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Chapter 9 – Barbarian Hunter

Looking at the pike that was heading towards his heart, Doggie felt a shiver rushing from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head; his whole body had become stiff.

Some villagers turned their heads towards Doggie, two ripped villagers started running over. However, those Bird Barbarians were in the middle of attacking the villagers, how could they make the distance in this short amount of time? Even if no one blocked their way, the gap between them was simply too big, they would not have enough time to rescue Doggie.

Wu Qi suddenly moved. Just three inches before the pike reached Doggie’s chest, Wu Qi’s body suddenly leapt. Like a bullet that just left its chamber, he ramped onto that barbarian. The prickle in his hand impaled deeply into the barbarian’s heart.

Casually hitting the pike with his left hand, the innate water energy turned into a circular force, shattering the long pike.

That mysterious man who had passed the ‘Scroll of Stealing’ to Wu Qi made the Sect Elder token from Innate Water Soul Stone. It contained a thread of innate water energy, therefore, when Wu Qi started cultivating the ‘Seven Foundation Establishment’ in the ‘Scroll of Stealing’, the first chapter was the ‘Source of Water’.

Innate water is the softest element, but it could also be extremely hard and powerful. The soft part, nothing in the world could break it; the hard and powerful part, it could break anything in the world.

Just like the ocean, does not matter if it is a strike of lightning or a huge mountain, nothing can hurt it. However, once the ocean roars with a tsunami, the raging water can destroy cities and countries and push down mountains as if they were pieces of cake.

Wu Qi’s palm just now, the innate water energy had turned into a circulating force, even raw steel would be shattered by the palm; let alone these barbarians pikes made from canes. Although these canes were pretty strong, they would not be able to resist Wu Qi’s attack.

The poisoned prickle penetrated deeply into the body. The bird barbarian’s body trembled, blood shot out from all seven apertures, then his body suddenly shrunk into a small piece of meat.

Pulling out the prickle, Wu Qi shouted at the stunned Doggie, “If you don’t want to die, then grab your sword, let’s fight them!”

Doggie was startled for a moment, and then he suddenly grabbed his long sword. With a howl, he swung his sword. The sword almost hit Wu Qi’s head, but luckily, he lowered his neck in time. The sword was just inches away from his head. The gigantic sword carried a huge raging wind; it had left a bloodline on Wu Qi’s head.

“Damn Doggie!”

Wu Qi was so mad he cursed. Suddenly, a loud bang sounded out. A bird barbarian who had just raised his long pike in order to attack Wu Qi had been slapped away by Doggie’s huge sword. These bird barbarians were short, and they did not have great strength, just great dexterity. When faced with Doggie’s terrifying strength, the barbarian could only scream in terror. The long pike was broken off from the middle, and the barbarian was sent flying dozens of meters.

“Kill barbarian! Kill barbarian! Kill barbarian!”

When Wu Qi and Doggie had solved their own problems, a few of the Meng Village elders gathered, they roared and shouted aloud.

At this moment, the replies were as loud as thunder. The thousands of villager adult men and women shouted ‘Kill barbarians’ in unison.

A few hundred villagers stayed behind to kill those bird barbarians while the rest pushed through to the suspension bridge’s bridgehead. A few hundred barbarians had already crossed the bridge, and while howling the started approaching the village. If these barbarians were not blocked near the bridgehead, once they push through into the village, even if they kill all the barbarians in the end, the Meng Village would be destroyed.

Two elders stood at the front while leading the villagers towards the bridgehead. Although these two elders were so old that they could not stand straight, they strength was not any lower than those young villagers were. When they attacked, it showed that they were much more experienced and vicious; every single attack was aimed at the barbarians’ weaknesses.

The two elders rushed towards the bridgehead while carrying two walking sticks. Every time they moved, tens of barbarians would be beaten by the sticks until all their bones and veins were broken, they died in horrifying ways. The two elders were like two raging tigers leading a group of tiger cubs, they crazily killed everyone who blocked their way.

