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Chapter 731 - The Man Who Can't Remember

"Wang, I'm sorry, I lost again …"

In the Shanhai tomb, the Hou's injuries were mostly healed, and it kneeled in front of Xuanyuan Yingji.

"Continue to treat your injuries, I don't blame you."

Xuanyuan Yingji didn't seem to care about Hou's failure.

"I told you not to go."

Bai Ze stood at the side with a book in hand. "The reason why I'm following beside Ying Tian is because I want to observe him first. Now, there was a saying: know yourself, know your enemy, and you won't lose a hundred battles. "You're too impulsive. You ran over to fight before you could even figure out the situation of the enemy."

"I, I …" The Hou said with a face full of shame, "I am also avenging my past."

"In short."

Xuanyuan Yingji said at this time, "In the future, do not casually attack Ying Tian without my order. His life is mine. I sent Bai Ze to Ying Tian's side, firstly, to monitor him and secondly, to protect him. No one but me could touch him. Otherwise, don't blame me, Xuanyuan Yingji, for being ruthless. "

"Understood, King …"

Hou nodded and left.

"Bai Ze, you have followed Qin Chao for a period of time. How do you feel?"

"Wang, I have to say, he's the same as before, a philanderer."

Bai Ze said what he had learnt from modern times, "By his side, from my observation, there are not more than ten women."

"Oh?" Xuanyuan Yingji carelessly touched his hair, "How are they compared to me?"

"No matter if it's beauty or temperament, they are all inferior to a tenth of a king."

What Bai Ze had said was indeed the truth.

"In other words, Ying Tian has a bad eye."

"Not really."

Bai Ze said, "However, there are only two such beautiful women, from the heavens to the earth."

"Which two?"

"One is the King, the other one is the Ninth Heaven Fairy."

"Ninth Heaven Fairy, huh …"

Xuanyuan Yingji's hair had unknowingly turned white. A powerful aura of a vicious beast suddenly appeared, and the surrounding vegetation began to slowly wither.

"It's that woman again! It was because Ying Tian followed her that she abandoned me that year! "She and I will not rest until we are dead!"

"Wang, please calm your anger, Bai Ze said the wrong thing."

In the midst of this powerful aura, even the divine beast Bai Ze would shiver.

"Bai Ze, you are so smart, can you tell me?!"

Xuanyuan Yingji's gaze finally fell on his own subordinate's body, "Ying Tian told me in front of my tomb that he gave me a gift. But what exactly is this gift? "

"Wang, when you calm down, you will find this gift."


Hearing Bai Ze's words, Xuanyuan Yingji calmed his anger. Her frightening berserk beast aura also dissipated. The withered trees beside him began to gradually regain their vitality.

"Wang, it's that black hair of yours."

Bai Ze said.

"Black hair?" Xuanyuan Yingji looked at his hair that was like a black waterfall, and sighed.

"Wang, that Ying Tian gave you a chance at life before he died. Wang, you are the daughter of Human Venerable and Ghost Venerable, from the moment you were born, your body carried a thick aura of despair. You are born with the [Hiderigami], wherever you go, not a single blade of grass will grow. This was actually a curse. When Ying Tian died, he used half of his cultivation to cast a spell on you. This spell, if I'm not mistaken, should be the Rejuvenation Spell. As long as you are calm, the curse will be covered. Where are you? Not only are you not dead, you're also full of flowers and filled with vitality. "

"So, this is his present …"

Xuanyuan Yingji raised his head again, and looked at the sky in a daze, not knowing what to think. Bai Ze stood at the side, looking at his stunned king, he shook his head, and his body slowly turned into nothingness.

It had already been half a year since the last berserk beast attack.

During this period of time, it was rare for things to be so quiet. Qin Chao returned to the Sunan city, and his daily mission was to stroll around the campus. Looking at the beauties, teasing the female secretary, Qin Ling, was actually quite happy.

Su Ji was still busy with exams, but changed the school's address at the last minute. It is said that many of the teaching buildings were blown up because of a gas explosion at their school.

Coincidentally, in a stadium far away in the capital, there was also this sort of news. However, what was strange was where did the gas come from? It even destroyed half of the stadium.

In short, everything was a mystery, and only Qin Chao knew the real reason.

In this period of time, the Rakshasa School had been developing, and Cao Yu and Huang An had helped a lot. This organization, Raksha, also developed very quickly. Due to the high completion rate of the mission, it seemed to be on par with the skeletons from back then.

Li Baishan was also very rare, he didn't give himself any mission. But right now, Qin Chao had a lot of things to do. He promised to become the Evil Alliance's Alliance Master. However, he was still at a loss as to how to do it.

This was because he did not even know where the most serious problem was located with regards to the Evil Alliance.

Qin Chao naturally would not waste his remaining two wishes on something like this.

Because he had always been unable to make a wish, he had not seen Luo Xi's sexy female Demon for a long time.

