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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 19 {Title Hidden}

"Li'er, I will find you soon, very soon." Qin Yu murmured in his heart, and, at closer inspection, one would note the moisture on his eyelashes that revealed the longing in his heart.

His eyes closed, and he began to drift in a dream full of scenes and images of his time spent with Li'er, flickering by like a digital gallery. A specific one stood out; it was the time just prior to Li'er's departure, before her lovely figure was swallowed by the rupture that pierced the sky. It was the final glance as their gazes met and locked in place as if time had frozen, but sadly time did not stop, and that moment had ended. What was left was only regret. Deep regret.

"What is the farthest distance in the whole wide world?"

The big question.

His eyes flew open as he remembered when he was a boy on Qian Long Continent, when he had heard of such a question.

He remembered what the answer was: 'The farthest distance known to man was to stand in front of you, right next to you, yet not know I love you.'

But another answer came to mind.

"The farthest distance known to man should be the distance between two people who love each other deeply……and yet cannot be together." The thought pulled at his heart strings, and a sharp pain blossomed in his chest. In the past, when he was still mortal, Qin Yu still had his brothers and family, he had not felt the ache of loneliness then. However, now in Immortal realm, he cannot help but to constantly think of Li'er.


Qin Yu stood up strongly, shook his head, and struck the surrounding with his palm. The water in the lake beside the pavilion splashed, and a breeze carried some of the water droplets onto his face, leaving Qin Yu refreshed.

"Training, training, I must not rest." Qin Yu reminded himself.

Only by training relentlessly, not idling or pitting his wits against others, can Qin Yu take his mind off Li'er and not feel the torment of missing her terribly.

"I can't wait anymore. I'll just accompany Han Shu to watch the competition for another two days, after which I must leave immediately." Qin Yu muttered, gritting his teeth.

The next day.

At the plains of Amber Moon Planet's teleportation arrays, the experts of the three great clans gathered. The competition to obtain the right to control the teleportation arrays could be said to be the biggest event on Amber Moon Planet.

The Yan Clan, Liu Clan, and Wang Clan; these 3 families have to compete against one another.

The Yan Clan will fight against the Liu Clan, the Liu Clan against the Wang Clan, and finally the Wang Clan against the Yan Clan. A total of 3 matches to see which clan will obtain the most victories, and each match is decided by the best of out of 3 rounds.

"The Liu Clan will win!"

"The Liu Clan will win!"

Each and every Liu Clan members were shouting and cheering, and the members of the Yan Clan and Wang Clan followed suit. Each hoped to pressure their opponents.

"Yan Shuo, what are you staring at me for?" Liu Ming Weng mentally transmitted with surprise on his face.

Yan Shuo, who was sitting in the opposite camp, laughed coldly: "Liu Ming Weng, I shall see how long you can be smug for. We will not let the matter of my brother's death go, nor will the Jade Sword School for that matter."

Liu Ming Weng only smiled indifferently at the threat.

At the Liu Clan's camp, Qin Yu sat on a chair with Liu Han Shu standing beside him.

"Master, who do you reckon will win? How will our Liu Clan fare?" Liu Han Shu voiced his concerns. With the rules of 'best of three', it is not just a simple case of having the strongest expert.

"The 2 strongest experts in the Yan Clan have already died, so it will be strange if they could somehow win." Qin Yu laughed lightly. "As long as that Liu Ming Han plays his cards right, he can obtain the controlling rights this time."

Qin Yu already knew the strength of the various participants with one sweep of his holy sense.

With Yan Gao's death, Liu Ming Weng had become the strongest within Amber Moon Planet's 3 clans. It would be a guaranteed win regardless of which match he was in, furthermore, the number of Level 9 immortals in the Liu Clan was enormous as well. There were still the 2 elders who were reaching the Golden Immortal Level soon; achieving another two victories would be simple.

The match was not a big deal to Qin Yu.

It was after all a competition, not some fight to the death. Even if both sides displayed their prowess without holding back, it was meant to defeat the opponent, and not kill them. This type of competition was definitely dazzling, each fight could last for many hundred exchanges, and the skills displayed were eye catching. In the end, whoever manages to injure the opponent will obtain victory.

The outcome was as Qin Yu predicted.

In the match between Liu Clan and Wang Clan, Liu Clan won 2-0, so there was no need for a third round.

In the match between the Wang Clan and the Yan Clan, the Wang Clan lost. At this point, the Wang Clan had lost all of its face.

After which, the Liu Clan fought the Yan Clan, and won 2-0.

In the end, as expected, the Liu Clan obtained victory.

Joyful cheers filled the air; the energy was felt even by Qin Yu. Every single member of the Liu Clan was excited as this was only the second time they had obtained the control rights since the first victory a few 10,000 years ago.

"Master, the move that Great Elder executed against the current Yan Clan's lord was wonderful and strong, wasn't it?" Liu Han Shu was still immersed in the energy of the exchanges earlier.


Qin Yu laughed indifferently: "A simple sword strike would have sufficed, why waste so much energy?" Qin Yu had his own sentiments regarding battles.

