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A skinny old man in ragged clothes who seemed to have just been bombarded by bolts of lightning stormed out of the Secret Palace. Gesticulating angrily, he growled at Yu Chen, "How could you use your formation against your own people, Old Third?"

Yu Chen glared back at him and bellowed, "These bunch of fools are from the Thousand Spirit Palace. They are not my own people!"

The Wuchang brothers, who were still under Wu Qi's feet, snarled almost at the same time, "We are definitely not one of theirs!"

The skinny old man rubbed his temple with a thumb, clenching his jaws as he roared, "If not because of the Human Emperor's decree, if not for being forced by you all, I wouldn't have become the Great Elder of the Secret Palace! When are you going to stop giving me headaches? When will you get along well with each other?"

Yu Chen jumped to his feet while pointing his finger at the Wuchang brothers and cried out, "They are the ones who provoked us this time!"

"Bullsh*t!" The brothers snapped, with the exception of Wuchang Chi, who was in a coma right now. "Great Elder Baihuang, can you see that we are being trampled underfoot by his people? What's so great about Yan Tian Palace? Do you think you can bully others just because your cultivation base is stronger? Well, if you are so great, why don't you try our Thousand Spirit Soldiers Formation?"

Baihuang Mo, the Great Elder of Great Yu's Secret Palace who was in charge of the day-to-day affairs, blinked his deep eyes that glowed with a faint blue gleam and muttered in a low, somewhat irritated voice, "Why don't you just fight to death? I can't wait to see all of you dead so I can have some peace of mind!"

He gritted his teeth and sighed, then said with a distressed expression, "Alright, alright! Do you know how old you are? Although you are younger than me, the difference is merely of a thousand years at the most. We are all the Seniors and Elders in Great Yu…Do you know how old your youngest descendants are? So, can you behave like their patriarchs and stop all this mischief?"

He then gave the Elders of Thousand Spirit Palace a glance, who had their hands tucked underneath their sleeves and seemed to be searching for something. "If you dare to take those things out of your sleeves," Baihuang Mo said with a cold snort, "I'll help Yan Tian Palace and break all your bones right now!" Upon hearing that, those Elders exchanged glances before taking their hands out of their sleeves and having them clasped behind their backs.

Finally, he glared at Yu Chen and said, "Dismiss your formation and let them out, or I won't mind helping the Thousand Spirit Palace teach your people a good lesson. Well, just so you know, I've recently mastered the Thousand Spirit Realm-Breaking Grand Magic, and I was thinking to try your formation and see if you can trap me within!"

Yu Chen twitched his mouth and grunted, then said in a cold voice, "Well, a formation constructed in such a hurry like this can never trouble you, I grant you that. But, do you have the courage to try Yan Tian Palace's defensive formation? Do you have the courage to try our Great Universe Formation?" Although he was challenging Baihuang Mo, he clapped his hands nonetheless. Seeing that, the Elders and Oracles of Yan Tian Palace retracted their energy stones, pearls, array flags, array discs, and many other objects, dismissing the formation that had blanketed the void.

Baihuang Mo's expression froze for a moment before he growled at Yu Chen, "Oh, you're right, I don't have the courage to try your Great Universe Formation! Since you sound like someone with big balls, Old Three, why don't you take a sip of this, the Dragon Saliva and Thousand Fruits Soup I've just cooked?"

With a flip of his palm, a pot, about the size of a washbasin and carved out of black jade, appeared in his hand. A pitch-black potion could be seen boiling in the pot with tiny bubbles constantly rising up from the bottom, while a suffocating stench quickly spread across the air. Even Wu Qi, in his dragonman form, staggered backward as soon as he inhaled the strong smell.

Before long, the sound of vomiting was heard coming from all over the place. Some weaker Oracles who were too late to cover their noses had begun to retch. No one knew what was mixed in the potion and gave it such an unusual stench. It was so strong and pungent that it took no time for those Oracles to puke out their bile, and some with a stronger reaction even had gall juices spraying out of their nostrils. They were in so much pain that they could not help clutching their throats with both hands, seemingly wanting to strangle themselves to death and escape the torture.

Yu Chen's face turned extremely unsightly. He gave the pot of potion a quick look and turned away. Then, in an attempt to evade the topic, he said, "After all these years, no one has ever escaped from Yan Tian Palace's Great Universe Formation!"

Even as he was saying that, Baihuang Mo held the pot high up and showed it around with a proud expression, his eyes narrowed due to a smile. When he was contented with the response, he said, "All my potions come from ancient secret recipes which I've carefully modified, and those who have tried them are now dead. Hehe, they are also very powerful!"

He took a deep inhalation and said, somewhat intoxicated, "My goal is to kill a Primordial Immortal with this pot of Dragon Saliva and Thousand Fruits Soup! Aye, those Gold Immortals are just not qualified to taste my cooking skill, don't you think so?"

'Which Primordial Immortal would drink your soup save for those who are out of their minds?' Wu Qi stared blankly at Baihuang Mo and thought. 'The potion may have an incredible toxicity, but it smells terribly awful. Anyone can smell its stench even from a hundred miles away. What makes you think a Primordial Immortal will drink it?'

In any case, after Baihuang Mo's interruption, the Oracles of both divisions had stopped fighting each other. Those from Yan Tian Palace were now standing leisurely behind Yu Chen, while those from Thousand Spirit Palace were busy treating their fellow Oracles. A few of their Elders had bolted to the severely wounded Wuchang brothers and quickly fed them some pills, then set their dislocated joints back to the correct positions and mended their broken bones, before bandaging their external wounds with medicinal powders.