Right now, it was almost six months. Li Na and Liu Ying were busy preparing for the examination.

The college entrance exam was the start of a springboard for many children after the exam ended.

Su Fei was also very busy, because at this time, the school was very busy right now with their recruitment plans.

Moreover, she was still busy with getting the school to join the society as soon as possible. In this way, Guangyuan was no longer a third-rate university. But among them, not only was it the strength of the teachers, but there was also the problem of the school's material foundation. She still had to busy herself and make some connections up there.

Floor to floor, this Su Fei busily worked until the latter half of the night before being able to get off work. Even Jiang Dong had become a night owl. Otherwise, Jiang Dong would be a pity, he was Su Fei's chauffeur.

Therefore, the most idle person, would become Qin Chao.

Maybe he knew that this fellow was unreliable, and he couldn't stand watching him act like this. Su Ji was no longer as strict with him as he was in the past.

"Brother Qin."

Just as Qin Chao was guarding the door, he met Fang Wen who had returned to retrieve his file.

This girl was wearing more and more professional attire. She wore a grey suit that accompanied her nice figure. It attracted the gazes of many students who came and went from one place to another.

"Oh, Fang Wen, why are you back again?"

Qin Chao was holding onto a box of chips, eating it by himself while feeding it to the little fox on his shoulder.


Fang Wen glanced at the little fox on Qin Chao's shoulder, then said, "Brother Qin, recently have you heard any news about Lili?"


Qin Chao caressed the little fox's head and asked, "Which Lili?"

"Huh?" Fang Wen thought as he heard this. "Of course it's my good friend, Hu Lili."

"Hu Lili?"

Qin Chao was in a daze, he thought for a long time, "Who is that?"

"Brother Qin... "You, don't you remember her?"

Fang Wen was a little anxious, "Don't joke around, I'm in a hurry. She's been gone for a long time. I called my cell phone, and I'm in arrears. QQ, she's not going up. There was no one at her house. This little girl, where did she go? "

"Maybe she's out of the country. Maybe she's travelling or something." Qin Chao really couldn't remember who this person was, "But, I'm sorry, I still didn't remember … Hu Lili... Who exactly is it? "

"Brother Qin... Have you really forgotten about Hu Lili … "

Fang Wen's gaze actually contained a bit of hidden bitterness, "You don't remember? It was you who saved her life back then. Otherwise, she would have been killed by the car. "

"Ah?" Is that true? "

Qin Chao rubbed his nose, "What's wrong, I don't remember."

The little fox on Qin Chao's shoulder licked Qin Chao's cheeks.

"Sigh... Brother Qin, you really don't remember … " Fang Wen sighed, "That's right, a normal girl like me and Lili would definitely not be able to remember this. Maybe one day, Brother Qin will forget about me too. "

"How is that possible?"

Qin Chao waved his hand, "Don't worry, I have a good memory."

"With his good memory, how could he have forgotten about Lili …"

"I, I really don't know this Hu Lili …"

Qin Chao rubbed his nose, feeling wronged.

"Brother Qin, if you don't believe me, I can find someone to prove it to."

Fang Wen looked left and right, seeing the tension at the entrance of the security post, he immediately waved and shouted, "Brother Tension! Big Brother Tension! "Here, here!"

"Yi, isn't this Fang Wen?"

Tension waddled over, "What, you're coming back to take care of the paperwork again today, right? This school is the same as well. They'll torture you all to death and you won't even stop working. "

"I'm fine." Fang Wen laughed, then said, "Brother Tension, tell me, do you know Hu Lili?"

"Who doesn't know that girl!" With a loud laugh, he said, "How many people on this campus don't know of Hu Lili's great name?"

"But there is one."

Fang Wen pulled Qin Chao's arm and said, "He said that he does not know Hu Lili."


Tension touched the back of his head, "Brother Qin, are you kidding? Anyone could not recognize Hu Lili, but how could you not know her? Do you remember that on your first day at school, you met her? "

"Really, really?"

Qin Chao's face was full of surprise, "But, but why can't I remember anything …. Tension, you aren't teaming up with Fang Wen to play with me right? "

"How is this possible!"

Tension quickly said, "Brother Qin, when have I ever lied to you? You forgot, on your first day here, you met electric baton Wang at this door. At that time, electric baton Wang wanted to check Fang Wen and Zhang Lili's student identification. I was standing guard and saw them. "

"But, but why do I only remember Fang Wen …"

Qin Chao stroked his head. No matter how hard he tried to recall, he couldn't remember Hu Lili at all.

"Aiya, Brother Qin, look at your memory. Wait, Yang Shuo, that brat, he usually likes female students. Heh, of course, they are beautiful students. He definitely has a picture of Hu Lili. I'll look for it for you. "

As he spoke, he turned around and was about to enter the security.

"Right, let Brother Qin have a good look!" Fang Wen also nodded and stood there. The little girl was rather stubborn, and looked at Qin Chao resolutely.

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