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Chapter 10 – Stealing Blood

When people started shouting ‘kill the barbarians’, Wu Qi entered a thrilled state.

Just now when he killed those bird barbarians, the prickle in Wu Qi’s right hand impaled deeply into their bodies, and his left hand pushed onto their bodies habitually.

This was a secret inherited skill of the Underhand Sect, as well as one of the most basic skills in the ‘Scroll of Stealing’. The Web Hand and the Picking Stars Palm used together, with the addition of circulating energy formed by the innate water energy in his arms, when he pressed his palm onto these barbarians, an invisible thread of qi and some blood would shoot out from their bodies. Wu Qi’s palm would feel warm, and then the thread of qi and the blood that would strengthen his energy would suddenly flow into his body.

Hurt by the disciples of Shangguan Ye and seriously wounded by the massive pressure of the portal, Wu Qi’s body was like a dry weed that suddenly showered in rain. He greedily absorbed these warm threads of qi and blood.

‘Scroll of Stealing’, ‘Scroll of Stealing’! Taking others excess and supplying our own insufficiency, taking without informing, this is stealing!”

Using the Seven Stealing Heaven Arteries as the foundation one could cultivate yin, yang, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. With these seven laws together, one would be able to embrace the entire universe and steal anything one desires. The Seven Stealing Heaven Arteries; besides the normal arteries in the arms, the Seven Stealing Heaven Arteries corresponds to yin, yang, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, the seven elements, the seven laws.

Wu Qi possesses the Seven Stealing Heaven Arteries, and this was the reason why he was able to inherit the Scroll of Stealing.

Right now, with the support of a thread of innate water energy that was contained within the Sect Elder Token, he was cultivating the ‘Chapter – Source of Water’. Once he succeeds in forming the innate water energy, he would able to steal the energy of anything in this world that had water as its source. Humans contained a lot of water, and the main component of human blood was water. Most of a human’s spirit is actually stored within the blood.

Therefore, when he placed his hand on the bird barbarian’s body with the Web Hand, the circulating force in his palm begun absorbing and purifying parts of the barbarian’s qi and blood essence. Using the Picking Stars Palm to pick and pull, that portion of qi and blood essence would flow into his body.

This portion of qi and blood essence originated from the barbarian’s blood, and its roots was water, therefore it was easily digested by the innate water energy and entered Wu Qi’s body to become part of his spirit without any obstacles.

Because Wu Qi’s cultivation level was not high, the portions of blood and qi essence he could steal was only equal to a fraction of a normal man’s blood and qi. However, after killing dozens of barbarians, the amount of blood essence and qi he had stolen was almost equal to 10 percent of a bird barbarian’s blood essence and qi. This area was rich in natural energies, a normal barbarian’s blood and qi was at least 10 times stronger than a normal human from Earth was. The total amount of qi and blood Wu Qi had stolen was almost equal to the total amount of all his blood and qi.

In just the short time of a few breaths, Wu Qi’s qi and blood had doubled!

Feeling warm in every part of his body, a huge amount of spirit was continuously circulating in his body; all the remaining internal injuries in Wu Qi’s body were healed now. The stolen blood and qi essence slowly deposited into Wu Qi’s veins and bones, slowly turning into Wu Qi’s own possession.

In this short amount of time, Wu Qi’s qi and blood foundation had almost doubled. The ability to carry energy, nutrients, and the ability for the blood cells to regenerate, had almost doubled. Wu Qi’s pale skin even carried a faint blood color. The blood in his body was circulating with great speed, as if there was a strong force in his body that eagerly wanted to come out, only wishing to have a bloody fight.

Taking a deep breath, a trick to cultivate the ‘Scroll of Stealing’ suddenly appeared in Wu Qi’s mind. With his body’s current foundation, although he possessed the Seven Stealing Heaven Arteries, aside from his arms, the rest of his body was not suited to cultivate as he was now. Increasing the qi and blood foundation repeatedly, he had now hit his limits. He has to wait for his body to completely digest and deposit all the blood and qi he had obtained, only then could he use the Scroll of Stealing again.

