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In the meeting with Lu Chengfeng and others, the only thing Wu Qi discussed was how to retaliate against Yu Miao.

Yu Miao had tried to kill Wu Qi several times, including the palm strike that almost killed him when he had just arrived in Pangu Continent. Many of such attacks had driven him to the brink of death. This time, while he was 'seriously wounded', Yu Miao struck once again by sending assassins to kill him.

The public news was that Wu Qi was 'seriously wounded', and everyone knew that Dong Hai County had been given to him by Yu He, a reward for helping him seize the power of Hai Province's Prefecture Overseer. His condition was so bad that he could not get out of his bed, and his soul was probably consumed by evil spirits such that he would never regain consciousness. Although he was in such a bad shape, Yu He did not show any intention of taking over Dong Hai County. Instead, it was Yu Miao who had struck out impatiently.

In the year that Wu Qi left Pangu Continent for outer heavenly realms, Yu Miao had sent someone to find out about his condition. After discovering that Wu Qi was indeed seriously wounded and bedridden, and that only a few of his subordinates were in charge of Dong Hai County, Yu Miao immediately sent assassins to kill Wu Qi. Meanwhile, he also sent his son, Yu Lei, to seize control of Dong Hai County.

That was the reason why Yu He was here with Yu Lei yesterday. According to Yan Feiyu's observations and Yu He's explanation, it was apparent that Yu Lei had used Yu Miao's power to force Yu He to Dong Hai County and help him seize the control of the county.

According to Great Yu's law, if a newly appointed county governor had no relatives or offspring, that was to say, no heirs; in the event that he was incapable of running his duty like Wu Qi, who had his soul badly wounded and was unlikely to recover, his direct superior had to send competent officers to take over the control of the county.

But, Yu He did not do that. Although Wu Qi was 'severely wounded and bedridden', Yu He turned a blind eye to Dong Hai County's affairs as if he did not know that Wu Qi had violated Great Yu's law. It was true that Yu He exhibited some habits of the son of a wealthy clan, but he remained faithful to friends; Wu Qi was grateful for that. However, he was greatly infuriated by the greed of Yu Miao and Yu Lei, the father and son duo.

"Whatever it takes, we must give Yu Miao a warning!" Wu Qi explained the cause and effects to Lu Chengfeng, and then gave the order. Wasting no time, Lu Chengfeng immediately assigned a number of confidants to carry out the task.

With the manpower and resources that Lu Chengfeng now had in hand, it was impossible for him to assassinate Yu Miao, who was a Great Oracle and as powerful as a Gold Immortal. But, he could handle it beautifully if the task was just to kill Yu Miao's sons, grandsons, the people he was related to, and destroy the shops ran by the people close to him.

Great Yan had a tradition of raising assassins. As Great Yan's Duke of Yan Le, along with the lucrative profits brought to him by Star picking City and Little Meng City, Lu Chengfeng had trained nearly ten thousand assassins in the recent years. The assassins had followed Wu Qi to Pangu Continent, and were now training in a secret valley outside Dong Hai City.

With all the vicious curses, lethal immortal talismans, and powerful war machines made by Mo Sect, these assassins would soon pierce into Yu Miao's heart like countless needles and make it bleed profusely. And when Yu Miao and the Elders around him were significantly weakened, it would be the time for Wu Qi to teach him a hard lesson.

Dong Hai County was on the move.

Teams of assassins were sent out after Wu Qi put all sorts of vicious curses and magic on their souls. At the same time, numerous intelligence personnel also swarmed out of Dong Hai County, infiltrating Zhong Province and the three hundred provinces under its jurisdiction. Lu Chengfeng, Lu Quyuan, and others had very strong administrative ability and efficiency. Within a few days of their deployment, Dong Hai County had initially put in place an efficient intelligence and assassination framework.

Years ago, after Wu Qi was severely wounded by the Primordial Gold Talisman, he had sent a lot of celestial fiend puppets to different places for developing powers while he was traveling across Pangu Continent on foot. Later on, he rescued tens of thousands of cultivators from Miao Ying Palace's mine and controlled them by planting restrictive spells on their souls, and sent them to assist those puppets. By now, they had all built up powers of different sizes in different places.

The puppets did well, even under the situation where Great Yu was wantonly killing itinerant cultivators of the Myriad Immortal Alliance. They lay dormant in towns and cities, spreading their networks in all directions like spiders. With the help of the powers and networks established by these puppets, the intelligence personnel from Dong Hai County had quickly penetrated every corner of Zhong Province.

Seven days later, Wu Qi received his first report from the assassins. Three assassins blatantly assassinated Yu Miao's great-grandson and great-granddaughter in the street of Zhong Ning City. Both were killed instantly, and dozens of guards responsible for protecting them were killed by the self-explosion of the assassins. Two Moon Oracles who were notified and rushed to the rescue from Yu Clan's mansion were also seriously injured by an assassin. The assassin had been hiding in the dark, and triggered a lethal immortal talisman made by Xun Kuang when the Oracles arrived, causing one of them to lose an arm and the other a leg. After he did that, the assassin self-detonated before he was captured.

