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While struggling violently and howling miserably, eighty-four immortals, whose bodies were scorched and covered with a thick layer of ice, were being pulled to the side of the two dragon pythons by a powerful force. Looking at them with their cold, jewel-like eyes, the two mighty ancient beasts swallowed them gracefully one by one.

Ferocious, cold-blooded, savage, and brutal…these were the best words to describe the two dragon pythons, and these were also their nature! However, there was a lot of love between them. After swallowing all the Heaven Immortals alive and devouring one Gold Immortal each, they refused to eat the last one and kept giving him to the other.

A Gold Immortal with substantial cultivation base was a great tonic to ancient beasts like dragon pythons. Basically, they could fully absorb and digest everything in a Gold Immortal's body, including the blood essence, energy, as well as the essence of the immortal soul. The more they ate, the stronger their cultivation bases would be.

While the two dragon pythons were asking the other to devour the last Gold Immortal, the Gold Immortal himself was so frightened that he almost went crazy. Howling at the top of his lungs, he begged Li Qinghua to save him or just kill him straight away. He had witnessed how his two brothers were swallowed in the most elegant manner by the two dragon pythons, and he could even hear their drying screams coming from their bellies!

That horrible scene was a hundred times crueler than hell.

Li Qinghua, who was bloated with pride when he first arrived, was soaked through with cold sweat as he looked at the two dragon pythons, his body trembling. The courage to find a life-saving spirit medicine for his father and eventually win himself his father's praise had turned into a cold sweat and left him through his pores. Without hesitation, he turned and left while screaming, "Protect me! When my father comes here in person, I'll make sure they know I'm not someone they should be trifled with!"

The tricolored pagoda came hovering over his head. As he stepped on a flying sword and was about to fly away, he turned and pointed a finger at the two pythons while growling furiously, "After all, we just need your guts to concoct medicine...and my father doesn't care whether you're virgins or not...When he captures you two alive, I'll let you know how strong I can be!"

A smirk of obscenity came over Li Qinghua's face. Suddenly, he seemed to have a lot of courage. "Although I've played with beautiful girls from all sorts of races, I haven't tried dragon pythons! I'll definitely show you what I'm good at!"

At this critical juncture, Li Qinghua, who had been frightened into fleeing by the dragon pythons' dreadful attack, suddenly had some bad thoughts in his mind. Wu Qi and the others had good eyesight, so they could see clearly that a small tent had erected beneath his robe. Although the height of the tent and the diameter of its base were slightly smaller than normal, it was indeed a small tent!

"How good can a little earthworm be? Wait till he sees my tool!" The Yang Qiu brothers whispered in sarcasm at the same time, but Wu Qi just shook his head and said nothing. A father was responsible for his children's conduct. With Li Qinghua's disgusting manner, it was not hard to tell that his father, the Sovereign, was not a good man either!

Li Qinghua fled in a hurry, taking with him the tricolored pagoda and forgetting that the immortals around him still needed its protection. Although eighty-four immortals had been devoured by the two pythons, he still had at least three hundred immortals beside him. But, because he was desperate to flee, he had the pagoda's light protecting only him, causing all the other immortals to be exposed to the chaotic natural energy in the atmosphere.

Apart from the triplet Gold Immortals, among all the immortals he brought with him, the strongest were only a few peak-tier Heaven Immortals. In this primitive land which had just been formed by the chaotic energy, the violence of natural energy was beyond imagination. Therefore, these Heaven Immortals simply could not withstand it. In just the blink of an eye, dozens of the weakest Heaven Immortals shrieked miserably as their bodies exploded, while the rest felt the immortal energy in their bodies going out of control. Instead of being able to control the natural energy around them, they were constantly being weakened.

Accompanied by shrill and fierce cries, the two dragon pythons plunged into the group of immortals. The sky was filled with gold and silver beams of light as they breathed scorching flame and biting cold air, killing nearly a hundred Heaven Immortals on the spot. Any immortal swords or defensive immortal artifacts that came in contact with their huge and sharp claws were shattered in an instant, and wherever their massive bodies went, the immortals would fall to the ground like weeds.

Some immortals did their very best to attack the two dragon pythons, shouting and roaring as they exercised their strongest immortal spells.

But, in this place where the natural energy was in a messy state, just when their immortal spells had formed in their palms and before they could be thrown out, the disordered natural energy immediately caused them to explode ahead of time. The more powerful an immortal spell was, the more lethal it would be when it self-exploded. Huge explosions swept across the place; instead of being killed by the dragon pythons, dozens of Heaven Immortals had their bodies torn and ripped apart by the explosions that erupted in the palms of the companions next to them.

Looking at the two dragon pythons, Wu Qi nodded his head repeatedly. They were so much stronger than Gold Horn and Silver Horn. While the dragon python brothers still breathed red flame and white ice, the two sisters had evolved to a stage where they were breathing silver ice and gold fire-elemental energy beams, which were at least ten thousand times stronger than the brothers! 'Gold Horn and Silver Horn are too lazy, spending their days only in drinking and eating beside Zhang Le! If truth be told, they don't look like dragon pythons at all, but two lazy pigs!' thought Wu Qi.

Amidst miserable screams, hundreds of Heaven Immortals were killed by the two dragon pythons. The ground was covered with broken limbs and golden blood, and the valley, once a pleasant sight, had become no different from hell. But, the two sisters would not stop. Both of them flew into the sky at the same time, flapping their huge wings which looked translucent and surprisingly light; turning into two rays of light, they overtook Li Qinghua in an instant.

