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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 21 – The Passing of Time

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, TranslationNations

A ten thousand foot tall mountain was being thrown around unceasingly. The person who was throwing around the enormous mountain like a tiny pebble was precisely the extremely bored Ye Qu.

"Sigh, that guy Ao Wuxu had reached level eight Demon Emperor already. And now, even Boss Wu Lan reached level eight Demon Emperor. Amongst the three of us, only I am still a level seven Demon Emperor. When will I be able to reach the 'White Silver' stage?" Ye Qu was muttering to himself. His two hands, like machines, were continuously doing the throwing motion.

"Ye Qu." A voice sounded.

Ye Qu heard someone calling him. He turned around to look at who it was and saw that Qin Yu was walking over with a smile on his face. Ye Qu said. "Oh, it's you, Qin Yu. What brings you over to my place today? Is there something that you need?"

"Yeah, I do have something that's a bit important." Qin Yu walked to Ye Qu's side and then stopped moving.

"Something important?" Ye Qu raised his brows up. He stared at Qin Yu with his wide open tiger eyes. "Qin Yu, you have something important that you need me for? I, Ye Qu, still know of my own standings. If we were to compare the intellects, then this brain of mine is unable to compare to your's. As for strength, Ao Wuxu and Boss Wu Lan are both stronger than me. What did you come to me for?"

Qin Yu pondered about it for a while in his mind. He then smiled and said. "Ye Qu, I'll get straight to the point."

"Good, I like frank and straightforward people. If I can help you out, I'll definitely help." Said Ye Ju heartily.

Qin Yu nodded. "In that case, I'll tell it as it is. Ye Qu, I have reached a bottleneck in the martial technique that I train in and was unable to continue. However, as my Soul's Realm level was already very high, I do not wish to not be able to progress for a long time. Thus, I wanted to train external techniques and my body. Therefore… I came to find you."

"If you wanted to train your body, why did you come find me?" Said Ye Qu loudly. Right after he said those words, Ye Qu immediately opened his eyes wide. "Could it be that you want the training martial technique of my Dinosaur Clan?"

"That's right." Qin Yu nodded. "Ye Qu, are you willing to teach me the martial technique of your Dinos…"

"No can do!" Before Qin Yu could finish, Ye Qu had already interrupted. Resolute and decisive, without the slightest hesitation, Ye Qu opened his eyes wide and stared at Qin Yu and said. "Qin Yu, the martial technique of my Dinosaur Clan is something that cannot be taught to foreign clansmen no matter what!"

Qin Yu felt helpless.


What he worried about the most was encountering a situation like this. However, he still ended up encountering such a situation. He also know that some clans regard their clan's martial technique to be of the utmost importance. From the way it seems, it would appear that the Dinosaur Clan was one such clan.

'Calm down, calm down." Qin Yu tried his hardest to calm himself. Squeezing out a smile, Qin Yu looked at Ye Qu and said. "Ye Qu…"

"You don't have to say anymore, no matter what you say, I would still not teach you the martial technique of my Dinosaur Clan." Said Ye Qu solemnly. He then run to that tall mountain and started throwing it again without looking back to Qin Yu at all.

The ten thousand meters tall mountain was being tossed up and down unceasingly.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Fine, Ye Qu, I won't force you to teach me the martial technique of your Dinosaur Clan. It should be fine for me to chat with you, no?"

"Yeah, that's fine. I'm rather moody right now." Ye Qu immediately smiled all over. He then lamented to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, you don't know about this. Back then, I, Ao Wuxu and Boss Wu Lan were all level seven Demon Emperors. Afterwards, Ao Wuxu reached level eight Demon Emperor and recently Boss Wu Lan also reached level eight Demon Emperor. Only I still remain a level seven Demon Emperor. This really caused me to be angry and anxious. However, cultivation is something that cannot be hurried. Sigh."

Right after hearing those words, Qin Yu understood Ye Qu's current frame of mind.

"It ought to be because the training of your Dinosaur Clan's martial technique would take a longer period of time and that's why you're slower than the other two." Said Qin Yu while smiling.


Ye Qu directly rejected what Qin Yu said. "The martial technique of my Dinosaur Clan was something that was created through the countless experts, the countless seniors of all the different clans through countless years. For my cultivation speed to be slow, it was definitely because of myself."

"Oh that's right, Ye Qu, why are you unwilling to teach me the martial technique of your Dinosaur Clan?" Qin Yu asked.

Ye Qu replied solemnly. "There are a lot of different sub-clans in our Dinosaur Clan. My Tyrannosaurus rex Clan was the strongest clan of the Dinosaur Clan. The seniors from my clan had told us juniors when we were younger that no matter what, we cannot teach the human cultivators of our Dinosaur Clan martial technique."

Qin Yu nodded.

He knew of Ye Qu's hometown. In that Cosmic Space, the human cultivators fought against the Dinosaur Clan.

