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Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 11 Seclusion


+Previously on Stellar Transformations

Having killed the Yan clan’s clan leader, Qin Yu waited in a remote corner of the city boundaries. Waiting for Yan Gao to leave seclusion. Upon discovering the man had finished training he barged into the main hall where all of the elite members of the Yan clan gathered, and where Yan Gao was. There he took the man’s life in front of the eyes of all…

All of a sudden, cries and rancour shattered the silence in the Yan clan’s main hall. “The, the, the great patriarch is dead!”

Every single onlooker was a disciple and child of the family, and every one of them stare stupidly at the gory remains at the foot of the central throne. Patriarch Yan Gao was a guardian angel to the family, but for these disciples the man was more than that, he was an invincible god worshiped by many.

However……on this day, that invincible god known as Yan Gao – a valiant and heroic entity, was killed in a single sword stroke by the enemy.

Amidst all this shock, Xu Fan’s voice rang in their ears, “Catch the murderer, go catch that murderer!!!”

Following this shout, the entire hall erupted in shouts and cries. Many members of the family roar in agony, others ran about hurriedly and the rest busied themselves to look for the murderer. It was all hot air and no action, and they all know it. For them, they knew that for an enemy to be able to kill the patriarch in one sword stroke, wiping them out of existence was as easy as turning their hand over.

Still, chaos ensued and frantic bodies milled around in the main hall.

Amidst this chaotic display, the elder Xu Fan gestured to the second elder across him, “Second elder…”

The second elder had a very ugly expression and spoke to Yan Shuo – the other elder, “Our elder brother is a third generation disciple of the Jade Sword School. Any who dares to act against him would incur the wrath of the school behind him. Contact the jade sword school, and have them to deal with this issue.”

Xu Fan also agreed. “If our Yan clan hands over 90% of our century-worth profits to the jade sword school, they’ll likely to take up our request.”

Far away, Yan Gao’s master Yu Dian – a second generation level 8 golden immortal, was standing on the surface of a nameless planet in the Indigo Bay star field. The man was preparing to use this particular planet’s teleportation array to continue his journey.

Suddenly, alerted by the voice transfer talisman in his spatial ring, he halted his steps and took out the talisman. On the other end was one his disciples named Feng Shan. “Master, there has been a big incident.”

Standing beside the huge teleportation array, Yu Dian paused and shook himself helplessly. He has many disciples, but among them Yan Gao has the lowest strength and worst aptitude with the best disposition. The man neither gets flustered nor daunted by any task. For disciple Yan Gao, he feels he has a special connection with the man. In many ways, he was very similar to Yan Gao. As a second generation jade sword school practitioner, he was the runt of the eight second generation disciples. Where the seven others were all level 9 golden immortals, he was only a level 8 golden immortal. But, in terms of maturity, strategy and managing, he was, by far, the best of all the second generation disciples. Similarly, Yan Gao is the weakest disciple, but the most mature.

When he looked at Yan Gao, he saw himself years ago – the runt of the litter.

So when he was about to leave the Silver Stream galaxy, he was preparing to let Yan Gao take over all the matters in the galaxy’s commanding planet – ‘Red Leaf Planet’. He was ready to train Yan Gao to become his successor.

Snapping out of his memories, he sent a reply, “Feng Shan, No need to be in such a rush. You should try learn a little from your junior Yan Gao to be a bit more composed.” He scolded lightly, and asked, “Alright then, what matter is causing such a fuss?”

The breathless reply rooted him to the ground and left him dazed. “Master, Yan Gao has been killed!”

Finally he stuttered out, “What, what? Ha ha, what did you say?” He could barely believe what he was hearing. A day ago, his disciple Yan Gao sent him a message saying that he had broken through the level 6 golden immortal stage to level 7, but today…

The fellow at the other end carefully selected his next words: “Martial brother Yan Gao has died. The killer was a sword immortal, who had killed him in the main hall of the Yan clan boldly and undisguised.” There was a visible pause as the man gulped and continued, “This piece of news was just sent over by the clansmen of the Yan family.”

Yu Dian felt a little light-headed and woozy, but soon recovered enough to reply, “Feng Shan, you said the killer was a sword immortal, right? Who is it?” His voice quivered a little with fury.