"Han Shu, I will be leaving tomorrow." Qin Yu spoke suddenly.

"Ah, Master, what are you talking about?" Liu Han Shu looked at Qin Yu in shock.

Qin Yu laughed: "I stayed on Amber Moon Planet just to prepare for the Demon Realm, I can't waste any more time, and therefore my decision is to set off tomorrow."

"Then this disciple shall follow Master." Liu Han Shu gritted his teeth and said.

His heart could not bear to leave the lady in green, but he could not bear to separate from his master as well.

"Won't you miss that girl you like?" Qin Yu laughed and continued, "Han Shu, the journey to the Demon Realm is not only a long one, but one that may be dangerous. Being by my side is not safe. Furthermore, the road of cultivation does not require you to always be with me. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can always use the soul transmission jade slip anyway."

Liu Han Shu pondered for a long time, then nodded.

"Your disciple will obey."

Qin Yu nodded satisfactorily: "I don't wish to bid Liu Ming Weng goodbye, help me convey the message tonight." At the same time, Qin Yu pulled out a Spatial Ring, "This time, I have no idea when I will be back after I depart, so this Spatial Ring shall belong to you once you've dropped your blood. There are many immortal weapons and elemental stones in it."

Liu Han Shu knew of a spatial ring of Immortal grade's importance and value.

"Yes, Master." There was a lot in his heart he had yet to say, but Liu Han Shu could not manage to.


"Great Elder, Han Shu seeks an audience," Liu Han Shu called out from outside the great hall.

"Oh, it's Han Shu, come on in," Liu Ming Weng's voice sounded from the great hall. As Liu Han Shu stepped into the great hall, Liu Han Shu also entered from the back Liu Ming Weng sat down and smiled gently, "Han Shu, come sit quickly, what's the matter that you would be looking for me so late at night?"

Liu Han Shu laughed bitterly after taking a seat, "My master had told me that he will be leaving Amber Moon Planet for the Demon Realm tomorrow. He told me to inform the elders that he's leaving directly."

Liu Ming Weng trembled and his face turned white.

"Oh no." The great hall's door closed with a wave of his hand, and Liu Ming Weng asked hurriedly, "Han Shu, you're saying that your master Qin Yu will be leaving tomorrow for the Demon Realm? Are you very certain?"

Liu Han Shu was startled.

"Great Elder, what's the matter? At the time he arrived, Master had asked for a map of the Demon Realm, did he not? His staying here for these many years has been a treat for us. Surely we can't expect a person of his caliber to stay on this small planet forever, right?" Liu Han Shu was speaking for his master.

Liu Ming Weng felt that he must have looked too anxious, and brushed it off, laughing, "Oh it's not a big deal. It's just that Mr. Qin Yu's desire to leave so suddenly came as a surprise. Han Shu, can I ask you for a favor?"

"Great Elder, please say it." Han Shu hurriedly replied.

Liu's Clan Great Elder was here asking for a "favor", this made Han Shu worried.

Liu Ming Weng laughed, "Your master Mr. Qin Yu has been a huge benefactor to our Clan and has done us a huge service. If we just let Mr. Qin Yu leave like that, it would seem as though our Liu Clan does not know how to repay favors. Why don't you go and ask your master to stay for just a few more days. We will prepare a huge feast to send him off properly. Han Shu, what do you think?"


Han Shu hesitated.

"It's just a farewell feast. Mr. Qin Yu has already stayed for so many years, a few more days would not make a difference," Liu Ming Weng laughed hurriedly.

Han Shu shook his head helplessly: "Great Elder, it's not that I'm unwilling, but Master has stated that he leave early tomorrow morning. I know his temperament; once he has decided something, nothing can sway him."

Liu Ming Weng frowned.

"Liu Ming Weng, there's no need for so much trouble," a cold voice rang out suddenly as a middle-aged man walked out from the back.

"Lord," Liu Ming Weng bowed in respect.

Han Shu saw the scene and his entire body prickled in suspicion and he thought, " 'Lord'? The sudden appearance of this person, led the Great Elder of the Liu Clan to call him 'Lord', just who was this mysterious character?"

The middle-aged man spoke coldly: "What's the use of dilly-dallying? If this matter is not settled, your Liu Clan can await its demise."

"Wiping out the Liu Clan?"

Han Shu was shocked and immediately used the soul transmission to contact Liu Ming Weng, "Elder, who is this person, why does he want to wipe us out?"

Worried, Han Shu maintained his alertness in front of this person.

Liu Ming Weng looked towards Han Shu, and said helplessly, "Han Shu, just treat it as me begging you, please make your Master stay for a few more days. Otherwise… our Liu Clan will really be over."

"What's going on, just what is going on?" Liu Han Shu was perplexed at the scene in front of him, and he could only fathom something he did not want to believe.

His own family had actually conspired with someone to deal with his Master.

Han Shu easily guessed the situation, but he was not willing to believe it.