Over the next three days, the results kept coming.

In just three or four days, of all Yu Miao's offspring whose cultivation bases were weak, three sons, a daughter, five grandsons, seven granddaughters, thirteen great-grandsons, and twenty-one great-granddaughters were killed by the assassins. A total of 107 shops owned by Yu Miao and his offspring were attacked. All the shopkeepers and servants were killed, and everything of value was looted. Family members and properties of Elders associated with Yu Miao were also attacked, with a staggering success rate of one hundred percent!

The sudden attack confused Yu Miao and his clan members. Never before had Yu Clan been attacked so swiftly and violently like a thunderbolt; so bizarrely like a ghost's attack; and so fiercely and viciously, without leaving any room for leeway. In fact, although Great Yu had a longer history, Great Yan's imperial clan was definitely better at using assassins than any of the Great Yu's powerful figures, including the Human Emperor himself.

The assassins sent out by Yu Miao were like gangsters sneaking up on people from behind on the streets. However, Lu Chengfeng's assassins were like professional killers, who worked so flawlessly in action planning, target selection, timing, coordination, and everything that contributed to a perfect assassination!

And because these assassins' cultivation bases were still weak, they could only target ordinary people among Yu Miao's offspring who did not have strong cultivation bases. After they had spent years practicing the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture and other body tempering techniques of the human race, they would turn from needles to venomous fangs, and that was when Yu Miao would learn a hard lesson.

Wu Qi nodded as he cheerfully read the results sent back to him by the intelligence personnel.

Lu Chengfeng had ordered the assassins to temporarily halt all operations. Yu Clan had raised the alert, and all of their immediate clan members were protected by many experts. Under such circumstances, it would be very difficult for the assassins to succeed. He had to give Yu Miao some time to relax the vigilance.

"Let Yu Miao and the people around him suffer in pain and anger! When the chance comes, we'll send some more assassins to visit them!" This was Wu Qi's revenge on Yu Miao. He would do it slowly, and he had the required patience. Assassins were a group of very patient killing machines, and as their master, Wu Qi had to be even more patient than them.

"Yu Miao should be crying by now, right?" Wu Qi gave a sneer. With a flip of his palm, the report disappeared into smoke.

"Order ten thousand soldiers to assemble. It's time for me to return to the war!" Wu Qi burst out laughing and snapped, "Huang Liang, assemble ten thousand soldiers! Pick the strongest ten thousand from our new army, prepare the horses and provisions, and follow me to join the war with General Bo Yunting!"

People of the six dynasties had been brought to Pangu Continent by Wu Qi. They were now hibernating in the wild, slowly accumulating their strength. And now, Wu Qi had to fight for himself and the people close to him. He wanted to seize more military merit and let his ranks continue to improve. He wanted more power and resources in Great Yu.

Every time he got a promotion, the people around him and the six dynasties would follow up as well! And whenever the six dynasties ascended a level, the people around him and he himself could also ascend by a level!

Wu Qi did not have the ambitions of emperors like Ying Zheng; he was not interested in the position of Great Celestial Emperor in the Heaven. He just wanted to control his own life and death, and to take revenge for the people he owed favors. He just wanted revenge for Lady Dark Gold Water, Reverend Gale, Wu Wang, and Le Xiaobai!

It was just that his enemies were not that easy to deal with. Now, he did not take Green City as seriously as in the past, for it was just one of the Heaven's lackeys. But, if he wanted to avenge Reverend Gale, he might have to have the power and status of a Heaven's Great Emperor to succeed. After all, the enemy was the almighty Eastern Green Emperor!

As he drove the thoughts out of his mind and was about to urge Huang Liang to hurry up and get ready for battle, Wu Qi heard a long Buddhist chant coming from far outside the city. In the blink of an eye, the voice spread throughout the whole territory of Dong Hai County.

"The Buddha is merciful, and all living things suffer. When will the world be free from suffering? When will the pain of reincarnation be transcended? When you join the Buddhist League, you will live eternally in purity and joy. All living things can enjoy great purity, great freedom, great joy, and great success.

"For the benevolence of the Buddha, my benefactors, will you pause and listen to a transcendent scripture of this poor monk?"

Wu Qi sat still for a moment, then suddenly jumped to his feet and swore angrily.

When he met Madman Xue the other day, they had agreed that no bald monks were allowed to enter Dong Hai County, or even Hai Province! At that time, Madman Xue was in complete agreement with this condition. But, why were there monks outside the city preaching the Dharma now?

Hardly had one wave subsided when another rose. The struggle with Yu Miao was still unsettled, and there was something new going on here.

Anger surged from the bottom of Wu Qi's heart.

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