The barbarians did not want to be outdone, they also shouted loudly. Their eyes turned red as they engaged themselves with the villagers in an intense fight.

The men from the Meng Village wanted to chase those barbarians back onto the suspension bridge, but those barbarians were guarding the bridgehead with all their might, they would never allow the villagers to get close, they wanted more of their people to push into the village to kill and rob. Both groups ended up fighting on the bridgehead, and soon, dozens of people on both sides were killed. Fresh blood, human meat, it was all over the place.

Suddenly, the barbarian leader who was on the other side of the river had a strange laugh. He pulled out a blade made from bone, and then he suddenly chopped his thumb off and fed it into the mouth of the dark green skull. The small skull chewed on the thumb, and then its size suddenly doubled.

With a howl, the skull, that had doubled in size, opened up its mouth and spat out tens of dark green fireballs at once.

The flames were burning hot. The fireballs flew past the river surface and fell onto different Meng Villagers groups.

Both elders shouted ‘oh shit’. All the fireballs then exploded at the same time, more than hundred adults from the Meng Village were instantly covered by fire, and then they burned into ashes in just a few breaths time. The Meng Villagers’ formation was in turmoil, more barbarians were able to cross the bridge. Shouting and cheering happily, they raised their huge blades and swords, and they started attacking the villagers as if they were chopping vegetables.

Ear piercing screams sounded out in the skies, those women villagers caught by the eagles were suddenly thrown down from the skies one thousand meters above the ground. In the time of two or three breaths, over three hundred women villagers smashed onto the ground and turned into a mess. Some of the women who were thrown from the sky even landed in the crowd of villagers, killing some of those who could not avoid in time.

Witnessing all of this with anger, Wu Qi quietly left Doggie behind. He grabbed the prickle and started running towards those bird barbarians.

He repeatedly stabbed the prickle in his hands with great speed!

One after another, the bird barbarians had their throats impaled by Wu Qi’s prickle, some of them had their hearts pierced. They all fell onto the ground and died.

A few of the leaders amongst the bird barbarians had found out how the movement behind Wu Qi’s attack worked, so they decided to try their best to block his prickle with their long pike. However, when the prickle that had been injected with innate water energy touched the long pikes, the long pikes immediately became like small boats trapped within a whirlpool, they could not be controlled and was deviated to the side. There was almost no resistance when the prickle struck; it easily pierced the bodies of these bird barbarians.

Slightly tilting his body frontwards, both his arms filled up with boiling inner energy. When Wu Qi swung his arms, if you listen closely then you would be able to hear the subtle sound of water rolling. He was like water that had just broken through from the dam, raging and passing over the bird barbarians’ troops. In the time it takes to take three to five breaths, Wu Qi had killed 37 bird barbarians with his terrifying speed.

All the surrounding Meng Villagers were cheering, dozens of adults from the Meng Village started closely following him, working together with him to kill those bird barbarians. Swinging and cutting with those huge blades and sword, the bird barbarians who were stunned by Wu Qi’s crazy attacks were howling in pain. Soon, a few hundred bird barbarians had died and fallen onto the ground.

The rest of the bird barbarians were screaming in fear. They kept making sharp eagle-cries, signaling their eagles to come save them. Those few hundred eagles flying in the air rapidly descended from the skies, trying to fetch these bird barbarians and retreat.

The barbarian leader on the other side of the river was roaring in range, swearing and scolding angrily at these undependable bird barbarians.

However, in the blink of an eye, this barbarian leader started laughing loudly again. Because of his fireball attack just now, more than seven hundred barbarians had managed to cross the suspension bridge and enter the Meng Village. The villagers were slowly losing their ground, and their line of defense was soon going to be breached.

Breathing out heavily, blood started flowing out from the barbarian leader’s seven apertures, and the blood start pouring out from his thumb even faster. To stimulate the dark green skull, the barbarian leader had paid a big price. After looking at his own people starting to get an advantage, he shouted out his orders, then he finally sat down on the floor due to lack of energy.