Feng Shan answered, “Master, I had questioned the Yan clan about the incident. They passed over a detailed account of the person’s appearance, but with just the killer’s appearance, we cannot accurately determine who the killer is. If the killer could alter their appearance then…”

He was a man who managed all the affairs of the jade sword school, no matter large or small. After grieving his lost disciple for a very short while, he had already recovered his stony and calculating look, and instructed his disciple. “No one is to worry about this matter for now. As for the affairs on the Red Leaf Planet, leave them to your eldest martial brother. About the Yan Gao incident. Wait until I return.” He wasn’t one who would allow emotions to cloud his sound judgement. He could clearly understand that anyone who could kill a level 7 golden immortal in broad daylight, boldly and undisguised, definitely has superior power.

“Yes, master.” On the other end, Feng Shan finally loosed a breath. He also knew the murderer had to have strength beyond Yan Gao, naturally, did not want to go investigation such a figure.

Yu Dian withdrew his voice transfer talisman bead. And stride forward to the teleportation array. He was a man who held great responsibility. Not only was he a representative for the school master of the jade sword school, but he also would go on the behalf of Emperor Yu and the Devil Realm, as their middle-man on important matters. So he could not postpone it a bit.

He was due to reach his destination of the core and commanding planet of Indigo Bay star field – the Blue Solar star. “From here to there and the matters accompanying the devil realm side as well; it would all take a large amount of time.” He thought about it with frustration, ’Sigh’ “No matter, Emperor Yu’s matters are of the utmost importance, if I screw up, not only will I feel the emperor’s wrath but my school master would also feel the aftershock of it. First things first. I will sort this matter out, then return and carefully go over this Yan Gao incident.”

With his plans complete, he stepped into the teleportation array, paid the toll of 300 then vanished as a beam of light into the furthest distance.

Within the bamboo garden.

Two Liu family elders was present to thank Qin Yu about their request.

The patriarch of the Liu clan was the first to speak: “Mister Qin, I wish to convey out deepest thanks about this recent ordeal.”

He had just been sent the good news. With Yan Gao dead, the Yan family could be suppressed with ease.

Qin Yu laughed lightly. “It was just a small matter, no need to be so thankful to me. After all, it was my martial uncle who had received your request…Oh there is one thing my martial uncle was discontent with…”

The patriarch, Ming Han, looked puzzled, “With what matter?”

Qin Yu mimicked Ming Han’s puzzled look. “You had said that the Yan family had been in control of the teleportation array for most of the time. Their wealth should be hundreds of times greater than your own. My martial uncle was puzzled by why killing the patriarch and the clan leader of the Yan Clan only yielded a few hundred million?” He was completely befuddled by this result.

He did notice the changes to the facial expressions of the two elders freeze. “Mister Qin, about this, do you not know?”

He scratched his head in his mind’s eye. He may have asked another dumb question. He could not deny his understanding of the matters, in the immortal plane, was very lacking. What can he do about, other than ask? “Back then I had told my martial uncle that the Yan clan is sure to hold onto great wealth, but after he had killed the two top members of the clan, he had noticed their combined wealth was quite shabby. That is why I raised this issue with the two of you.”

Ming Han and the Liu clan’s clan leader exchanged a look. “It seems that Mister Qin does not understand the inner workings of societies within the immortal plane.” Ming Han explained, “Over the years of controlling the teleportation arrays, it would yield a shocking amount of wealth that is, if all of it, belong to the controlling clan – Yan clan. Only then will they have wealth few hundred times greater than my family. However, more than 90% of the income is collect by jade sword school as tax from this planet. The jade sword school will collect tax from all in its territory and give it to Emperor Yu!” He paused and took a big breath and continued, “Emperor Yu controls a large territory, and how could he not apply taxes on all in his territory? From the Amber Moon, money is given to the jade sword school then passed onto the emperor. In this way, the vast majority of wealth is in the hand of the peak experts of the immortal plane like emperor Yu and emperor Xuan.”

Comprehension dawned on Qin Yu. So it was just like the taxes in the mortal plane’s countries, nations and dynasties. Most of the taxes are paid to the governing body of the nations. In this case, the jade sword school and the like, are the states and local governing bodies, which coagulates and collects individual region taxes. While emperor Yu and emperor Xuan and the like are similar to monarchs. His eyes sparkled as he imagined the amount of wealth concentrated in the hands of people like emperor Yu.

“Even if most is turned over to the ruling monarchs, those that live under them live well sheltered lives. Their wealth is at least a few dozen time greater than my – Liu family.” Ming Han looked around and said, “So to seek shelter from monarchs like emperor Yu would be most favourable.”

