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The golden sandy beach was filled with singing and dancing of a large group of beautiful young girls, their bodies all red from the flickering orange light of the bonfires around them. They looked like a group of fire spirits who had just descended upon the mortal world. Whole sheep and cows, baby whales, and skewers of chicken, ducks, and geese were being roasted over the bonfires with grease dripping down. The strong smell of barbecue spread far and wide along with the sea breeze, and the merry laughter drowned the loud sounds of the sea tide.

An area one thousand feet long and wide was enclosed with black brocade, in which Wu Qi and Yu He sat with their attendants, drinking and merrymaking.

The attendants and guards sitting beside Wu Qi were valiant and stout warriors capable of knocking over a mountain with one blow. Contrary to them, more than ninety percent of the attendants sitting next to Yu He were Oracles of thin statures, who looked so fragile as if a gust of wind could blow them down. Right now, these Oracles were all pale and frowning as they were racking their brains to avoid the toast of the burly men sitting next to Wu Qi.

Some rough-mannered men, such as several hunters from Meng Village, had pushed several Oracles to the ground, and were prying their mouths open while pouring wine into them. Although these poor Moon Oracles had the power to fight against Heaven Immortals, they were like little chicks in a storm before the brute force of these burly men. They were powerless to resist, and were soon drunk from the wine that was forcibly poured into their mouths.

When the Oracles were drunk, some dancing girls immediately rushed over and pulled them into the small tents beside the curtain. Soon afterward, the girls' moans and gasps could be heard coming out of the tents. Whenever they heard the lustful sounds, Wu Qi and Yu He would look at each other with sneaky smiles. The nasty look on their faces made one wish there could be a flash of lighting to smite them to death.

Yu He was pleased with Wu Qi's hospitality. In his opinion, Wu Qi's arrangements were very thoughtful. Everything from food to drink to entertainment was included, filled with warmth and passion. The food and wine were excellent; the burly men who kept toasting were so enthusiastic, albeit a little overzealous; the dancing girls were very young and lovely. Even Yu He himself was attracted to a few girls with very long legs, very round buttocks, and very fair skins. He was kind of ready to get into action. If Wu Qi had not been toasting him constantly, he would have gone to have some fun with the few girls.

And Wu Qi was very pleased with the 'seeds' Yu He had brought him!

Unlike soldiers who practiced the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, Great Yu's Oracles were a scarce resource. Although the army of Zhong Province was accompanied by tens of thousands of Oracles every time it went out to war, the fact was that the entire Directorate of Celestials of Zhong Province, plus the Directorate of Celestials in the three hundred provinces under its administration, had no more than half a million official Oracles who could have the symbols of Star, Moon, and Sun embroidered on their sleeves. And, there was a big difference between ordinary soldiers and Oracles — soldiers would retire when they reached the age limit, but Oracles in the career for life!

The total number of veterans and serving soldiers in Zhong Province was definitely over ten million, but there were only about half a million Oracles.

There was no shortage of people in Pangu Continent who could be soldiers. As long as they were strong, energetic men, they were good materials for practicing body tempering techniques such as the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture. However, what was needed to become an Oracle was not a strong body, but a strong innate soul, and the innate ability to communicate with Ghost Gods. Such an innate ability was generally inherited from the bloodline, like Princess Zhang Le inherited the power of the Ancient Gods from her mother.

How could Dong Hai County not have its own Oracles if Wu Qi wished to expand his power further in Pangu Continent?

But the Directorate of Celestials in Dong Hai County had only a handful of Oracles assigned to him by Yu He, and they were all from the Yu Clan. So, it was impossible for them to be loyal to him. Therefore, he shamelessly recruited beautiful girls to 'borrow seeds' while Yu He brought many Oracles to Dong Hai County!

Yu He brought hundreds of Oracles with him, and Wu Qi had paid a lot of money to recruit eight thousand beautiful girls from the common people! Using what he knew about physiology, he chose only teenage girls who had a high chance of conceiving on these few days.

The girls' clothes were specially designed by Wu Qi: short pants and tight tops that were barely enough to wrap their buttocks and breasts, exposing most of their snow-white skins. Coupled with bonfire and liquor, he was certain that they could turn Yu He and those Oracles from gentlemen to beasts in heat.

There were only a few hundred girls dancing by the bonfires, but there were still thousands of girls waiting in the woods near the curtain to borrow the seeds from the Oracles. Wu Qi promised the girls that they and their families would be supported by Dong Hai County as long as their children had the qualifications to become Oracles, and that their children would be raised to become Oracles.

But, he underestimated the aspirations of common people living on Pangu Continent toward the mysterious, powerful, noble, and dignified profession of an Oracle. Eight thousand girls were recruited almost without difficulty. Under Wu Qi's plan, they would soon squeeze all the seeds out of Yu He and the hundreds of Oracles!

