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The jarring siren was still ringing across the Secret Palace, bouncing back and forth between the surrounding rock walls. Hundreds of white-robed Oracles had gathered near the entrance, and a defensive formation had been activated. However, none of the high-ranking Oracles of the Secret Palace had come out to handle the situation.

With hands clasped behind his back and a big smile on his old face, Yu Chen was strutting up and down the square in front of the entrance like a peacock. He could not be prouder than now. Wu Qi had beaten up the four Wuchang brothers and thrown them to the ground, stepping on their back right now while he himself had effortlessly destroyed the void-locking formation they had laid out. That made him feel that Yan Tian Palace was so much stronger than the Thousand Spirit Palace.

Although they were all parts of the Secret Palace, there was a very strong competitive relationship between the divisions. Furthermore, as those who could enter the Secret Palace were mostly, if not all, people with abnormal mentalities and low emotional intelligence, one could not expect them to get along quite nicely. Especially when each division had their own beliefs and ideologies, it was very common for them to be critical of each other. Usually, the contention of mouth and tongue would end up in cursing and fighting.

Despite that, nothing like this had happened since the Secret Palace was founded. Even though Yu Chen had once spat into Wuchang Chi's face, he never trod him underfoot!

But, Wu Qi did precisely that today! The four Masters of Thousand Spirit Palace, the four brothers from Wuchang clan, were now trampled under his feet and could not move even a little. In Yu Chen's mind, Wu Qi was a genius in the Dao of Formations who would sooner or later become the Model Oracle of Yan Tian Palace. Therefore, he had already taken Wu Qi as a part of Yan Tian Palace.

The Model Oracle of Yan Tian Palace had the four Masters of Thousand Spirit Palace trampled under his feet! The sight of it filled Yu Chen with elation. The corners of his mouth were twitching, and he wished he could burst into laughter and deal the Wuchang brothers some sarcastic remarks. However, worrying that it might affect his image as the First Master of Yan Tian Palace, he just paced back and forth with his body twitching and jerking every now and then while nodding happily at those Oracles keeping guard near the entrance.

Of the four Wuchang brothers, the strongest was a Two Suns Oracle, whose cultivation base was merely equivalent to a fourteenth-tier Gold Immortal. So, when they were trampled underfoot by Wu Qi, a freak whose fleshly body and magic power were as strong as a fifth-tier Gold Immortal, they felt as if what stood over their backs was not a human, but dozens of mountains; the sheer weight and pressure had paralyzed them completely.

Wuchang Liang was cursing at Wu Qi's ancestors while he kept performing incantation gestures with both hands, trying to cast a Mountain Shifting Magic to remove Wu Qi's feet from their backs. However, whenever his magic was about to take shape, Wu Qi would stomp his feet and send out an invisible energy fluctuation to crush the magic to pieces, preventing him from completing it.

In the face of a fifth-tier Gold Immortal, a fourteenth-tier Gold Immortal was as weak and defenseless as a baby in front of an adult.

The other three Wuchang brothers were constantly murmuring spells and performing hand incantation gestures as well, trying to unleash some powerful magical artifacts and using them to attack Wu Qi. However, as the latter's cultivation base and physical strength were much stronger than theirs, no matter how they tried, they just could not make his feet move even just by a little.

With their bodies shrunk to about a foot long, the dragon python sisters landed atop Wu Qi's shoulder and gently rubbed against his earlobe with their heads. Meanwhile, Ao Buzun roared as his body abruptly grew to about ten feet long. Then, he leaped over to Wuchang Chi and growled, "You want to cut me open? You want to carry out strange experiments on me? And you want to take a few kilograms of my meat and taste it? DAMN YOU!"

All of a sudden, he opened his mouth and bit Wuchang Chi's arm off, swallowing it in a few gulps. The object of this ordeal shrieked in pain as fresh blood with a hint of black gas gushed out of the wound and quickly stained the ground.

Yu Chen was completely taken aback. He had never dreamed that Ao Buzun could be so fierce and savage. Actually, it was not a serious matter for Wu Qi to trample Wuchang Chi on the ground. After all, these Masters in the Secret Palace were all people with abnormal mentalities, and they were accustomed to being shameless. When Yu Chen had spat on Wuchang Chi's face the last time, the latter had only wiped his face with a sleeve and did not do anything at all.

But, as Ao Buzun ripped Wuchang Chi's arm off, the matter immediately escalated to another level.

The dozens of disciples following Wuchang Chi here roared in unison as their bodies suddenly expanded, causing their white robes to be torn to shreds. Surprisingly, among these disciples were Long Bo men, Feathermen, and even Mermen who could only live in the sea. Their tails had been covered by their white robes, and therefore, no one ever discovered their true identities.

In addition to these most common races in Great Yu, Wuchang Chi's disciples included a number of odd characters.

A few of them were from the clan of Three Arms. In addition to the two normal arms, they each had an extra arm growing on either their chests or their backs, the middle portion of their bodies. These disciples' aptitudes and innate talents were exactly the same as ordinary human beings, but what set them apart was the extra arm. Usually hiding within their bodies, this extra arm came with all kinds of strange divine abilities, and could be unleashed at any time when there was a need.