Qin Yu smiled with acknowledgement. “Mister Liu is quite right. With the tribute paid from profits from the teleportation array, only then will you be able to seek appropriate shelter from emperor Yu. At least, part of the profits would be left within the family, if one doesn’t seek shelter from emperor Yu, the chances to obtain great wealth is much less, right?”

Ming Han confirmed. “Yes.”

Qin Yu said no more and only sipped on his tea.

Seeing the former wasn’t going to ask any more questions, Ming Han gestured, “Farewell, Mister Qin, we will leave then.”

Qin Yu laughed. “Alright, I won’t send you off then.”

Before leaving the duo had left a pile of assorted wealth up to about a few million, comprised of elixirs, elemental stones and other valuables.

Putting down the china, he opend his mouth and his voice echoed in the peaceful surroundings, “Han Shu.”

An energetic youth bounced into the clearing and bowed respectfully. “This disciple greets the master.”

Qin Yu lift a single finger and pointed at the gift left by the patriarch of the Liu family. “These items were left by the Liu family, which I have no use for. Hence, they are yours from now on.” He couldn’t care less about these useless baubles.

His disciple was stunned. Han Shu still could not believe what he was hearing, and eager to confirm. “Master, are you saying you are giving all of this to me?”

Qin Yu nodded mildly. “Be quick about it. I have matters to discuss with you.” His tone was edging towards displeasure.

Han Shu feared Qin Yu’s temper and hurried stored the goods.

“Han Shu, I have not taken you in as my disciple for a long time, but nevertheless, I can feel you have had some…remarkable changes to yourself.” His tone was solemn and deep that reverberated in the inside of Han Shu’s body.

Changes? Han Shu wanted to laugh out loud. These days, no one dares to disrespect him in any way and the clan leader greets him politely. In a matter of a very short time, he had transformed from the ugly runt of the family into the most prized jewel of the family. For that, he felt quite smug these days.

Qin Yu’s tone quietened and grew colder, “In the past, you work hard to train, but nowadays, I have seen a sharp drop in the amount of time you spend training. Often I see you are outside partying and playing with those Liu clan disciples. What I’ve said are all correct, isn’t that right?”

What Qin Yu had said was the heart of the problem. The truth pierced through Han Shu like a cold knife.

It was true. He had spent his days too leisurely. He had no ambition, so with the little recognition he’s gotten from his family already achieved. There wasn’t more that he wanted, hence he had become complacent.

Han Shu hurriedly apologised, “this disciple was in the wrong.”

“No, no…you were not mistaken.” Qin Yu shook his head. “I was the one who was wrong.”

“Master, you…” Han Shu felt panicky, his heart pounded loudly, its beat quickened in his ears.

Qin Yu sighed with exasperation, as if he was berating himself. “If I had not appeared, then perhaps you would have practice resolutely despite the hail of insults from others. But, one day, through your perseverance, you would eventually reach the Dujie stage and so on. You could either become a loose immortal or a normal immortal, such difficulties with your meridians and other bodily issues would not plague you. Henceforth, you would rise from the ashes of scorn like a phoenix reborn, dazzling all those around you and put the fear of your greatness into them, then soar into unfathomable skies above without any opposition.” Qin Yu had a helpless look. “But, because of my appearance, your life had changed. The same perseverance of yours in the past was shattered by my appearance.” Qin Yu shook his head yet again and sighed again, “Han Shu, I ask you, do you know who allowed you to have the respect of everyone around you?”

Han Shu replied without hesitation. “It was you, master.”

That was right. Precisely because of the master-disciple relationship between Qin Yu and Han Shu. That was the reason why the Liu clan’s clan leader looked very favourably on Han Shu, and in turn, all the disciples of the Liu family was very respectful to Han Shu as well.

A resolute glint entered Qin Yu’s eyes as he stared holes into Han Shu. “Han Shu, you must understand that to be truly respected, you must gain that respect by yourself. There is only shame in hiding behind the reputation of the teacher. In the end, that sort of flimsy image will not last.” Without blinking, he continued, “You may be living comfortably now when I may be by your side, but if one day I’m not around, will your feeble powers gain the respect of those around you now?”

Cold sweat broke on the face of Han Shu. At this moment, at this time, he had finally woken up from the dreamscape of the recent high life he was living.

