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Wanying Dragon King...No, the Dragon King of East Sea, Ao Guang, whose name had been changed by Wu Qi, hid in a thick mist of water above the eastern ocean with some old dragons, Lord Xiansheng, Catfish, and a group of aquatic demons from Myriad Immortals Planet. Everyone was watching the battle on the far-off cliff with a frown on their brows.

The Dark Shell Eight Directional Defensive Formation had been torn apart by the monk, Ming Li. Several flying ships were pulled out of the giant green turtle shell, and the soldiers on board were knocked unconscious by his scripture chants that sounded as loud as the toll of a bronze bell. The flying ships drifted aimlessly in mid-air with the wind. While laughing strangely, Ming Li kept striking at the formation which was barely-formed by the remaining ships with his wooden fish and knocker. The air rang with loud booms while a shower of light filled the void.

While frowning, Ao Guang hesitated to take his underlings of prawns and crabs out to help Huang Liang and others. After all, they were all serving Dong Hai County, directly under Wu Qi's command. But, what held him back was the fact that both he and those around him were Demon cultivators. As Great Yu was at war with Myriad Immortal Alliance now, it was likely to have a bad effect on Wu Qi if outsiders were told that a group of demons was hiding in Dong Hai County.

Just as he was hesitating, the formation was completely broken by Ming Li at last. After working hard for hours, the monk had finally separated the twelve flying ships, and the surface of his gold-forged wooden fish had also become uneven as a result of successive attacks. The bronze chains that had linked the ships were shattered, hanging listlessly from either side of the ships like the barbels of a dead fish. The atmosphere was dreary.

All the soldiers, ten thousand of them, along with the dozens of Oracles were knocked unconscious by Ming Li's scriptures. The only conscious person across the flying ships was the former acting Military Minister of Hai Province, the current general of Dong Hai County and Wu Qi's adjutant and messenger, Huang Liang.

With a long knife in his hand, the timid, lecherous, greedy, and foxy Huang Liang stood trembling at the bow of the ship as he stared at Ming Li, who was floating in front of him on a white cloud. All he felt was a stir in his belly and an urge to urinate. His thighs squeezed tightly together against that piece of meat between them, keeping him from making a fool of himself.

He forced himself to calm down. Staring at Ming Li, he howled in a tone that did not sound like him, "Y-yo-you...Do you k-kn-know that assaulting a Great Yu general is a capital crime?"

With a gentle smile on his face, Ming Li laid the wooden fish and knocker on the bow of the ship, then gently pressed his hands on Huang Liang's shoulders. "For the benevolence of the Buddha…This penniless monk never had any blood on my hands, so how could I be assaulting you? This penniless monk is just preaching the Dao, looking for the willing and delivering all living beings from torment. This is a good deed that accumulates great merits!"

A layer of Buddhist light that looked like glaze trickled down Huang Liang's shoulders and over his whole body. Ming Li was smiling softly at him, his eyes glowing with kindness. At that moment, Huang Liang's body suddenly twitched, feeling a sense of peace and security as if he had returned to his mother's womb. He felt that the monk in front of him was his closest friend, and that he should obey any orders the latter gave.

He was so close to reciting Buddhist mantras with Ming Li when Wu Qi's face came into his eyes all of a sudden, and he thought of all the cruel things the latter had done, and of his resolute, ruthless methods. He shuddered as the long knife in his hand suddenly pushed forward, stabbing straight toward Ming Li's abdomen.

Seeing that Huang Liang was about to fall into his trap and become a devout believer, Ming Li nodded repeatedly with a smile on his face. He had lowered his vigilance to almost nothing, not reacting until Huang Liang suddenly regained his sanity and stabbed the point of the knife about three centimeters deep into his lower abdomen. He gave a loud roar and stepped back hurriedly as he punched Huang Liang in the head backhandedly.

The punch roared like a heavenly dragon. It was called Dragon Roar Punch, a technique from the 'Eighteen Punches of The Heavenly Dragon', which was one of the eight famous divine abilities of the Buddhist League. When the divine ability was practiced to the maximum level, each punch would have the power of a hundred dragons. It was no less powerful than the body tempering divine abilities of the immortals, and the various body tempering techniques of the human race. Moreover, only those Buddhist Dharma guardians with wisdom, qualification, and perseverance could practice it.

Although Ming Li's cultivation base was not particularly strong, his punch also packed the power of three dragons, enough to smash the body of an ordinary immortal to pieces. Huang Liang, on the other hand, had the cultivation base equivalent to the power of a dragon at best, and his only end in the face of the punch was to be shattered into smithereens.

But, because of the fear of Wu Qi's ferociousness, Huang Liang suddenly had the will to put up a desperate fight. Baring his teeth with his eyes turned red, he ignored the punch that was coming toward his face while pushing his long knife as hard as he could into Ming Li's abdomen. At that moment, an enormous amount of purple mists rushed into his body. His blood was boiling, his internal organs were trembling, and his muscles and bones were filled with the fervor of a desperado.

