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Wu Qi cursed when he found that his wrist bone had been cracked by the terrible force. He gently turned his wrist, and a purple mist emerged from his muscles to quickly heal the broken bone. But, he was then surprised to discover that the freshly mended bone had become denser, and was emitting a faint purple light.

He nodded thoughtfully. Yet, at the instant of his distraction, three scepters had struck him on the left shoulder, back, and hip. The sound of bone breaking rang like fried beans, and Wu Qi howled in pain.

His fleshly body was extremely tough, and his bones were a million times harder than steel. But, just because his bones were so hard, the pain he felt when they broke was even more intense. He could hardly endure such a pain; his vision blurred, and he almost fainted. Luckily, his soul was very powerful now. Having absorbed more than one hundred million evil spirits and the souls of nearly a third of the Myriad Immortals Planet's living beings, his souls was even stronger than the immortal souls of some Gold Immortals.

The powerful soul kept him from fainting due to any intensity of pain, so he had to endure the unbearable pain in full consciousness. Sweat ran down his forehead as purple mists rushed out of his muscles, bone marrow, and blood to quickly repair the broken bones. Similarly, all the mended bones were at least thirty percent tougher than before.

Only a second later, just as Wu Qi had mended the broken bones, a dozen or so scepters were already smashing down on him with dreary whistling noises. Enhanced by the Buddha's power, these dragon-headed men, whose cultivation bases were far weaker than Wu Qi, were able to exert a terrible force comparable to that of Gold Immortals. The Buddhist power of the whole Buddhist Kingdom was boiling and echoed with them, while the enormous power of faith contributed by more than ten million devout believers transformed into an invisible wave and poured into their bodies, turning them into Glaring Vajras who rained down brutal attacks on Wu Qi.

The corner of Ao Buzun's mouth was twitching with anger. When he heard the bone cracking sounds coming from Wu Qi's body, he was about to transform back to his true form to teach these dragon-headed men a lesson. In his opinion, abandoning the secret cultivation technique of the dragon clan to practice the divine ability of Buddhist League was a deceit against their ancestors, a rebellious behavior. The members of dragon clan could indulge in disgusting orgies of eating and drinking and other frivolous pastimes; they could commit murder and arson; they could rape and pillage, and commit all kinds of atrocities; and they could go to the tombs of their ancestors to exhume the bodies and souls of their ancestors, so that these ancestors could play a final part in the prosperity of the dragon clan.

Not only had they abandoned the secret technique of the dragon clan, but they were also practicing the divine ability of the Buddhist League! This meant they had given up their status as the members of the dragon clan! This was something Ao Buzun would never tolerate. He was going to teach...No, he was going to kill these dragon-headed men, and then he was going to kill all the bald donkeys who controlled them, and turn all of their female relatives into his bedmates!

A cold, piercing black light emitted out of his body. But, just as he was about to attack, Wu Qi put his hand on his body and told him not to move for the time being.

More than a dozen vajra scepters struck Wu Qi, breaking another dozen of his bones; several bones were even shattered. But, with the constant nourishment of the purple mist, his broken bones were quickly repaired, and the shattered bones quickly took shape again. The new bones were several times stronger than the original ones, at least tens of times faster than the speed at which he cultivated on his own. Now that he had reached the bottleneck, it would take a lot of effort if he wanted to make any progress. So, how could he let Ao Buzun interrupt such an easy and fast way to increase his overall strength?

Bearing the pain, Wu Qi spread his arms and began to insult Prabhutaratna Buddha repeatedly. From Prabhutaratna Buddha's parents, his grandchildren, to his master and the master's wife, Wu Qi kept cursing them with the most vicious words. His vicious and indecent insults caused the dragon-headed men who had guarded this Buddhist Kingdom for thousands or even tens of thousands of years to explode like bombs.

Wasting no time to think about whether Prabhutaratna Buddha's master could have a wife or not, three hundred dragon-headed men howled and roared around Wu Qi, holding up their scepters and giving him a round of brutal beating. They were really angry now, and no longer recited words like 'the sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand', nor did they say such occupational slogans as 'Buddha will save the willing.' They just wanted to beat him to death.

Wu Qi's bones were breaking and shattering, including his fingers, wrists, arms, scapula, ribs, neck, vertebrae, skull, pelvis, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, metacarpals, toes...

But at the same time, plenty of purple mist kept rushing out of his muscles, blood, bone marrow, and meridians. Under the nourishment of the purple mist, his bones needed only a second to mend immediately, and their toughness and flexibility was greatly improved.

At first, when the scepters hit his body, they produced the sound of steel hitting dried tofu; then, it became the sound of steel hitting a tree trunk; followed by the sound of steel hitting stone. Two hours later, the sound turned into steel clashing with steel.