What was gained from others was not permanent, only by grasping it with your own hands, will the things obtained be everlasting.

Qin Yu turned away and looked at the border of the bamboo grove. “Enough. I do not wish to say anymore to you. I will enter closed-door training immediately, but when I come out, I’d better see some profound changes to you, or else……You need not bother call me master again.”

From the bowed position, Han Shu stood up straight, looking firm and respectfully intoned, “Of course, master. This disciple will not let master down.”

Within the bamboo grove’s secret cultivation chamber.

There wasn’t a single person within the secret chamber.

A fine layer of sparkling teal coloured gravel covering the floor. No one could imagine that the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion was one of the specks of gravel on the ground.

Qin Yu was current within that teal colour mansion, deep in meditation. He was sitting cross-legged in a centre of a flower garden directly in front of an elaborately designed fountain, which was the same colour as the rest of the residence.

Suddenly, his eyes shot open. “Haah, back then……” He was staring at the stone table a fair distance away from his position. He was remembering the memories of his brothers – Xiao Hei and Fei Fei, and himself carousing and chatting happily between drinks. Now, he was only by himself.

His royal father and brothers were still in the mortal plane, but his beloved Li’er was far, far away in an unknown place. And his own sworn brothers, who he could talk to about anything, was in a place along the distant horizon of the Demon realm.

Whether it was in front of his subordinates – Shuo Yan and Zang Yuan, or the Liu clan’s elders, or his own disciple, he is the higher being of great intellect, virtue and upstanding character. But he was also a man who yearned for someone to talk to, heart-to-heart. In the past, he could discuss his frustrations, his days’ events, anything or everything with his brothers, but now? Now, he could only ponder about his problems by himself.

In this vast universe, where could his brothers be? That huge gap between made Qin Yu feel a kind of looming and suffocating loneliness. It made his heart grow heavier with time, and his visage become colder and made him feel more withdrawn.

This kind of unbearable pressure on him has made him want to reunite with his brothers more so than ever before. “In this next closed-door training session, I should rise my soul power to the golden immortal stage and refine a level 1 golden immortal yuanying, with it I will open the second layer world of the Atlas. Then I can immediately prepare to depart.”

Once he’d decided on his plan, he stilled his heart and entered the meditative state to access and use the ‘3-in-9 Soul Refinement’ to quickly advance the stage of his soul force.

A Year passed.

Then two years.

Within the soul space of the Human stage – first layer, of the Soul Refinement’s practice spaces, Qin Yu could not feel the passage of time, as his soul grew in power and continuous transform as he continued tirelessly through the many hand seals, which blurred with time…


Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 12 Enter Jade Sword School


+Previously on Stellar Transformations

Having killed Yan Gao in front of the eyes of every elite member of the Yan clan, he had incited the anger of the jade sword school’s second generation disciple – Yu Dian, who swore to deal with it later. Giving the gifts left by the Liu clan elders to his disciple, he promptly reminded his disciple not to show any more complacency, then entered seclusion. He’s goal was to reach the golden immortal stage in soul force so that he could begin his journey across the universe.

On the Red Leaf Planet, of the Silver Stream galaxy, the headquarters of the Jade Sword School is located in.

The headquarters was situated atop ninety-six layers of steps, each layer had a few golden immortal stage disciples. Currently, outside the main hall’s entrance, two neatly arranged rows of elite disciples numbering near a few hundred, assembled. These two rows continued from the walls of the courtyard and into the school’s plaza below.

Each disciple wore happy faces with bright smiles looking towards the figure at the head of the two columns. The figure was their revered school master – Yu Qing Zi. Directly below the school master was four direct disciples of the master who had reached level 9 golden immortal stage. Then came the level 8 golden immortals of the third generation, while the fourth generation disciples waited below.

“Martial master, Brother Yu Dian has done a great service for our jade sword school. He has made all the disciples of the school feel proud.” A young man, also endorsed by a constant smile, whispered to the school master in front.

The school master – Qing Zi, also was a face full of joy. “Mmhmm, emperor Yu personally notified me about this delight. It seems disciple – Yu Dian, has really lived up to my expectations and fully given me face as the school master of his school.” A middle-aged also laughed and said, “Yu Dian’s abilities with management, prose and communication are nothing less than brilliant.”

Their continuous barrage of praises was interrupted by the voice of one of the third generation disciples. “Patriarch, martial Uncle Yu Dian has arrived.”

