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The four Yang Qiu brothers generously granted Wu Qi custody of the two little girls who had been transformed from dragon pythons.

The military generals of Great Yu also liked to keep powerful spirit beasts, immortal beasts, and even divine beasts, as war beasts to assist them in battles. In fact, the beast souls which many of them had fused with were from powerful immortal beasts and divine beasts. But, without exception, these burly men who used their muscles more than their brains preferred war beasts that were tall, strong, and majestic-looking. Qilin, roc, and dragons were among their favorites.

Even the phoenix, which was also a kind of divine beast, was not very popular among the military generals of Great Yu. The preferred beast soul for the members of the Human Emperor's clan was the soul of the azure dragon, and generally, few had chosen to fuse with a phoenix soul, even among the female members of the imperial clan.

That was why the four Yang Qiu brothers showed no interest after seeing these two cute and beautiful, but slim and almost skinny 'little dragon pythons'. In addition, when they transformed into human forms, they were actually two little girls, which would not have too much meat if they were to be barbecued. Therefore, the four brothers generously gave up the rights to claim the two dragon pythons when their mission was accomplished.

Lying on their stomachs behind a huge rock, they looked at the two little girls hopping and playing in the valley. Wu Qi was quietly estimating their age. Dragon python was an extraordinary ancient beast, a ferocious race that existed when the universe was first opened up. Generally, if they wished to transform into human forms, they must possess the cultivation base equivalent to that of a Gold Immortal.

The two lazy brothers, Gold Horn and Silver Horn, could only crawl and slither on the ground now, but these two little girls could already transform into human forms. And when they did that, just like now, they did not emit even a slight aura of demons. They looked just like two little fairies with profound cultivation bases. Even Wu Qi failed to see through their true forms without using his Chaotic Divine Eyes.

Apparently, not only did the two little girls possess the cultivation bases equivalent to that of Gold Immortals, but they most probably had been in the realm of Gold Immortals for a long time.

'Well, if only I can pair them with Gold Horn and Silver Horn, their children would be dragon pythons of the purest blood!' Wu Qi thought to himself while smiling. 'The more children they have, the merrier! Then, I can abduct a bunch of dragons from Ao Buzun's clan and crossbreed them...Tsk, should I create a 'Dragon Python Faction' in Underhand Sect? If they can make me tens of thousands of dragon pythons…'

Wu Qi could not help but shudder as he imagined the dreadful scene when tens of thousands of dragon pythons were paired up and began to shower the enemy with their innate divine ability, the divine beams of ice and fire. It was a very wild and ambitious plan, but he thought it was possible to make it work!

No matter how difficult it would be, Wu Qi had to capture these two little girls so that he could pair Gold Horn and Silver Horn with them!

'Even if it's not a very ethical thing to abduct innocent girls... Bah! How can they be innocent girls?' With his fist clenched, Wu Qi made up his mind.

The girls were not to be alarmed before the Sovereign brought someone here to capture them. So, Wu Qi beckoned the Yang Qiu brothers and stealthily retreated from behind the rock, planning to return to the valley where the formations were being laid. Just as they were only a mile away from their original position, they heard a shrill wind piercing noise coming from the sky. Led by a pagoda shrouded in swirling lights of three different colors, hundreds of light beams pierced through a thundercloud that had just taken shape in the sky and descended straight into the valley.

Wu Qi looked up in surprise. The pagoda, shrouded in red, white, and blue lights, was seven stories tall, with countless lotus patterns engraved on the surface of each story. In each lotus was a figure of a Daoist sitting cross-legged, with a wheel of light floating behind his head. It was a very aggressive pagoda, as beams of light in three different colors kept shooting out in all directions, tearing apart all the nearby thunderclouds, hailstones, and even snowflakes like a raging storm.

Close behind the pagoda, which was about tens of feet tall, were hundreds of immortals in Daoist outfits. Wu Qi recognized the leader as Li Qinghua, the Sovereign's son, whom he knew through the image Princess Zhang Le once showed him. Stepping on two shiny flying swords, Li Qinghua, with his cultivation base merely at the realm of Heaven Immortal, led the hundreds of immortals and touched down in the valley with his head held high.

As soon as they touched down, the group of immortals arranged into a formation of Nine Palaces that combined both offensive and defensive strength. Meanwhile, the pagoda hovered above them, shrouding them in a tri-colored beam of light. Then, Li Qinghua made the two flying swords, which were about a foot long each but had beams of light emanated from them that were more than a hundred feet long, wheel rapidly around him. He pointed a finger at the two little girls looking at them from the side of the eyes of fire and water and snapped, "Now, you little b*tches, cut open your bellies and give me your guts. Don't worry, I'll spare you a broken soul so that you can be reincarnated!"

After seeing so many sword beams flying across the sky, Wu Qi and the Yang Qiu brothers had long since climbed back behind the rock where they had been hiding previously. Carefully, Wu Qi unleashed a few tiny streams of dark smoke and made them shroud his body, then used the mystic technique of the Directorate of Celestials to hide the aura of the four beside him. Although this technique of hiding one's aura was not comparable to that in the Scroll of Stealing, it was more than enough to prevent them from being discovered by those immortals. And, because the natural energy here was in a chaotic state, few people could sense their presence when miles apart, even if Wu Qi did not take this precaution.