While panting rapidly, the barbarian leader roared, “Give me the 10 juiciest women! Those who dare steal from me, I will castrate!”

Tens of guards around the barbarian leader gazed at their own leader, none of them could stand still any longer; they all started slowly walking towards the suspension bridge. The barbarian leader rolled his eyes and hastily gave out a command, “Go to the village and watch those bastards! Ten juiciest women; mine! Softest clothes; mine! Best porcelains; mine! Ten most tender kids; mine! Go! Do not let them steal what’s mine during the chaos!”

The guards started cheering, they could not wait any longer; they hurriedly crossed the bridge.

The barbarian leader started drooling, he stared blankly in the direction of the Meng Village; he had a foolish smile on his face, “Juicy women!”

From the forest behind him, a fast arrow made from steel penetrated the barbarian leader’s head; it pierced right through his skull. A symbol on the arrow’s head started blinking, and then it exploded and shattered the barbarian leader’s body with a bang.

The barbarian leader was dead, the hovering black gas and the dark green skull let out a sharp scream, and then it flew up into the sky.

A six-inch long talisman shot out from the forest and stuck itself onto the dark green skull. After a faded white amber blink, the dark green skull fell down from the sky with a painful cry. It slammed into the ground and was unable to move.

A team of nearly one hundred strong men ran out from the forest with great speed. The leader was a strong man who wore leather armor and carried a Nine Ring Broadsword in his hands. This man was almost 2.5 meters tall, and his waist was at least 190 cm. His skin was dark and his muscles looked like they were about to explode. He swung the huge broadsword in his hands and roared with his head raised up high, “Brothers, kill the barbarians, kill the barbarians! The city has increased the rewards per barbarian head! One head, 100 coins!”

Nearly one hundred strong men shouted in unison, “Kill the barbarians! Kill the barbarians!”

Accompanied by the loud shouting, these men rushed to the other end of the floating bridge. Standing in a three vertical line formation, they drew the strong crossbows hanging on their backs and sealed off the floating bridge.

Over a thousand barbarians had entered Meng Village, and the rest of them were still trying to cross the crowded floating bridge. Some barbarians would occasionally fall into the river as the result of all the pushing by the other barbarians; they became food for the river fishes. These barbarians could not wait to rush into the village to rob and kill. Where could one find the time to care about their own kind and the friendship between themselves? They just kept pushing and slamming each other, crowding the entire floating bridge. It was so crowded that even water was unable to pass between them.

The water could not pass, but the arrows could.

The power of the strong crossbows used by this team of men who had come out form the forest was horrifying. When the strings were released and an explosion like sound was heard, dozens of arrow was shot out with great speed. Each arrow immediately pierced through the body of their target, and then it continued to pierce through at least three to five more barbarians before finally losing its momentum.

These men used a method called the ‘three phase shooting’. One group shoot, one group prepares, and another group reloads the arrows. The arrows seemed endless; they kept being shot out one after the other. Soon, all the barbarians on the floating bridge were dead.

The river fishes were about to start biting the barbarian corpses that had fallen down from the bridge, but the leader hurriedly took out a packet of powder and poured it into the river. A pungent smell spread across, and these river fishes turned around swam away with great speed. None of them dared to stay close to this powder.

The man was laughing aloud, “A barbarian head is worth 100 coins, how could I let you eat them? Brothers, kill those barbarians with all your effort! When we go back to the town, we will go find some girls and have some fun! Haha, this time we’re going to be rich!”

The strong men were all laughing and cheering. Although they were laughing and cheering without stop, their movements were still stable. Each of them pulled their strings and shot out arrows while marching on the floating bridge that was filled with blood. They were cruelly harvesting the lives of these barbarians.

These poor barbarians were all squeezed together; they did not even have the room to evade. Underneath the continuous arrows, in just a short time, arrows had killed all these few hundred barbarians.

The village elders were all cheering, “The barbarian hunters are here! Boys, kill those barbarians!”

The villagers of Meng Village were cheering; the barbarians were panicking.

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