Taking the world’s excess to supply our own insufficiency. If one were to supply their own insufficiency with too much, then he would die from having too much. This was the tragedy called greed.

Clinging his left palm into a fist, scared that he would use the Web Hand and Picking Stars Palm, Wu Qi placed his left hand behind his back and tightened his right hand’s grip on the prickle. Roaring with a face as red as blood, he pushed himself into the bird barbarians who were in turmoil.

The prickle swept past like a strike of lightning, the blazing sound of air sounded out. One bird barbarian after another fell down onto the ground, bleeding from all seven apertures, and bodies shrunken down into the size of a baby. Dark bloodstains smeared the ground, filling the air with a pungent smell of rotten meat.

Directing the innate water energy into his eyes, Wu Qi’s eyes were covered in a thin layer of water reflection.

Everywhere his vision passed, the blood circulation within the bird barbarian’s bodies could be seen clearly. The surface of all bird barbarians was covered with a thin blood spectrum layer. The place where the blood spectrum would glow the brightest was the strong part of the bird barbarian’s body, and the place with the weakest blood spectrum would of course be the weakest spot on their body.

The prickle only needed too slightly poke the part with the weakest blood spectrum, as it was the weakest spot of these bird barbarians.

Soon, another couple dozen bird barbarians died under Wu Qi’s prickle. The huge eagles leapt down from the skies while emitting ear-piercing cries. Three huge eagles flew towards Wu Qi’s direction, six eagle claws swung downwards, trying to grab Wu Qi’s head at the same time.

With a loud laugh, Wu Qi pushed his left hand out, unleashing a soft and tender circulating force. Six eagle claws twisted within the circulating force; clinging onto each other for no reason. The three huge eagle let out desperate cries, their claws were clinging onto each other in a messy manner, resulting in all of them losing their balance and falling onto the ground in a sorry state.

The prickle swung across, and without any hesitation, Wu QI pierced through the necks of these three huge eagle with his prickle.

The Meng Villagers were cheering; Doggie who was following Wu Qi closely was happily swinging the huge sword in his hand, cutting the heads of these three huge eagles down. The rest of the villagers came rushing in and attacked the rest of the bird barbarians, causing them to start fleeing. The bird barbarians had completely lost all chance of fighting back.

The bird barbarians had lost their will to fight; they kept letting out sharp cries, hoping the huge eagles in the skies would come down and rescue them.

Everyone suddenly started shouting kill the barbarians! The barbarian hunter troop had lined up in a formation and started using the powerful bows and arrow to seal off the barbarian’s retreat path. The Meng Villagers and the barbarian hunters attacked the barbarians from all directions, causing the barbarians to lose all order.

The Meng Village landscape did not favor the barbarians. There was a huge river at the front, and a gigantic mountain at the back that could not be passed. Villagers and barbarian hunters guarded the only places they could go, so unless the barbarians kills all the villagers and barbarian hunters, there is no way for them to escape.

Let alone the Meng Villagers, aside from the two elders who are much stronger than the rest, the villagers’ abilities are almost at the same level as these barbarians. However, those barbarian hunters, they are professional rangers, as well as half-military troops. Their abilities are much stronger than these ordinary people are.

Standing on the suspension bridge’s bridgehead, aside from a team of twenty barbarian hunters who still held onto their crossbows and guarded the suspension bridge, the rest of the barbarian hunters had put down their crossbows. Drawing their huge weapons, they joined the battle and supported the Meng Villagers in rounding up the panicking barbarians.

The man almost three meters tall carrying the Nine Rings Broadsword was the first to draw his weapon. He swung his sword like it was a wave of water, and he would occasionally shout out as well. Covering his broadsword there was a thick aura, and each time he swung his sword, the barbarian’s weapon and body would break. None of the barbarians here could resist even a single blow from him.