Wu Qi was pleased with the excellent idea he had come up with, and even more satisfied with Lu Chengfeng's efficiency. Although Yu He and the others arrived in Dong Hai County at noon, eight thousand girls were ready by evening, along with all the preparations for the bonfire feast. He even added some herbal juices to the liquors that could arouse and squeeze out a man's energy.

Two hours later, all the Oracles Yu He had brought was gone, while the lustful music of body slamming on body mixed with moaning and gasping was being played in the small tents near the curtain. And Yu He, who was drunk with two jars of liquor thanks to Wu Qi, was escorted by more than twenty girls into one of the tents.

With a smile on his face, Wu Qi stood in the middle of the curtain and quietly cast a strange spell — Hasten Reproduction! This was a mystic art that ancient peoples used when men and women were making out in order to increase their population. It was invented by some extremely boring Innate Gods in the ancient time, and its only effect was to increase the activity of men's sperm and the chances of a woman getting pregnant.

Faint pink smoke enveloped the whole beach. Soon, the strange sounds inside the tens became louder and louder. With the eight thousand teenage girls at high risk of conception in these two days and the power of the spell, Wu Qi had no doubt that Dong Hai County would have eight thousand pregnant women in a few months!

"Hens lay eggs, and eggs hatch into chicks…I'll soon have a lot of eggs and chicks!" In the midst of the rising pink smoke, Wu Qi stood with his hands clasped behind his back, listening to the wonderful sounds coming out of the tents. Suddenly, he heaved a deep sigh and murmured, "Running a territory is not easy... I can't believe I just became the pimp for eight thousand girls! I may not be the last one to do so, but it's absolutely unprecedented!"

He shook his head and snorted coldly. If it were not for the lack of population in his territory, Wu Qi would have recruited tens of thousands of girls to borrow the seeds.

And, if it were not for the fear of getting someone killed and having a hard time answering to Yu He, Wu Qi would surely have brought hundreds of Long Bo girls with him from some secret valley where he had placed them. It was a pity that these Oracles' bodies were as fragile as reeds, and Wu Qi was worried that if those Long Bo girls got excited and used a little more strength, they might actually kill them!

So, he stood behind the curtain, from midnight till morning, noon, afternoon...

It was not until the evening of the next day that Yu He finally staggered out of the tent with the help of several young girls, stooping and trembling. Before this, he looked handsome and was even giving off an air of elegance. But now, his face had turned blue, and he had two dark rings around his eyes, which made him look like a panda; his lips were sunken, and he seemed to have lost quite some weight.

Before long, the flaps of the other tents were lifted open. All the Oracles needed the help of young girls to get out. These poor Oracles were fragile to begin with, and after more than a dozen hours of fierce battles on beds, they all felt drained of all their body fluids, including their brains.

"So vigorous, so passionate!" Yu He said to Wu Qi while trembling all over. "My brother, I gotta go! I appreciate your hospitality, but they are too vigorous... If I don't go now, I'm afraid I'll never get out of here again! Y-yo-you must be careful of that old b*stard Yu Miao! He's not such an easy man to deal with!"

After telling Wu Qi a few words, Yu He swallowed as he swept his lascivious eyes over the girls around him, who could barely stand straight just like him, and had a sudden shudder. He dared not look at these beautiful girls anymore. Clenching his teeth, he said, "It was a crazy night...My brother, the girls here are so passionate. Luckily, my body is still strong…Otherwise, I really couldn't have stood up today!"

The Oracles brought by Yu He also glanced at the girls standing beside them with complicated looks on their faces. Last night, they all went through the same journey from heaven to hell. At first, they were so happy that they felt as if they were in heaven; but in the end, the feeling of being sucked dry made them feel like they were in hell. And yet, this hell was so irresistible that they had lost themselves totally, allowing the girls to suck them dry. They even actively attacked and violated those girls...

As a result, the Oracles all had limp legs and no strength at all.

As Yu He said, the girls in Wu Qi's territory were too passionate and vigorous. The intense battles between eight thousand girls and about six hundred Oracles were so fascinating that the Oracles had no recollection of what happened between last night and now. However, they clearly remembered the feeling, the extreme pleasure that made them feel like they were floating in the clouds!

'He's a good man, the County Governor of Dong Hai County…General Tan Lang, is a good man!' Yu He and the Oracles he brought were overwhelmed with gratitude toward Wu Qi. But at the same time, they had developed an abnormal fear of the girls in his territory. It was terrible, as many of them had almost died last night!

Wu Qi was reluctant to let these Oracles go, but he could not keep them. So, after giving Yu He half a ship full of local products and a few beautiful girls, he bid them farewell. He promised Yu He that when he had straightened out the backlog in Dong Hai County, he would immediately take his army and set out to attack the people of Myriad Immortal Alliance. At the same time, he warned Yu He to be careful of Yu Miao's intrigue.

After sending Yu He away, Wu Qi's face suddenly clouded over. He returned to the County Governor Mansion at once and summoned all the high-ranking officials to see him.

He wanted revenge on Yu Miao, with the cruelest means possible!

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