In that instant, he forgot about life and death, wealth, and honor. He forgot that he was actually a cowardly and foxy man, and that he had dozens of beautiful girls waiting for him in his backyard and a large pile of gold and silver jewelry in his underground vault. He forgot that he might be beaten to death. He just clenched his teeth and gathered all his spirit, energy, and will on the knife. All of his blood and energy was extracted and injected into the long knife he held in his hand.

His body turned into a black hole that was attracting all of the surrounding purple mist. In that split-second, the purple mist fused into every cell in his body was at least a hundred times as much as he had absorbed in his entire life, and there was a sharp crackle ringing out of his body. His cultivation base, which had been stagnant for at least a decade, soared a hundredfold in that instant, from a level equivalent to a thirty-fifth tier Heaven Immortal to the twenty-seventh tier.

In other words, Huang Liang ascended directly from the One Star Realm of the First Pangu Heaven to the Three Stars Realm.

The long knife suddenly became hazy, piercing through the air soundlessly and thrusting effortlessly into Ming Li's abdomen. The blade, one and a half feet long, went completely into the monk's body, causing at least a dozen liters of pale golden blood to spurt out of the wound along the fuller.

Almost at the same time, Ming Li's fist struck hard on Huang Liang's face with a muffled sound. His nose was broken at once, and blood sprayed out of his nostrils. The terrible force knocked his head back, snapping his neck bone in a dozen pieces while shattering the nerves and blood vessels.

Darkness fell in his eyes and Huang Liang lost his consciousness instantly. But, a large quantity of purple mist was being fused into his body, repairing his broken nerves, blood vessels, and bones quickly, making them several times tougher than before. In less than a second, he woke up fully healed as a strong killing intent surged from the bottom of his heart. Clutching at the hilt, he twisted the knife and pulled it down hard. An eerie tearing sound echoed out, accompanied by a miserable shriek. He had torn open the monk's abdomen, ripping all the entrails out.

"Hehe, I'm finally a real man today!" His face was stained with the warm blood sprayed out of the monk's wound. "Bald donkey, I'm finally a real man today!" He gritted his teeth and roared.

With his face covered in blood, Huang Liang howled like a wounded wolf. He threw down his long knife and swooped on Ming Li, then opened his bloody mouth and bit the monk in the neck. With just a snap of his big white teeth, he cut through Ming Li's artery, and began to suck the gushing warm golden blood.

Ming Li hissed in pain. He was a ninth-tier Gold Arhat, and a proud disciple of Prabhutaratna Buddha who enjoyed preferential treatment, which was why he was selected as the missionary disciple this time. To him, converting all the officials and soldiers in Hai Province was an easy task. But, he never dreamed that he would be overwhelmed by Huang Liang, an insignificant ant.

A sharp pain came from his neck while blood constantly gushed out of the wounds. Each drop of his blood contained a very powerful Buddhist energy, which he had painstakingly cultivated with a huge amount of faith power and his own Buddhist energy. But now, it was leaving him from the wounds in his abdomen and his neck, and as that happened, he felt his strength slipping away while his vision grew blurry.

Howling at the top of his lungs, Ming Li plunged into an utter confusion. He kept striking at Huang Liang with his fists, breaking the bones and smashing the internal organs into a mess. Huang Liang was so badly beaten that he looked like a ragged piece of skin.

But, this was when the most terrifying characteristic of a human warrior came to shine. Unless his soul was completely destroyed, or his head was cut off, it was extremely difficult for him to be killed as long as he was stepping on Pangu Continent. Huang Liang's badly mutilated body was frantically absorbing the steady stream of purple mist that came pouring into him. He was battered and healed repeatedly, but no matter how hard Ming Li was beating him, he just could not be killed.

Actually, with Ming Li's cultivation base and the divine abilities he had mastered, he could shatter Huang Liang's soul with a cry of the Buddha's name, or he could easily rip his head off with a palm strike. He actually had many ways to kill Huang Liang completely. But at this moment, he had completely forgotten the proper way to fight against a human warrior. Instead, he was fighting Huang Liang with pure physical strength! Soon, the two became entangled like two stray dogs fighting on the street.

Huang Liang scratched, tore, and gnawed at Ming Li, while the latter beat, hammered, and bit the former at the same time. They howled hysterically, causing blood and flesh to keep sputtering from their bodies. It was a horrible scene to look at.

Suddenly, a wisp of black flame burst out of the void. With a dragon roar, Wu Qi jumped out of the void that had been burned through while letting out strange laughter.

As soon as he left the Buddhist Kingdom, Wu Qi sensed the aura of Huang Liang that had suddenly become a hundred times stronger. He turned to look at Huang Liang in shock, then stuck out his thumb and said, "This guy has finally become a real man today!"

Ao Buzun, who had a man's leg in his mouth, also looked at Huang Liang in surprise. Then, his jaw dropped, causing half of the leg to fall out of his mouth.

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