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With his current strength, as long as there were no people above the eighth place of mortal kungfu realm taking action, they would be unable to pose a threat to him. There were not many people in the entire Southern Martial Nation, so Shen Tianhu was extremely at ease.

The imperial city was rather far from the Crouching Tiger City, so it would take at least five or six days. However, there wouldn't be any dangers along the way, unless one was seeking death by entering the mountains and forests where the beasts frequently roamed.

"Kid, don't be in such a hurry to enter those martial arts sects. Those martial arts sects have fierce competition. Without absolute strength, one will only be humiliated inside!" Bai Youyou said.

"Got it, Sister You You You!" Chen Xiang's heart warmed. It was rare for the ice beauty Bai Youyou to remind him this.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already left the Crouching Tiger City, and arrived in the wilderness. This was the first time he had left the Crouching Tiger City, and his heart was a little excited.

It was evening, and the sky was dark. Chen Xiang came to the side of a forest, and walked along a muddy road, when he suddenly sensed movement behind him!

"Motherf * cker, this father has been targeted by something, and there are even several of them!" Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, at the same time, he increased his vigilance, activating the Innate Qi on his limbs, which could allow him to attack or dodge quickly.

"Don't panic, let them out first. If they can't beat you, run. You have the Suzaku fire wing, you can easily escape." Su Meiyao whispered to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang replied with his divine sense: "I'm not panicking, I'm just unhappy, and actually followed me for so long. Could it be that they have been following me for all this time from the Crouching Tiger City?"

"So useless, I've been followed by someone for so long!" This made Chen Xiang even more unhappy in his heart.

Chen Xiang turned around and shouted coldly: "How long are you planning to follow me for? "Get the hell out here."

Not long after he finished shouting, five masked men in black appeared beside him. He had long since helped the Xue Clan disciples deal with the black clothed assassins, and he didn't think that he would encounter any of them.

The five black clothed men were indeed following Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang had been extremely cautious along the way, making it difficult for them to attack. Now that Chen Xiang had discovered them, they could only appear.

The five black clothed men only revealed a pair of eyes, their eyes were calm, it was clear that they were rich in experience, once they appeared, without saying a word, they took out a black broadsword from the Storage bag, raised up their large blades and poured into the Innate Qi, then the five of them rushed towards Chen Xiang at the same time.

The five hitmen were very straightforward, fast and ruthless, but the moment they started jumping, Chen Xiang's eyes released two flames, the hot air in his body surged, and the Suzaku genuine qi immediately entered into his arm. His right hand ignited with a burst of flame, and a long whip of fire appeared in his hand, the fire whip formed from the Suzaku genuine qi danced, flying straight towards the five black clothed men, and in the blink of an eye, it struck onto the five men's bodies and ignited their clothes.

The five men in black had no choice but to give up on attacking Chen Xiang and retreat, because the flames which burned their clothes were too unbearable for them.

Chen Xiang sneered as the fire whip in his hand mercilessly lashed out at the head of a black-clothed man. When the fire whip hit the black-clothed man's head, it released an explosion, bringing out a large amount of flames.

The Vermillion Bird's true flame was not an ordinary flame. It was formed from a divine cultivation technique, so its might was boundless.

The strength of the five men in black were all at the fifth level of mortal kungfu realm. When they came to assassinate Chen Xiang, they simply struck a stone with their eggs. Chen Xiang waved the fire whip in his hand again, hitting the men in black, and in a few blinks of an eye, three more men in black were killed!

Those black-clothed men were as weak as tofu in front of his fire whip. With a sweep of the whip, their bodies could be easily sliced apart!

And only someone with a sufficiently powerful consciousness would be able to condense a Innate Qi into such a powerful weapon!

"Sister You You, do you have any way to make this guy say anything?" Chen Xiang had caught hold of a black-clothed man, but that man in black was unwilling to say anything.

Bai Youyou laughed sinisterly, and replied: "You asked the right person, you did what I told you, you used your hand to press down on that person's head, and then condense your consciousness again. Then, you used your spiritual sense according to my method, and divided your spiritual sense into six parts, and poured it into six different parts on that person's head."

Chen Xiang immediately did as he was told. It could be considered simple, and the results were soon to be seen. The black clothed man's eyes were glazed over, losing their luster, and did not struggle as hard as before.

"Ask him again." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang praised Bai Youyou's profound strength and then asked the black-clothed man: "Who sent you to kill me?"

"Yao Clan's Seventh Elder!" The voice of the man in black was emotionless and stiff.

Chen Xiang's eyes flashed sinisterly, he never thought that it would actually be sent by the Yao Clan, and continued to ask: "Where is he now?"

"On the way to the Royal City." The man in black answered.

Chen Xiang held onto the clothes of the black clothed man, and asked again: Are you the assassins that assassinated those clan disciples?

The man in black replied, "Yes."

Chen Xiang's expression turned gloomy, he was extremely surprised, this was actually done by Yao Clan.

"Why does the Yao Clan want to assassinate those clan disciples that participated in the banquet?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"I don't know!" The man in black answered.

Chen Xiang asked a few more questions, but he couldn't get any out of them, so he killed the black-clothed man and burned these corpses.

It was completely dark and the sky was filled with stars. A red light suddenly flashed across the sky. It looked like a shooting star, but the shooting star would not fly horizontally.

Chen Xiang had released his Suzaku fire wing, and was hurrying through the night. He had chased after the Seventh Elder of the Yao Clan, who was also the one who was injured by him!

Releasing the Innate Qi into wings, not only did it consume a lot of consciousness, it also consumed a lot of Innate Qi. However, Chen Xiang cultivated the Genuine qi of five elements, so he currently used the fire attribute Suzaku genuine qi.

There weren't many martial arts that could turn the Innate Qi into wings, and all of these were very strict, because the Innate Qi was released from the back, and also required precise control through spiritual sense. The wings were like the wings of a bird, and there couldn't be the slightest mistake, otherwise, it would be very dangerous. From what Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao said, Chen Xiang knew that even those martial arts sects had very few of them.

Therefore, he had to be extra careful when he used it, but he didn't care at all. He had to catch up to the Elder from Yao Clan's convoy, if others could assassinate him, then of course he could also assassinate others!

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