The other barbarian hunters were all brave and courageous. It did not matter if it was the weapons in their hands or the leather armor they were wearing, it was all better quality than the ones used by the Meng Villagers and barbarians. Their ability to defend themselves and attack was also much stronger than the villagers and barbarians. These men all possessed strong cultivation bases and they were all a few times stronger than the strongest men in the Meng Village were. These barbarians could not resist a single blow when facing them.

With just a team of a few hundred barbarian hunters, they had completely turned the situation around. The Meng Villagers were all cheering, together with the barbarian hunters they had managed to corner the barbarians and kill them without much effort. Soon, more than half of the barbarians had died on the spot.

The huge eagles in the skies were letting out sad cries. The stubbornly leapt down towards the ground trying to save the bird barbarians, but the barbarian hunters’ crossbows were too threatening for them. Dozens of huge eagles were hit by these arrows and were slammed onto the ground forcefully. How could the other eagles in the skies dare get close to the ground after seeing this?

This sight excited Wu Qi, he held the prickle in his hand tightly as he wanted to join the battle once again and help kill all barbarians. Suddenly, the blood and qi in his body expanded, his face became so red that it seemed like blood was about to pour out. Wu Qi was shocked by this, he hastily threw away the prickle in his hand, and then he sat down with crossed legs and start cultivating to calm his breathing.

He had stolen qi and blood essence equal to the total amount of blood essence and qi in his body. If he just went to sleep for two or three days, then the blood essence and qi would completely settle down. However, he had absorbed this qi and blood essence while in battle. While absorbing, he had also fought with all his strength. A human’s qi and blood would expand and start boiling when circulated, and right now, the blood in his body was running circulating with great speed while boiling, his blood veins were about to explode.

Circulating according to the Scroll of Stealing’s instructions quietly, Wu Qi started circulating all the blood and qi in his body, slowly merging it into his own bone marrow and tendons. It took him almost 15 minutes before he was finally able to completely convert the stolen qi and blood essence into his own.

If one were to crack open Wu Qi’s bone and inspect his bone marrow, one would be able to discover that his bone marrow had become stronger and denser, very different from ordinary people. In addition, the liveliness of the bone marrow was incredibly strong, and the color of the newly produced blood was extremely red, it contained strong life force.

The blood red color on his face slowly faded away. Wu Qi took a deep breath, followed by a deep yet subtle breath sounding like a bull’s breath. Two white steam clouds slowly flowed out from his nose.

The blood was flowing around in his body happily; it was as if a very powerful force was stored within his body. It was also much easier for him to move now than before.

After receiving enough blood essence and qi nourishment, Wu Qi’s vision became clearer, and he could hear much better than before. Even his mind had become sharper than before.

Blood and qi was a man’s roots, when the qi and blood becomes stronger, a man’s spirit would also become stronger. The benefits that Wu Qi had obtained from these bird barbarians today, if it was any orthodox practitioner or cultivator, it would require more than ten years of hard cultivation in order for them to increase their own blood and qi to this level.

“The dao of this world, when others have too much while I’m lacking, I’ll take their excess and supply my own insufficiency!”

Wu Qi suddenly had more understanding towards the Scroll of Stealing.

Too bad, the Sect Elder Token was made from a piece of Innate Soul Stone. Wu Qi could only wish that he had enough luck to find Innate Soul Stones with metal, wood, dire or earth properties. If he does, then he would be able to successfully cultivate the other four source chapter. As for an Innate Yin Soul Stone or Innate Yang Soul Stone, Wu Qi did not have too much hope of being able to obtain one. He could only dream about these rare treasures.

The Scroll of Stealing provided with many benefits, but the requirements to cultivate it also gave him a big headache.

While Wu Qi was in a daze, two barbarians’ heads shot up into the sky. The leader of the barbarian hunters carrying the 3 meter long Nine Ring Broadsword appeared in front of him.

Wi Qi focused his vision, and then he hurriedly stood up. He cupped his fist and bowed politely towards that man.

“Brothers, little man Wu Qi pays his respect to you!”

Breathing out a few breaths of relief, the muscular man gazed at Wu Qi, and then he suddenly smiled.

“We’re all brothers of this world! You’re too kind!”

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