it's a lot inferior. However, in the Divine Realm, my cultivation speed was even slower than in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

"Oh?" Qin Yu was surprised. The condition of the Divine Realm was better than here, so why would the cultivation speed be slower in the Divine Realm?

"Let's not talk about the Divine Realm anymore." Wu Lan smiled as he shook his head. Qin Yu also stopped asking. Suddenly, Qin Yu recalled of the problem he had in his mind. He asked. "Mister Wu Lan, do you by any chance have a good martial technique for the training of the body? I want to train my body."

"Martial technique for the training of the body? Mn…" Wu Lan thought about it for a moment. "According to what I know, those who are strongest in training their body in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm ought to be the people from the Dark Star Realm."

"Dark Star Realm?" Qin Yu smiled helplessly. "Could it be that Mister Wu Lan know of the technique that the people of Dark Star Realm use to train their body?"

"I don't." Said Wu Lan as he smiled. Qin Yu also smiled. This Wu Lan was playing with him.

"Haha, what I mentioned earlier was merely the strongest body training technique of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Ye Qu was not someone from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. His body training techniques were definitely not inferior to those of the Dark Star Realm." Said Wu Lan as he smiled happily. Qin Yu immediately realized that Ye Qu was a Tyrannosaurus rex that came from a different Cosmic Space.

The body training techniques of the Tyrannosaurus rex. He also knew that when Ao Wuxu was a level seven Demon Emperor, the level seven Demon Emperor Ye Qu's strength was not inferior to his. From this, it was evident that Ye Qu's body training technique was extremely powerful.

"Would Ye Qu be willing to teach me?" Qin Yu wasn't certain about it.

Wu Lan said unconcernedly. "That I do not know. As to whether Ye Qu would be willing to teach you the body training martial technique of the Dinosaur Clan, that would be dependent upon your own ability."

Qin Yu, with an intention, immediately discovered where Ye Qu was currently located at.

"Sigh, so boring!" Ye Qu was currently lifting a ten thousand foot tall mountain. He was continuously throwing it toward the sky and then catching it. After he caught it, he'll throw it again. He was even sighing as he threw the mountain. "So boring!" A large mountain continued to be thrown around like this.

How to make Ye Qu teach him the Dinosaur Clan's Martial Technique?

Qin Yu pondered about it in his mind for a long period of time. However, not a single one of his idea was absolutely certain to work. "Mn, if all else fails, then I could only sacrifice myself."

"Mister Wu Lan, I'll take my leave first." Qin Yu bid his farewell.

"I hope that you succeed." Said Wu Lan while smiling. Qin Yu bitterly smiled. Succeed? That will be very hard. Immediately after, Qin Yu's body disappeared into thin air and appeared at where Ye Qu was.

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