Two beams of light, one golden and the other silver, came shooting out of their giant mouths, ripping a thick dark cloud apart in an instant and smashing right into Li Qinghua's pagoda. The air rang with a deafening boom which drowned Li Qinghua's horrified and despairing shriek, while a strong light erupted from the pagoda as it was being knocked tens of miles away like a bullet, slamming heavily into the side of a lofty mountain whose peak towered into the clouds.

As mentioned before, the mountains here were all freshly formed mountain frames, and hence were incredibly tough. Although Li Qinghua had been thrown so far away and the pagoda hovering over him slammed the mountain, it could only produce bright sparks and a muffled thud without leaving even a trace on the surface of the mountain. Meanwhile, the strong force of the impact had sent Li Qinghua's head reeling, and blood was dripping down the corners of his mouth.

But, it was evident that the pagoda protecting him was an excellent treasure. Although it was hit by the sisters' brutal attack, which was capable of killing a Gold Immortal in an instant, Li Qinghua was not seriously injured. With a twisted expression on his face, he swallowed a few pills in a hurry, then made the much dimmer pagoda fly back into the sky, fleeing quickly toward the distant horizon.

The two dragon pythons flew after Li Qinghua, showering him with golden and silver beams of light which made him scream and almost faint because of the fright. But, they seemed to have something to worry about. After nearly a thousand miles into the chase, they quickly returned to their nest, devouring all the immortals before plunging back into the eyes of fire and water to slowly digest the unexpected feast.

Li Qinghua's immortal energy had been exhausted and his internal organs had been severely wounded. He would have been killed had it not been for the pagoda he had stolen from his father. Although the pagoda was a powerful ancient artifact, he could not exert all its power, because he was not its master. So, after going through the storm-like attacks of the two dragon pythons, he had been severely injured and was like a spent arrow now.

He fell heavily to the ground, then shoved a few pills into his mouth and howled suddenly, "Dad, where are you? Your son is suffering here! Please come quickly and save me! Dad! Stop recuperating in the seclusion…Your son needs your help!"

Actually, Wu Qi and the Yang Qiu brothers were not far behind him. After seeing him fall to the ground, with the pagoda becoming dim and falling beside him, they came out from behind a mountain with a sinister smile and walked slowly toward him.

Both Wu Qi and the Yang Qiu brothers wore heavy black armors, the surfaces of which carved with numerous ghost heads. All sorts of mysterious magic caused these ghost heads to flash with an evil gleam, and that gave all five of them an aggressive air. Li Qinghua was startled at the sight of Wu Qi and his companions, then screamed at the top of his lungs, "Mortals? What are you doing here?"

"Hehe, why can't we be here?" Wu Qi made a dash forward and kicked Li Qinghua in the stomach, shattering the last bit of his immortal energy. "The Sovereign's beloved son, Li Qinghua?" Wu Qi said with a grin, "Aye, as long as we kill you, one of us can be conferred rank of nobility!"

Clapping his hands, Wu Qi turned to the Yang Qiu brothers and said with a smile on his face, "I'll just take all odds and ends on him, and he can belong to the four of you! Which one of you is interested in being conferred a rank of nobility?"

The Yang Qiu brothers looked at each other and burst into laughter at the same time. "That's very nice of you! But brother, aren't you at a loss here? Well, we'll make it up to you when we get back!" They were so excited that their eyes almost spouted out flames of passion. Li Qinghua was a felon with a reward in the secret archives of the Directorate of Celestials, and anyone who could kill him could be conferred a rank of nobility! In other words, among the four of them, one would soon be conferred a rank of nobility!

The clan which the Yang Qiu brothers came from had served King Yang Qiu's clan for generations. However, although they did hold prominent positions and strong power in hands, only a couple of them had been conferred a rank of nobility over countless years, and these people had no close relationship with the branch which the brothers came from. Therefore, if one of them could be conferred rank of nobility, it would be a glorious moment for their branch. Their father, grandfather, as well as all the seniors in the branch would be struck with great joy!

Rubbing their palms, the simple-minded brothers had begun to plan how to compensate Wu Qi.

No matter how they looked at it, Li Qinghua's immortal artifact, spirit pills and other odds and ends were useless craps for Wu Qi.

But, Wu Qi was happily robbing Li Qinghua of all his belongings, including a prime immortal artifact, the Nine Phoenixes Soul Reaper, which he had stored in his spiritual ocean. These were all best quality treasures. How inferior could the quality of the prime immortal artifact used by the beloved son of the Sovereign be?

Afterward, they used the most vicious restrictive magic to imprison Li Qinghua, and even his immortal soul. A live Li Qinghua was worth more than a dead head. Although the Yang Qiu brothers were not very clever people, they knew what was worth more.

After binding him firmly and just as they were about to return, Yangqiu Leilong suddenly pulled down Li Qinghua's pants and spat on that thing between his legs.

"With this little earthworm of yours, what gives you the confidence to claim that you'll show the two little girls what you're good at?"

Yangqiu Leilong lifted the lower part of his armor and pulled down his pants to reveal a huge, dark object. While proudly showing it off to the pale Li Qinghua, he said, "Look at this, little earthworm! This is what we call a dragon, and only with this size can you show off! Hahaha!"

Laughing wildly, the Yang Qiu brothers flew away while Wu Qi rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Why was everyone around King Yang Qiu so 'special'?

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