"You are that Qin Yu's disciple?" The man looked coldly at Han Shu: "You listen carefully, I'm giving you two options: One, listen to your elder and convince Qin Yu to stay awhile longer. Two, you oppose me, but let me tell you that I, Wu Bo, am a Level 8 Golden Immortal so every move you make will be under my observation."

"You can forget about using the soul transmission. I have already laid a foundation array around the great hall when I came here. You can also forget about using the soul transmission jade slip, because the moment it appears in your hand, I will kill you."

Wu Bo looked coldly at Han Shu.

One was a Level 8 Golden Immortal while the other was just a late stage Kong Ming practitioner.

It was like the difference between the heavens and earth.

"Your people want to kill my Master?" Han Shu glared angrily at the Level 8 Golden Immortal Wu Bo in front of him.

"Yes, and you had better cooperate. You should know the importance of this matter." Wu Bo laughed lightly, "What a coincidence! If you hadn't come to report, Qin Yu would have gotten away."

Han Shu's heart burned like an angry flame.

"Sealing me? I know you guys are worried that with my death, my jade slip will shatter, and if my master knows something happened to me, he will get wind of your plan, right?" Han Shu laughed and licked his lips, as his eyes seemed to turn red.


Wu Bo laughed lightly, and raised his finger. A streak of divine energy shot from his finger tip and into Han Shu's body, sealing Han Shu's yuanying. At this point, even if he wanted to self-destruct, it would be impossible.

"That is why I will not let you die. This way, Qin Yu will not suspect a thing," Wu Bo continued, "Son, be smart. If this matter goes awry, thousands of members from your Liu Clan will have to die."

"Han Shu, for the Clan's sake, just promise." Liu Ming Weng chipped in.

"For the Clan," Han Shu laughed loudly. "Liu Ming Weng, at this juncture, for the Clan's sake, you want to sacrifice my Master, who has given me a second chance at life?" Liu Han Shu had directly addressed Liu Ming Weng by name.

Liu Ming Weng was startled.

The level 8 Golden Immortal Wu Bo still looked coldly at the scene. Liu Han Shu had obviously gone mad: "Since you dare talk to me about the Clan, what has the Clan given me from young?! Not even a single piece of low grade elemental stone. What it has given me was endless ridicule, shame, and torment!"

"From when I was young, I was just a target of humiliation for the Liu Clan. I couldn't even walk with my head upright. I couldn't look people in the eye, and anybody could order me around." Han Shu's voice was getting more desolate, his eyes turning redder, "You talk to me about the Clan, but do I really belong here? What the Liu Clan has given me was ridicule and humiliation, I'm worse than being an orphan!"

"I used to think my life was over; my mother had died by the lake, and I almost committed suicide. But master appeared. He was sincere towards me. He reconstructed my veins and didn't hold me in contempt. He even stayed in this small Maple Moon Star for me for a whole ten years. I was reborn, and, in these ten years, nobody dared to look down on me, no one dared to disrespect me. Even you, the Great Elder Liu Ming Han, has to kindly call me 'Han Shu.'"

Liu Han Shu angrily pointed at Liu Ming Han, his whole face turning red.

This whole time, even Wu Bo noticed that something wasn't right.

"Standing up straight and walking and living comfortably, this was my dream since I was small, and Master let my dream come true. I was happy these past ten years." Liu Han Shu's face turned red and started dripping with sweat.

"I lived this whole time, not for others, but to be able to stand up straight and dashing for myself, only for this reason. Master let me live happily for ten years, so I am also satisfied. If I am sorry for anybody, it would probably be for him."

Liu Han Shu lowered his voice.

Suddenly Liu Han Shu lifted his head and stared at Wu Bo, "You are probably very confused as to why my face is this red, right? I'll tell you…this is a poison, a poison which only the Maple Moon Star has. It is unfortunate that this is a poison that you immortals don't know about, but I do."

Wu Bo was surprised, and he poured divine energy into Liu Han Shu's body and tried to block it, but he didn't understand the properties of the poison.

This was a type of poison for normal cultivators. After eating it, the poison would cause the blood vessels of the brain to burst, making the seven orifices bleed and thereby killing them. Although Liu Han Shu had a yuanying, it had been sealed. Therefore the effect of the poison was completely utilized, and the blood vessels in his head burst open. His soul couldn't fuse with the yuanying and was naturally was dispersed.

Wu Bo's only course of action was to lift the seal and let Liu Han Shu's soul enter the yuanying. Unfortunately, Wu Bo didn't dare remove the seal because, if he removed it, Liu Han Shu might send information to Qin Yu or "self destruct" his yuanying.

No matter what, Liu Han Shu would die.

"Master, I have had ten years of self-respect, and it was better than living a hundred, no a thousand years, as a mediocre person. If your disciple's death can let you know of the danger, your disciple is already satisfied."

In Liu Han Shu's eyes there was a hint of a regretful longing; his love had just begun, but it had already ended.


Bleeding from his seven orifices, Liu Han Shu collapsed slowly. At the same time, in Qin Yu's Blazing Ice Ring, Liu Han Shu's soul jade slip shattered with a "Peng" sound.

Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 19 Han Shu's Death

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