All of the experts in the jade sword school turned to look at the bottom step a fair distance away.

Being immortal practitioners, their vision was incomparably greater than the average man’s, they saw Yu Dian wear a hinted smile leap up the steps as if the man was just strolling leisurely up a seventy-degree incline. As the man passed by, disciples of every generation bowed respectfully at this powerful figure, whom they revered.

Being given the hero’s glorious welcome was something no other disciple of the jade sword school had ever enjoyed.

Layers one after another blurred by the man’s feet, soon he had reach the area in front of the school master, Yu Qing Zi.

“Disciple Yu Dian greets the school master.” Yu Dian knelt down with one knee and saluted in traditional Chinese greeting style to Yu Qing Zi.

The school master used both his arms to prop Yu Dian from his kneeling position. The master had a pleased expression on his face, and spoke, “Well, Yu Dian, you have achieve another spectacular success with this time’s trading agreement with the devil realm and his majesty – emperor Yu. With your success, you have gained more than what his majesty expected, and has gained his praise and attention on you. You are definitely climbing up the ladder to the most favourable position to serve emperor Yu.”

Hearing this remark, Yu Dian couldn’t help but rejoice inwardly. He knew that his accomplishments are limited while working for the jade sword school master, whereas working for emperor Yu – a peak expert of the entire immortal realm, has a brighter future. Any small gesture of praise from emperor Yu could provide him with endless benefits.

His fellow disciples all bowed, chanting: “Congratulations, martial brother”, “Congratulations, martial uncle”. Their voices resounding in the plaza.

The faces of all the disciples were rosy and full of smiles. They knew that, though the power of Yu Dian is one level lower than those of his generation, with this latest matter, Yu Dian had risen to a higher position.

Know what was in the minds of the masses, Yu Dian bowed again and said in a humble tone, “Master, these are just rumours and hot-air. It is this disciple’s greatest pleasure to stay by the master’s side often.”

His master’s smile broadened, and patted Yu Dian on the shoulder. “Man should always strive to attained greater places or progress. For a disciple of mine to work alongside emperor Yu will bring greater pride to the master.”

“This lesson, this disciple has received appreciatory.” Yu Dian bowed again.

His master waved indifferently, and then gestured, “Enough, let’s not stand outside and talk. We shall begin the feast.” Thus it began the celebratory feast in the main hall of the jade sword school. The seat of honour was taken by Yu Dian, as one after another well-wishers came forth to drink to celebrate Yu Dian’s achievements. Soon the evening sun descended into the horizon, and stars filled the sky. Only deep into the night, disciples began to disperse, and under the carousing and happy farewells from his fellow disciples, did Yu Dian finally return to his residence.

Later at night.

When the stars were fully visible in the reflective gaze of the courtyard pond of Yu Dian’s residence, did he quail his joyful expression. Just a while ago, the loud festive shouts from the main hall had faded, only endless silence remained in the residence, did Yu Dian settle down.

His expression was one of cold determination. His voice – a soundless whisper, was a message to himself: “My dear disciple, Yan Gao. Originally your master wanted to let your take over my position here on the Red Leaf Planet, but I’d never would have thought that you would be killed by a sword immortal. In these ten years, your master has put his all into helping emperor Yu with the trading affairs, and haven’t had the time to avenge your death.” A sharp ominous glint entered his eagle eyes. “But now………your master has successfully completed that task, your master will spare no effort to avenge your death. Despite my time here in the Silver Stream galaxy is short, I won’t stop until I avenge you.”

Yu Dian turn to face the starry sky, bathing his face in a serene soft glow, but in contrast, and his heart darkened with thoughts of murderous intent.

On the outskirts of the Amber Moon’s teleportation arrays. Pillars of precious minerals and ores embedded in intricate positions and shapes surrounded a ten metre wide circular platform. Around the platform were ideograms of odd figures scribed into the platform. The creation of a teleportation array is very difficult and complex, but maintaining these arrays were very simple.

Currently on Amber Moon, there are three such teleportation arrays. Normally there would only be a few dozen guards at the teleportation arrays, but on this particular day, over several hundred people dotted the land surrounding the arrays. At the forefront and closest to the array was Yan clan’s elders Yan Shuo and Yan Xu Fan, who was the newly elected clan leader.

The two elders of the clan stood with a ram-rod straight back in front of the array waiting quietly for some unknown event.