"Ye Qu, can you think of the reason why your clan's seniors refused to teach the human cultivators of the martial technique of your Dinosaur Clan? Also, what kind of human cultivators were the human cultivators that your seniors told you about?" Qin Yu tried to entice Ye Qu.

Ye Qu proudly smiled. "Of course I know about it. In the Cosmic Space that I was from, the Dinosaur Clan fought against the human cultivators. If we were to teach the human cultivators of our martial technique, then the human cultivators would've grown a lot stronger. As for the human cultivators, they are obviously the human cultivators from the Cosmic Space that I was from. In all of history, I reckon that there wasn't another person that came to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm from my Cosmic Space.

The probability of one arriving to a new Cosmic Space from another Cosmic Space, especially to a Cosmic Space of the same rank, was extremely low.

For example, Qin Yu's master, Lei Wi, accidentally passed through a Black Hole and went from the Cosmic Space where Earth was located to the Cosmic Space where Qin Yu's hometown was located in.

"Isn't that right?" Qin Yu smiled as he spoke. "Ye Qu, you also understand that seniors didn't want the human cultivators to become stronger. However I, Qin Yu, am a human from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Even if I ended up learning your Dinosaur Clan's martial technique, it would still not affect your Dinosaur Clan. Furthermore… this is the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, other than you being from the Dinosaur Clan, there is no other Dinosaur clansman. If you were to teach me your martial technique, who would say anything about it?"

Ye Qu was slightly startled.

Immediately after, he suddenly realized it and started laughing out loud. "Haha, you're right. I am currently the only Dinosaur clansman in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there is no need for me to be restricted by the rules of my clan. However Qin Yu…" Ye Qu looked at Qin Yu with a deceitful expression. "Since I am the sole Dinosaur clansman in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, this signifies that, other than I, there is no other person in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that could teach you it. The rarer something is, the greater its value. This Dinosaur Martial Technique is even more precious because of that. How could I possibly give you it so casually?" After saying those words, Ye Qu even gave Qin Yu a wink and proudly smiled.

Qin Yu felt helpless.

This Ye Qu was truly crafty. Once he realized that he was the sole Dinosaur clansman in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm and could stop caring about the rules of his clan, he actually came out with this.

"Go ahead, speak, what do you want? As long as it's something that I can do, I will do it." Qin Yu smiled helplessly.

Ye Qu shook his head and then pondered for a short period of time. "In the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, I am the only person that know of the Dinosaur martial technique. For me to teach you the Dinosaur Martial Technique was not something that's impossible; it's just that you ought to have enough sincerity. Only through having an exceptional amount of sincerity would it be possible!"

"Top Quality Immortal Artifact?" Said Qin Yu carefully.

Ye Qu shook his head.

"Divine Artifact?" Qin Yu's brows started to crease.

Ye Qu shook his head once more. He had a face filled with unconcern.

"Then what do you want?" Qin Yu grew anxious.

Ye Qu replied while smiling. "My demand isn't high either. It's truly too boring to be inside the Jiang Lan's Realm. My Dinosaur Clan loved slaughter the most…"

Qin Yu started to smile. "That's good, don't you love to fight and kill? Once I encounter an enemy, I would immediately sent you out to let you slaughter them, how's that?!"

Ye Qu shook his head and said. "Boss Wu Lan had only told me to help you once. The words of Boss Wu Lan must certainly be listened. Thus, there is no chance for me to kill for you. However, I am also fond of fighting. How about this, you are to accompany me for a hundred years and then I'll teach you the Dinosaur martial technique?"

"Accompany you for a hundred years?" Qin Yu's heart trembled. If he were to fight against Ye Qu, he'll likely be trampled upon.

Suddenly, a divine light shined through Qin Yu's mind. Immediately, he said to Ye Qu. "Ye Qu, weren't you bored and want someone to accompany you and fight? That's simple, there's all those Spiritual Beasts within the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, I'll send out several hundred of them to play with you, what do you think about that?"

"Mn…" Ye Qu muttered to himself for a while. Finally, he said loudly. "In that case, you send out a hundred Spiritual Beasts and those four Demon Emperors must be among them. Let those hundred Spiritual Beasts have some fun with me. Other than that, you still have to fight with me for a hundred years. Well, that's the request. If you agree to it then good, if not, then we'll just go about own own ways!"

Qin Yu opened his eyes wide.

Who would've expect that Ye Qu actually got even more excessive.

"If you don't want to, then we can forget about it." After saying that, Ye Qu turned around to leave.

Qin Yu bit down on his teeth. Even if his teeth were to be broken, he could only swallow them down. "Fine, Ye Qu, I accept your demand!"

Ye Qu immediately turned around while smiling all over. "That's more like it! Heh heh…" Ye Qu seemed to have imagined the appearance of him trampling over Qin Yu. Seeing Ye Qu's appearance, Qin Yu raged in his heart. However, in a blink of an eye, a smile appeared on Qin Yu's face.