Some came with physical strength that could topple a mountain; some were indestructible; some could control the powers of lightning, thunder, earth, fire, and wind; and some even came with powers to shift the stars in the sky, which made them as strong as Gold Immortals.

The fleshly bodies of these people from the clan of Three Arms were weak, and they did not possess mighty cultivation bases. However, the divine abilities that came with their third arms allowed them to effortlessly kill Heaven Immortals, and even fight Gold Immortals head-on without being defeated.

Of all Wuchang Chi's disciples, seven of them were from the clan of Three Arms. When they saw their Master being humiliated by Wu Qi, and even had one of his arms eaten by Ao Buzun, they immediately jumped into action. In just the blink of an eye, their bodies grew to about twenty feet tall, while each had an extra arm stretched out of their chests, slamming down toward Wu Qi's head.

When two of the arms were waving down, there were some vague images of mountains in their palms. Clearly, they came from someone with the strength to topple mountains.

The other two arms were shrouded in flames. The first one came with a green flame which radiated a threatening coldness while the second one was bright red. Although there was still some distance between them, some of Wu Qi's hairs were already charred and burned by the immense heatwave emanating from them.

Of the last three arms, one had stars blinking in the palm, one rang with muffled thunderclaps, and one had blue waves pouring out. Shockingly, the last one had a blue jellyfish bobbing within the palm, shrouded in a raging and rocking ocean that looked rather frightening.

Wu Qi snorted coldly, then threw his head back and roared as his body grew abruptly to about fifty feet tall; he had exercised the Dragon Kill. One black dragon scale after another quickly emerged from beneath his skin, and he was soon fully and densely covered in three layers of dragon scales. With that, his defense shot up tenfold. Next, he spread both of his palms that were about the size of a table each and gently waved his fingers, from which, streams of ghastly white mists came spewing out. The air began to ring with eerie ghost howls and wails as gusts of chilly winds rose from the ground, rolling up the white mists while swirling about his body.

As Wu Qi thrust his big palms toward those Three Armers, his feet pushed downward, sending a force into the Wuchang brothers' bodies and causing their eyes to bulge, their mouths bubbling. The poor brothers had had their bones cracked and broken by Wu Qi's heavy punches just now, and this powerful force had pushed their broken bones into their muscles and internal organs, causing them to shriek miserably.

At that moment, Wu Qi's palms solidly clashed with each of the seven arms.

The two Three Armers who had vague images of mountains flashing in their palms attacked with forces that came pouring down like a massive landslide, but Wu Qi's physical strength was at least a hundred times greater than theirs. As a result, his palm strike had instantly broken their arms, and his incredible strength had knocked them tumbling back for hundreds of feet while howling in pain, making them fall to the ground with blood spraying out of their mouths. Almost at the same time, he sent a stream of cold energy and a wisp of Divine Flame of Order into the palms of the two Three Armers with flames spewing out of their palms, freezing and cracked one arm into pieces and burning the other into ashes. Both of them shrieked miserably as they toppled to the ground with blood oozing out of their seven orifices.

Effortlessly, he then countered the attacks from the remaining three with various divine abilities, shattering their arms into pieces and knocking them flying away. All of them had blood spouting out of their mouths and their internal organs severely wounded.

In the next moment, he was showered by waves of magic unleashed by the other disciples of Wuchang Chi. However, with not even one of them being a Sun Oracle, and given the incredible toughness of his fleshly body, the dragon scales with amazing defense and the ability to resist most of the magic, and the runes that he had cast to protect himself, how could these disciples cause him any harm?

Instead, he transferred all the pressure that came from these magic to the four Wuchang brothers he had trampled underfoot. The heavy pressure caused them to howl and roar at the top of their voices, while Wuchang Chi, the most seriously injured one, had already fainted.

Suddenly, loud shouts and cries echoed out from within the Secret Palace as over a thousand Oracles of Thousand Spirit Palace bolted out. Led by a dozen old and skinny Oracles, they quickly spread out and began to shower Wu Qi with waves after waves of magic.

Yu Chen gave a cold snort and pointed his fingers out. Immediately, numerous azure pearls shot whistling out, forming into a Minor Evil Ghosts Formation around him and Wu Qi. Then, dozens of ferocious ghost heads flew out of each of the pearls, bobbing in mid-air while devouring all the magic that came pouring at them.

A burst of furious cursing and yelling followed as Oracles of Yan Tian Palace dashed out of the Secret Palace, led by dozens of old Oracles.

As soon as these Oracles made their appearances, the sky was blotted with energy stones, immortal stones, array flags, array discs, gold daggers, jade daggers, pearls, and many other objects. In just the blink of an eye, over two thousand formations were constructed, quickly joining with one another like bricks to form a single formation in the void. Evidently, it was a formation with a power beyond one's imagination.

The group of over a thousand Oracles from Thousand Spirit Palace was trapped within this mighty formation. Countless bolts of lightning, balls of flames, gold daggers, and streams of water came pouring and smashing down at them from all directions, while the surrounding void was blotted with poisonous gases, evil mists, ghost heads, and celestial fiends. The air rang with miserable howls as over eight hundred of them were severely wounded and thrown to the ground.

It was when the dozens of Elders from Thousand Spirit Palace were about to be overwhelmed by the formation that a furious roar came ringing out from within the Secret Palace.

"Enough! Have you finished with your mischief?"

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