The clan leader whispered to the elder next him, “Say, when senior Yu Dian is going to come here?” Instead of a straight answer, the latter just shook his head and said, “Who knows. The message said it would be today, but who knows what time will it be? We shouldn’t be worried, since we’ve already been waiting all these years under the pressure from the other two great families – Liu and Wang. How could a little more waiting for a day’s time be compared to what we already have withstood? Today, senior Yu Dian will finally come, and with him, is the hope of our Yan clan.” The former nodded his assent as well. What was a day compared to those years of waiting.

Since the day their great patriarch and former clan leader died, their family had been living under pressure from other clans. Even though, the new clan leader – Xu Fan, broke through to level 1 golden immortal stage, their family wasn’t a match for the other two great families and their experts. Naturally, they had to grovel under the foot of the other families, suppressing their influence and power in every direction.

In the silence that instilled.

When one of the teleportation arrays lit up with blinding light, every member of the hundred plus Yan dignitaries snapped into attention and bowed deeply, thinking the newcomer was their would-be saviour…

But, from the shaft of light came a short and stocky figure, whose power level was only at level 2 normal immortals’. The newcomer flinched at the sight of a hundred plus people welcoming him, and started to sweat bullets. The sight had shocked him beyond belief, why would so many people welcome someone like him?

Seeing the stocky dwarf, the faces of the hundred plus dignitaries contorted into grimaces and stared daggers at the newcomer. Xu Fan instructed a Yan disciple behind, “Quickly, send this one out of here!” That disciple promptly escorted the level 2 immortal from the premises and quickly returned to wait.

Seconds turned to minutes, which turned to hours. Soon the sun was setting on the horizon.

Just before the last shaft of the evening light was cut off, one of the three teleportation arrays, once again lit up, and all the Yan members present bowed deeply to welcome the newcomers. From the blinding soft glow, a group of five stepped out from the array.

Any one of the five’s power couldn’t be perceived by any one of the welcoming committee, meaning that all were at least golden immortals. At this point it didn’t matter if the newcomers were with Yu Dian or not, Xu Fan did dare offend these powerful individuals.

A young man among the five was the first to speak, his voice was heard in the ears of all. “Where is Yan Shuo and Yan Xu Fan?”

The answer came without pause: “This one is called Yan Shuo, is present.”

A moment later came another, “This one called Yan Xu Fan is also present.”

Xu Fan bowed again and asked, “Can I please ask, if the five seniors are with senior Yu Dian’s group?”

These five were indeed the group with Yu Dian. Yu Dian knew that the killer must be very powerful, so to make sure his vengeance is unperturbed, he had brought a few fellow disciples and brothers to help him out. Of them, the weakest was a level 7 golden immortal.

“That is correct.” The young man seemed to be the spokesperson of the group. “I am called Lu Cao, a martial brother of Yan Gao. Listen well, this person is my master – Yu Dian.” The young man had gestured towards a deadpanned middle-aged man to his right.

The two elders and hundred plus entourage immediately bowed and saluted to the master. “We humbly greet the lordship, senior Yu Dian.”

The young continued to introduced the others, “This is my martial brother Heng Yu. He is the disciple of my martial uncle. And he is a powerful level 9 golden immortal.” This time, the young man gestured to an ebony young man.

While in their bowed positions, the two Yan clan elders’ hearts quailed as if they had been doused in icy cold water. A level 9 golden immortal, eh? That is an extraordinary figure!

The elders led the hundred plus welcome committee to bow and pay their respects to another powerful figure. “We humbly greet this lordship, senior Heng Yu.” The man in question only nodded slightly as if looking at ants. This time, he came only for the sake of his martial uncle, to give his uncle some recognition (face), otherwise why would someone like him come to such a run-down and out-in-the-boonies planet like this?

The introduction continued, “This is my martial brother Feng Lian, who is a level 8 golden immortal.”

A level 8 golden immortal??

For these elders, these newcomers were far superior to them. “We humbly greet the lordship, senior Feng Lian.” The two respectfully bowed again.

“This person is my fellow martial brother Heng Feng, who is, with Feng Lian and I, a direct disciple of our master – Yu Dian. He is also a level 8 golden immortal”

Holy sh*t! Another level 8 golden immortal??

The two elder, once again, bowed and paid their respects, “We humbly greet the lordship, senior Heng Feng.”