Wu Qi squinted at Li Qinghua, who was acting arrogantly. It was this fellow who drove Princess Zhang Le and her companions to the brink of despair when they had just arrived at the Pangu Continent. Had it not been for Qianzhang Dragon King who provided them a temporary shelter, Princess Zhang Le and her companions would have been captured and tortured by the people of the alliance.

"Eh, who's this guy?" Wu Qi asked in a low voice, although he already knew who Li Qinghua was.

Hearing his question, Yangqiu Dianjiao narrowed his eyes and whispered, "According to his appearance, he should be the Sovereign's son, Li Qinghua. We didn't know that the Sovereign actually had a son. But, a few years back at an immortal pass, this guy was 'clever' enough to announce his name and relationship with the Sovereign. Since then, his profile had been recorded in the secret archives of the Military Court."

Yangqiu Yushi added grimly, "In the secret achieves, this guy's a must-kill. The Military Court has a bounty, as those who kill him will be conferred a rank of nobility and received a province as his fief!"

"Be conferred rank of nobility?" Wu Qi's eyes lit up at once. While gently rubbing his fingers against each other, he chuckled and said under his breath, "Well, let's see if we brothers have the luck!"

The Yangqiu brothers nodded slowly, they too having bright gleams flickering in their eyes. Besides that, they were gratified to hear Wu Qi mention 'we brothers'.

The two little girls stared coldly at Li Qinghua with the distinctive hissing of dragon pythons coming out of their mouths from time to time. Their voices were full of cold, ruthless, and bloody, murderous intent that did not match their beautiful and lovely faces. Upon hearing their hissing, those in the valley immediately shuddered and felt their skin creep.

Li Qinghua stepped back a few paces reflexively. Only then did he realize that the two little girls standing in front of him were real savage beasts whose ancestors could trace back to the opening of the universe, not some timid animals that he had imagined to be easily slaughtered. Carefully licking his lips, he said in a low voice, "They are nothing more than two snakes. Somebody, kill them now, and then I'll take their guts to concoct medicinal potion!"

With a cold grunt, Li Qinghua said sarcastically, "Those useless fools keep saying these two little snakes' cultivation bases are so powerful that even average Gold Immortals are no match for them, and that my father himself has to come here to catch them...But, what is the need for my father to be here in person when I can easily capture them now?"

As Li Qinghua was talking to himself with his nose in the air, three Gold Immortals and eighty-one Heaven Immortals from the alliance had formed a sword formation of nine palaces, and were raining sword beams on the two dragon pythons. The three Gold Immortals were clearly triplets. Not only did they look alike, but they had an extraordinary set of protective magical artifacts, which were three green wheels that emitted a constant chill.

Three magic wheels hovered above the heads of the immortals while emitting a great sheet of cold light to protect them. In almost no time, the nearby ground that the light had shone onto was covered by a thick layer of ice. Wu Qi gave the magic wheels a quick glance with his divine sense and felt a chill run all over him. He had absolutely no doubt that they were superior-grade Gold Immortal Artifacts; and because the runes carved on their surfaces looked very old, completely different from the runes used by the immortals in present time, it was clear that these three green magic wheels were Gold Immortal Artifacts left over from the ancient era.

"Good stuff!" Yangqiu Fengbo, too, recognized them as excellent treasures at a glance. He murmured in a low voice, "If we can rob these three wheels and send them to Liangzhu for auction, those sons from the powerful clans will be more than willing to pay an astronomical price for such ancient Gold Immortal Artifacts!"

Wu Qi gave Yangqiu Fengbo a surprised look, "What do they want Gold Immortal Artifacts for?"

Yangqiu Yushi answered with a straight face, "Give to the women, fooling with the daughters of powerful clans that they are their spoils of war after killing the enemies on the battlefield! With any luck, these three wheels might make three daughters of powerful clans lose their virginity overnight!"

Wu Qi rolled his eyes. After listening to the Yang Qiu brothers, it seemed to him that the powerful clans in Liangzhu were beginning to degrade.

Once an immortal sword formation was formed, the power of each attack unleashed by the immortals inside could be increased by more than a hundredfold. Under the enhancement of the formation, the eighty-one Heaven Immortals were able to exert the same lethal power as eighteenth-tier Gold Immortals. Sword beams kept flying out of the formation and blanketed the eyes of fire and water in an instant.

Suddenly, the deafening hissing of dragon python filled everyone's ears. As Wu Qi had keen eyes, he saw that the two little girls had transformed back into their true forms. Two 3000-feet-long, slender and graceful dragon pythons flew up into the air, then opened their mouths and shot out two beams of light, one gold and the other silver. These beams were constantly chasing and colliding with each other, producing a tremendous noise as they went for the target.

"Heavens!" Li Qinghua gave a shrill shriek.

The two beams of light ripped apart the three green wheels in the blink of an eye, as if they were merely made of paper. The sky was filled with rolling green debris, forming what looked like a light green rain of fireflies. While screaming, the three Gold Immortals retreated as fast as they could with blood spewing out of their seven orifices. But, those two beams of light did not give them any chance to escape, as the scream changed into miserable howl soon while the three Gold Immortals were engulfed by the blinding light. Leaderless, the group of eighty-one Heaven Immortals was thrown into confusion, causing the formation to fall apart and them being dragged into the beams of light as well.

Amidst Li Qinghua's shocking cry, the strongest eighty-four immortals he brought with him were completely annihilated.

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