"Qin Yu, I believe in your trustworthiness." Ye Qu turned his hand around and took over a moon-white colored Jade Plate. "This is the Jade Plate that my Dinosaur Clan used to record our martial technique. From the way I see it, your body seems to be pretty tough and durable, it appears that you're already comparable to that of a level two or three Demon Emperor. Thus, you should directly start on the final section of the three section martial technique, the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body.' The previous two sections are respectively for the Heavenly Demons and Demon Kings to train in, it's fine for you to disregard them."

Without the slightest hesitation, Qin Yu immediately took the moon-white colored Jade Plate.

"So cold." The right hand that Qin Yu received the Jade Plate with was involuntarily trembling. This moon-white colored Jade Plate was like an extremely cold ice cube, it's temperature was frightening cold. Immediately after, Qin Yu took in this Jade Plate into his Blazing Profound Ring. He had decided to check it out carefully after going back to his own residence.

Ye Qu said while smiling. "Qin Yu, then you better accompany me well. To trample upon those Spiritual Beasts is boring, it's only joyous to trample upon you, my nominal master."

"Sure." Qin Yu also had a face filled with smiles.

After an hour.

"Qin Yu, not bad. There's no need for a hundred years, this single hour was sufficient. You can go, you can go." Ye Qu's voice sounded. As if he was seriously injured, the current Ye Qu's voice was weak and without strength.

"How could I possibly do that? Am I, Qin Yu, someone who doesn't keep my words?" Qin Yu voice sounded.

A rumbling sound echoed.

"It's not that you're not keeping your words, Big Brother Qin Yu, Boss Qin Yu, please spare me." Afterwards, Ye Qu's miserable shierk sounded. "Boss Qin Yu, it's my bad, I beg of you."

After a while.

"Mn, since you begged me, then I will leave." Qin Yu left smiling. His body was untainted by even a speck of dust. A pitiful Ye Qu with a bloody nose and a swollen face remained laying on the ground. Ye Qu had a pitiful and helpless expression on his face. "Oh, Heavens, how did I forgot that Qin Yu is omnipotent in the Jiang Lan's Realm?"

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm, for Qin Yu to attack, Ye Qu would only be trampled upon.

Inside a private room in Qin Yu's residence.

Qin Yu sat cross-legged. Unable to refrain himself, he started to recall the scene from earlier when he trampled upon Ye Qu and started to smile. "The sensation of everything being just as planned was truly enjoyable."

Afterwards, Qin Yu stretched out his arm and the moon-white colored Jade Plate appeared in his hand. Immediately, Qin Yu sent his Immortal Awareness into it. A large amount of information was directly transmitted into his brain. In merely a snap of the finger's time, Qin Yu came to completely understand the Dinosaur martial technique from the other Cosmic Space.

"'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' it sounds pretty exaggerated." The information regarding the utmost martial technique of the Dinosaur Clan appeared in Qin Yu's mind — the information regarding the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body.'

The Dinosaur Clan's martial technique focuses mainly upon the training of all the bones in the body and secondly upon the training of the muscles. Regardless of whether it's man or dinosaur, their bones are naturally harder than their muscles. The training of the bones would cause the bones to become even harder. For Emperor level experts, when they reached the latter stage of the Dinosaur Martial Technique, the hardness of their bones would become comparable to those of Divine Artifacts!

"Tsk tsk, according to what's written, once one reached the level of level seven Demon Emperor or level eight Demon Emperor, one ought to be frighteningly strong. Furthermore, the bones in the body were naturally easier to use than Divine Artifacts." Qin Yu started to gasp in admiration. "Training in the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body, there's a nine in ten chance that one would be able to pass the Divine Tribulation successfully. Those who failed would be because of receiving a trial regarding their heart. It's truly exaggerated."

In short, this Jade Plate listed the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' to be extremely amazing. However, Qin Yu also knew that the level seven Demon Emperor Ye Qu possessed strength to match Emperor Yu when he was a level eight Immortal Emperor. Thus, the might of the Dinosaur Martial Technique can be seen clearly.

"No wonder I've never seen Ye Qu doing any seclusion training, so it turned out that the Dinosaur Clan's Martial Technique was something that can be trained just by moving about." Qin Yu then stood up and started to walk toward the door of the private room.

From where Qin Yu sat to the door of the private room was a distance of seven steps.

Qin Yu merely walked three steps before his body started to glow red.

The fourth step, the red glow disappeared.

Fifth step, an orange light started to glow on Qin Yu's body.

Sixth step, the orange glow disappeared.

Seventh step, Qin Yu walked out of the private room.

He walked to the lake in front of his residence. There was already no more glowing light on Qin Yu's body. Qin Yu turned over his hand and took out a fishhook. He then sat down beside the lake and started fishing.

"With my body's original level of toughness, I can directly enter the third step of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body.' I wonder, how long would it take for me to reach the ninth step?" Qin Yu muttered to himself. Suddenly, a cheerful expression appeared on his face. "Oh, a fish took the bait."

Years passed. In the endless amount of years, Qin Yu started a long period of the most peaceful time since his birth.

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