“And lastly, I. I am slight weaker at the level 7 golden immortal stage.” Lu Cao laughed, as if joking to himself. “In the future, if you have anything urgent, I can help you contact my master.”

This Lu Cao obviously was an operative, but nevertheless, a level 7 golden immortal operative, thus the two elder bowed respectfully once again to the speaker.

With the newcomers, they led the group directly to the home of the Yan clan.

Inside the main hall of the Yan clan.

At the head of clan hall, sat Yu Dian in the host’s seat. In the seats on the man’s two sides was Heng Feng, Feng Lian, Lu Cao and Heng Yu. In the central visitor’s area was Yan Shuo, Xu Fan and an elderly man with pale green hair and beard.

Xu Fan bowed deeply and said in a humble tone: “As per your command – senior Yu Dian, we have secretly been observing the Wang clan and the Liu clan. This person is an honoured guest of our clan, whose words are solid and truthful. From him, we gained a vital piece of information.”

Yu Dian narrowed his eyes, a strange light flickered about from within. “Speak.”

Xu Fan glanced at the elderly man, and the elderly with a head of pale green hair, stepped forward and bowed deeply. “Senior, around ten or so years ago, a mysterious honoured guest was invited into the Liu clan. This honoured guest possessed unperceivable strength and had level 8 demons are his doormen. Even the patriarch and elders of the Liu clan can forth to visit this guest.”

Yu Dian flicker his gaze to Xu Fan. “Say, was there anything strange from the Wang clan?”

The latter shook his head fervently, “Nothing strange was of notice from the Wang clan. No one of particular powers appeared. This Liu family’s honoured guest is the most likely suspect. As senior said before, my eldest brother – Yan Gao, had not ever offend any powerful experts before, so most likely the act was surfaced from the familial feud between our family and the Liu clan.

The china in Yu Dian’s hand shattered like thin ice, ‘Piiiinnn’, hot scalding tea shot out. Not even fazed by the hot beverage splashing on his hand, as he slammed his clenched fist onto the chair-side table, which collapsed like a castle of cards. The sudden motion caused the two Yan clan elders and the honoured guest to quiver in fear.

Yu Dian stared daggers at the elderly with pale green hair. “The Liu clan’s honoured guest, you say?”

In a deadpanned expression and icy voice, Yu Dian instructed, “Take this honour guest back to his residence, and bring me any information about this Liu clan’s honoured guest. This is a matter I will personally handle.”

It was an answer, the Yan elders were eager to hear. “Of course, senior Yu Dian.”

Only stars lit the skies.

Amongst the icy gales, five figures rode the wind across Yan Shan city.

Lu Cao laughed with amusement, “Master, this Liu clan’s honoured guest is a really interesting figure. Since meeting the Liu family’s elders, the guest have been in closed-door training and hasn’t come out for a decade.”

The most powerful of the group – Heng Yu, sneered, “This is for the better. We don’t have to look under every rock on this planet to find this guy. All we have to do is go there and capture this guy directly, whether as a hostage or as the murderer, I will kill them nonetheless.

While the two martial practitioners chattered, Yu Dian muttered to himself, “This Liu clan’s honoured guest……I have a feeling my disciple’s – Yan Gao’s, death definitely had something to do with this ‘guest’.”

Though, Yu Dian’s mumbles was very quiet, but his companions were immortals with heightened senses, so naturally they could hear Yu Dian’s soliloquy. “Master, rest assured, with the five of us, the guy is as good as dead. Unless the opponent is an immortal emperor stage expert, they wouldn’t survive. Plus, martial brother Heng Yu is no ordinary level 9 golden immortal but a sword immortal with the strongest offensive power among immortals. Even if the opponent is a level 1 mystic immortal, the opponent won’t faire well.” His disciple Feng Lian smiled reassuringly at him.

The other martial disciples laughed mockingly as this.

As a disciple of the jade sword school, the immortal practitioners of the sword are far more offensively powerful than an ordinary level equivalent immortal practitioner.

“No matter who it is, we need to be on our guard.” Yu Dian’s face changed to a very serious expression. “Did you all forget already, what the Yan clan’s newly elected clan leader said? Yan Gao who had reached a level 7 golden sword immortal was killed in a single sword stroke??”

Instantly the others shut up, the easy-going smiles of the other four companions disappeared and was replaced by ugly expressions.

One sword stroke?