At first, when the dragon-headed men struck Wu Qi with all their might, he would be thrown more than a hundred feet away before another scepter would knock him elsewhere. But, as the sound changed, the distance his body flew away became shorter and shorter each time it was struck. And when the sound became that of steel clashing with steel, he was able to stand firmly on a lotus flower, stretching out his hands to let the dragon-headed men attack at will.

He stood there like a mountain; the void was filled with beams of golden light as three hundred scepters constantly hit on his body, but they could only make his body shake slightly now. Each strike could still crack his bones, but could never break or shatter them again.

The million monks gathered in a circle in the distance. They looked at Wu Qi in horror, wondering where this monster had come from, why his body was so strong, and why he could withstand the brutal attack of three hundred dragon-headed men and still survive.

The minutes went by, and soon, four hours had passed. The three hundred dragon-headed men were already panting and sweating. They found out at last that something was wrong. None of their attacks could yield the same result anymore. Instead, it was the palms of their hands that felt the pain. Whenever a scepter struck Wu Qi's body, sparks flew in all directions and the scepter bounced back, yet his body would not budge. They could no longer hear the bone cracking sound.

One of the tallest dragon-headed men threw his head back and let out an angry dragon roar into the sky. "The evil is strong, but the Dharma of the Buddha is stronger! The mighty Prabhutaratna Buddha, please bestow us with the infinite Buddhist Power and let us bring down this evil! For the benevolence of the Buddha, let us purge you of your evilness!"

With the loud cry from the dragon-headed man, the million monks sat cross-legged in the air at the same time, putting down their jade monk staffs and reciting Buddhist scriptures with their palms put together devoutly before their chests. Meanwhile, numerous monks in robes flew out of countless temples on the mountain; tens of thousands of holes suddenly opened in the mountains, from which, countless devout believers in monk clothing emerged.

More than thirty million believers recited Buddhist scriptures at the same time, sending an enormous power of faith into the sky. Ninety percent of the power was sucked away by the one hundred and eight white rays of light in the sky, and the remaining flew over the void and into the bodies of the three hundred dragon-headed men. Their bodies gradually shrunk, and their skins became golden as if they were cast in pure gold. When their bodies shrank to the heights of normal people, they swooped down on Wu Qi along with the scepters; which had also become smaller but more brilliant, and shrouded in a pale golden flame.

Three hundred men divided into more than thirty teams, taking turns to run around Wu Qi while landing their golden scepters on his body incessantly. It looked as if numerous windmills were wheeling around him. The sound of steel striking on wood rang out again. Wu Qi's bones, muscles, and meridians were broken once again.

Wu Qi felt an even more intense pain washing through his flesh. He stood firmly, letting out a furious roar while the enormous chaotic energy in his body surged rapidly to fuse with the purple mist that gushed out of his muscles at a ten to one ratio. In just the blink of an eye, his body was filled with thick purple mist. Laughing strangely, he opened his mouth and began to devour the Buddhist power around him.

He even snatched the power of faith pouring down from the sky on the dragon-headed men around him.

The Seven Foundation Elevating Technique produced only chaotic energy, which had the ability to devour and digest any energy and material object. And because Wu Qi already had an interstitial world inside him, the speed of him absorbing and snatching energy was at least ten thousand times faster than the dragon-headed men around him. With him as the center, the Buddha power and the faith power in the Buddhist Kingdom gradually turned into a huge golden whirlpool, and then quickly injected into his body. After being digested by the interstitial world, they turned into pure chaotic energy and flowed through his body, transforming into purple mist that flowed to the damaged parts of his body.

All his bones were constantly strengthened in the process of repeated crushing and repairing.

He screamed in both pain and pleasure. With the help of these three hundred dedicated dragon-headed men, the toughness of his fleshly body was once again greatly enhanced. He was breaking through the bottleneck with brute force; soon, his eyes began to glow with a daunting gleam. His overall strength continued to grow, and he saw a great sheet of bright light emerging before his eyes.

Under the guidance of the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, the Song of Gale, Dark Yin Water Scripture, Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, Dragon Transformation Script, and other cultivation techniques transformed into a torrent of surging currents, quickly flowing through his mind.

The great sheet of bright light in front of him expanded rapidly. Wu Qi could only feel his whole body being shrouded by an incredible glow. Strong light shone out of his body through each of his pores; large patches of dead skin peeled off his body; a large cloud of filthy black smoke rose out of his head. There was a strange fragrance within the stinking black smoke.

Laughing strangely, Wu Qi suddenly cried out at the top of his voice, "There is really a fate between me and the Buddhist League!"

Amidst his wild laughter, two streams of inky-black Divine Flame of Void blew out of his eyes. Like two ferocious dragons, they quickly burned a hole more than a thousand miles across in the void of this Buddhism Kingdom.

Faint skylight shone into this world through the hole. With his cultivation base having taken a great leap, Wu Qi burned through the space barrier of the Buddhist Kingdom.

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