However, even if they did have a way to heal Wuchang Chi's missing arm that was eaten by Ao Buzun, these Elders could not use it here and now. Therefore, they just bandaged his wound, then used some incense to wake him up from the coma.

Just as Wuchang Chi opened his eyes with his head still reeling, he saw Baihuang Mo proudly showing off that little black jade pot. "Great Elder, please set things straight for me!" He howled at the top of his voice. "Yan Tian Palace has pushed us too far, and this punk is completely lawless! You must punish Yan Tian Palace severely and kill this punk! Oh, don't forget to send the punk's black dragon and two dragon pythons to the Thousand Spirit Palace later!"

Upon hearing that, Yu Chen jumped to his feet and roared, "Let's see who in the entire Great Yu dares to touch Tan Lang! He is one of us, and that makes your intention of killing him, Wuchang Chi, an attack against Yan Tian Palace! Elders, construct the Centipede God Secret Formation and kill these pests from Thousand Spirit Palace! And Baihuang Mo, don't you dare to help them! You old lecher better don't forget that you had seduced…"

His words were abruptly cut off by a furious roar let out by Baihuang Mo, whose expression turned extremely anxious all of a sudden. The deafening voice threw many Oracles to the ground. As a matter of fact, even Wu Qi felt a sharp pain in his ears and saw stars flying in his eyes as strength left his legs, causing him to fall back down on his buttocks. For a long moment he could not understand what had just happened.

After holding all the Oracles present in awe with a loud roar, Baihuang Mo waved his sleeves triumphantly, the eight pitch-black Supreme Towers embroidered on his sleeves seeming so striking. With his head held high, he snorted coldly and said, "I already know what happened. This time, it's obviously the Thousand Spirit Palace's fault! Wuchang Chi, I'll strangle you to death now if you dare to utter another word!"

A cold grin emerged on his face as he darted a fierce glare at all the Masters and Elders of the Thousand Spirit Palace. "Yes, it's the Thousand Spirit Palace's fault. Why are you taking away things that belong to a Yan Tian Palace's disciple? That's just not right! If you have the guts, get all the specimens you need from the Heaven by means of bluffing, deceiving, swindling, or robbing! Well... I say that the Thousand Spirit Palace will compensate this little fellow Tan Lang, and this issue will be considered over. After all, we are a part of the Secret Palace…we are a part of a family!"

Wuchang Chi quivered with anger. He gave the hundreds of severely wounded Oracles behind his back a look, then turned to stare at Baihuang Mo, whose eyes were gleaming with a strong blue light as he wore an intimidating expression. Finally, when he thought of the 'great feat' Baihuang Mo had achieved in the past, he clenched his teeth and swallowed his anger.

Looking greedily at Ao Buzun who was coiling around Wu Qi's neck, and then at the two dragon python sisters lying on his shoulders, Wuchang Chi grunted and said, "Fine, you can say I was wrong this time...But, whether it is really the fault of Thousand Spirit Palace, we will find out after Thousand Spirit Palace's Great Elder comes out of his seclusion..."

He ran his tongue around his lips and said, "So, your name is Tan Lang, eh? What compensation do you want? Let me warn you…"

"Warn? Wuchang Chi, do you have no respect for Great Elder Baihuang?" Yu Chen abruptly cut in. Meanwhile, Baihuang Mo grunted coldly and darted a grim look at Wuchang Chi. Seeing that, Wuchang Chi rolled his eyes, then clenched his jaws and said, "This is the master catalog of all the treasures in Thousand Spirit Palace's warehouse!"

With a flip of his palm, a strange-shaped dragon vertebra appeared in his hand, which he tossed over to Wu Qi.

As soon as Wu Qi sent his divine sense into the pitch-black bone, he was greeted by a vast amount of information. In just the blink of an eye, the information about the countless treasures in Thousand Spirit Palace's warehouse rushed into his divine soul. The information was immense, and it exploded directly in his divine soul without any delay whatsoever. Had it not been for the fact that he possessed a strong divine soul now, the information overload would have severely wounded his divine soul and turned him into an idiot.

As he held the bone tightly in his palm, Wu Qi gave Wuchang Chi a cold look and said with a deep voice, "Alright, I'm not a greedy person. I saw the bloodlines of a hundred divine beasts…Please give them to me, Master Wuchang, and I'll not pursue today's incident further!"

Wu Qi's heart was beating violently as he spoke those words. Once he fused with these bloodlines, he would be able to transform into a hundred different divine beasts! Although there were some legendary divine abilities that could allow someone to transform into divine beasts, they could never be as amazing as Wu Qi's ability to fuse with divine beasts' bloodlines!

Thousand Spirit Palace had suffered a great loss today. Four of their Masters were trampled under Wu Qi's foot, and hundreds of their disciples were severely wounded by Yan Tian Palace's formation. They had brought this to themselves, but it was clear that Wu Qi was in an advantageous position. Therefore, he only demanded the bloodlines of a hundred divine beasts, because too much greed would leave a bad impression!

As for the countless treasures recorded in the bone, Wu Qi had decided that he would find an opportunity to steal all of them! He swore to himself that he would steal all the bodies of the divine beasts and fowls that were stored in Thousand Spirit Palace as specimens one day!

Baihuang Mo burst into laughter. "See, isn't this better? There are no hard feelings here…After all, we are a family!"

Off to the side, Yu Chen was grinning from ear to ear.

Only those from Thousand Spirit Palace could not laugh. They all fixed their gazes at Wu Qi, remembering his face that he wore with the name 'Tan Lang'.

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