A level 7 golden sword immortal was killed in one stroke? That single strike must not have been very simple as it is said to be then.

Lu Cao broke apart with boisterous laughter. “Master, I will not believe that person is a mystic immortal. Much less than a mystic immortal who would go about and randomly kill off golden immortals as their leisure.”

His fellow martial brother Heng Feng also joined in laughing at this frivolous idea, “Ha ha, that’s right! An immortal emperor reduced to dealing with golden immortals? What the heck is that?”

With those two’s outburst, the tense atmosphere in the group instantly dispersed like fog in morning light. They continued to travel at an easy-going pace with a joyous mood. None of them could believe that an immortal emperor stage expert would come to a remote planet like Amber Moon, to deal with a golden immortal??? That is absolutely preposterous! Unheard of! Impossible!

Yu Dian also laughed at this idea as well. “Ha ha, that’s quite enough. Let’s go to this Bamboo Garden to find this honoured guest called Qin Yu. Of course, everyone is to act according to the plan where we attack simultaneously using the Five Point Chain Sword technique. We mustn’t be careless.”

The other four, third generation disciples, voiced their confirmations. “Yes, master”, “Yes, martial uncle.” With that the group accelerated into beams, of golden sword energies spheres, and instantly disappeared in the air space just outside Yan Shan City.

While the group was talk frivolously, within the Bamboo Garden, the two demons – Shuo Yan and Zang Yuan, was relaxing in the shade of the singular pagoda drinking fresh tea. The two sentinels had never left the Manor grounds since Qin Yu first entered the secret cultivation chamber, which was below the ground where they sat on stone stools.

The male of the two guards, known as Zang Yuan, smiled lightly and spoke to his female counterpart: “The master has been in closed-door training for a decade. I wonder what stage the master is at now.”

Shuo Yan mused quietly, looking somewhat reluctant. “Given the mystical nature of our master’s path of practice, in these ten years……I fear that he has surely surpassed us. I think he should be able to open the second layer world of the Atlas, releasing hundreds of demon kings. By that time, I think we wouldn’t have the chance to help milord with any more things.”

At this the two quietly sat on their stools in silence, and just as they were pondering about their own things….

“Pshh, BOOOM!” High density air pockets slammed into the surrounding bamboo shoots, causing the stems to burst apart in the ravaging winds. Countless bamboo leaves was scattered in the air space above the garden and slowly drifting downwards. A split second after, the space above the garden rumbled like thunder and shook in all directions. Countless rippling sword waves was flying from all directions into the garden grounds.

“Psheee, Sou! Sou! Sou! Plsheee!!” The garden’s maids and normal guards were cleaved and diced by the savage on-slaughter of countless sword waves. Blood, intestines and internal organs exploded into small droplets of crimson coloured fluid which fell like rain drenching the ground in dull red. There wasn’t a single breath of silence. Mayhem filled the garden, full of wretched cries and despairing screams dying servants, while being turned into human gore passed through a meat grinder. Between their sorrowful cries was the menacing howls of multitudes of sword waves.

In an instant, the peaceful garden had been transformed to a bloody hell with cut bodies and bloody remains painting the grounds.

Above all this chaos, a challenge was boomed in the sky: “Qin Yu! Come Out and Beg Mercy! Give yourself up right now!”

That booming voice echoed in the skies above hell, then the outlines of five figures appeared in the sky. Each stood at the five primary points of traditional Chinese philosophy of any formation arts: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (metal) and Water. At their hips or on their backs were the hilts of swords. In their positions, their hands formed strange hand seals where they stood like divine adjudicators bringing judgement upon all.

Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 13 Sword Waves in All Directions


+Previously on Stellar Transformations

After a decade, Yan Gao’s master – Yu Dian, resumed his hunt to avenge his disciple Yan Gao. Knowing the killer was a powerful figure, he had brought with him four late stage golden immortals to help him with the elimination task. After finding out the most likely suspect was Qin Yu, he led his group of five to Bamboo Garden, rained death upon the residents of the garden, to arrogantly announce his arrival…

Within a misty spatial pocket, a silently meditating Qin Yu was sitting in a cross-legged position. His hands deftly shifted from one hand seal to the next of the thirty-six different hand seals, with practiced ease. These hand seals belong to the art known as ‘3-in-9 Soul Refinement’ technique, whereas the thirty-six hand seals was only the first three movements – part of the first stage (human stage), of the soul refining art.

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